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Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, “Fast Money” breaks through the noise of the day, to deliver the actionable news that matters most to investors. Fast Money airs weeknights at 5p ET on CNBC. Visit for additional information.


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Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, “Fast Money” breaks through the noise of the day, to deliver the actionable news that matters most to investors. Fast Money airs weeknights at 5p ET on CNBC. Visit for additional information.




Nvidia’s Mega Move… And Record Levels For Japanese Equities 2/22/24

Nvidia proving all the skeptics wrong… as the powerhouse semi stock rips higher after its earnings report… and it’s bringing the whole market up with it. Plus… Japanese stocks hitting levels not seen since 1989! So is there still opportunity in the overseas trade? Fast Money Disclaimer


Nvidia’s Big Earnings Report, And A Deep Dive Into Some Recent Insider Selling 2/21/24

Nvidia xxxx Plus… Insider selling raising some eyebrows. Could recent share sales from Big Tech execs like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg be pointing to bad news for Amazon and Meta? Fast Money Disclaimer


Nvidia Earnings On Deck, and A Credit Card Mega-Merger 2/20/24

Shares of Nvidia dragged the semi space lower as investors awaited the chipmaker’s earnings report tomorrow. So can results surprise investors after the semi stock’s monster run? Plus… A major credit card deal… as Capital One scoops up Discover Financial for $35 billion. But will regulators get in the way of this payment space mega-merger? Fast Money Disclaimer


Countdown to Retail Earnings Season, and the Ultimate Game of “Would You Rather…?” 2/16/24

Shares of Walmart closed at a record ahead of the retailer’s next earnings report. Will Tuesday’s numbers support the run or is there a reckoning coming for the sector? Plus we’re pairing up some surprisingly similarly valued stocks. If you had to pick one, which would you add to your portfolio? Fast Money Disclaimer


Bank Stocks Rebound From Tuesday’s Losses in a Big Way, and What Does Alphabet Have to Do to Win in AI? 2/15/24

JPMorgan shares hit a record high and stocks like Wells Fargo and Citi posting big gains today and are now positive for the week. Was the drop earlier this week just a blip, or is the rebound too good to be true? Plus Google parent Alphabet has been lagging the mega cap tech space and especially the AI players. What’s the company got to do to show its a real player in the space? Fast Money Disclaimer


Reading Into Bitcoin’s Big Boom, and Can a Couple Unstoppable Stocks Keep Riding Higher? 2/14/24

Bitcoin prices topped $52,000 today for the first time in over two years and its market cap is now bigger than all but six U.S. companies. What the rally says about the market and the appetite for risk. Plus Nvidia, Eli Lilly just some of the names that have been on seemingly unstoppable runs. The Chart Master dives in on where they’re heading now. Fast Money Disclaimer


Fast Money 2/13/24

Listen to our traders take you behind the to play the volatility...pops and drops and the movers you missed. Fast Money Disclaimer


Bull Market of Full of Bull? Making Sense of the Astronomical Climbs in Nvidia and Others 2/12/24

Shares of Nvidia briefly overtook Amazon in market cap this morning and are quickly closing in on Alphabet. But is this a real bull market rally, or just a sign FOMO has overtaken traders? Fast Money Disclaimer


The S&P Notches a Historic Milestone and What’s Next for Japan? 2/9/24

The S&P notched another record close, this time finishing the session over 5,000 for the first time ever. Even the Nasdaq briefly traded above 16K, its best level since November 2021. What’s next for these indexes, and will next week’s big econ reports bolster the gains? Plus Japan’s Nikkei at a new 34-year high. We dive into the charts to find out what’s next. Fast Money Disclaimer


Fast Money 2/8/24

Listen to our traders take you behind the to play the volatility...pops and drops and the movers you missed. Fast Money Disclaimer


Disney Shares Soar After Earnings, and S&P Closes in on 5,000 2/7/24

Shares of the entertainment giant saw a huge after-hours surge as the company raised guidance and said it had cut losses in its streaming business. So is there more upside for the stock. The traders debate. Plus the S&P 500 got within 0.11 points of the key 5,000 level. What drove the gains, and how much higher can it go? Fast Money Disclaimer


Ford Shares Surge After Earnings, and Can China’s Rally Continue? 2/6/24

Another busy night of earnings headlined by Ford. We’re digging in on the automaker’s numbers and bringing you the trade on the stock. Plus major Chinese indexes saw their best day in years, bolstered by government support and a big buyer. But does the momentum have legs? Fast Money Disclaimer


Is the Market in a State of Euphoria, or Is it Delusional? 2/5/24

Stocks were broadly down today, but Nvidia gained another 5% and recent high flyers have been largely holding their own. But with risks from the Fed and mounting job cuts, are investors too euphoric about the outlook? Plus Eli Lilly jumped to a new record ahead of its earnings. Will the results deliver the support to justify the stock price? Fast Money Disclaimer


Meta’s Mega Earnings Report Fuels Big Cap Run, and Who Should Replace Tesla in the Mag-7? 2/2/24

Shares of Meta popped more than 20% after its earnings report last night, its third-best day on record. The company added more than $200 billion in market cap thanks to the move. So did the results justify the big tech rally we’ve seen this year? Plus shares of Tesla far underperforming the rest of the Magnificent 7 stocks this year. So who should replace the name among the elite market leaders? Fast Money Disclaimer


A Big Night For Big Tech, and We Count Down to the Jobs Report 2/1/24

More than $5.5 trillion worth of market cap is reporting earnings tonight - we’re breaking down the latest results from Apple, Amazon and Meta and digging in on where the stocks go from here. Plus stocks rising ahead of tomorrow’s jobs report. Will the data bolster the market’s momentum? Fast Money Disclaimer


Stocks Sink as Fed Dashes Hopes For a March Rate Cut, and What Happened to New York Community Bank? 1/31/24

Major markets closed near their lows of the day after the central bank signaled it doesn’t currently see evidence that a rate cut is in order at its next meeting. The stage that sets for stocks and how to trade the news. Plus New York Community Bank posted its worst day on record and hit its lowest level in over 20 years. The headlines that sunk the stock, and what it means for the rest of the regional banks. Fast Money Disclaimer


Big Tech Earnings, the Quest to Cure Aging, and the Big Short Traders Reunite 1/30/24

Shares of Microsoft, Alphabet and AMD on the move after their latest results. We’re breaking down all the numbers and bringing you the trades. Plus we’re back for a second day at the iConnections Global Alts Conference in Miami Beach. We’re joined by two investors working to help us live longer, healthier lives. And the real traders behind the Big Short on how they’re playing the market, and why they’re not so short anymore. Fast Money Disclaimer


Live From Miami Beach, We’re Dissecting the Market Rally and Previewing Big Tech Earnings 1/29/24

The S&P and Dow setting new record closes after the Treasury announced its latest refunding plans. And with $10.5 trillion in market cap set to report this week, we’ve got the breakdown of what to expect. From the iConnections Global Alts Conference in Miami Beach, we’re joined by Altimeter Capital’s Brad Gerstner, Firstmark’s Rick Heitzmann, Elizabeth Burton of Goldman Sachs and the co-founders of hot sauce start-up Truff. Fast Money Disclaimer


Magnificent 7’s Moment of Truth, and What Florida’s Proposed Social Media Ban Could Mean for the Stocks 1/26/24

More than $10.5 trillion worth of market cap is set to report earnings next week, but will big tech deliver on investor expectations? Plus Florida legislators approving a ban on social media for kids under 16. What could it mean for the stocks in the space? Fast Money Disclaimer


Intel, Visa and More Earnings on Tap, and Just How Bad Were Humana’s Earnings? 1/25/24

Shares of Intel and Visa among the after-hours movers this afternoon. We’re dialed into the conference calls and bringing you all the details. Plus Humana shares posting their worst day in over two years. Why one trader says things are much worse than just the disappointing guidance. Fast Money Disclaimer