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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.

Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.


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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.








(December 7, 2021) The Power of Passive Income to Retire You in 5 Years

Jack read books about real estate investing but lacked the operating experience to effectively do it alone. After his first failed attempt, he walked away from rental properties for 22 years until finding Lifestyles Unlimited, telling Mike Harrison how everything turned around for him to retire with real estate, live on passive income, and enjoy the lifestyle! Click to Listen Now


(December 7, 2021) Engineer Replaces His Corporate Career With Passive Income in 5 Years!

Working towards a corporate career in engineering, Gourav G. didn’t see an end in sight unless he found a way to create passive streams of income that were not associated with the stock market. Joining Lifestyles Unlimited, he has achieved that dream in 5 years and tells Del Walmsley how he reclaimed his future with 22 Multifamily properties as both a Passive and Lead Investor™! Click to Listen Now


(December 6, 2021) Passive Investor Retires in 3 Years With Real Estate Returns

Gerald practiced in the Orthodontics industry for 30 years before realizing that the money he had saved throughout his career would not be enough to last him through retirement. Learning about Lifestyles Unlimited from 2 of his friends who had successfully retired through the membership, he tells Mike Harrison how his passive approach to investing in Multifamily communities created enough cash flow to retire in 3 years with 30 passive deals! Click to Listen Now


(December 6, 2021) Syndications Done Right

Chances are you’ve seen promotional videos for real estate syndicators with their flashy cars, fancy suits, and over-the-top salesmanship. You may not realize that these syndicators charge fees, offer lower returns, and provide less protection for their passive partners. Today, Del Walmsley talks about how he took steps to avoid such predatory deals, remedy these problems, a pave a better way forward. Click to Listen Now


(December 4, 2021) Couple Increases Their Net Worth 1,000% In 7 Years With Single Family and Multifamily Real Estate Investments!

Shae and Zach relocated 7 times in 10 years for work and were tired of being told where they needed to live. Learning about Lifestyles Unlimited, they tell David Ruzicka how they sold their dream home and liquidated everything they could think of to invest in residential real estate, reaching financial freedom faster than they had imagined with 15 Single Family rental houses and 10 Multifamily apartment communities. Click to Listen Now


(December 3, 2021) Should You Flip Houses, Be a Wholesaler, or a Rental Owner?

If you’re considering entering the real estate industry as either a flipper, wholesaler, or rental owner, make sure you don’t miss out on the financial advantages that residential real estate owners enjoy! Andy Webb defines these 3 main real estate players and explains how they each make money and who will inevitably get the best returns every single time. Click to Listen Now


(December 3, 2021) 20 Tips to Get You Thinking Like a Lifestyles Unlimited Member

Del Walmsley covers two important articles, giving them each his own touch and proving 20 sound trips to get you thinking life a Lifestyles Unlimited member and successful real estate investor. Click to Listen Now


(December 2, 2021) Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Al Gordon is now fully Real Estate Retired, living entirely on the passive income streams from his real estate investments. Learn the 5 ways his assets are making him money while he sleeps, and how you too can reach this place of financial freedom in 5 years or less! Click to Listen Now


(December 2, 2021) How Del Walmsley Bought His First Investment Properties, Sparking a Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio

Del Walmsley responds to a variety of emails, explaining how he kick-started his real estate empire by purchasing properties on credit cards, and answers how to get started in today’s market and what that can mean for your life. Click to Listen Now


(December 1, 2021) Why Your Money Belongs In Real Estate

Syndicators will offer many enticing investment opportunities, but not every deal is worth funding. Al Gordon analyzes the money flow on an ATM investment compared to a residential real estate asset and explains why the results are so drastically different. Click to Listen Now


(December 1, 2021) How Discipline Determines Your Success

Citing recent retirement statistics. Del Walmsley notes that 55% of Americans have less than 10,000 dollars in their savings and 1/3rd have nothing saved at all. What is the difference between those who have achieved their dream lifestyle, and those who haven’t been able to? Listen to find out! Click to Listen Now


(November 30, 2021) The Best Practices of Successful Real Estate Investors

Del Walmsley helps 4 callers overhaul their current investment strategies to get better results with more effective information. Covering a variety of topics including property depreciation, tax laws for real estate investors, and how to build a passive income portfolio that can be re-invested into Multifamily economies of scale, this show gives insights into the real-world application of the Lifestyles Unlimited investment model at its finest. Click to Listen Now


(November 29, 2021) Expert Explains Private Placement Memorandums for Multifamily Investors

Following his recent episode on How to Evaluate Apartment Deals, Mike Harrison hosts Richard Robinette on the show to share his PPM and Multifamily investing expertise, reviewing the different parts of a PPM and explaining the purpose they serve. Click to Listen Now


(November 29, 2021) The 17 Principles of “Think & Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill

“Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is one of the most influential books Del Walmsley has ever read. Today he shares the 17 principles discussed in the book, giving insights on his own life goals and some of the most important philosophies behind Lifestyles Unlimited. Click to Listen Now


(November 27, 2021) Family Buys 6 Rental Houses and Creates $32,000 Passive Income Annually!

When Mikayla and Peter S. caught onto the fact that real estate is the best asset class to build passive income and generational wealth, they jumped in and bought a rental house…but there was a LOT they didn’t know. Joining David Ruzicka on the air, Mikayla shares what she’s learned since joining Lifestyles Unlimited and how they turned their first home disaster story into a profitable and professional real estate investing business, giving themselves an annual raise of $32k! Click to Listen...


(November 26, 2021) 4 Tools to Overcome Fear and Become a Successful Real Estate Investor

Traveling around the country with his family in an RV, Andy Webb has always been massively concerned about getting a flat tire. Sharing his recent experience traveling down to the gulf coast, it turned out to be quite minor compared to what they had imagined, providing him with perspective on how to remedy the fear that is keeping you sidelined from living the lifestyle of your dreams. Click to Listen Now


(November 26, 2021) The Billionaire Brain – What They Believe & How They Achieve

Del Walmsley provides an analysis of the article, “The 10 Principles of Self-Made Billionaires,” to show listeners how to step into a larger mindset to achieve goals you never thought possible. Click to Listen Now


(November 25, 2021) Residents Retention Rates Surge, Signaling Stability Within Real Estate Investments

Lifestyles Unlimited members invest in Single Family and Multifamily real estate assets for the fundamental reason that everyone will always need a place to live. Al Gordon urges listeners to put their money to work for them in an asset class that will generate passive income through the inflation that is still to come. Click to Listen Now


(November 25, 2021) 20 Life Lessons I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago

Uncover what makes Del Walmsley tick as he agrees and disagrees with key points made by Success Magazine's, "20 Life Lessons I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago." Click to Listen Now


(November 24, 2021) The 1 Asset Class That Stays Ahead of Inflation

Multifamily Real Estate is uniquely positioned within the economy to take advantage of inflationary pressures, providing a stable asset class that can thrive through up and down economies. Today, Al Gordon explains how these investment vehicles can keep their income streams ahead of the pace of inflation. Click to Listen Now