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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.

Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.


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Real Estate Investing Advice from Professional Real Estate Investing Mentors.






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(November 28, 2022) Couple Passively Invests in 753 Real Estate Units Their First Year!

Looking for other ways to create income than traditional savings accounts to fund an early retirement to escape the W2 life, Adam and Amy kept coming back to real estate but were lost on how to get started. Following in their friends’ footsteps, they joined Lifestyles Unlimited in December of 2021 and tell Mike Harrison how they became passive investors in 753 Multifamily units in 1 year! Click to Listen Now


(November 28, 2022) Are You Planning to Reach Financial Freedom?

A 58-year-old Army Veteran and inner-city Pastor reached out to Del Walmsley for guidance on creating passive income in this stage of his life. Walking through the email, Del shares what he sees in-between the lines and offers advice on adding passive income into your life’s plan. Click to Listen Now


(November 25, 2022) 10 Benefits of Real Estate Investing

Real Estate has made its mark as a powerful investment vehicle to build wealth and passive income, but today Andy Webb talks about several lesser-known benefits that you can experience as a real estate investor, starting and ending with family and freedom. Click to Listen Now


(November 25, 2022) The 3 Legs of Beliefs

What you have been taught, what you have personally experienced, and what other people have experienced in the past are the 3 main components making up your belief system…but you might still be missing life-changing information. Del Walmsley works through several emails from members re-writing their programming from W2 mindsets of dependency to personal financial freedom. Click to Listen Now


(November 24, 2022) How to Turn $32K Into $165K in 5 Years, Completely Legally!

Your financial planner is telling you not to worry about the stock market because you’re dollar cost averaging, but what if you could make a 415% return on 1 investment property in 5 years? Today Al Gordon gets into the nitty gritty details by analyzing a property opportunity that can do just that! Click to Listen Now


(November 24, 2022) Follow the Breadcrumbs to a Successful Life

Del Walmsley has been teaching people how to retire with real estate for 32 years, but there are many more people in this world who have left life-changing information and breadcrumbs behind and today he talks about some of the traits that build a successful life. Click to Listen Now


(November 23, 2022) The Equation to Retire in the Next 5 Years

A recent statistic places the average US household income at $87,864. Al Gordon calls out the catastrophic consequences of following society’s traditional retirement path and gives you a clear path to cash in your 401(k) and retire in the next 5 years or less! Click to Listen Now


(November 23, 2022) Giving Thanks in Advance

Del Walmsley has experienced enough real estate cycles to know that life-changing opportunities are right around the corner. Today he gives thanks in advance for the approaching opportunities to build massive amounts of personal wealth. Click to Listen Now


(November 22, 2022) Passive Investors Double Their Money Every 4.3 Years!

Frank and Madeline’s financial planner had them on course to retire by the age of 72, but joining Lifestyles Unlimited in 2015 accelerated them to financial freedom a decade early! Today they tell Al Gordon what they learned about reinvesting the returns from refi’s, and exactly how they double their money every 4.3 years! Click to Listen Now


(November 22, 2022) Passive Investing Mentor Partners in 111 Multifamily Communities!

Frank and Madeline thought they had retirement figured out, but finding Lifestyles Unlimited changed everything and paved the way for their 4 kids to live their dreams! Joining Del Walmsley on the air, they share how they make investment decisions based on the opportunity’s numbers and the health of the local market. Click to Listen Now


(November 21, 2022) 7 Strategies to Navigate Economic Challenges

Inflation is at the highest level in over 40 years, interest rates the highest in 2 decades, mortgage applications have hit lower levels than the 2008 crisis and there is no doubt that the economy is constricting. Real Estate remains by far the best investment vehicle to create wealth and passive income. Still, there are specific things to pay attention to so today Mike Harrison reviews 7 strategies to navigate these economic challenges. Click to Listen Now


(November 21, 2022) How Real Estate Investors Respond to a Recession

Discussing a recent article speculating about a looming recession, Del Walmsley defines what a recession actually is, how it may impact our economy, and how real estate investors can thrive through it. Click to Listen Now


(November 18, 2022) Top Real Estate Markets for 2023

Does it make sense to invest in your local real estate market? Lifestyles Unlimited members know that you can live where you want but invest where it makes sense so looking forward, Andy Webb reviews what markets investors should watch in 2023. Click to Listen Now


(November 17, 2022) Will the Real Estate Market Crash?

There are lots of articles floating around talking about a looming demise of the real estate markets. Ignoring the articles, Al Gordon looks at the statistics to check on the health of the current market and trends you can use to measure the effectiveness of your investments. Click to Listen Now


(November 17, 2022) The Mindset Shift You Need to Make to Reach Retirement

Young people believe retirement will be a simple thing to do but as they get older, they start to lose hope. Sharing a recent conversation he had with a 67yr old furniture salesman, Del Walmsley highlights why so many fall into their quiet lives of desperation and run out of time to reach retirement. Click to Listen Now


(November 16, 2022) Does Your Retirement Plan Include Financial Freedom?

Financial Planners may or may not help you achieve retirement by the age of 70 but Lifestyles Unlimited has a roadmap to retirement in 5 years or less! Al Gordon highlights 2 possible paths someone age 61 can take to achieve financial freedom contrasted with the frugality of a 401(k). Click to Listen Now


(November 15, 2022) Duplex Analysis for a 500% Return in 5 Years!

Reviewing the details of a duplex property investment opportunity, Al Gordon talks through how this asset could double your money in a few months and turn $100k into $600k in 5 years! Click to Listen Now


(November 15, 2022) Tell Del Tuesday – Construction Sales Rep Retires as a Real Estate Investor!

After working in the Construction industry for 20 years, Geoff decided to make a change and approach real estate as an investment vehicle. Joining Lifestyles Unlimited in 2015, he bought 7 Single Family houses in his first 2 years and tells Del Walmsley how he transitioned to becoming a successful Lead Investor™ of 2 Multifamily Communities, in addition to passively investing in 5 more! Click to Listen Now


(November 14, 2022) Get Rich by Borrowing and Investing, Not Saving

Opening the mailbag, Mike Harrison responds to questions on how much it takes to start passively investing in Multifamily communities, how to get educated on evaluating potential investment properties, and how to balance FOMO versus holding pack for future opportunities. Click to Listen Now


(November 14, 2022) The Number One Reason People Don’t Succeed

Conflicting information creates doubt and stops people from taking practical action that could change their lives. Del Walmsley challenges the social norms holding people back and explains how he broke through the noise to attain a financially prosperous future. Click to Listen Now