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Named 2023 Best Personal Finance podcast by, The Stacking Benjamins Show has a light and friendly tone. Hosts Joe Saul-Sehy and OG aim to make financial literacy fun for all as they sit around the card table in Joe's Mom's half-finished basement and talk with experts about personal finance, saving, investing, and important money trends. As Fast Company once wrote, the Stacking Benjamins podcast "strikes a great balance of fun and functional." So join Joe and OG every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as they read your letters, discuss major headlines, and throw in some trivia and laughs for free.




Named 2023 Best Personal Finance podcast by, The Stacking Benjamins Show has a light and friendly tone. Hosts Joe Saul-Sehy and OG aim to make financial literacy fun for all as they sit around the card table in Joe's Mom's half-finished basement and talk with experts about personal finance, saving, investing, and important money trends. As Fast Company once wrote, the Stacking Benjamins podcast "strikes a great balance of fun and functional." So join Joe and OG every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as they read your letters, discuss major headlines, and throw in some trivia and laughs for free.




Plan Better and Achieve More: Two Case Studies of Financial Planning Success (with Taylor Schulte)

What could you achieve if you planned better? CFP Taylor Schulte shares two stories told by financial planners about clients who achieved extraordinary results by creating and working on their financial plans. We dive into how you can dream bigger and do more with just a few better tactics. Plus, in our headlines segment, it turns out that a million dollars isn't enough to be comfortable in retirement (according to one source). We'll help you tweak your plan. In our TikTok minute, we ask,...


10 Expenses That Are Stealing Your Wealth (And What You Can Do About It)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Stackers! Have you ever found yourself wondering what are the expenses most primed to cut back on in order to stack some big-time Benjamins? Today's roundtable ponders that very topic: what are the 10 biggest expenses in life, and how to reduce them? We got the gang back together this week! Welcome back to long-time contributor and bunker-dweller, Len Penzo of award-winning; we say "¡Bienvendia de nuevo, amiguita!" to Paulette Perhach who's just back...


Kara Goucher on Abuse, Money, and the Elite Nike Running Team

Olympian and distance running star Kara Goucher joins us to share explosive details involving Alberto Salazar, the disgraced coach of the Elite Nike Running Team. She also shares her history of money and transitioning from running for fun to running for money…and then the triumphant battle back to running for joy. It's a story about greed, power, disturbing abuse, and more (doping, NCAA violations…), and yet it is still an uplifting, empowering story. In today's headlines, we dig into a...


Increase Your Income with Short-Term Rentals (with AirBnB queen Lauren Keene Aumond)

Today we dive into the short-term rental game. Think it's difficult? So did our guest Lauren Keene Aumond, until she began practicing a few techniques she'll share today. Plus, in our headline segment, we'll talk about noise and real estate rentals. Do you need to pay attention to noise levels more? We'll also share how to budget for a property that may require a lot of work and how to find properties at a discount. All of that, plus we'll discuss a TikToker's advice on increasing your...


Our Favorite Tax Software (with Robert Farrington from

Who's excited about Tax Day this year? Anyone? Bueller? Even though this year's tax-filing deadline is pushed back to April 18, don't let it sneak up on you! Today we welcome's Robert Farrington to discuss tax-preparation software. Which one is the right choice for you? Robert shares some of the pros and cons of many of the popular tax-prep programs available and helps YOU pick a favorite. And what's the state of the mortgage market? With The Federal Reserve on its...


SPECIAL: Silicon Valley Bank Collapse - What Happened and How Does It Affect Your Plan?

Silicon Valley Bank's collapse is the second-largest FDIC takeover since the Great Depression. What does that mean for you, your money, and your long term plan? OG, Doug, and Joe gathered around the card table for a rare weekend discussion. They review what happened, what to expect, and how it may affect your future. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Smart Money Moves: Building Financial Habits That Last a Lifetime

Discussing finances can be intimidating, especially for beginners. However, initiating regular money conversations early on can be a great way to introduce the topic and potentially set yourself up for financial success. In today's roundtable, we welcome Dan Sheeks, author of the new hit book, First to a Million: A Beginner's Guide to Achieving Early Financial Independence, Katie Brewer, a certified financial planner and professional money teacher, and OG, our in-house money expert and...


Stacking Stories: Tales of Expat Living, Selling a Business, and Frugal Living from our Stacker Community

Today we invite three inspiring Stackers down to the basement to share their stories- Amy Minkley, an ex-pat who is hosting a Financial Independence Retreat in Bali - where Joe is invited to speak; Glenn Hebert, who built and sold his horse radio network (talk about niching down!); and the new Communications Director for Stacking Benjamins, Kate Younkin. Plus, in today's headlines segment, we'll learn about the guaranteed secrets to building wealth! What are they? We'll dig in with details...


SPECIAL: Stacking Deeds Episode 1 - "Top 5 Places to Start With Real Estate Investing"

Join our brand new sister show Stacking Deeds, as hosts Alan Corey and Crystal Hammond dive into the world of real estate. We'll cover headlines about the often-reported "cool down" in the real estate market. Should you worry? We'll handle a listener question about interest rates. Should you wait for them to come down? But most of all, Crystal and Alan will share their inaugural Top 5 lists: their Top 5 Places to Start With Real Estate Investing. Enjoy! Subscribe to the new show wherever...


From Big Benjamins to The Big House (with Shaun Hayes)

Think earning a lot of money is the key to success? Today's guest will tell you that you can always make more money, but you can't create a new reputation and you can't reforge broken relationships. Shaun Hayes was not only a successful banker, he was also well regarded in his community and by his colleagues. Then the 2007 real estate crash came down and Shaun, heavy into real estate investments, saw his world crumble around him. He'll share not only his story but also the keys you can learn...


Shifting Your Mindset (with Blueprint Income) - REWIND

Did you ever feel stuck? Here's a question: How did you stop thinking about doing something important in your life/career/money and actually got started with the hard tasks? We're going back to when our roundtable regulars shared how they motivated themselves to press "go" more quickly each time, and how they kept pressing "go" more often. We talked about fighting fear, making decisions, shifting mindsets, and working plans on the show. This show originally aired in 2020 so ignore any...


Finding Financial Wholeness (with Tiffany Aliche – The Budgetnista) - REWIND

Did you have financial security, but lacked financial wholeness? Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche shares that she felt more complete BEFORE achieving financial independence. We discussed the importance of establishing a solid financial foundation and gaining knowledge in this area. Tiffany has helped women globally in paying off millions of dollars in debt, co-hosts the Brown Ambition podcast, and has authored multiple financial education books, including a pre-education book for children....


Your 14 Best Minutes Today (with Chris Field), Inflation’s Back, and RIP Chuck - REWIND

Don't miss our podcast rewind episode where we interview Chris Field on the topic of changing the world with just 14 minutes of your time. Chris shares insights on why "charity begins at home" is flawed and simple ways to make a difference. Tune in to discover how you can maximize your return on investment and start contributing to positive change today. This show originally aired in 2021 so ignore any mention of current events. Check out the original show notes here. FULL SHOW NOTES:...


Young vs. Old: Which Saving Strategies Are Right for You?

There are so many savings strategies out there, but which are right for YOU? If you're young, how does your savings plan differ from the plans of older people? And, when you hear advice about saving, which are meant for you? We'll dive into that today with our panel featuring the host of the Everyone's Talkin' Money podcast, CFP Shannah Game. She's joined by financial juggler and super-writer Paulette Perhach and award-winning blogger Len Penzo in a far-ranging discussion about age, saving,...


Tracking Trillions of Illicit Benjamins (with Raymond Baker)

Raymond Baker has spent a lifetime hunting down invisible money. Today he takes us down the rabbit hole…from offshore accounts, to creative accounting to overwhelmed banking systems, he details where hidden money lies in plain view. It's a fascinating ride you won't want to miss. Plus, in our headlines segment, one man makes over $30,000 a month from his boat! How does he do it? We'll perform a case study and the results will be surprising. We'll also throw out the Haven Life line to a lucky...


From Employee to Entrepreneur: How to Make the Leap (with Amy Porterfield)

Imagine owning a company and working from anywhere, doing whatever you like, and changing the world around you. How great would life be? If you've ever dreamed of quitting your job and becoming an entrepreneur, we have a great guest for you today. Amy Porterfield left not just any job...she left the Tony Robbins organization to pursue her own entrepreneurship dreams. After a meeting where she was taking notes, listening to entrepreneurs talk about how they were changing the world, she...


12 Simple Steps To Financial Independence

One question we've been asked a TON is this: "What are the steps (in order!) that I should follow to optimize the path toward my goals? While we've presented our own ideas about order of operations today, we've never asked our contributors for their input...and today we change that! Len Penzo, Paulette Perhach, and OG debate a recent list from popular blogger Financial Tortoise, who listed twelve steps to financial independence. Do we agree? Disagree? We not only share the list and where...


Thinking Beyond "The Money" (plus Gen Z is rockin'!)

Scarlett Cochran has lived the struggle and overcome it. Today she shares not only how to shrug off all of the self-doubt and short-term setbacks...she also shares her framing of money discussions in general. Life is about more than "the Benjamins" and she'll show you today how to break through with your financial game. In our headlines segment, we high-five (virtually, of course), Gen Z, who one survey says is killin' it with their savings game. We'll share the highlights and dive into what...


Build Better Relationships (our Valentine's Day Special!)

If you LOVE stacking some Benjamins, you need great relationships...with your boss, your co-workers, your clients and customers, your network. But how do you create these bonds and strengthen them? Today we ask not one but TWO experts to share tips. Damona Hoffman is the host of the Dates and Mates podcast and also the dating expert on the Drew Barrymore Show. She'll share everything from non-verbal cues to how to start a conversation, all things that will hopefully help not just your...


Building Your Personal Brand: The Art of Self-Marketing

How's your personal branding? Have you thought about how you market yourself? Today we dive into why building a personal brand is essential and how to get started with a panel featuring a guy who's helped many brands find their stride, Jason Harris. He's the CEO of advertising firm Mekanism, and he's worked with brands from Ben and Jerry's to Peloton and Nordstrom. He's joined by a woman who's worked hard on her brand as the best financial writer in the business, Paulette Perhach, and our...