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A snarky but affectionate dissection of dating reality shows — and what they say about all of us. Hosted by Emma Gray and Claire Fallon, who created the popular podcast Here To Make Friends, Love To See It is a weekly recap podcast about The Bachelor franchise and beyond. We laugh, we cry, we break down every episode in obsessive detail, and we unpack all the weird messages pop culture sends us about love. Join us on this journey


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A snarky but affectionate dissection of dating reality shows — and what they say about all of us. Hosted by Emma Gray and Claire Fallon, who created the popular podcast Here To Make Friends, Love To See It is a weekly recap podcast about The Bachelor franchise and beyond. We laugh, we cry, we break down every episode in obsessive detail, and we unpack all the weird messages pop culture sends us about love. Join us on this journey




‘Bachelor In Paradise’ S9e8: Thanksgiving Roast w/ Emily Abbate

As if Paradise couldn’t get any crazier, this week Katie Thurston takes to the beach! In addition to some serious conversations with ex-fiance Blake, she’s here to host a roast which goes about as well as you would expect. Here to break it all down with us is journalist, wellness coach, and host of the podcast Hurdle, Emily Abbate!


‘The Golden Bachelor’ S1e8 Fantasy Suites: The One Times Two

Fantasy Suites are here and Gerry just keeps digging himself a deeper hole. Who’s going to tell him that someone can’t be the ONE if they’re actually ONE of TWO?


‘Bachelor In Paradise’ S9e7: Keeping It Cute

It’s week 7 of Bachelor In Paradise, and it’s finally time for… the third rose ceremony. Time moves differently down in Sayulita!


‘The Golden Bachelor’ S1 Women Tell All: Most Intense Hug Ever w/ Michelle Herman

We’ll be thinking about Faith and Gerry’s tearful embrace for years. Joining us to discuss the stunning conclusion to last week’s episode and the Women Tell All is author and professor Michelle Herman.


‘Bachelor In Paradise’ S9e6: Open Mouth Makeouts

The beach keeps getting messier and messier! It seems like everyone has a favorite pot to stir as couples continue to shuffle around, new information keeps coming in, and Charity makes her way to the beach to (hopefully) offer some much needed clarity.


‘The Golden Bachelor’ S1e6 Hometowns: Maybe This Is Love w/ Hillary Frey

Gerry’s hometowns are filled with love… but maybe a little too much? While we’re happy to see all these wonderful relationships, we all know what’s around the corner. It makes every meeting, kiss, and ‘I Love You’ equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking. We can barely take it! To help us manage the cliffhanger is Editor In Chief of Slate, Hillary Frey!


‘Bachelor In Paradise’ S9e5: Waste of a Good Cake w/ Susie Banikarim

When a cake shows up on Paradise, you know there is a 90% chance it gets destroyed in the most dramatic way possible. Join us for Kat’s birthday ‘darty’ and a game of Truth-or-Dare that breaks up one of the oldest couples on the beach. To guide us through it all is journalist and co-host of In Retrospect, Susie Banikarim!


‘The Golden Bachelor’ S1e5: Words of Wisdom w/ Kate Auletta

We’re pretty sure Gerry has a legal obligation to marry every single one of these women. We can’t bear another rose ceremony! This week, the group gets cut in half as only three women will be moving on to hometowns. Gerry’s got some tough choices to make but no matter what, there will be heartbreak and sisterhood. Navigating it all with us is Editor-In-Chief of Scary Mommy and our longtime colleague at HuffPost, Kate Auletta!


‘Bachelor In Paradise’ S9e4: Truth Box Conspiracy Theorist

Time to break the box and stir the pot! It seems like just about everyone is shifting around as someone leaves, new men enter, and the truth box is opened. Some people handle it well through thoughtful conversations, while others prefer to air their grievances by recording very, very loud interviews. Strap in!


‘The Golden Bachelor’ S1e4: Never Have I Dinked w/ Allison Williams

If you’re talking to Kathy, zip it. If you’re talking to Gerry, open up and head on over to the pickleball courts! This week is all about having fun with your girlfriends, whether you’re dinking during a pickleball game, chowing down on some ice cream, or playing the most important round of Never Have I Ever in all of human history. Joining us today is BFF of the pod and actress, Allison Williams!


Let’s Try ‘Golden Bachelor’ on Friday This Week!

We know some of you just can’t wait to talk about Golden Bachelor so we’re trying something a little different. This week, our Golden Bachelor episode will release on Friday and Bachelor in Paradise on Monday! What do you think? Love to see it? Hate to see it? Let us know! Shoot us an email at See you Friday!


‘The Golden Bachelor’ S1e3: Zip Your Lip! w/ Priscilla Gilman

The drama has come to Golden Bachelor! As it starts to set in that they’re all dating the same guy, the women find themselves in some classic Bachelor conflicts. But don’t worry, this episode still had all the touching and earnest moments we’ve come to expect from the show! Here to explore it all is author Priscilla Gilman!


‘Bachelor In Paradise’ S9e3: A Kat and Her Golden Retriever w/ Erin Darke

After being featured in just about every promo, trailer, and teaser, Sam’s poo baby is finally here– and it’s actually kind of touching! Meanwhile, we see one of the coldest shoulders to ever appear on the beach. To help us break it all down is actor and BFF of the pod, Erin Darke!


‘Golden Bachelor’ S1e2: Wild Amounts of Earnest Energy w/ The Reality Gays

It’s time to gear up for our first Golden Bachelor dates, which apparently involves sending Gerry on a busy LA freeway with no headlights. Despite the rough commute, Gerry and the gals seem more ready than ever to try on some fun outfits, throw a birthday BBQ, and explore their next love story will look like.


‘Bachelor in Paradise’ S9e2: The Beast Is Back (Sort Of)

We’re headed back to the beach where all kinds of pots are being stirred ahead of the first rose ceremony of the season! Love triangles upgrade to love squares and Hannah Brown makes an appearance to help fan the flames.


‘Golden Bachelor’ S1e1: Saving the Bachelor Franchise w/ Lisa Belkin

The wait was worth it! After years of cautious optimism, The Golden Bachelor is here, and we just can’t get enough! From hearing aids to dance parties, the premiere episode was full of touching, fun, and moving moments. We laughed, we cried, and we can’t wait for week two! Joining us to break down the first episode of the new series is Lisa Belkin, creator of the NYTimes Motherlode column, and author of books including “Genealogy of a Murder” and “Show Me A Hero.”


‘Bachelor in Paradise’ S9e1 Premiere: Toes Are a Whole Vibe

The vibes are good! Bachelor in Paradise is back, and everyone seems ready to take to the beach! We’ve already got a messy love triangle and an ensemble of various pairings, but will they be able to handle the newcomers already coming down to the beach?


‘Golden Bachelor’ S1 Cast Bios: Gerry, You Up for Some Scuba?!

These shark-diving, motorcycle-riding, marathon-running ladies are no strangers to adventure, but how are they going to handle being on The Golden Bachelor? With a small social media footprint, these women are already giving us a new twist!


Growth Is Realizing Who the Real Villain Is in ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ w/ Nora McInerny

Look, we might not agree with Jules’ approach, but we understand that it can be hard to let go of someone you’ve been pining for. That’s what makes ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ such a fun movie to revisit! You probably aren’t rooting for the same person as when you were a kid. Here to break it all down with is author and host of Terrible, Thanks For Asking, Nora McInerny!


Fall-ing In Love with Hallmark’s ‘Fourth Down and Love”

The leaves are turning orange, apples are ripe for the picking, and Hallmark is starting their flood of vaguely seasonal made-for-TV rom-coms. Today, we’re recapping one of the new “Fall Into Love” releases with ‘Fourth Down and Love’, a film about fundraisers and finding love on the fields of middle school flag football.