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A snarky but affectionate dissection of dating reality shows — and what they say about all of us. Hosted by Emma Gray and Claire Fallon, who created the popular podcast Here To Make Friends, Love To See It is a weekly recap podcast about The Bachelor franchise and beyond. We laugh, we cry, we break down every episode in obsessive detail, and we unpack all the weird messages pop culture sends us about love. Join us on this journey


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A snarky but affectionate dissection of dating reality shows — and what they say about all of us. Hosted by Emma Gray and Claire Fallon, who created the popular podcast Here To Make Friends, Love To See It is a weekly recap podcast about The Bachelor franchise and beyond. We laugh, we cry, we break down every episode in obsessive detail, and we unpack all the weird messages pop culture sends us about love. Join us on this journey




Re-Release: ‘Dirty Dancing’ Taught Us About Sensuality and Social Justice with Alison Greenberg

Let’s head out to the Catskills and take it back to our first ever Rom-Com rewatch, the classic ‘Dirty Dancing!’ A perfect blend of sensuality and social justice, this film has truly stood the test of time. Joining us is screenwriter, rom-com aficionado and author of ‘Bad Luck Bridesmaid’ Alison Greenberg!


Re-Release: ‘Grease’ Isn’t The Teen Rom-Com We Thought It Was with Ali Barthwell

Continuing with our theme of Teen Rom–Com’s we’re re-releasing what just might be the most iconic Teen Rom-Com of all time, ‘Grease!’ But did you know it all started as a satire? Joining us to break it all down is Emmy Award-winning Last Week Tonight writer, Vulture Bachelor recapper and all-around legend Ali Barthwell!


‘Never Been Kissed’ Is Creepier In Your 30’s with Lane Moore

In this episode we’re rewatching ‘Never Been Kissed,’ a movie with a premise that is far more disturbing in 2023 than it felt when we were in middle school in 1999. Is there a good Rom-Com underneath all the creepiness or have we all just been charmed by Drew Barrymore? To help us figure it out is Lane Moore, comedian and author of ‘You Will Find Your People: How to Make Meaningful Friendships as an Adult.’


Channel Surfing: ‘Jewish Matchmaking’ S1

In this rendition of Channel Surfing, we’re diving into the new Netflix reality dating show, 'Jewish Matchmaking.’ From its charming host to its diverse group of daters, this show has a lot to explore and to help us through it all is Mattie Kahn, friend of the pod, journalist, and author of the forthcoming book “Young and Restless: The Girls Who Sparked America’s Revolutions.”


Rom-Com Rewatch: ‘Pretty In Pink’ with Sarah Edmondson

For the first time on Love To See It we’re covering a movie from the king of 80’s Rom-Coms, John Hughes. Pretty In Pink was written specifically for Molly Ringwald whose influence goes beyond the script helping to make a classic 80’s Rom-Com. To help us recap the movie is Sarah Edmondson, host of the A Little Bit Culty podcast.


‘Love Is Blind’ Is A Workplace Too with Nick Thompson and Jeremy Hartwell

We get a lot of joy– and some depression– from reality TV shows that come from the work of cast members and contestants. We hope the conditions on set match the glamorous scenes we often see on screen, but that’s rarely the case. In this bonus episode, we’re joined by Nick Thompson and Jeremy Hartwell from season 2 of Love Is Blind to discuss their experience on the show and why they founded UCAN, a non-profit organization that advocates for the casts of unscripted shows.


Rom-Com Rewatch: ‘Clueless’ with Lindsey Metselaar

Is this a Noxzema commercial? Nope, it’s Clueless! This week we’re diving into one of the most quotable teen rom-coms ever made filled to the brim with one-liners, iconic outfits, and self-discovery. To help us along the way is host of the We Met At Acme podcast, Lindsey Metselaar!


'Bachelor' Hard Launches + 'Love Is Blind' Legal Woes

From crossover couples to extremely depressing labor conditions for reality TV stars, we’re breaking down all the news and gossip with stand-up comedian and power recapper, Dave Neal! In this episode we cover…


Rom-Com Rewatch: ‘Easy A’ with Amy Nicholson

Who knew there’d be so much English literature in teen Rom-Coms? This week we’re rewatching Easy A, the coming-of-age film plucked from the pages of Nathaniel Hawthorne. We’ll dive into purity culture, sexual capital, and early 2010’s fashion with film critic and co-host of Unspooled, Amy Nicholson.


Rom-Com Rewatch: ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ with Kate Kennedy

Order some Thai food, get your feminist prose, and throw on your angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion because this week we’re rewatching the breakout hit 10 Things I Hate About You! From the halls of Padua High to the troubling dynamics of its Shakespearian source material, we’ll break it all down with our guest Kate Kennedy, host of the Be There In Five podcast.


Channel Surfing: ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ S1

In this special Channel Surfing bonus episode, we are diving into the agriculture-core dating show 'Farmer Wants a Wife,” a Fox reality program about love… farm-style. How does this show work and where does it fit in the reality TV dating landscape? Let’s take this country road and find out!


Rom-Com Rewatch: ‘Love & Basketball’ with Milly Tamarez and Amanda Duberman

Rom-Com Rewatches are back! We’re kicking things off with the classic Love & Basketball, the tale of two childhood friends who both love basketball and ultimately, each other. To help us break down this iconic film are Milly Tamarez and Amanda Duberman, co-hosts of the Betches Sup podcast.


'Bachelor' Finale News & Gossip

The season may be over, but the news and gossip never stop! To help us dissect it all is Ashley Tabron, also known as @AshTalksBach. In this episode we cover…


'Bachelor' S27e11 Finale

As we wrap up this season of ‘The Bachelor’, the show clearly hoped to hit the reset button so hard it sent us all the way back to 2013… and it sort of worked. We have our first proposal since Peter Weber, yet the human wreckage was just about as brutal as ever. Plus, we have some iconic finale night interviews as Gabi Elnicki and Ariel Frenkel not only criticize Zach, but ‘The Bachelor’ as a whole.


Clayton Echard on Rebuilding After Bachelor Infamy

This week we’re joined by former Bachelor Clayton Echard to talk about his new book '180 Degrees: On Mental Health, Mindfulness, and Unlocking Self-Belief'. We discuss everything from navigating fantasy suites to maintaining your mental health after the show. Plus, we get to hear more about Clayton’s post-Bachelor life and just where Clayton stands with his exes Susie Evans and Rachel Recchia.


'Bachelor' S27e10 Fantasy Suites with Jacqueline Trumbull

Thanks a lot, Sean Lowe! This week, Zachary Shacklecross heads to Thailand for fantasy suites, announces many times that he will not have sex during his overnight dates, promptly has sex during an overnight date, and then tells… everyone about it. To help us digest it all is Bachelor legend and cohost of the A Little Help for Our Friends podcast, Jacqueline Trumbull!


'Bachelor' S27e09 Women Tell All

Zach’s season is almost over, and, as is tradition, the most important and Paradise-hungry women from this season have gathered together to hash out all the drama. Plus, bloopers, behind the scenes moments, and the announcement of next season’s Bachelorette!


'Bachelor' S27e08 Hometowns

Zach has fallen in love across Europe and the Bahamas, and now the Bachelor is headed back stateside for the all-important hometowns. He’ll be sampling local delicacies, from maple syrup to cow tongue, and trying to convince four moderately protective families that it’s fine that he’s still dating three other women.


Hannah Brown on the Highs and Lows of Her ‘Bachelorette’ Legacy

The iconic Hannah Brown joins us this week to reflect on her time as a reality TV star. We cover everything from her mysterious nomination for ‘The Bachelor’ to her most recent appearance on ‘Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test’ and everything else in between, including the aftermath of one of the most memorable seasons of ‘The Bachelorette’ so far.


'Bachelor' S27e07 with Hannah Orenstein

Zach knows everyone’s favorite colors and that means it’s time to dive into deeper topics, like how many bathhouse dates can you fit into one episode. This week The Bachelor is in Budapest and here to break it all down with us is Hannah Orenstein, author and Deputy Lifestyle Editor at Bustle.