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Kim Masters, host of KCRW’s The Business, breaks down Hollywood's top stories.

Kim Masters, host of KCRW’s The Business, breaks down Hollywood's top stories.


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Kim Masters, host of KCRW’s The Business, breaks down Hollywood's top stories.






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California to announce protocols to resume Hollywood production

A new report from Ampere Analysis says the film and TV industry is set to lose $160 billion over the next five years because of the coronavirus shutdown. Facing such stark losses, the industry is desperate to resume production. California Gov. Gavin Newsom says on May 25, the state will offer protocols for how to start filming again. Newsom estimates 53 of the 58 counties will be able to meet the requirements to restart production.


TV advertisers are changing the channel

Normally, this would be the time of year when the big broadcast networks gathered in New York City for the upfronts. They’d pitch their new shows to companies who would then spend billions of dollars buying TV advertising. This year, the upfronts are virtual, and companies like GM, PepsiCo and General Mills are trying to walk back their ad commitments for later this year.


Shanghai Disneyland reopening, Hollywood still in limbo

Disney announced on May 5 that it lost more than $1 billion from the closure of parks and resorts during the coronavirus pandemic. Its park in Shanghai is set to reopen on May 11, but with significant rules and restrictions. Meanwhile, the rest of Hollywood is eager to reopen as soon as possible. Some filming is happening abroad, but in the U.S., making blockbusters is still a long way off.


Following ‘Trolls World Tour’ kerfuffle, AMC won’t play Universal films

Instead of waiting for movie theaters to reopen, Universal released “Trolls World Tour” through video on demand in early April. NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell said it made $100 million, and given the success, they’d be looking at more streaming options in the future. In response, AMC Theatres released a statement saying they would no longer play Universal movies in theaters.


Reopen for business? Movie theaters say not so fast

A handful of Southern states are looking to reopen businesses as soon as possible, while keeping social distancing measures in place. But the National Association of Theatre Owners say that if they’re permitted to open, they don’t want to. They’re wondering who would come to the movies, and what would they show.


Is Bob Iger back as Disney CEO? He abruptly resigned from the helm in February

Hollywood was stunned when Bob Iger suddenly stepped away from his role as Disney CEO in February, handing the reins to Bob Chapek just days before the coronavirus pandemic shut down all the Disney parks. Now a report says Iger is back.


Disney+ streaming service reaches 50 million subscribers in 5 months

Disney announced that after five months, its streaming service Disney+ is now up to 50 million subscribers. The company hit that landmark about two years earlier than most analysts predicted. The numbers come with some caveats, but it's still an impressive feat in the world of streaming.


Ex-Hulu CEO Jason Kilar named chief of WarnerMedia

AT&T has appointed former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar as the new head of WarnerMedia. That means he’ll oversee HBO, HBO Max, CNN, Warner Bros. and other WarnerMedia properties. It’s a bold choice. Kilar is known for being a visionary in the streaming world, but is not as well known in the old-school Hollywood circles.


Will new TV streamers HBO Max, Peacock, and Quibi meet their launch dates?

With a lot of people now stuck at home, TV viewing across the country continues to spike. Viewers may be eager for new content. But for upcoming streaming services such as HBO Max, Peacock, and Quibi, there are questions as to whether they’ll be ready to launch, and if viewers will be willing to pay for them.


Coronavirus and Hollywood: TV production shut down, some movies shift to streaming

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, TV production has almost entirely shut down. Now the industry is scrambling to see if there’s any way to save the big fall season for the broadcast networks. On the movie side -- in an unprecedented move -- some big films like the newest “Trolls” installment are coming directly to streaming, but don’t expect that to be the case for every new movie.


Coronavirus and Hollywood: Disneyland closes, more movies pushed

Disney has announced that its Anaheim-based theme park will close from March 14 until the end of the month. Elsewhere in Hollywood, more movies continue to delay their release dates, including “A Quiet Place Part II” and “Fast & Furious 9.”


Amid coronavirus, Hollywood takes a hit. Will Disney shut down theme parks, hotels, cruise ships too?

As anxiety over coronavirus increases, Hollywood has already lost $5 billion from a diminished international box office and production stoppages. That’s likely just the beginning. Disney is in an especially tough spot. The company has already closed some theme parks in Asia. Will it do the same in the U.S.?


Bob Iger abruptly resigns as Disney CEO, Hollywood is shocked

Bob Iger spent 15 years as Disney CEO, overseeing huge acquisitions and unparalleled box office success. So it came as a massive surprise when Iger announced this week that he was stepping down immediately. He’s handing the reins to Bob Chapek, who had been chairman of Disney Parks since 2015.


Harvey Weinstein jury deliberates

The jury in the Harvey Weinstein criminal trial began deliberations this week. They've made several requests to review information and to relisten to certain of witness testimonies. It's hard to know how long deliberations will take because there have been relatively few comparable trials.


'The Hunt' returns

The Universal satire-horror film "The Hunt," from prolific producer Jason Blum, was pulled before its release last fall, following back-to-back mass shootings. Now the film is getting a new release date in March, and Universal is leaning into the controversy in its marketing.


Oscars still so white and so male

Since the #OscarsSoWhite movement kicked off five years ago, the Academy has worked to make its membership more diverse. A breakdown of the numbers shows they have made some progress, but there's still a long way to go to achieve anything close to parity.


Emma Watts resigns as chief of 20th Century Studios

As Disney continues to dismantle Fox, more changes emerge at the Mouse. Emma Watts was the executive behind a lot of great films, including "Ford v Ferrari," "Deadpool," and "The Martian," but there appears to not be a home for such kinds of movies at Disney.


Emotional testimony at the Harvey Weinstein trial

With the jury set, the Harvey Weinstein trial is underway in New York, and the first few days have provided some dramatic and emotional testimony, especially from actress and alleged rape victim Annabella Sciorra.


Peacock emerges from its shell

NBCUniversal revealed details of its new streaming service Peacock, which will have several tiers and pricing options.


Harvey Weinstein criminal trial begins in New York

In a closely-watched trial, Weinstein has won himself no favors with the judge after bringing in two cellphones and texting during court proceedings.