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Created and hosted by Brian Scherschel. A podcast about the appreciation of kaiju and tokusatsu movies and discovering their historical and cultural value

Created and hosted by Brian Scherschel. A podcast about the appreciation of kaiju and tokusatsu movies and discovering their historical and cultural value


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Created and hosted by Brian Scherschel. A podcast about the appreciation of kaiju and tokusatsu movies and discovering their historical and cultural value






KVR Live 6: Regarding Nathan’s firing from Kaijuvision in August 2018

I received a question from a listener about the circumstances of this event, so I decided to answer it.If you're wondering why I am a little bent over in this video, it's because of severe chronic pain in my spine.Receipts here: https://twitter.com/kaijuvision/status/1344055920096063488Receipts include excerpts from Nathan's blog about the Dennis Hensley alleged attempted rape scandal, and his claim his Facebook was hacked (redactions are to protect his friends). The now redacted section by...


KVR Live 5: The US: A Nation in Crisis, Honda War Crimes Video Recap

In this live, I outline the incredible threat to United States national security during this tumultuous time. With the election, a possible presidential transition, and the coronavirus in the White House, there are many threats from other nations and non-state actors. I also address the reactions to the Comfort Women video previously released on this...


KVR Live 4: G-Fan Magazine Coronavirus Article, KVR’s third anniversary

In this live, I show you the new Gamera Blu-ray set that arrived, and I discuss the cancellation of G-Fest article in the newest G-Fan Magazine, and make some remarks to honor the occasion of Kaijuvision's 3rd anniversary. The show first aired on September 20, 2017. I apologize for the audio - YouTube Live must have forced the webcam microphone as the...


Episode 57: Ishiro Honda and Crimes Against Humanity

In this episode I tackle the issue of Ishiro Honda's time during World War II administering a comfort women camp.I was asked how he evaded punishment for committing Class C War Crimes (Crimes Against Humanity), and I have a definitive yet complex answer.Honda's films were supportive of human rights, and this is what we remember his place in history during World War II.If Honda was an unnamed Japanese man who participated in these crimes, I would have wanted him to be brought to justice and...


KVR Live 3: Japan Sinks: 2020

In this live, I address the recently released Japan Sinks: 2020 anime series from Science Saru Studios and directed by Masaaki Yuasa. I give you my reactions and thoughts on this incredible anime. It's bizarre, funny, sad, and surprising! It departs significantly from the original Komatsu book. I analyze the Japanese rap battle about what it means to be Japanese, the old man's murder spree while riding a mobility scooter, and the many bizarre deaths in this fascinating...


KVR Live 2: Fandom Discourse, Honda, War Crimes

In this live, I answer questions from listeners about some complex issues, such as fandom behavior online, Ishiro Honda's time in a command position at a comfort women camp, who really rebuilt Japan after the war, economic circumstances that led to the Japanese Economic Miracle, the disparate impact on minorities that gatekeeping has, and the level of popularity of rescinding Article 9 from the Japanese...


Episode 56: Shin Godzilla, GMK, and Japanese Nationalism

Staying on Shin Godzilla-related content, I give my opinion on the popular article “Shin Godzilla vs. GMK: The Battle Over Japanese Nationalism”. It's not 1947 anymore, and Japan has shown the world how good of a country it can be. At the end of the day, the Japanese should make their own decisions about their constitution and if they should grow their military. East Asia is a very dangerous place right now, and the US and Japan have many things in common. I believe these two movies are not...


KVR Live 1: Charity Livestream – Covid-19 Pandemic, G-Fest, Olympics

This livestream was conducted for the Center for Disaster Philanthropy Covid-19 Response Fund:http://disasterphilanthropy.org/cdp-fund/cdp-covid-19-response-fund/In this first livestream from Kaijuvision, I discuss the Covid-19 Pandemic, the status of G-Fest with respect to the pandemic, the postponed Summer Olympic games, how important supermarket employees and other essential workers are, the reactions to the Politics of Shin Godzilla episode, how the pandemic has affected Japan, the...


Episode 55: The Politics of Shin Godzilla

The final word on the politics of Shin Godzilla, from the podcast that covered it best. Is Shin Godzilla a “nationalist” movie? As an international affairs graduate of the best public policy school in the country, I can say that it is not nationalistic. It's patriotic. The 3/11 Disaster (Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Meltdowns) had a big influence on the movie. Godzilla effectively IS the 3/11 disaster. If it was nationalistic, I wouldn't like it as much. Watch me tell you what every fan should...


YouTube Channel Reintroduction

In this short video, I reintroduce KVR's YouTube channel. I'm here to say welcome to the show again! I say again about what Kaijuvision focuses on. I will sometimes make an appearance for videos in-person.MP3:http://kaijuvisionradioepisodes.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/00000-youtube-channel-reintroduction-5cs01maqzp4d93.mp3Host/Editor/Director/Scenic Videos: Brian ScherschelVideo Location: Lincoln Bank Tower (left), Allen County Courthouse (center), and The PNC Building (right), Fort Wayne,...


Behind-the-Scenes Bonus Feature 3: On Patriotism and Creating the Show’s Structure

In the latest Bonus Behind-the-Scenes Special Feature, I explain how I created the show's structure and the role my patriotism played. I put this feature together to go into my thought process during that time. I strongly believe that America helps its friends and its allies, and that we stay strong for them, as they help us. The structure itself reveals the important information and opinions every time it's...


Episode 54 (complete version): The Submersion of Japan (1973) (The 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake)

Here's the full version of Kaijuvision's episode on The Submersion of Japan – Toho's most successful movie of the 1970s. It's an epic episode for an epic movie! To help introduce this movie, I am joined by John LeMay, who loves the film as much as I do. After describing the film, I say how The Submersion of Japan is a special film when compared to many other disaster movies from the 1970s. I then interview John about the film, because the background information is so interesting. For the...


Episode 54 (3/3): The Submersion of Japan (1973) – The 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake

The related topic for this episode is The 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake. All tokusatsu fans should know about this event and just how significant it was. The Submersion of Japan means so much to the Japanese people because of this event. The Tokyo earthquake in the movie is referred to in the book as “The Second Great Kanto Earthquake”. The movie started shooting on the day of the 50th anniversary of the earthquake: September 1, 1973.This episode is dedicated to actor Keiju Kobayashi.You can...


Episode 54 (2/3): The Submersion of Japan (1973) – Opinion and Analysis

In part two of this episode, I present my opinion and analysis of The Submersion of Japan. I address the science behind the story, the Japanese cultural details throughout the movie, and I cover all the other incredible aspects of this epic movie. Is it a horror movie? In a national way, it is. You'll be able to tell this movie is one of my all-time top favorites! The remaining third of the episode will be released tomorrow.This episode is dedicated to actor Keiju Kobayashi.You can find John...


Episode 54 (1/3): The Submersion of Japan (1973) – Film Description/Reflections/John LeMay Interview

(Included in this third: Intro/Part 1 Film Description/Reflections on Disaster Movies/John LeMay Interview) The highest-grossing Japanese movie of the 1970s has received the royal Kaijuvision treatment! An epic episode for an epic movie! In this third of the episode, I present the Part 1 Film Description, reflect on 70s disaster movies, and interview author John LeMay, who loves this movie as much as I do. We also both have read the English translation of the book. The remaining two thirds...


Episode 53: Space Amoeba (1970) (Japanese Colonialism in Oceania)

It's the last Toho classic kaiju movie, and there's so much to like! The engaging cinematography and Kenji Sahara's performance as Obata are two of the best things. And there aren't any annoying squeaky-voiced little kids either! The subtle symbolism regarding Chinese Communism in the story and the kaiju is fascinating. Celebrate the end of an era with me, as I elevate this overlooked yet fun kaiju entry. The related topic for this episode is Japanese Colonialism in Oceania. This episode is...


Episode 52: Latitude Zero (1969) (The South China Sea Disputes)

Get into the bath of immunity, then put on your gold or vinyl outfit and prepare yourself for an overwhelmingly positive review of this humorous and underrated piece of Toho history! While the Americans and Japanese on the production staff got into frequent arguments, at least the costume department had fun! Unlike the painfully square reporter Perry Lawton, I'd have stayed in Latitude Zero and never returned to the surface. Though this film didn't perform well, it holds a special place in...


G-Fest XXVI (2019): G-Fest Wrap-Up and Kevin Derendorf Interview

At G-Fest XXV, Brian interviewed kaiju author and podcaster Kevin Derendorf. His book is called "Kaiju for Hipsters: 101 'Alternative' Giant Monster Movies". We discuss the thought processes and goals behind "Kaiju for Hipsters" and compare them to the creative process and goals of Kaijuvision Radio. We discuss the need for rare films to be saved, archived and viewed by audiences because rare films are often entertaining and special. We discuss the need for going deeper into kaiju and...


G-Fest XXVI (2019) Panel: Alien Invasions w/Giant Monster Messages

This is our G-Fest Conference panel, which took place at 12:00pm (CDT) on July 14, 2019 at the Crowne Plaza O'Hare in Rosemont, Illinois. In it, we compare and contrast alien invasion stories in movies from the Godzilla franchise and from American kaiju/sci-fi movies. I connect the stories from the Godzilla movies to events and trends in Japanese history, while Taylor connects the stories from American films to events and trends in American history. I highlight events from World War II,...


Episode 51: Godzilla: King of the Monsters (US) (2019) (Eco-terrorism/Climate Change)

A lot of critics know and understand the basics of the 1954 Godzilla, but they have less of an understanding of what makes a great Godzilla sequel. This movie has by far the most Toho magic of any non-Japanese Godzilla movie to date. I address the box office, the critical reviews, and how the way this film was edited is a big reason for the film's underperformance. The related topic for this episode is eco-terrorism and climate change.This episode is dedicated to director Michael...