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A look back at pop culture from the 70's, 80's, and 90's

A look back at pop culture from the 70's, 80's, and 90's


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A look back at pop culture from the 70's, 80's, and 90's




Barry Tubb (Top Gun, Lonesome Dove)

Noel catches up with Barry Tubb. The actor portrayed 'Wolfman" in Top Gun. Barry talks about getting the role, the lines he ad libbed and what call sign he would chose if he had the choice. Barry played Hubie in the cult classic, The Legend of Billie Jean. The Texan also starred in the TV mini series, Lonesome Dove and its sequel. Barry joined the cast of Friday Night Lights in season four playing Tom Cafferty.


Marcella Detroit of Shakespeare Sister

Noel catches up with Marcella Detroit. Marcy began her career working with Bob Seger, then Leon Russell and Eric Clapton. She co-wrote Clapton's 1977 hit, "Lay Down Sally." Marcy Joined Shakespears Sister with Bananarama member Siobhan Fahey. Their biggest hit, "Stay", spent eight consecutive weeks atop the UK charts and reached number four on the Billboard 100. Her latest solo album, Gold, was released last year.


Tom Bresnahan (Ski School, The Brain)

Noel catches up with Tom Bresnahan. The former actor had starring roles in the cult movies, The Brain and Ski School. Find out the TV role that Tom beat out Brad Pitt for. He starred in the Dick Wolf show, H.E.L.P., alongside, John Mahoney, Wesley Snipes and David Caruso. Tom is now a youth counselor. He facilitate lasting changes for struggling 15-24 yr old young men & frustrated parents


Siobhan Maher Kennedy (River City People, Kindred Spirit)

Noel catches up with Siobhan Maher Kennedy, who was the lead vocalist of the band, River City People. The band released two albums, Say Something Good and This Is the World. After the band split, Siobhan paired with the Bangles' Debbi Peterson to form Kindred Spirit. They released their lone album in 1995. Siobhan released her solo album, Immigrant Flower in 2002.


Elizabeth Westwood of Westworld

Noel catches up with Elizabeth Westwood of Westworld. Their biggest hit, "Sonic Boom Boy," reached number 11 of the UK charts in 1987. "Ba-Na-Na-Bam-Boo" reached number 37 and appeared on the soundtrack to Planes, Trains & Automobiles.


Carol Decker of T'Pau

Noel catches up with Carol Decker, the lead singer of T'Pau. The British band had a massive hit in 1987 with "Heart and Soul." It reached number four on the Billboard 100. Their debut album, "Bridge of Spies," was simply titled "T'Pau" in America. The album had seven singles released overseas but only the one in the States. Carol talks about the hesitancy with the U.S. market. Their last album, "Pleasure and Pain'" was released in 2015. Carol has released a couple of singles over the last...


Steven Lindsay (The Big Dish, Interlopers)

Noel catches up with Steven Lindsay, who was the frontman of the Scottish band, The Big Dish. The band released three studio albums from 1986-1991. After the band split, Steven released two solo albums and became a painter. After 15 years, Steven has returned to music with his new project called, Interlopers. Their album is due to come out in May.


Colin Hay

Noel catches up with Colin Hay. The singer-songwriter's new album, "Now and The Evermore," comes out March 18th. We discuss his solo career, the fall of Men At Work, his relationship with Down Under and how Zach Braff was instrumental in his solo career. His acoustic version of Overkill was featured in Scrubs and "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You" was featured in the movie, Garden State. Colin is also a touring member of Ringo Starr’s All Starr Band who are due to restart touring...


David Neidorf (Hoosiers, Platoon)

Noel catches up with David Neidorf. The actor portrayed Everett in Hoosiers and Bobby in Bull Durham. David in the only actor to be in two of the AFI's 10 best sports movies. David also starred in Platoon. He tells us the John Hughes movie he had to turn down.


Ian Haugland of Europe

Noel catches up with Ian Haugland. The drummer joined the Swedish rock band, Europe, following their second album and prior to their third album, The Final Countdown. The title track blew up around the world. Ian talks about the whirlwind of that album. We discuss their two followups, Out of This World and Prisoners in Paradise. Europe's latest album, Walk the Earth, was released in 2017.


Mark Gane and Martha Johnson (Martha and the Muffins)

Noel catches up with Mark Gane and Martha Johnson from Martha and the Muffins. The Canadian band's debut song, Echo Beach, was a worldwide hit, winning a Juno for "Single of the Year" in 1980. They have released eight studio albums and in 2021 they released the compilation Marthology: In and Outtakes, collecting rarities and demo versions of past songs.


Adrienne Barbeau (Maude, Swamp Thing and so much more)

It's our 250th episode!! Noel catches with up Adrienne Barbeau. The legendary actor starred as the original Rizzo in Broadway's Grease. She made a name for herself on television playing Bea Arthur's daughter, Carol, in Maude. In 1980, she began appearing in horror and science fiction films, including The Fog, Escape from New York, Creepshow, and Swamp Thing. She played Rodney Dangerfield in the comedy, Back to School.


James Grant of Love and Money

Noel catches up with James Grant of Love and Money. The Scottish band released five studio albums including Strange Kind of Love and Dogs in the Traffic. Strange Kind of Love featured the hits "Halleluiah Man" and "Strange Kind of Love." Find out what happened when the band opened up for Tina Turner. James has released six solo albums.


Patrick Labyorteaux (Little House on the Prairie, JAG)

Noel catches up with Patrick Labyorteaux. His well-known TV roles are on Little House on the Prairie as Andy Garvey from 1977–81, and on JAG as Lt. Cmdr. Bud Roberts from 1995 to 2005. Patrick had roles in Heathers, Ski School, Summer School and Three Ninjas. He created, along with his wife, the Nick at Nite school, See Dad Run.


Stuart Fratkin (Teen Wolf Too)

Noel catches up with Stuart Fratkin. The actor portrayed Stiles in Teen Wolf Too. He also starred in Ski School, Under the Boardwalk and Prehysteria! Stuart starred on the TV shows: They Came From Outer Space and The New Adventures of Beans Baxter. Stuart guest-starred on NYPD Blue, Friends, Golden Girls and Melrose Place.


Barry Horowitz

Noel catches up with Barry Horowitz. If you watched wrestling in the late 80's/early 90's, you saw "Mr Technical" wrestle every weekend. He is one of the greatest enhancement wrestlers of all time. We discuss the origin of his iconic "pat on the back" and his push in 1995. Barry trained with the Malenkos in Florida.


Marc Mero

Noel catches up with Marc Mero. The former wrestler was Johnny B. Badd in WCW and "Wildman" Marc Mero in WWE. Marc is a three-time WCW World Television Champion and WWE Intercontinental Champion. In 2007, n 2007, Marc founded the nonprofit organization Champion of Choices, empowering youth to make positive choices and speaks at middle and high schools.


Dinah Manoff (Grease, Empty Nest)

Noel catches up with Dinah Manoff. The Tony Award-winning actress is out now with her first novel, The Real True Hollywood Story of Jackie Gold. Manoff played the role of "Pink Lady" Marty Marachino in the movie Grease. She discusses how she can can't dance and if she was asked to return in Grease 2. Dinah was Chucky's first victim in Child's Play. On television, she's best known as Carol Weston on the Golden Girls spinoff, Empty Nest, a role she played for seven seasons. She talks about Bea...


Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze

Noel catches up with Glenn Tilbrook, who is the lead singer and guitarist of the band, Squeeze. Glenn and Chris Difford, are one of the greatest songwriting team in music history. Glenn talks about the formation of Squeeze and why their record company waited so long to give them a push. We discuss some of their most popular songs and the song that Glenn can't stand.



Noel catches up with Ladyhawke, the New Zealand singer's latest album, Time Files, is her first in five years. She discusses working on the album during the pandemic. Ladyhawke shot to fame with her single, "My Delirium," off of her debut album in 2008. She explains the background behind the song. Ladyhawke is an avid gamer and started streaming on Twitch.