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392 – A Patches-Driven Sophisticast

This week, everyone is tired and David is still at Cannes, so Katey and Da7e jump into the War Room with Patches who has a smattering of general questions to explore like "Is Elmo a Muppet?" "Do men read novels?" and "Are you afraid of heights." It's a hang, a Sophisticates hang. Sophisticast. Take a […]


391 – Patches Parental Leave Check-In, The Staircase, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

This week, we've lost a David to international film festivals and (maybe) vomit, but have gained a Patches who is back after a few weeks of being urinated on by his son. First, Da7e and Katey check in with Patches and Patches-Child-2 before everyone digs into the first few episodes of The Staircase on HBO […]


390 – Netflix, Back to Theaters, The Northman

This week, still no Patches, but David, Katey and Da7e convene to discuss Netflix's failing fortunes, Katey going to theaters with her kids to see The Bad Guys, and director Robert Eggers new Vikikng Hamlet, The Northman. Take a listen, embed and/or download below; for more from all of us on Twitter: follow the show […]


389 – Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, David the Elden King, Boogie Nights

This week, new Patches baby is still keeping dad exhausted, so Da7e is left to tell Katey and David about The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (AKA The Nic Cage movie) and how it exceeded expectations. Then, David would like to share he has beaten Elden Ring (though has not met let me solo her), […]


388 – Severance Finale, Our Flag Means Death, Everything Everywhere All At Once

This week, Patches is out because of a new Patches joining the world, so Katey and the Davids revisit Apple TV's Severance, Katey reccommends Our Flag Means Death on HBO Max, and all three of them heap praise on Everything Everywhere All At Once, which is IN THEATERS NOW! Because of the nature of Severance […]


387 – Rachel Zegler Questions, WeCrashed, and The Bubble

This week, Katey is back from the Academy Awards but we made her watch The Bubble on Netflix with the rest of us, so – sadly – this will be week two of Hollywood Bullshit. To bypass Morbius completely, Patches also has a question about Rachel Zegler's stardom and David wants to talk about how […]


386 – The 94th Academy Awards

This week, Katey is still in Los Angeles recovering from the Academy Awards broadcast and Vanity Fair afterparty, so the three guys get together to wonder…What the hell was that? Take a listen, embed and/or download below; for more from all of us on Twitter: follow the show (@FITWR), Katey (@kateyrich), Da7e (@da7e) Patches (@misterpatches), and […]


385 – Deep Water, Patches Versus Matches, Severance

This week, everyone has seen Dark Water on Hulu, and you probably should too, because we talk about this very weird "erotic" thriller that is currently streaming in a way that probably spoils something (if that matters to you). For the mini-segment, Patches talks about Polygon's big VERSUS bracket and has some Matches for […]


384 – Scream (2022), Hot Takes Roundtable, Turning Red

This week, everyone piles into the War Room to talk some streaming movies and hot takes. First, Da7e is here to say Scream (2022), which is Scream 5 and therefore should be called 5Cream, is actually worth your streaming time. Then, all four hosts get to spit fire with one hot take, then, Katey, Patches, […]


383 – The Batman, The Dropout and Portrayals True Stories​, After Yang

This week, Patches is back and we have a full War Room again! This week starts out with The Batman, which David, Da7e, and Patches have seen. Is this The Batman a good The Batman or is it too dark and too long a The Batman? Let's discuss! Then, Based on The Dropout, the group […]


382 – Immersive Video Games, SAG Award Reactions, The Sky Is Everywhere

This week, Patches is OUT of the War Room (he's fine, we swear), so David ropes Katey and Da7e into a discussion about how immersive video games compare to cinema and CGI's attempts to do similar things. Then, the guys ask Katey how this year's Screen Actor's Guild Awards might change the prospects of the […]


381 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Oscars Move Categories Off Live Broadcast, Marry Me

This week, Patches and Dave took in Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Netflix so you don't have to, Katey and David throw down over the Academy Awards Broadcast's decision to move some below-the-line winners off the live show, then everyne piles on for a rom com without conflict you can watch on Peacock right now: Marry […]


380 – Kimi, Doctor Strange 2 Trailer, Book of Boba Fett Wrap-Up

This week, IT IS PANDEMIC 100 SOMEHOW. Katey, David, Da7e, and Patches start off by talking about the new Steven Soderbergh movie Kimi on HBO, which is…fun? Then, Da7e explains to Katey if we should be excited for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, before everyone throws down on the very odd Book of […]


379 – Pandemic Check-In, Video Games (Pokémon), Station Eleven

This week, we remember damage as David, Da7e, Katey, and Patches finally dig into Station Eleven, the HBO Mini-series that has aired all of its episodes. Light spoilers in segment three. BUT FIRST – It's time for another Pandemic Check-In because if a host has children, those children are not in school because of COVID, […]


378 – The Afterparty, Horror at Sundance, Yellowjackets Season 1

This week, there's television to talk about and Sundance to wrap up. First, Patches and Katey have been watching the genre comedy The Afterparty. which now has its first two episodes up on Apple TV Plus. Then, David revisits Sundance with a question about how many horror-themes there were this year before all four of […]


377 – Sundance 2022 Check-In, Goonies is Bad, Search Party Season 5

This week, back to the normal format for another year! David joins the podcast during a very busy week where his daycare is closed to talk with Katey abuout virtual Sundance 2022 and some early film highlights. Then, Katey tells Da7e and Patches why Goonies is bad, actually, then Patches, Da7e, and Katey all have […]


Top Tens 2021, Part 2 of 2

The Cream of the Crop in Part 2. Miss Part 1? CLICK HERE. The Global Pandemic might not have let up during 2021, but that isn't stopping Fighting In The War Room from spotlighting last year's great movies. Some of us got to go to theaters this year (hell, David went to Cannes), and some were […]


Top Tens 2021, Part 1 of 2

So Many Good Movies, We Split the Podcast Into Two The Global Pandemic might not have let up during 2021, but that isn't stopping Fighting In The War Room from spotlighting last year's great movies. Some of us got to go to theaters this year (hell, David went to Cannes), and some were stuck inside. Since […]


376 – Licorice Pizza, Matrix: Resurrections, Don’t Look Up

This week, we're back for 2022, a year where we're going to have to prove to Time Magazine we're still a good podcast. Kicking off this year, we have three movies that a lot of Twitter seems to be getting all wrong. First – most everyone liked Licorice Pizza except maybe Da7e who wanted a […]


375 – The Anniversary Quell

Four Movies From 2011 ….ish It's another Fighting in The War Room Quarter Quell! Instead of capping off the year with our annual Top Tens, we've pushed that episode back into January for film catch-up and instead delivered another Quarter Quell! This installment, each host brings a movie from FITWR's first year of podcasting, which went […]