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464 – Curb Your Enthusiasm, SAG Awards on Netflix, Cruel Intentions

This week, Patches and David catch us up with the latest and PROBABLY last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Katey speculates about how The SAG Awards on Netflix could inform future award shows on non-linear TV platforms, and the whole group dives into 1999’s Cruel Intentions and tries to remember if they were ever as […]


463 – This is Me…Now: A Love Story, True Detective Night Country, Madame Web

This week, everyone is back on the podcast. Patches, Katey, and David talk the puzzling Jennifer Lopez project This is Me…Now: A Love Story, Da7e and David are mixed positive on True Detective Night Country (there is one SPOILER question about the finale signaled by your trusty SPOILER GONG), and all four hosts went to […]


462 – Lisa Frankenstein, Super Bowl Trailers, One Day

This week, it’s Matt Patches who has to sit an episode out (apparently because of snow and children), bt Katey, Da7e, and David convene in the War Room to talk about Lisa Frankenstein (currently in theaters), the big trailers that debuted during the Super Bowl (including Twisters!). Then, the three dig into the Netflix series […]


461 – The Greatest Night in Pop, Disney x Epic, Orion and the Dark

This week, with David out sick, Patches, Katey and Da7e get together to discuss two movies you can currently stream on Netflix: The Greatest Night in Pop about the making of “We Are The World” and Orion and the Dark, a Charlie Kaufman-written children’s movie. One is a straightforward documentary about one night in the […]


460 – Sundance 2024, Dark Universe Lives!, Society of the Snow

This week, we all watched JA Bayona’s Society of the Snow on Netflix, but also have a bunch of fun movie related stuff to talk about. In our first segment, David and Katey break down some of their favorites from this years Sundance Film Festival, which they both attended remotely. Then, it finally happened, Universal […]


459 – Traitors, Oscar Nominations, All of Us Strangers

This week, everyone finally caught up with All of Us Strangers, a movie that might be in a theater near you right now! But first, David has lured Katey, Patches, and Da7e into the world of the reality TV competition Traitors and all the hosts give some cheers and jeers to the Academy Awards nominations. […]


458 – Critic’s Choice Awards, Echo, The Zone of Interest

This week, January scheduling is already upon us as David has to sit this one out for film festival duties and Katey has just returned from an L.A. Trip. Katey, Da7e, and Patches jump into the War Room to hear about Katey’s trip and talk about The Zone of Interest (and feeling bad). In the […]


Top Tens 2023

The Best Movies of 2023 The year of 2023 had some big surprises at the cinema, and because of that your hosts might have liked the same movies, but there are many one-list outliers this year (and not just from David). You know the format – Katey, David, Patches and Da7e take their time describing […]


457 – 2024 Holiday Hangover Grab Bag

This week, David, Patches, Da7e and Katey were thinking about doing their Top Tens but realized vacation brain had caught up with them all. Instead, they engage in a media grab bag discussion covering Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, the Netflix charts fronting Leave the World Behind, the rentable Taylor Swift Eras Tour, Patches picking […]


456 – Godzilla: Minus One, The Iron Claw, The Holdovers

This week, David, Patches, Da7e and Katey are rounding out the year talking about three more movies! First, it’s time for the guys to weigh in on Toho’s newest Godzilla incarnation in Minus One. Then, all four hosts jump into this week’s big wrestling movie release: The Iron Claw. Finally, everyone scraps over The Holdovers […]


455 – The Boy and the Heron, Golden Globe Nominations, Poor Things

This week, David, Patches, Da7e and Katey assemble in the War Room once more. First, a review of the current Miyazaki movie in theaters – The Boy and the Heron! – before Katey walks us all through the Golden Globe Nominations and everyone dives in to talk about Yorgos Lanthimos, Emma Stone, and Mark Ruffalo […]


454 – Wonka, Indie Spirit Awards Nominations, May December

This week, David, Patches, and Katey have all gotten to see Wonka (coming to theaters December 15th!) and give you a lengthy preview of this at-first-misunderstood musical. Then, all four hosts react to the Independent Spirit Award Nominations before they dive into a review of a funny and disturbing film – Todd Haynes’ newest May […]


453 – Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, Justin Timberlake, Saltburn

This week, all four hosts finally get to talk about Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, the Scott Pilgrim not-a-remake anime that is currently on Netflix, and they manage to do it without heavy spoilers (though they do talk about the premise of the series). Then, what’s up with Justin Timberlake? What happened there? Finally, all four […]


452 – Pandemic Check In Grab Bag!

This week, because of the American holiday week and the upcoming award season, your hosts all watched different things (or things they can’t talk about yet), so it’s the return of the PANDEMIC CHECK IN FORMAT! Each host talks about a thing (or things) they ingested this week in the pop culture sphere without spoiling […]


451 – What’s Up With Marvel?, The Coyote Vs. Acme Debacle, The Killer

This week, David Ehrlich is out seeing the rest of this years big movies, but the other three dive into the War Room with gusto. Thanks to The Marvels underperforming in the theaters and the season finale of Loki season 2 on Disney Plus, it’s finally time to ask: “What’s Up With Marvel?” Then, Warner […]


450 – The “Not For You On Paper” Quell

Making the hosts watch movies they wouldn’t like on paper It’s another Fighting in The War Room Quarter Quell! For this edition of a FITWR Quarter Quell, each host had a movie assigned to them by the three other hosts that “they wouldn’t like on paper” to investigate both how well we all know each other […]


449.5 – HBO and Gen Z, The Woman In Me by Britney Spears, When Evil Lurks

This week, we convinced Katey to watch When Evil Lurks on Shudder! Stay tuned until Segment 3 to see how one of the more extreme movies of the year went over. Before that, the gang questions what HBO has to offer for Gen Z (who is not watching television), and Katey and Da7e dig into […]


449 – Spider-Man 2 on the PS5, Siskel & Ebert Memories, Killers of the Flower Moon

This week, everyone’s back in the war room for a good old fashioned episode of weirdness. First, Da7e and David are hot off their absent week having both completed Spider-Man 2 on the Playstation and want to sing its praises. Then, in honor of the new book Opposable Thumbs: How Siskel and Ebert Changed Movies […]


448 – We Went To New York Together and The Burial

This week, Da7e and David both can’t make it down to the War Room, so Patches and Katey fill you in on the most recent FITWR meet-up and New York Comic Con (not a wedding this time!), memories of past adventures and new movies. Then, they review The Burial (now on Amazon Prime). Take a […]


447 – Wes Anderson/Roald Dahl Shorts, Exorcist: Believer, Astroid City

This week, we’re circling back to Astroid City for Segment 3, both because it’s readily available to stream and Netflix released FOUR Wes Anderson short films based off Roald Dahl stories. The group talks The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, Poison, The Swan, and The Rat Catcher, then takes a break to hear from Da7e […]