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Playboy model and host, Andrea Lowell shares her tips for health, fitness and the things you can do to become a Sexy Beast! For this and other great Playboy Radio shows go to

Playboy model and host, Andrea Lowell shares her tips for health, fitness and the things you can do to become a Sexy Beast! For this and other great Playboy Radio shows go to


Los Angeles, CA


Playboy model and host, Andrea Lowell shares her tips for health, fitness and the things you can do to become a Sexy Beast! For this and other great Playboy Radio shows go to




Andishe Farahmand on Sexy Beast!!

Eat, sleep, and drink your way to the most beautiful version of you! @BeautySecretsForAll dishes on the dos and don’ts of beauty! Do you have Dairy Face? Wine Face? Sugar Face? Find out on Sexy Beast! (9.26.16 Ep. 91)


Sexy Beast With Laurent Amzallag!

LAURENT AMZALLAG Creator of Yala Pineapple for Superfood Sedentary Lifestyle Risks Apple iOS update for your health (9.19.16 Ep. 90)


Sexy Beast With Harley Pasternak!!!

Did you know you could get your protein needs from a berry? Detox, Improve Immunity, High Energy, AND Protein from a berry? YEP! Trainer to the stars (literally all of them!) @harleypasternak joins to get you in the best shape, ever! Lose weight, feel great, and feel sexy! @harleypasternak dishes on #SexyBeastRadio! (8.29.16 Ep. 89)


Sexy Beast With Michael George!!!

Find out what PFFTT means! NO, not that. Guest Michael George joins! Learn the Whole Mind-Body approach to your fitness goals w celeb trainer Michael George! Hungover? Andrea has THE cure for you!!! Listen up! (8.22.16 Ep. 88)


Sexy Beast Talks Myths!

Weight Loss MYTHS debunked!! Miso- the fermented superfood we should all be eating! What’s really in weight loss teas? Obesity ages your brain!! Svelte = sexy brain!


Sexy Beast With Dr. Bill Sears!!!

Dr Bill Sears joins the show to explain living LEAN! Look and feel years younger with the help of Dr. Sears Wellness! Miso Horny! MISO - an ultimate fermented superfood! Water for weight loss? Bottoms up! (8.1.16 Ep. 86)


Sexy Beast Talks Superfood Cashews!!

The Underrated Superfood of the Year Award goes to : CASHEWS! Understanding Overeating. Let’s solve this problem together! Plus one of the most popular Superfood backlogs. (7.25.16)


Sexy Beast With Massy Arias!!!

The fierce AF, @MassyFit joins to discuss all things fitness & health! Working out makes your brain work better, too? Listen and learn! How the moon affects your sleep…no, really. #Science (7.18.16 Ep. 84)


Sexy Beast WIth Holly Perkins!!!

Talented and strong! Trainer Extraordinaire @Holly_Perkins can get you fit! Raw Pumpkin seeds are a shockingly simple source of protein! E-bicycles aren’t just swift! Turns out they’re effective for cardio? (7.11.16 Ep. 83)


Sexy Beast With Craig Ramsay & Brandon LIberati

Bravo's Craig Ramsay & Brandon Liberti! New advancements in medical science for weight loss. BIG THUMBS DOWN!!(6.27.16 Ep. 82)


Sexy Beast With Dr. David Perlmutter!!!

Eat your way to a sexy brain and body! @DavidPerlmutter explains w his newest book #GrainBrain! Good carbs? Bad Carbs? Avoid all carbs? @DavidPerlmutter explains how carbs affect our lives! Eat more fat for a healthier lifestyle? Bring on the guacamole! (6.20.16)


Jason Wrobel and Ashley Borden!!

PLANT-BASED SUPERSTAR CHEF: Jason Wrobel and CELEBRITY TRAINER, FITNESS & LIVESTYLE EXPERT: Ashley Borden!! It's an inside fitness conversation not to be missed. Plus! The delicious benefit of Cinnamon on today’s Sexy Beast! (6.13.16 Ep 80)


Super Model Trainer Justin Gelband!!

Supermodel Trainer Justin Gelband works Andrea out today! Trainer to the VS Angels spills his secrets today on Sexy Beast! (6.6.16 Ep. 79)


Muscle Soreness!!

How sore is too sore? Andrea’s ultimate guide to muscle soreness! Thought you were just pumping iron to get laid? Ur fighting caner, too! Partied too hard and ur brain is fried? Superfood Mucuna to the rescue! (5.23.16 Ep . 78)


Sexy Beast With Mark Langowski!!

Tackling health and fitness news headlines! What you need to know! Body by Mark Wellness Founder and trainer to the stars Mark Langowski! Mark Langowski tells us t=what to eat and what to skip for ABS! Are your calves underdeveloped? Let’s get them ripped! Listen how! (5.16.16 Ep. 77)


Get Your Sexy Beast On!!!

Mistakes people make before, during, and after workouts! Get the tips on Sexy Beast! Research is in on how to get bigger muscles NOW! Tune in and pump on on Sexy Beast! Superfood - FRANKINCENSE: If it’s good enough for Baby Jesus, its good enough for you! The incredible essential oil to own now! (5.9.16 Ep. 76)


Sexy Beast With Rich Roll!!

Ultra IronMan and Wellness Evangelist Rich Roll joins Andrea to discuss training, a plant-based diet, the power of gratitude, and walking through fear. (5.2.16 Ep. 75)


Sexy Beast Talks to Bob Harper!!!

Television personality, fitness trainer and author Robert "Bob" Harper was born on August 18, 1965, in Nashville, Tennessee. One of America's most famous fitness experts, Harper has been the coach for countless contestants on the hit reality competition The Biggest Loser, which began in 2004. While he's now known for his expertise in health and exercise, Harper wasn't always interested in physical fitness. As a child, Harper grew up on a cattle farm in Nashville. He found his current career...


Fat Burning Man, Abel James!

Fat Burning Man, Abel James, diseases how to lean out and feel great! Vitamins, minerals, carbs, and protein…yep! Pumpkin seeds (aka pepitas) for the win! (4.11.16 Ep. 73)


Staying Fit During Pregnancy!!

Green foods for the win! From algae to grass, I’ve got you covered! Staying fit during pregnancy! Exercise Do’s and Dont’s + Pregnancy Superfoods!! (no, i am not pregnant ;) ) Science Says: Exercise during pregnancy to give ur kids a headstart with their own fitness! (4.4.16 Ep. 72)