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Subscribe and receive the latest Marine Corps news and information from all over the world. This audio podcast is provided by Marines.Mil. See our video podcast by searching Marines Video.




31st MEU gets a new Infantry Battalion

Every six months, the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit receives a new infantry battalion to train in Okinawa and deploy in support of theater security. Sgt. Paul Robbins Jr. shows us the newest unit to fill in as the MEU's ground combat element.


Martial Arts Marines storm Cleveland

Marines are bringing the fight to the streets of Cleveland demonstrating how the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program makes physically fit war fighters and ethical warriors.


Marine Makeover at a Cleveland Park

Marines from Marine Week Cleveland set to work improving the facilities at the Hiram House Camp. The camp welcomes children and at risk youth, providing them with an escape into nature and the chance to interact with their peers. Many of the Marines helped to renovate the camp where Ohio natives, a few remembered their time at Hiram fondly and welcomed the chance to improve the facilities used by the children.


Puppets on Marine Corps history

Marines and representatives from the national museum of the Marine Corps brought a little history from Virginia to the John A. Polonye Community Center of Brook Park, Ohio. Produced by Sgt. Justin Martinez


Convoy Through City Streets

Marines made an impression on the citizens of Cleveland while moving vehicles into position for static displays for Marine Week Cleveland. Marines then spent the time interacting with the locals. Produced by Sgt. Todd Hunter


Marines participate in Atsugi Air Show

Marines with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 265, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, conduct a humanitarian aid and disaster relief demonstration at the Atsugi Air Show. Sgt. Paul Robbins, Jr. has the story.


Okinawa Marines conduct pre-deployment training

Marines can have orders to the front line within 24 hours of the President's call. Cpl. Malcolm Payne tells us how Marines on Okinawa take steps toward deployment.


Osprey crash claims two Marines

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Keeping faith with wounded Marines

In the lead up to Marine Week Cleveland 2012, 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment teamed up with Ohio's Three Deuce Five Foundation, the Wounded Warrior Regiment, and the Department of Veterans Affairs to host the first of its kind Regional Wounded Warrior Workshop at the world-class SPIRE Institute sports complex. Sgt. Todd Hunter reports.


Corps approves new weapons for rifle range

Marines are now authorized to use additional weapons and optics during their annual marksmanship qualifications. Sgt. Todd Hunter has more from Washington.


Marines conduct mock helicopter raid

Marines and sailors insert via CH-46E Sea Knight helicopters from Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 265 (Reinforced), to eliminate mock insurgents during a helicopter raid as part of their Certification Exercise. Sgt. Paul Robbins, Jr. has the story.


Veterans revisit Iwo Jima

Former Marines and sailors recently paid tribute to their fallen brothers-in-arms at a ceremony on the island of Iwo Jima, Japan. Airman 1st Class William Branch brings us the story.


Marine conduct amphibious assault during Cobra Gold 2012

Marines and Sailors with 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, execute an amphibious assault alongside Thai and Korean allies as part of multi-lateral training exercise Cobra Gold 2012. Approximately 140 U.S. Marines, in 13 vehicles, joined forces with approximately 100 Korean Marines and 100 Royal Thai Marines to conduct the training. The training is meant to increase the interoperability of all forces involved. Sgt. Paul Robbins, Jr. has more.


Marines, Japanese leaders witness progress in Oshima

Marines and key Japanese leaders recently visited Oshima, Japan, to chart its progress since it was swept by devastating earthquakes and a tsunami. Lance Cpl. Matheus Hernandez brings us the story.


Helo Raid Training

Operating as the Helicopter Company of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, the Marines and Sailors of Company C, 1st Battalion, 4th Marines must be ready to conduct ship to shore operations using rotary aircraft. Sergeant Paul Robbins Jr. spoke to the Charlie Company Commander, 2nd Lt. Joshua Elliott, on how the unit prepares to fill this role.


F-35 Arrives at Eglin Air Force Base

This is a 30 second promotion video showing the F-35B Aircraft as it arrives at Eglin Air Force Base.


31st MEU Battalion Landing Team sharpens skills

Marines and Sailors with Company A, Battalion Landing Team, 1st Battalion, 4th Marines, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, Execute amphibious landings on an Okinawan Beach using Combat Rubber Raiding Craft (CRRC) to hone their skills as the "Boat Company" of the MEU.


31st MEU Battalion Landing Team practices non-combatant evacuation operations

Marines and Sailors with the Combat Logistics Battalion 31 Share their experience in non-combatant evacuation operations with the new Battalion Landing Team of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit. Members of BLT 1st Battalion, 4th Marines are taught how to set-up an evacuation control center.


Marines increase readiness in Spain

Naval Station Rota Marines pursue a higher level of training in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program all the while increasing their combat readiness physically, mentally and morally.


Musa Qal'eh Wadi Crossing Opens, Connects Disjoined District

The Musa Qal'eh Wadi Crossing is opened for public use Dec. 9. The Wadi Crossing connects the Musa Qal'eh District Center and the neighboring villages to the west when the rainy season fills the wadi and eliminates the ability to travel between them.