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Grow yourself and your team with insight from today's most successful leaders. The Military Leader Podcast delivers candid, practical lessons from proven leaders in the military and other professions. If you don't have a leadership development program, start with The Military Leader Podcast!

Grow yourself and your team with insight from today's most successful leaders. The Military Leader Podcast delivers candid, practical lessons from proven leaders in the military and other professions. If you don't have a leadership development program, start with The Military Leader Podcast!


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Grow yourself and your team with insight from today's most successful leaders. The Military Leader Podcast delivers candid, practical lessons from proven leaders in the military and other professions. If you don't have a leadership development program, start with The Military Leader Podcast!








Major General JP McGee - The Present & Future of Army Talent Management

The Army is radically changing its personnel and talent management systems and Major General JP McGee, head of the Army Talent Management Task Force, is in charge of making it happen. From AIM 2.0 and the Battalion Command Assessment brevet promotions and direct commissioning, MG McGee gives an inside look at the major personnel and talent initiatives coming to the US Army. Stay connected to for the latest on Army Talent Management.


Michael Bungay Stanier - Leading with Curiosity

Michael Bungay Stanier is an author, speaker, and innovative thinker in the world of coaching and leadership. His most popular book, The Coaching Habit, is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller and presents a powerful framework for helping leaders make meaningful connections by becoming more coachlike. In this conversation, he highlights how easy it is for leaders to jump straight into advice-giving and why this is a destructive habit to fall into. Michael encourages leaders to stay curious just...


Noble Gibbens – How to Lead with Emotional Intelligence

This episode features passionate world changer and good friend of nearly twenty years, Noble Gibbens. Noble is a West Point graduate, successful entrepreneur, speaker, personal mentor, and business coach who learns, lives, and breathes leader development. As the energetic son of an emergency room doctor, Noble Gibbens developed an insatiable love of learning partly because his parents bribed him with ice cream to take copious notes in church. Years later as an Infantry Lieutenant in the...


Colonel Greg Gadson - A Warrior Living Beyond the Wounds

In May 2007, Colonel Greg Gadson found himself face-up on a Baghdad street, having been blown out of his vehicle by a powerful roadside bomb. He was bleeding profusely from both legs, which he eventually lost. As a battalion commander, that day he was returning from a memorial service for two Soldiers from a sister unit who lost their lives...and now Colonel Gadson's Soldiers were trying desperately to save his. Retired Colonel Greg Gadson played football at West Point before becoming a...


Captain Florent Groberg - Immigrant, Soldier, Medal of Honor Recipient

In August of 2012, Army Captain (Ret) Florent Groberg found himself face to face with an enemy suicide bomber. He didn't have time to think, he simply moved towards the threat. Then in 2015, he found himself standing on a stage with President Barack Obama, receiving the Medal of Honor for his actions that day. In this extensive interview, Captain Groberg recounts the details of the fatal attack on his dismounted patrol in Asadabad, Afghanistan, then shares his lessons on life and...


Major General Jeffrey Broadwater - Giver, Trainer, Leader

Before he departed Fort Irwin to become the current Commanding General of the 1st Cavalry Division, Major General Jeffrey Broadwater and I sat down in his office to chat about leadership, combat, the National Training Center, and how to personally manage the highs and lows of command. As a company commander in 2007, I was fortunate to be attached to 3-7 Cavalry as then LTC Broadwater led the squadron in counterinsurgency operations in the Adamiyah area of Baghdad, Iraq. As a clear indicator...


Dave Grossman - Killing, PTSD, and the Physiological Effects of Combat

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and renown author Dave Grossman essentially created the field of killology. His books On Killing and On Combat have made an entire generation of military, law enforcement, and first responders more ready for the stressful, sometimes violent situations they face. Long after his active duty career, Dave has continued to teach the stress-response techniques outlined in his books, traveling to hundreds of bases, posts, and precincts over the years. In this...


LTC Matt Hardman - What It Takes to Be Ready

You'd be hard-pressed to find a leader who is more dedicated to the profession of arms than LTC Matt Hardman. His recent experience as Battalion Task Force and then Brigade Trainer at the National Training Center has made him one of the most tactically competent leaders in our Army today. He has a high standard for what it takes to make a unit ready for war and demands commitment. Still, he recognizes that it's not all about the mission. People matter. And in this conversation, you'll see...


CSM Scott Schroeder - Rediscovering the Role of the NCO

People who have worked with CSM Schroeder know he is a Soldier’s Soldier. His 34 years in the Army spanned from his Germany days as an Electronics Mechanic to Command Sergeant Major of US Army Forces Command, a 4-star level command of over 750,000 Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve Component Soldiers. In this chat, CSM Schroeder shares the story from the beginning of his career, where he survived UCMJ then reenlisted to become an Infantryman. Through varying leadership positions at multiple...


Proactive Luck - Nathan Finney

This third bonus episode on the topic of luck features an article by Nate Finney, founder of The Strategy Bridge and co-founder of The Military Writers Guild. Just like Steve Leonard in the last episode, Nate says that you can make your own luck. But Nate goes a step further to recommend deliberately shaping that luck, as one would in a military operation. Get the right education, meet the influential people, attend the key events. In the military profession, however, this approach may seem...


Luck Be a Lady - Steve Leonard of Doctrine Man

In this bonus episode, I share Steve Leonard's response to "The Role of Luck in Becoming a Successful Officer." In "Luck Be a Lady," Steve reminds us that there is no luck without the team and that the team must make its own luck from time to time. If you're not yet a Doctrine Man fan, head over to Facebook and Twitter to get Steve Leonard's critical, sometimes snarky look at current events and military news. If you would like to show your support for The Military Leader Podcast, please...


The Role of Luck in Becoming a Successful Officer

Some people say that their success arose because they "just got lucky." Others say they made their own luck. No matter how we view luck, none of us can deny that luck has played a role in whatever success we've been able to achieve. Here is a bonus episode about the role of luck in a military career and be sure to look for a couple more episodes on the topic before I share my conversation with Command Sergeant Major Scott Schroeder. Thanks for listening and lead well! If you would like...


Colonel Eric Lopez - Creating a Vision Everyone Will Follow

Every once in a while in your career, you'll work for a leader whose nature simply inspires motivation and action. Colonel Eric Lopez is one of those leaders. He is passionate, candid, and committed to building the team. You can't help but get fired up when you listen to him speak, which you'll really sense in this interview. Colonel Lopez just took command of the 3rd Recruiting Brigade and took a moment to share his thoughts on vision, leadership, and turning America's best citizens into...


Brigadier General Marty Schweitzer - Mentorship is Everything! (006)

Of the many talented mentors I've had throughout my career, BG Marty Schweitzer has had the most formative influence in shaping the leader I am today. As my battalion commander in the 82nd Airborne Division, "Coach" personally invested in our development and taught us how to fight. He took us to our first combat deployment, showed us how to aggressively pursue the enemy, and exemplified the direct, honest leadership that so many Soldiers and leaders admire. In this chat, BG Schweitzer...


LTC Adisa King - Shut Up and Listen! (005)

Army Lieutenant Colonel Adisa King joins The Military Leader Podcast for a conversation about the leadership lessons he took from West Point football, how he fires up his Squadron formation at 1-32 Cavalry at Fort Campbell, KY, and the most important lessons he's taken from mentors over the course of his career. Adisa is a passionate leader who brings positive energy wherever he goes. He's the kind of leader every organization needs more of. If you would like to show your support for The...


Brigadier General Ross Coffman - Loving Soldiers is Making Them Ready for Combat (004)

Brigadier General Ross Coffman, Deputy Commanding General of the 1st Infantry Division, joins The Military Leader Podcast to discuss the state of Army leaders after 16 years of war, how the National Training Center stretches brigade combat teams toward readiness, and why the best way to take care of Soldiers is to train them for combat. As commander of 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division, BG Coffman launched the Ready First Podcast to flatten the leader development across the brigade and give...


Colonel Scott Shaw - Counseling, Connecting, & Balancing Family

The future commander of the Asymmetric Warfare Group, Colonel Scott Shaw, shares his lessons from over 20 years in the Infantry. We get into counseling, connecting with Soldiers, team-building, and how to be a successful Army leader while still giving your family your best. Colonel Shaw is also the author of the longest guest post on The Military Leader, a sizable summary of lessons he learned while commanding 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry at Fort Stewart, GA. Be sure to check out 2 Years of...


Steve Leonard - The Story of Doctrine Man & Leading with Perspective (002)

If you are in the military and have Facebook, you know Doctrine Man! Steve Leonard, creator of Doctrine Man and former Army strategist, shares the story of how sharing a few snarky cartoons on work email grew into a social media platform nearing 200,000 followers. Steve goes on to offer a common sense perspective of leadership that is refreshing and pragmatic. After writing several of the Army's key doctrine manuals and retiring as a Colonel, Steve transitioned to become the first Director...


General Robert Brown - Authentic Leadership, Training for Combat, & Coach K (001)

General Robert Brown kicks off The Military Leader Podcast in this candid interview covering the span of his 37 years in the Army. General Brown currently commands US Army Pacific Command, which is the Army's largest component command, standing at over 100,000 service members and civilians. Anyone who has ever worked for General Brown will tell you that he is one of the most passionate leaders they ever met. You'll really hear that in this chat, where we cover everything from combat...


Season 1 Preview

Here's a sneak peek at Season 1 of The Military Leader Podcast! These are some of the best insights from the first season of The Military Leader Podcast. This is 25 minutes of high-density leader development that will challenge and inspire you to be a more effective leader. And this is just a sampling. The interviews in Season 1 range from 40 minutes to an hour and include leaders with decades of lessons to share, including a 4-star general who commands over 100,000 people. These are...