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Join the CISN morning team, Chris, Jack, and Matt daily as they deliver news that matters to Edmonton. Interviews with exciting musical guests, weekly stunts and, exclusive performances with tons of laughs. #1 for NEW Country.


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Join the CISN morning team, Chris, Jack, and Matt daily as they deliver news that matters to Edmonton. Interviews with exciting musical guests, weekly stunts and, exclusive performances with tons of laughs. #1 for NEW Country.




This episode won't leave you "boared" - Dec 7th

Boars are taking over most of the Province. Quick Draw! CISN Love Court: my hubby doesn't wanna come for Christmas. How's shopping with your spouse?


Microwave madness - Nov 6th, 2023

Weird or What: decorating the bathroom and open door polices. Chris as a cold conspiracy. Time to grow your hair back. Quick Draw! the microwave finally gets the recognition it deserves.


Are you orange peel worthy? = Nov 5th, 2023

People do some outrageous things at the company Christmas party. Fancy ass jeans and wash cycles. Quick Draw! The orange peel theory. Comfort Xmas movies. Chris and the snowflake gala.


Chris is turning to the pills - Dec 4th

B-Day update from Chris. Did Jack's kids cause the snow? Tree madness. Yes, they still do teach the Cadillac Ranch in school. Quick Draw! The sleeping pill is making an appearance in Chris's life. Nick Cannon spends a lot on Disneyland.


First you get the sugar, then you get the money, then you get the women - Dec 1st, 2023

Teddy talk. Sugar is getting scarce. Quick Draw! Dating in your 30's can be rough. Chris and the face time request. Advent season is upon us.


Two fingers in a minute! - Nov 30th, 2023

Quick Draw! CISN Love Court: I think my wife and I should live together after our divorce. Matt and his horn are in trouble again.


Don't flush that potato - Nov 29th, 2023

Weird or What: speeding up audio and belly bowls. Alberta is angry. Would you Rather: xmas with family or all alone? Are you a food flusher?


We're the loss leaders of the radio business - Nov 28th, 2023

Toys that give birth are the weirdest. Chris and his small town experience. Loss leaders are everywhere. Quick Draw! Matt has a group chat problem. What's on your algorithm?


You must pay to dance with Chris - Nov 27th. 2023

Chris gets an odd request over the weekend. When should you meet the parents? Irrational fears. Not hearing aids. We call the lucky 20k payroll winner! Cyber Monday and why kids have it so easy these days. Tales from the all inclusives.


It's bedroom tree season - Nov 22nd, 2023

Weird or What: Trees in the bedroom and announcing your birthday to the world. Toys for tickets and Chris's hot take on hospital parking. Quick Draw! Young and poor or older and rich? >


Nothing better than washing someone else's hair - Nov 21st, 2023

Matt loves to hate on tipping. Americans LOVE to read. Quick Draw! Major derailment show day. Did Chris was his wife's hair? Do you still text your parents when you're home safe?


Dierks Bentley is a bender - Nov 20th, 2023

Reviewing the Grey Cup. The weather has got us all giddy. Quick Draw! Who do you want to add to your payroll? Late starts. Remembering Roselynn Cater and six degrees of Chris Scheetz.


Adults that don't eat their crust are children - Nov 17th

Chris is giving up Netflix. Eat your crusts, you child. Instant Expert: Jack helps all those with football before the Grey Cup this weekend. Vegas is having a race this weekend. Quick Draw! MILK MADNESS.


These Beanie Babies will be worth millions! - Nov 15th, 2023

Weird or What: twins that dress the same. Have anything that is going up in value? Clingy sports girlfriends. What do you go by other than your given name? Chris wants to see the Amazon warehouse real bad.


You're fired - Oct 14th, 2023

It's a Denny's b-day! How far have you travelled for love? Contact tales. Taylor Swift and Travis are back in the headlines. Quick Draw! How did you get fired?


Sadness has sunk it's claws deep into the city - Nov 9th, 2023

The Oilers lose, we all wallow in deep sadness. Remembrance day tomorrow. Chris made dinner and thinks it's a big deal. Quick Draw! Why are you tried? Bad drops. Mooooo'ing for PBR tickets.


Lainey Wilson: so hot right now - Oct 9th, 2023

Running down everything that happened in last nights CMA Awards. Did you get your number for the Taylor Swift tickets? Quick Draw! It's BVJ lineup day! CISN Love Court: I think I want to date my cousin.


Clearin' waivers - Nov 8th, 2023

Would you Rather: a fancy award or a lump of cash? CMA rundown for tonight. Quick Draw! Weird or What: I can't watch a show if I know if someone has died. Oilers sent down goalie Jack Campbell, so we ask the question, would you clear waivers?


Freeballin' in my jammies - Nov 7th, 2023

Major news from the Sweeney house. Who's gonna be the sexiest man this year? Quick Draw! Do you go commando under your jammies? Matt rides the new Valley Line LRT.


Matt's big day out - Nov 6th, 2023

Movie intermissions. Matt spends some time in a looonnnggg waiting room and tells the tale. Daylight saving weekend. Quick Draw! T-Swift madness is running wild.