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Join the CISN morning team, Chris, Jack, and Matt daily as they deliver news that matters to Edmonton. Interviews with exciting musical guests, weekly stunts and, exclusive performances with tons of laughs. #1 for NEW Country.


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Join the CISN morning team, Chris, Jack, and Matt daily as they deliver news that matters to Edmonton. Interviews with exciting musical guests, weekly stunts and, exclusive performances with tons of laughs. #1 for NEW Country.




Get your clothes on we're going to watch the game - Jan 31st, 2024

The Edmonton water problems continue. How are you doing your dishes? Dreamers and non dreamers. Rock or wet sock? Jack and the super long showers.


Sitting in a tepid pool of your own filth - Jan 30th, 2024

Nothing runs like a Deere. Jelly Roll has some strong opinions on beer. Quick Draw! How long are you taking in the bathtub/shower? Wrong deliveries. Long waits.


Did Matt lose his phone in the Calgary airport? - Jan 29th, 2024

Matt is back to tell the tale of how he left his phone in the Calgary airport. Amazing weather day. Sleepover memories. What your dogs name says about you. Quick Draw! Taylor Swift is going to the Super Bowl. Oprah is how old? What do you want to live above?


God bless the car starter - Jan 10th, 2023

There's people who hate gum out there. Brand loyalty. Quick Draw! It's the heart of back yard rink season. Car starter tech has changed winter living.


Jomo and fomo - Jan 9th, 2024

It's getting cold. Quick Draw! Kids are coding? It's the year of JOMO. These plows have the best names. What big part of your trip did you miss? The number 1 song on your 24th birthday is how your year is gonna go.


The great Christmas break catch up - Jan 8th, 2024

Jack gets an interesting gift for Christmas. Chris gets suckered into buying something. Matt wears out his welcome at the in-laws. Quick Draw! Christmas throw up.


THE LAST SHOW OF THE YEAR! - Dec 22nd, 2023

Man, it sure is nice out. The last sunrise talk of the year. Quickdraw! The telling of Chris' childhood Santa story. What was your families Christmas soundtrack? Chris finds some people lingering outside of the station.


Last minute shoppers and the movie no one likes - Dec 21st

You're wearing your neck pillow wrong. Jack attends a Christmas concert. The movie that no one likes. Quick Draw! CISN Love Court: I hate Christmas music. Hero or Zero: last minute gift getters.


We need a direct flight to LaCrete - Dec 19th, 2023

Gord Bamford and his holiday concert is coming! It's a busy time for schools. Firefighters in the house. Do you know a gift snooper? What is and isn't a direct flight. How do you get people to leave your house?


Inside out - Dec 15th, 2023

Zit problems. Inflation has got us doing strange things. Quick Draw! How did you screw up getting dressed?


Monkey madness - Dec 14th, 2023

Chris has found his new Disneyland. Monkeys somehow make it into Christmas season. Quick Draw! Where's your gift line? Chris has an unfortunate underwear realization.


Ode to the horse girl - Dec 13th, 2023

Weird or What: summer music during the holiday season and pictures with the Grinch. Jewel is dating who? Quick Draw! Hobbies that become ones whole personality.


Jesus loves shredded cheese - Nov 12th, 2023

Do schools have too many theme days? Oilers are hot and Connor Bedard isn't going to change that. Quick Draw! What's your potluck item? Matt and his party trick.


This episode won't leave you "boared" - Dec 7th

Boars are taking over most of the Province. Quick Draw! CISN Love Court: my hubby doesn't wanna come for Christmas. How's shopping with your spouse?


Microwave madness - Nov 6th, 2023

Weird or What: decorating the bathroom and open door polices. Chris as a cold conspiracy. Time to grow your hair back. Quick Draw! the microwave finally gets the recognition it deserves.


Are you orange peel worthy? = Nov 5th, 2023

People do some outrageous things at the company Christmas party. Fancy ass jeans and wash cycles. Quick Draw! The orange peel theory. Comfort Xmas movies. Chris and the snowflake gala.


Chris is turning to the pills - Dec 4th

B-Day update from Chris. Did Jack's kids cause the snow? Tree madness. Yes, they still do teach the Cadillac Ranch in school. Quick Draw! The sleeping pill is making an appearance in Chris's life. Nick Cannon spends a lot on Disneyland.


First you get the sugar, then you get the money, then you get the women - Dec 1st, 2023

Teddy talk. Sugar is getting scarce. Quick Draw! Dating in your 30's can be rough. Chris and the face time request. Advent season is upon us.


Two fingers in a minute! - Nov 30th, 2023

Quick Draw! CISN Love Court: I think my wife and I should live together after our divorce. Matt and his horn are in trouble again.


Don't flush that potato - Nov 29th, 2023

Weird or What: speeding up audio and belly bowls. Alberta is angry. Would you Rather: xmas with family or all alone? Are you a food flusher?