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Doug Stephan & Jai Kershner share trending news stories, pop culture, sports, tech, music, movies and tons more - there's something for everyone on the Good Day Download. It's never too late in the day to make it a Good Day.


Boston, MA


Doug Stephan & Jai Kershner share trending news stories, pop culture, sports, tech, music, movies and tons more - there's something for everyone on the Good Day Download. It's never too late in the day to make it a Good Day.






What Happened At the Kansas City Chiefs Parade?

2/15/24 - Battling the late winter moodiness, the Kansas City shooting, Kansas lawmakers look to increase penalties for harming police dogs, and what Jennifer Lopez is recalling from the first time she was recognized in public. We discuss. Three officers were shot while serving an arrest warrant in DC, a shootout at a high school in Doug’s community, Geraldo Rivera's move to NewsNation, and AI boyfriends and girlfriends. We discuss that, too. Oh, and we opine the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce relationship conspiracy theories. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


Why People Are Leaving Their Jobs to Join The Israeli Army

2/14/24 - Uri Geller, world-renowned spoon-bender and mystifier, joins from Tel Aviv to discuss the impact of Jewish descendants across the world are putting their jobs and moving to Israel to join the army. Get more from Uri on Website; Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


How Long to Quarantine with COVID-19

2/14/24 - Happy Valentine’s Day! Plus, today is also Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent. Katy Perry reveals she’s leaving “American Idol,” The CDC says quarantining with COVID-19 is now deemed unnecessary, how SnapChat left money on the table more than a decade ago, and Doug’s recent mishap with Apple. We discuss. House Republicans have impeached Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas in a historic and controversial vote. We discuss that, too. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


What is Vitamin K?

2/13/24 - Dr. Jack Stockwell, NUCCA Chiropractor & GAPS Practitioner, joins for a discussion on the importance of enzymes, taking our body for granted, and the body's need for Vitamin K. Learn more from Dr. Jack with the Good Day Health Show podcast ( -- one of the many programs under the Good Day umbrella. Find Jack online at and Website - Social Media - @GoodDayNetworks


Real Life 'Golden Girls'

2/13/24 - An American woman is killed in apparent crossfire in a drug dispute at a Mexican beach resort, the NYC Special Election, Schumer says "It's time to get the job done" as he pushed the $95B Ukraine-Israel aid bill, and Miranda Lambert and Enrique Iglesias are bring Texas and Spain together with a new duet. We discuss. Four high school friends become real life "Golden Girls," John Stewart returns to his old “Daily Show” seat, Florida siblings are expelled over their mom's OnlyFans car decal, and social media threats made against Pittsburgh area schools have them operating on a modified lockdown. We discuss that, too. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


Postpartum Depression is Very Real, and Very Serious

2/8/24 - The real reason why we shouldn’t pick our noses, the US detected a Russian aircraft flying in the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone, Tucker Carlson interviews Putin, Elon Musk is funding Gina Carano’s lawsuit over her “Mandalorian” firing. We discuss. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour film is getting a new home with Disney+ for streaming availability instead of paying to rent it for 48 hours, Super Bowl snack ideas, an NYC vigilante tackles “migrant” on live TV (but the victim was from the US), a new Hawaii bill would ban foreigners from buying land on the islands, and Hayden Panettiere continues to open up about her daughter's life with dad in Ukraine. We discuss that, too. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


Toby Keith Has Died

2/6/24 - King Charles announces his cancer diagnoses as he postpones all future engagements to focus on his treatment plan, Nikki Haley requests secret service protection amid threats, the U.S. Biathlon has ordered an audit of athlete welfare and safety following sexual harassment, and survivors of the Chile wildfires continue to search through debris as the death toll reaches 122. We discuss. Ariana Grande explains why she won't drop any more singles before the release of her "Eternal Sunshine" album, food to make for your super bowl party, Valentine’s gift ideas, Target's Black History Month product mistake, and the discovery from Nasa with a Super-Earth that is possibly habitable. Plus, Pablo Escobar’s 'Cocaine Hippos' are aultiplying and starting to attack civilians, and the tragic loss of Country artist Toby Keith after his cancer fight comes to an untimely end. We discuss that, too. Website - Social Media - GoodDayNetworks


What Do Chakras Do?

2/5/24 - Psychic-medium-energy healer Mary O’Maley,, joins for a conversation on chakras and the importance of unblocking them. Website: Social Media - @GoodDayNetworks


Who Has the Most Album of the Year Grammy Awards?

2/5/24 - Senators unveil a $118.28 billion bipartisan bill to overhaul the immigration system along with Israel, Gaza, and Ukraine aid. Taylor Swift makes Grammy history and reveals a new album dropping this spring, plus we recap more Grammy moments. We remember the work of Carl Weathers upon news of his untimely passing, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake strikes OKC, Bon Jovi’s MusicCares honor, and Melissa Etheridge shares she used to chat with other musicians about being gay before they came out, and questioning what's next for Bill Belichick. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


What to Do About Alzheimers/Dementia?

1/25/24 - We're joined by our favorite cardiologist, Dr. Ken Kronhaus, joins for a discussion on Alzheimers/Dementia patients. You can reach Dr. Ken Kronhaus of Lake Cardiology at 352-735-1400. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


Why Did Kate Middleton Get Surgery?

1/25/24 - Matt Gaetz is caught in an escalating ethics probe that could lead to expulsion, Kate Middleton’s abdominal surgery seems serious given how long she’ll be in the hospital, and a search is underway for 2 murder suspects who escaped from an Arkansas jail. We discuss. Ozzy Osbourne shares the celebrity who made him feel starstruck, a teen invents a gadget to help dementia patients and their families, and remembering “Brand New Key” singer, Melanie, upon the news of her death. We discuss that, too. Website - Social Media - @GoodDayNetworks


How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Winter Weather

1/24/24 - Our favorite pet and animal expert, Warren Eckstein, joins to discuss keeping your dog safe while outdoors in the winter weather, how one dog’s digging saved an entire neighborhood, and more pet news. Learn more and connect with Warren on Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


New Hampshire Primary, Oscar Snubs, and Simplified Taxes

1/24/24 - Recapping the New Hampshire Primary, Kate Hudson is sharing the first teaser for her new single "Talk About Love," Oscar snubs and surprises, the US retaliatory strikes against Iran-backed militias in Iraq and more on the unrest across all of the Middle East. We discuss. The IRS announced a plan to simplify and redesign tax notices, and Mark Ruffalo reflects on his brain tumor diagnosis over two decades ago. We discuss that, too. Website: Social Media: @GoodNewsNetworks


What is a NUCCA Chiropractor?

1/23/24 - Dr. Jack Stockwell, NUCCA Chiropractor & GAPS Practitioner, joins with a recap from Doug’s recent visit to his practice, an explanation on NUCCA chiropractic care, and more on spine health. Learn more from Dr. Jack on and


Fast-Food Prank Waste

1/23/24 - Pondering the human body, discussing the icy weather, and revealing Adele's favorite movie of the year. We're also sharing food items for the Big Game, how a Michigan man won $200K in the Powerball Lottery, the days-long boil water notice in Memphis, and why a fast-food prank video has people feeling triggered. Website - Social Media - @GoodDayNetworks


How Old is the Oldest Dog?

1/17/24 - Warren Eckstein, pet and animal expert, joins for a rivetting discussion on our favorite topic: DOGS! Included in the conversation is Guinness World Records suspending a Portuguese canine's 'oldest dog ever' title amid review. We discuss. Learn more from Warren by visitng Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


How to Prevent Cervical Cancer

1/16/24 - Dr. Jack Stockwell, NUCCA Chiropractor & GAPS Practitioner, joins for a discussion on cervial cancer and the link between diet and lifestyle stressors. Get more information from Dr. Jack on and Website - Social Media - @GoodDayNetworks


Who Won the Iowa Caucus?

1/16/24 - The Iowa Caucus results, an Emmy Awards recap, and why Rebecca Romijn is refusing to help her ex-husband, John Stamos, sell copies of his memoir. We discuss. A future Top Gun or Cancer Researcher is crowned 2024 Miss America, John Kerry exits the Biden administration, a pastor leaves his church to help feed hungry members of his community, and a man is declared dead over a case of mistaken identity (his family even received a stranger's ashes in an urn). We discuss that, too. Plus, the role Harry Styles was considered for in the "Mean Girls" movie musical. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


Are There Enough Charging Stations for EVs?

1/15/24 - Nik Miles,, joins to discuss the latest in automotive news. The conversation includes DOT spening millions of dollars to support electric vehicles to set up a better infrastructure for charing stations. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


What is CES?

1/15/24 - Talk radio expert and media consultant Holland Cooke joins to recap what happened at last week's CES event, including the future of electric vehicles, flying cars, AI and deepfake protections, and more.