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With Cristina Mendonsa and Sam Shane




KFBK Morning News Talks: Terror Threat

A new joint bulletin from the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice to local, state and federal law enforcement warns that groups like al Qaeda and ISIS will likely use the Israel-Hamas war "to increase calls for violence in the U.S.".


KFBK Morning News Talks: The End Of Dating Apps?

The younger generations who made dating apps as popular as they are, might be turning things around and ditching the apps. There is a growing trend for singles looking for "slow dating" where the approach is thoughtful and intentional...


KFBK Morning News Talks: Highlights & Analysis Post Debate

With a recap of last night's debate between Newsom and DeSantis....we are joined by with KFBK's non-partisan political analyst Gary Deitrich....


KFBK Morning News Talks: Political Analyst Previews Newsom and DeSantis Debate

KFBK's non-partisan political analyst Gary Dietrich joins the KFBK Morning News team with his thoughts ahead of the debate between CA Gov. Newsom and FL Gov. DeSantis....


KFBK Morning News Talks: What Led To Newsom & DeSantis Debate

The political showdown between California and Florida is just hours away. Governor Newsom will face off against Governor Ron DeSantis in a televised debate they both asked for....


KFBK Morning News Talks: Travel Surprises

Not all airplane seats are created equal. You may buy a window seat and arrive to find out there is no window in that part of the plane. Here are some hacks to get the best seat and the best discounts...


KFBK Morning News Talks: Rise in Teen Scams

Younger generations are assumed to be more tech savvy but there are scams teenagers are susceptible to online, and many won't turn to their parents when they are scammed...


KFBK Morning News In-Depth: Melba Pattilo Beal of the Little Rock Nine

The Little Rock Nine is a remarkable story of courage and more when nine black students in the 1960's, who defied white authority and became the first to racially integrate Little Rock Central High School. Here's the story of Melba Pattilo Beals, who now lives in the Bay Area....


KFBK Morning News Talks: California's Tax Revenue Below Expectations

California has gone from a budget surplus to aq shortfall and now we're on track for a significant shortfall in the billions of dollars. Here's H.D. Palmer, Deputy Director of the State Department of Finance...


KFBK Morning News Talks: Sponge Bombs in Israeli Tunnels

Israel said its forces attacked Hamas gunmen inside the militants' vast tunnel network beneath the Palestinian enclave of Gaza after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed calls for a halt to fighting to ease a worsening humanitarian crisis.


KFBK Morning News In-Depth: Sacramento Man Describes His Family Being Held Hostage By Hamas

As the Israeli Defense Minister says the ground invasion of Gaza is getting close, a Sacramento man, whose four family members are being held captive by Hamas, tells KFBK he supports a ground invasion by Israeli troops in Gaza. Yet he says it also scares him. Listen to the full interview with Sam Shane and Ryan Pessah...


KFBK Morning News Talks: First Kings Win Of The New Season

Cristina and Sam are joined by our iHeartRadio Sports anchor Bill Herenda with insight and highlights into the season opener game for the Kings...


KFBK Morning News Talks: Crime Rates Soar

New FBI data shows violent crime increased 13% in CA last year while it decreased nationwide, including a 31.5% drop in Florida. Property crime is up too. Here's what it looks like locally, according to the Yolo County DA...


KFBK Morning News Talks: Dianne Feinstein Obit

California Senator Diane Feinstein has died. The oldest member of the U.S. Senate and California's longest-serving senator has passed at age 90. She had been in failing health for much of the past year....


KFBK Morning News Talks: Sacramento DA Sues Own City

Sacramento District Attorney Thien Ho filed a lawsuit against the City of Sacramento to demand action be taken to address the growing homeless crisis. It's the first of its kind in the nation over the battle for the homeless...


KFBK Morning News Talks: Turf Wars

There is a turf war brewing over whether or not stadiums, professional or for high school, should use grass or artifical turf. Aaron Rogers' injury during his first game with the New York Jets last week has been shining a spotlight on this issue. Many former or current football players are speaking out....


KFBK Morning News Talks: Fast Food Tech

A deal between labor and business groups in Califorina will enact a $20 minimum wage for the fast food industry. Between rising costs and the automation of lower level jobs, there is new talk about restaurants turning to technology to take the place of higher priced workers


KFBK Morning News Talks: Rare Super Blue Moon Tonight

Tonight in the skies, there will be a rare astrological event. A Super Moon. But what makes this different than the one we saw earlier this month, is that it will be a "super blue moon"...


KFBK Morning Newsn Talks: Expensive Extracurriculars

According to a recent survey from LendingTree, families are spending about $700 per kid on extracurriculars a year. But that's even on the low end for some families that are hiring private coaches or even shelling out for lessons and competitive travel teams....


KFBK Morning News Talks: Brain Healing Audio Therapy

The company Cereset is a company that uses the sound your brain makes to help you heal. It is non-invasive as it is not a medical threatment, but more of an "audio therapy" approach by using the sound from the brain and reflecting it back to itself....