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Dave Ross and Colleen O’Brien bring you the day’s most important news stories every weekday. Along with Chris Sullivan on traffic and KIRO 7 TV’s Nick Allard, it’s everything you need to get your day started right.


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Dave Ross and Colleen O’Brien bring you the day’s most important news stories every weekday. Along with Chris Sullivan on traffic and KIRO 7 TV’s Nick Allard, it’s everything you need to get your day started right.







The Death of Alexei Navalny

Casey McNerthney with "Crime and Punishment" - a look at retail thefts in the area and a voyeur prosecution // Dr. Cohen on the stigma of "fat-shaming" within drug advertising // Jeff McCausland on the death of Alexei Navalny // Daily Dose of Kindness: One CBS correspondent says farewell to a dear friend and coworker // Herb Weisbaum on the best practices for finding auto insurance


Chaos in Congress: A Captain-Less Vessel

Robert Costa on all of Donald Trump's legal issues and how they could affect the 2024 Presidential Election // Feliks Banel with "All Over The Map" - Two classic drive-in theaters in the Northwest have opposite trajectories // Scott MacFarlane on the chaos in Congress - a captain-less vessel // Daily Dose of Kindness: A young boy in Gaza gets the care he needs // Travis Mayfield on two big decisions for LGBTQ+ rights across the world // Robert Rutherford from MoPop on the Sound Off! Music Showcase


Seafood fraud: What is it and how to avoid it

Did you know seafood frauid can be as widepread as 75% of all seafood sold in the country? Whether through mislabeling it or tipping the scales, the Washington Post's Allyson Chiu taught us the ways seafood sellers can defraud us and the questions you can ask to make sure you're buying the right product.


A Tragic Mass Shooting in Kansas City

Chris Sullivan with a Chokepoint: FAB lanes are coming to Westlake // Washington Post Climate Reporter Allyson Chiu on the prominence of "seafood fraud" // Daily Dose of Kindness: Dave Grohl gives back to the Los Angeles community on Super Bowl Sunday // Ursula Reutin with a call to action after yesterday's tragic mass shooting in Kansas City // Micki Gamez on the droves of American Millenials moving to Seattle // Paul Holden from the Northwest Flower and Garden Show


Micki Gamez on the deceptive practices of "romance scammers"

Feliks Banel on the historical significance of photos discovered in Sand Point ​ // Feliks Banel on the 50 anniversary of "Wheedle on the Needle"// Paul Holden from the Northwest Flower and Garden Show // Washington Post Journalist Nick Miroff on the data surrounding the US border crisis // Guest commentary: Angela Poe Russell on navigating romance in our society // Gee Scott with a list of "don'ts" for Valentine's Day // Matt Markovich on the rental stabilization bill that just passed in the state House and a bill that would make it easier for prison inmates to get out sooner // Micki Gamez on the deceptive practices of "romance scammers"


Graffiti drone bill passes House 96 to 1

On a vote of 96 to one - the bill that would one day deploy drones to combat graffiti moves to the Senate. House Bill 1989 is sponsored by Republican Representative Andrew Barkis, who was on Seattle's Morning News.


Good news for jobs amid massive layoffs

This week, Dave and I called up our KIRO Newsradio colleague and GeekWire’s own Mike Lewis to help us understand what’s happening and if that can give us a glance into the tech world’s crystal ball.


Trump's Appeal and Congress' Foreign Aid Package

David Fahrenthold with the latest on former President Trump's immunity appeal and Congress' foreign aid package // Chris Sullivan with a Chokepoint: Blatant gaps in the HOV expansion in Tacoma // Jeff McCausland on former President Trump's comments about NATO // Daily Dose of Kindness: A big reunion at a birthday party // Gee Scott on the Seahawks new offensive coordinator // Matt Markovich on several bills being discussed in the state's legislature // Micki Gamez on the "love psychic" who is helping people find their true love


Research Into New Heart Monitoring

Jill Schlesinger on the potential economic impact of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift tying the knot // Dr. Cohen on the research into new heart monitoring // Casey McNerthney with "Crime and Punishment" - a look at the shot report for 2023 // Daily Dose of Kindness: Some lucky football fans get free Super Bowl tickets // Gee Scott on the one thing about the Super Bowl that we can all agree on // Herb Weisbaum on the FTC regulations that could help car buyers


AI engineers: Some good news for job markets surrounded by layoffs

Feliks Banel with "All Over The Map" - An update in the attempt to preserve Sumner's historic Ryan House // Margaret Brennan on the bizarre press conference from President Biden last night after a special counsel report was released // Mike Lewis on the sweeping layoffs of tech workers and the danger that AI presents to the field // Daily Dose of Kindness: A landlord gives a special gift to a tenant // Gee Scott on Super Bowl Sunday // Matt Markovich on bills regarding covering license plates and even year elections // Micki Gamez on the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show featuring Usher


Trump's SCOTUS Hearings

Dave and Colleen react to SCOTUS // Rep. Barkis // Matt Markovich // Chokepoints // Matt Markovich pt. II


Trump's Immunity Ruling

Feliks Banel and Chris Sullivan celebrate big bertha day // Thane Rosenbaum on Trump's immunity ruling // Dr. Keith Jerome on Bird Flu and Measels // Daily Dose of Kindness: A lifechanging moment for a football fan // Ursula Reutin on planning the perfect Super Bowl party // Matt Markovich with the latest from Olympia // Micki Gamez on the high cost of fast food


The Senate Border Security Bill

David Fahrenthold on the Senate border security bill and Donald Trump's legal woes // Chris Sullivan with a Chokepoint: An update on the construction of bridges on highway 527 // Peter Tomosawa, Seattle Committee Organizer on the 2026 World Cup Games in Seattle // Daily Dose of Kindness: A teacher in Detroit receives the gratitude of her former students // Gee Scott on the downside of Seattle's delivery driver wage ordinance // Matt Markovich on some transportation related bills being discussed in the state legislature


Iranian Backed Houthi Rebels in Syria

Casey McNerthney with Crime and Punishment: Prosecuting a murder from 2021, and two teens charged with running down pedestrians on Aurora Ave // Dr. Cohen on the research into intermittent fasting and curbing inflammation // Jeff McCausland on the US response to Iranian backed Houthi rebels in Syria // Daily Dose of Kindness: A handyman gives back to the community // Ursula Reutin on the women-dominated Grammy Awards last night // Matt Markovich on the bills that are dying on the legislative floor


State Rep. Alicia Rule on Childcare bills

State Rep. Alicia Rule on Childcare bills


Bill Calls on Employers to Provide Childcare

Two competing childcare bills in the state House claim to have a solution to the childcare crisis. This week, we spoke to each of the bill's sponsors. Rep. Alicia Rule's [D-Blaine] HB 1716 would establish a Business and Occupation tax rebate for employers who provide childcare assistance to employees. It has bi-partisan support, but also a number of critics. HB 2322 from Rep. Tana Senn [D-Mercer Island], would require employers who receive preferential tax incentives from the state to provide childcare on-site or pay at least 25-percent of childcare costs for an employee.


How the 'Clean Plate Club' Ruined Us All

In an effort to keep your health-related New Year resolutions in focus, we've been interviewing experts on health topics throughout the month of January. So far this month, we've learned that reducing your salt intake by one teaspoon a day can have the same health-effects as taking a daily high blood pressure medication. We were also taught how to reflect on how foods make you feel after you eat them, especially if we're noticing the positive effects of those foods, can help us reset our focus on foods that work for our energy levels. This week, Dave and I interviewed Dr. Judson Brewer, author of The Hunger Habit.


Latest COVID variant escapes natural immunity

This week on Seattle's Morning News, we checked in with University of Washington Virologist Dr. Keith Jerome, who has helped us understand COVID and other viral illnesses since the start of the Pandemic. This winter, it seems viruses are plentiful and sticking with us longer. Dr. Jerome answers why that is - and why the latest Avian Flu varient is concerning for mammals.


The War in Gaza and U.S. Presidential Race

Margaret Brennan on the war in Gaza and the US Presidential Race // Feliks Banel with "All Over The Map" - The history of Washington town Ilwaco // Paul Holden with all of the best events happening this weekend // Dr. Keith Jerome with the latest on all the viruses circulating around the state // Daily Dose of Kindness: A music teacher in Virginia is getting honored for her service at this year's Grammy awards // Gee Scott on the uptick of Seattle-ites planning vacations // Matt Markovich on the reconsideration of the state's lewd laws and a new bottle return deposit proposal