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Wake up to Marto & Margaux weekday mornings from 5.30 and get your daily dose of everything Brisbane. Website: Download the App - For Apple: For Android: Watch Tweet Follow Like




FULL SHOW | When your kid supports the opposition...

What to do when your kid supports the opposition. Plus, comedian Dave Thornton joins the show. And, Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner, not keen on Marto's suggestion for open shooting on Moreton Island :) See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Des Hasler and Damian Hardwick share accommodation

Cocaine and ham are popular in Spain....ok. Plus, Des Hasler and Damian Hardwick move into the same building. Marto calls out one of Dan's new Brisbane Lions' drafts. And, Akker in trouble off the field! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Betty Klimenko's rise to the top of Supercars

The Betty Klimenko story. Plus, we received all sorts of inappropriate msgs on our Santa Hotline. And, Margaux's surprise wedding! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | A surprise 'Celebrity' on our RBT Game

Our RBT Game revealed a surprise celeb. Plus, is this the end of Schoolies? And, when Occy Straps save your life!! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Celebrating 100 years of Marto on Radio! ;)

Radio celebrates 100 years today in Australia. Plus, Marto's plan to fix soccer in Australia. And, the things that you shouldn't do with your partner!! See for privacy information.


Queensland Only! | Ft. Broncos' Adam Reynolds On Losing Weight & Corey Oates Re-Signs!

Welcome to Queensland Only! This is a wrap-up of everything you need to know about NRL in Queensand. Triple M's Breakfast with Marto Margaux & Dan chat to Broncos' Captain Adam Reynolds and Dobbo from The Rush Hour with Leisel Jones, Liam and Dobbo speaks to Corey Oates about his future with the Broncos! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Adam Reynolds warned to stay away from golf carts :)

Adam Reynolds called into the show, with Corey Oates his co-driver, on their way to play golf. Plus, QRU under fire from Marto. And, kids these days See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Should we put our kids into apprenticeships instead of finishing school??

Marto thinks it's a no-brainer, getting boys into apprenticeships instead of doing "useless" degrees at uni. Plus, we speak with Dan Herbert, the new boss of Rugby Australia. And, Mitch Starc moves up in the world See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Australia are the ICC World Cup champions!!

Lots of cricket chat, including a wrap by Crash Craddock. Plus, F1 in Vegas had some very funny moments. And, 'Schoolies 2023' have some early honorable mentions See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | It's Schoolies (and Toolies) season in QLD!!

Schoolies season is upon us. Plus, our 'RBT Game' today featured a well-known celeb. And, remembering rugby star Jonah Lomu See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Marto's unexpected ARIA winner!!

The ARIA's were on last night and Marto unearthed an unlikely winner. Plus, Trent Dalton has his dreams come true on Netflix. And, Harley Breen gets his show jingle sung to him at a gig :)) See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Warwick Capper's new business venture

Warwick Capper stays true to the loose unit he is. Plus, the National Sound Archive has new additions - we think they've missed a few. And, how to properly cook bacon See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Marto takes on Taylor Swift

Marto shows Taylor Swift a thing or two about songwriting. Plus, low-level accomplishments. And, when you're too good looking :) See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Dr Google Gives Margaux A Deadly Diagnosis

Why you should NEVER Google your symptoms! Margaux learns the hard way... See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Marto's question that shocked Jimmy Barnes

Being a Friday, Marto got a bit loose with Jimmy Barnes in a moment of hilarity. Plus, a Brisbane world champion! And, our fave Friday game: RBT See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Brissie boy done good - Cam Smith!!

Cam Smith tells us some yarns about growing up in Brisbane. Plus, Harley Breen gets some tips from his eldest son. And, a new generation of Dumb Criminals :) See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Glenn Maxwell's innings for the ages!!

Glenn Maxwell scores a double ton to put Australia into the semis. Plus, all the wrap from The Melbourne Cup. And, does Albo have a brown nose? See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Des Hasler opens his Dojo on the Gold Coast!!

Des Hasler opens his Dojo to the public. Plus, all the Melbourne Cup tips from experts like Johnny Letts and Noel Greenhalgh. And, did your school teacher encourage betting on The Cup? See for privacy information.


Melbourne Cup Podcast Special! | Everything you need to know for the race that stops the nation!

Welcome to the Melbourne Cup special! Michelle Payne, Noel Greenhalgh and Johnny Letts join us to talk all things Melbourne Cup! We discuss everything you need to know heading into Melbourne Cup! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | All hail any moment we beat The Poms

Marto wraps up the weekend cricket. Plus, losing a mobile phone and the lengths to get it back. And, a new sporting hero, born in Brisbane! See for privacy information.