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Wake up to Marto & Margaux weekday mornings from 5.30 and get your daily dose of everything Brisbane. Website: Download the App - For Apple: For Android: Watch Tweet Follow Like




FULL SHOW | Our fave utes to get a massive price hike!

We all love a ute, but they're soon to become way more exxy. Plus, Marto upset a Stop & Go sign lady yesterday and she had her say! And, Albo's questionable music taste See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | An exclusive with a Snr Qld Police Officer on Youth Crime

We had to scramble his voice for legal reasons, but a Qld Snr Police Officer shares his view on the Youth Crime issue. Plus, the best pick for The Broncos # 14. And, do Stop-Go workers get paid too much??! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | All hail the return of Rug'ba League!!

They're only trial games, but how good is it to have NRL back on! Plus, do you have the neighbourhood pool? And, a new attire for sport :) See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | The exclusive Broncos' Behaviour Guide

Marto gets his hand on The Broncos Bible. Plus, can you legally tackle an intruder in your house? And, is it time to get a 'Dumb Phone'? See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | We announce the Best Butcher in Brisbane!!

We crown the Best of Brisbane - Best Butcher! Plus, Marto reveals the NRL sexiest men (!). And, our weekly fave: The RBT Game See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | A MUST listen with our Spousal Arousal sessions

Listen to three Brisbane couples as they convince their spouse to come home for a 'quickie'! Plus, Marto's warning to all men, today especially. And, how did you lose a finger?! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Exclusive audio of the Carrigan v Reynolds scuffle!!

We reveal exclusive audio of the Patty v Adam park stoush. Plus, a shark gets on the gear. And, it turns out Putin is a dirty thief! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Vote 1: Alfie Langer!!

We reckon Alfie Langer should be in the NRL Immortal ranks. Plus, has Barnaby Joyce now endeared himself to ordinary Australians, following his PFO? And, all the hype of Super Bowl!! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Brisbane's Best Baker is announced!!

We reveal, from your votes, Brisbane's Best Bakery!! Plus, will PNG get an NRL Team from Peter V'landys??? And, turns out Viagra is good for you :) See for privacy information.


FULL INTERVIEW: Father Of Murdered Teen Calls For Immediate Action

See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Marto's idea for a new NRL Breeding Program

Marto gets loose when tackling new stock for the NRL. Plus, we get close to collating your votes for Brisbane's Best Bakery! And, when you get sent to HR (again, it's Marto!) See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Is it time again to lock up violent 'kids'??

Our Youth Justice laws come under the spotlight, following the Redbank Plains stabbing murder. Plus, an Aussie playing in this year's Super Bowl. And, which star has ended up costing you the most money? See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | Ezra says thankyou, Mam, to The Broncos!

Ezra Mam signs huge deal with The Broncos. Plus, has Youth Crime deterred you from going out? And, are Marto Margaux and Dan out of a job with our new AI Voice Generator?! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | All hail the end of Dry January.....esp Marto!

Marto wrapped up a Dry January...and got right back to old times. Plus, what is the Best Bakery in Brisbane? It's your chance to pick up $1000 for voting. And, Taylor Swift numpties See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | We announce Brisbane's Best Burger!!

The Best of Brisbane unearthed Brisbane's Best Burger and it romped in with the votes!! Plus, dating a Broncos' player's sister...yikes. And, our Friday favourite: Triple M's RBT Game :) See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | The Bison takes out the Allan Border medal!!

Our favourite, Mitch Marsh, drops some cracker line accepting the Allan Borger Medal. Plus, a new scam involving number plates in Qld. And, weird funeral requests! See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | PM Albo gives Marto some lip!!

Albo is none too pleased with how Marto presents himself. Plus, Total Tools step in to help a Brissie tradie who lost everything in yesterday's floods. And, former Test cricketer and serial big-hitter, Shane Watson, has some advice for everyone See for privacy information.


FULL INTERVIEW | Anthony Albanese gives Marto some lip!

See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | When you have to do the Council's work for them :)

We ponder if it's illegal to take some Local Council matters into your own hands. Plus, a Caboolture burger joint makes our Best of Brisbane qualifiers. And, rain and flooding causes havoc across Brissie roads See for privacy information.


FULL SHOW | The West Indies beat Australia, and no-one is upset about it!!

The West Indies manage a memorable win against the Aussies. Plus, why NRL players shouldn't do a podcast. And, should there be pineapple on a burger? See for privacy information.