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Get the latest from Marto & Ed Kavalee For Breakfast

Get the latest from Marto & Ed Kavalee For Breakfast


Brisbane, QLD


Get the latest from Marto & Ed Kavalee For Breakfast




Alice Cooper Was Where? + Ed Kavalee + Getting Blotto on The Corona Cruise + more!

Wednesday means Big Names In Your Workplace! Ed Kavalee joins the show! Marto fills us in on what the guests on that corona virus cruise are up to to pass the time. Nick's son is having a shocker of a start to daycare and Margaux is worried about her kid going to school camp for the first time ever! Get it up ya!


Holden Memories + Honk For Holden + Izaia Perese News + More!

Were you conceived in a Holden? That's what Margaux wanted to know this morning, among other things. There was a lot about the demise of Holden on today's show, particularly getting the people of Brisbane's Holden memories. We also spoke to Dobbo about Izaia Perese, had some Bogan News and Margaux revealed she'd been breaking the law without realising it. Get it up ya!


Work For Sex + Corey Parker's NRL return! + Bogan News + more!

Learn what the term "body cash" means, hear Margaux's review of her husband's return to the Broncos, Nick's bogan news, a great chat with Boy Swallows Universe author Trent Dalton, the launch of Marto's Army and heaps more. Get it up ya!


Alfie Langer Rule! + NRL Nines + A Booze ATM + Valentine's Day + more!

Nick tells us about an ATM in London that pumps out booze, we do How'd You Meet To Win Some Meat for Valentines Day, chat NRL Nines and the Alfie Langer Rule with Dobbo, take calls on if a school should be able to force a kid to cut his hair, celebrate Margaux's return to the league of WAGS (Corey's playing Nines this weekend) and heaps more. Get it up ya!


Cheating Partners Caught! + Did Margaux Break Into The Louis Vuitton store? + More!

Nick gives us another update on the corona virus cruise, we chat about the Michael Clarke and Kyly Boldy divorce, talk bad footpaths in Brisbane (Marto gets fired up!), chat to Rudi Venderstone about MAFS, ask for stories of cheating partners getting caught and heaps more! Get it up ya!


BONUS - Big Names In Your Workplace

Celebs spotted at your work! Jamie Durie got mad! Find out why in this edition of Big Names In Your Workplace.


Corey Parker Dodging Valentines Day + Dodgy Insurance Claims + Big Names In Your Workplace

Margaux gets her husband Corey Parker on the phone on his way to Perth for the NRL Nines, we asked for confessions of dodgy insurance claims and were surprised by how many crooks called in, another edition of Big Names in Your Workplace and heaps more. Get it up ya!


Dobbo on Darius + Are The Olympics Worth It? + How Did You Get Dumped? + more!

What a show! Dobbo drops by to talk Darius Boyd, Nick's got some bogan news, Marto noticed a potentially dodgy moment with a guy talking about the cost of flood damage. We ask if the Olympics in Brisbane would be worth it, and how you got dumped!? Get it up ya!


Keeping Score At Kids Sport + Bogan News + Margaux's Ex On A JetSki In A Carpark + more!

Marto and Nick argue about the UFC again (Marto reckons it's rigged), we ask if NOT keeping score in kids sport is a good thing, talk water skiing in floods, Margaux met Cold Chisel! We ask, have you gone back to the ex? and heaps more! Get it up ya! Thanks to our sponsor this week, Subway.


Best of Bogan News - Episode 3

A frog punches above it's weight & one of our very own has committed a bogan crime


Marto On Rugby Australia + The Pyschologist From MAFS + Work Theives + more!

We debut Marto's new segment, Marto's Knockoff, giveaway more Cold Chisel tickets, talk to John Aiken the psychologist from MAFS, and Nick is a work thief! Find out how and hear a lot more good gear in the catch up pod. Get it up ya!


Corey Parker Is Back! + Lawrence Mooney's Mate Rudi Vanderstone + Fart-phones + More!

The guys cover off Corey Parker playing in the NRL Nines, we take more amazing calls on dating people leading double lives, open a Can of Worms about the idea of blood alcohol laws for driving being ZERO, Rudi Vanderstone (Lawrence Mooney's mate) reviews MRK, Tom Gleeson, host of Hard Quiz drops in and heaps more fun. Get it up ya!


Sex Robots! + Broncos Bequests + Dating Someone With A Secret Double Life + more!

A man in Brissy has found love with a sex robot, so we have a very respectful conversation about that. We talk leaving stuff in your will to the Broncos, speak to a real life hero who stepped in to stop a bag snatcher, open a MASSIVE can of worms, give away another Cold Chisel meet-and-greet and more! Get it up ya!


Jimmy Barnes on the show! + Jai Arrow stuck in a lift! + mature share houses + more!

We catch up with Jimmy Barnes (later in the show) to talk about Cold Chisel's shows this weekend, we also bring back the Pressure test to give away special Cold Chisel tix! We talk to Brisbane about older share houses, do you still have those 'my family' stickers, and Marto offers a potential cure to blindness which is honestly a bit crook. All that and more in the catch up podcast! Get it up ya!


Brissy's briefest marriage + bin divers + the Super Bowl and more!

We hear from a woman who went bin diving and got a holiday out of it, speak to Eddie Maguire who is in Miami for the Super Bowl and manages to make it about Collingwood FC, Margaux isn't happy with the Sexiest Man Alive, Marto's been talking about rugby all weekend and Nick's smashing stuff around the house with his brute strength/stupidity! All that and more in the catch up! Get it up ya!


Best of Bogan News - Redfern DUIs and Coronavirus

Another edition of Bogan News and no one is safe!


Hi Vis Voice Grand Final + Movies That Make You Ugly Cry + Do You Want to Live to 100?

That one day in Jan! The Hi Vis Grand Final. Hear three amazing tradie voices and find out who is crowned Triple M's Hi Vis Voice and heaps more fun in today's catch up pod. Get it up ya!


A Bunnings Hotel! Hi-Vis Voice! Worst Kids Sports! Fruit Bat Madness! And More!

Cop the voice on Michael the painter, one of the finalists in our comp, Hi-Vis Voice. Nick calls him 'Painter-oti' and you'll hear why! We also talk about Bunnings opening a hotel, what are the worst sports for your kid to get involved with as a parent who has to watch and pay fees! Dumb criminals, fruit bats in Brissy! And Marto was supposed to talk about an airport but ended up rattling on about how great Toowoomba is for 5 minutes! All that and more in today's podcast!