A podcast built by a resilient woman for the resilient woman.


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A podcast built by a resilient woman for the resilient woman.




Waiting on the One

Everyone envisions meeting "the one" as a magical experience, but when your heart has been broken many times before, meeting your person isn't always rainbows and butterflies in your perspective. This episode recounts the road leading up to meeting my husband and our journey of exploration of true love for the very first time.


Relearning How to Love Those Who are Different Than Us

I pause my planned content today to bring you the voices of two dear friends of mine as they share with us how to love more deeply and intentionally during the movements occuring with the black community today. Kinte and Kerri are vulnerable, raw, and transparent as they share their hearts and insight as a means to educate and inform all of us of what it means to listen more and love deeper right now and always.


Overcoming Guilt

Guilt is real and deep rooted. People carry around the weight of guilt in many ways and it can be overwhelming, but can be overcome. Relearning what love is means first chiseling away at any guilt and shame in order to forgive yourself and let go of the past. There is freedom waiting when these chains are broken.


Just Close Enough

You may be a friend to many, but are you truly letting others love you well? Or are you setting up walls and barriers to accepting goodness and love in return? Forming reciprocated trusting relationships can be difficult, but perfect love casts out all fear in this journey.


Daddy Issues

In my first episode of the new season "Relearning What Love Is," I share how prevalent fatherlessness is in our society and the effects it has on self-image and future relationships. Girls look to their fathers as the first example of love. Sinking into Christ's love can truly transform the daddy-daughter image and reform the foundation of future relationships in a healing way.


Compound Effect

The journey we go on to overcome past trauma begins with us but doesn't end there. It is important to overcome in order to change the trajectory for your life, others' lives, and future generations. The work you are doing is a BIG DEAL. Celebrate as I close my last episode of season 1 and invite you to join me for season 2 beginning in a few short weeks!



If you have been walked out on by someone who was supposed to love you, you have felt the real pain of abandonment. Abandonment can happen in different types of relationships and can filter into feelings of unworthiness and tension in other relationships. It doesn't have to stay this way. You can validate your wounds, rid yourself of shame, and leave your chains behind you.


Physical Touch

1 in 9 girls under the age of 18 has experienced sexual abuse or assault at the hands of an adult. You are not alone. Sexual Assault hindered me and prevented me from real intimacy in my life. Come as you learn about my story and practical ways to grow in intimacy in life and with Christ.


Trauma Triggers

Trauma triggers stimulate your brain and prompt recall of past trauma. Traumas that you experience leave imprints on your brain and when something happens in your life today that prompts you to be triggered, it is worth looking at, reflecting over, and learning how to lessen the hit or remove it altogether from occurring in your life.



Codependency can form early on in a person's life and it stems from dysfunctional relationships and patterns that form. Codependency can stem from a relationship with a parent, child, significant other, and more. Let's explore what this looks like and feels like and work towards setting healthy personal boundaries.


Survival Skills

If you have endured trauma, there are certain survival skills you had to learn to help you mold or adapt to your circumstances. As we get older, we realize that these survival skills no longer serve us anymore and we must "unlearn" them to be successful adults. Let's uncover your survival skills and discuss a five-way system to untangling yourself from them.



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Just The Way You Are

Take your hands off of your life and sink into who you truly are. Today you will hear wise thoughts from one of my dearest friends who is discovering what it means to be content with who she is and the powerful message that will resonate with each of us.



"Join Liz Colburn this week as she tackles the topic of Perfectionism. Each one of us struggles to always "be perfect" but never takes enough time to step back and realize no one is perfect and that we need to stop trying so hard to achieve the impossible. "


Unshakeable Confidence

"Confidence doesn't come in being the smartest, prettiest, most professional--it comes in overcoming things you didn't realize you could." Tune in for a rebroadcast of Liz Colburn's message from November 2017 where she dives into what having an unshakeable confidence and truly does for your life and your relationships.


Embracing Uncertainty

We may be soul sisters if your mind has an embedded feature where plans are favored, but today I want to talk about embracing uncertainty. Life does get more beautiful when you let go of the control you think you need and let life happen as it comes.


The 5 Steps to Finding Inspiration

It may only be one little step holding you back from feeling inspired again. Are you feeling un-inspired? We all hit patches like this. Listen in and hear about how little steps forward can spark joy and inspiration in your life.


Being Real, Not the Best

Enough is enough with the perfect Instagram posts and the photoshopped reality. We should strive to be real over being the "best."Tune in as I share the burn out that comes from chasing perfection, and how being real is the only way to truly live.


Addicted to "Busy"

Many people spend their lives occupying their time with activities, obligations, etc, that over time they slowly become addicted to needing to be busy. I have a message for busy people that I hope speaks to you in a way that transforms your perspective on this topic and causes you to slow down and be still.


Having Difficult Conversations

No one teaches us how to have deep, meaningful conversations, so no wonder so many people hide when confronted, pull back when they are getting too close, or avoid opening up in their relationships all together. Listen in to hear how important difficult conversations are, how to approach them with confidence, and the power they can have to restore and lead your relationships to a deeper level.