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Ryan & Jim sit down each week and roast the week in music news while drinking too much. We also feature WTF Bands and a bunch of original games


Chicago, IL


Ryan & Jim sit down each week and roast the week in music news while drinking too much. We also feature WTF Bands and a bunch of original games






2 Assholes Talking Music #122: Halloween Episode

It's our annual Halloween show and we're ready to rip!! We kept things pretty simple tonight, we cover the scrariest news of the season, Stephen King and his love of Lou Vega, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, spooky moments in rock history, horror movie recommendations, and we dust off a new WTF Band. Light some candles, draw a pentagram on the floor, and get ready for another 2 Assholes Halloween!!


2 Assholes Talking Music #121

We're joined by a couple of phenominal local musicians tonight, Peter Michael Norton and Kenny Slama to talk about their new album Mackerel Eyes!! Extremely talented multi-instrumentalists share some of their musical inspirations growing up, what it's like recording in a home studio, and much more. We feature a few tracks off the new album and close out the night w/ White Boy Theater. Make sure you check out the new album and a whole bunch of other great music on Peter's website - petermichaelnortonmusic.com


2 Assholes Talking Music #120

Mics are hot and the beers are cold! Tonight's episode we cover all the recent fights in music news from Crazy Town to Vulvodynia, crowd killing vs moshing, having a dead kids ashes thrown at us during a concert, and we bring back everyone's favorite prime time game, Guess That Video!!


Homelink Friday Jams

Homelink!! It's time to pump it up!!


2 Assholes Talking Music #119

Knocking the dust off tonight after a 4 month hiatus and flipping the mics back on. We didn't have much time to show prep so we just winged it w/ a "Rant Episode". We touch on topics like social media influencers, celebrity podcasts, the slow death of terestial radio, and all kinds of other inane shit. Shout out to our featured beer, Wild Onion Brewery's S.S. Snowmaker and their new Mexican Lager in honor of the Norge Ski Jump which is a massive local event right here in our own backyard. Our featured artist for tonight is Dave Barrett or better known as Ryan's uncle. We feature a couple tracks from his new album, Stockton Ave. Grab yourself a cocktail and buckle in for what turned out to be a really funny show depsite the fact we prepared in no way what so ever. Cheers!


Little Miss Mystery Case #2

Join Little Miss Mystery as she tries to solve another riddle. This week's case is "Jammed Into A Corner"


2 Assholes Talking Music #118

Halloween episode tonight!!!! Our favorite night of the year and we're joined by a very special guest, Dave Schwantes from the band Grave Danger. Talk about a perfect guest for the occassion. Dave is the everyman from the Chicago based gothic ska band. Inspired by Halloween and all it's glory, Grave Danger is like the Misfits of ska. Spooky music never sounded so upbeat. We sit and talk with Dave for the first half of the show then dive into some quick music news, and then close out the night with a Halloween horror movie edition of "Fake or Real". You guys can find Grave Danger on all social media platforms and check out their tunes on Spotify and Band Camp. Big thanks again to Dave for driving out to the burbs to get stupid with us for a little bit. Cheers!!!


Little Miss Mystery Case #1

Little Miss Mystery is a tiny crime solver roaming the mean streets searching for justice and solving the toughest mysteries. Join her as she tries to decipher each case with her Sherlock like intuition. Case #1 is the mystery of the missing man.


2 Assholes Talking Music #117

There wasn't much to cover in the world of music news so we decided to have a bunch of beers and wax poetic about the '90s and how it come full circle in the world of pop culture and fashion. Also, there's a couple of easter eggs in tonight's episode. Cheers!!


2 Assholes Talking Music #116

Tonight we're joined by Billy & Dan from Missouri's very own Lucid Paradoxx!! We've known these two dudes for many, many years and it was nothing short of amazing to sit down and catch up for a little bit and talk about their killer new single, "Rain". Make sure you check out Lucid Paradoxx on all social media platforms and get up on their amazing music. Big thanks to Dan & Billy for taking some time out to hang and tell some old war stories from back in the day. Still trying to wipe the smile from my face. Cheers!!


2 Assholes Talking Music #115

New year new episode!! Tonight we're covering the death of Meat Loaf, Bowie is the king of vinyl, top grossing touring bands of 2021, the When We Were Young festival, Bill Murray live in an NYC park, and more. Sampled some new local brews from Kishwaukee Brewing. We round it out with a game of Fake Or Real the Coachella 2022 edition and close it out with a live ripper from our boys, Mungion!! Cheers!!


2 Assholes Talking Music #114

The beers were flowing. Enough said. Iron Maiden loving principal booted from school, Ozzie thanks Satan for his health, Smashmouth retires, extremely outdated Beatles news, WTF BAND, & more!! Oh and a drunken rant to close out the night. Cheers!!


2 Assholes Talking Music #113

Shows have been few and far between lately but we broke the streak tonight and turned the mics on. Music news, Guess The Phish Lyrics, and we feature some new music from The Linda Lindas and Datkid. Tonight we cover the deaths of Joey Jordison and Dusty Hill, what exactly did DaBaby say, the whole Brittney Spears thing, Limp Bizkit and their possibly ironic comeback, the new Megadeth bassist, and more!!


Roots Dub Gravy Version 2

Intro > "Police In Helicopters"(12" expanded) - John Holt "Never Giver Up Dub" - MLK Dub "One Spliff A Day" - Billo Boy > "A Better Version" - Bunny Lee & Horace Andy "Night Nurse Dub" - Gregory Isaacs > "Dread Lion" - The Upsetters w/ Lee Perry "Fattie Bum Bum" - Carl Malcolm >(lee perry) "Dub Accusations" - Ruts DC & Zion Train "Bam Bam" - Sister Nancy


Gravy Project Vol. 2: The JD Shellnut Tapes

INTRO "CBAT" - HUDSON MOHAWKE "BABY, I'M YOURS" - BREAKBOT FT. IRFANE "HEAT HOLDERS" - AL'TARBA FT. DIRT PLATOON "DARKNESS" - RAGING FAMILY "GNAWA BEAT" - TISME "CRYSTALS" - RON FORELLA > "Enjoy" - Emapea "Damu the Fudgemunk" - Madviliian (revison) "Truth To Light" - Count Bass D "Space" - Galt MacDermot "When the World is Running Down" - The Police "Sweet Jane" - Velvet Underground "Flying" - The Beatles (phys. edison edit) "Skills To Pay The Bills" - Beastie Boys "This Must Be The Place" - Talking Heads "Duppy or Gun Man" - Yellowman "Can't We All Smile"(alternate version) - Johnny Hammond "Back From the Dead" - People Under The Stairs


2 Assholes Talking Music #111

Shows have been few and far between during these covid/quarantine times but I'm happy to say that WE'RE BACK!!! Well, not 100% but we were able to get together this past weekend and turn the mics on and have way too much fun. No seriously, we played what might go down as the funniest game in the history of the show. Trust me on this. Local beers, music news, some incredible female artists, and Jim reading the lyrics to W.A.P. Tonight we cover Daft Punk calling it quits, the Keith Richards cockroach, Trey Anastasio's Divided Sky foundatin and summer tour tease, the Wiggles covering Tame Impala, Mike Patton singing the TMNT theme for the new video game, and more. Do yourself a favor and hang in there for FAKE OR REAL at the end of the show. It's worth it.


2 Assholes Talking Music #110

Live from the Drunken Koi it's our first episode in over 7 months!!! It felt awesome to turn the mics on again, have a few beers, and bullshit the night away. We scrapped the bottom of the barrel tonight for what little music news is out there. We talk a little about the best way to support your local venues and favorite bands during quarantine, a 12 year Mariah Carey getting pimped out by her sister, what exactly DJ Khaled does, new music from Elton John and Gorrilaz, and new Phish related game to close it out.


2 Assholes Talking Music #109

Man, what a great show tonight. Sometimes the best nights are when we just open things up and talk about whatever. Jim and I are joined by close friends Cameron Clark and John Tashjian. Cam tends bar at our favorite local spot and was nice enough to bring over our suds for the night courtesy of Cary Ale House. John is a veteran guest having been on the show in years past. He gives us a glimpse into the Chicago piano bar scene and what he's been up to recently. He also supplied the tunes for the evening!! We featured a new game tonight "Rock n Roll Fact or Fiction", kind of a test run for a new game idea. Make sure you check us out on Spotify or wherever podcast are found or just google 2 Assholes Talking Music.


2 Assholes Talking Music #108

Another great show lined up tonight!! Our old friend and Wrigleyville bar owner, Russ Bishop, stops by for a few beers and talks about navigating the entertainment landscape as a bar owner, our choices if we got to pick the Super Bowl halftime show, and our thoughts about Dave Matthews Band, for some reason. Close it out with Fake or Real and call it night! Episode #108 in the vault. Make sure to check out the show anywhere podcasts are found like Tune In Radio, Spotify, Stitcher....just search 2 Assholes Talking Music. Cheers!!!


2 Assholes Talking Music #107 w/ The Delusion Squad

This week we sat down with local hooligans, The Delusion Squad and tore it up down in the new bar studio. But seriously, not only are these guys great musicians making some really far out sounds but they're also all solid dudes. We might of had a little too much fun but that's pretty much how we figured it was going to go down. The Delusion Squad is a relatively new band so we kept the chatter pretty simple, played a few games, and featured their new track "Pimp With a Limp". Big thanks again to Andy, Mickey, & Charlie for stopping over for a few rounds and a great hang!! They haven't got all the sites set up yet so check them out on Facebook for the time being. Cheers!!