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She's small in size but big in talk. From some of the most passionate music talks to life lessons and tests of faith. Listen to hip hop journalist, Letty Peniche's #LettySetGo podcast


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She's small in size but big in talk. From some of the most passionate music talks to life lessons and tests of faith. Listen to hip hop journalist, Letty Peniche's #LettySetGo podcast






DMX Undisputed

Love to all who've loved DMX. Here's a short interview I had the honor of grabbing in 2012. Rest in complete love, legend.


PUNCH Interview (03/100)

Had the ultimate pleasure of talking rap with my friend Punch. Listen for some great bar breakdowns, music talk, los angeles discussions and black and brown connections, plus some nerd vibes sprinkled all throughout. LOVE!! FOLLOW PUNCH https://www.instagram.com/iamstillpunch FOLLOW ME https://www.instagram.com/letty.set.go


Rosecrans Vic Interview (02/100)

Rosecrans Vic is a voice you should know in the LA rap scene. Not just a fan, he's involved himself from journalist, to artist manager, to host and all around media personality. Personally, his hustle inspires mine, so I had to have him in. Listen as we go over music, industry, LA, Latinos in rap and more. Interview 2/100!! FOLLOW VIC https://www.instagram.com/rosecransvic/​ FOLLOW ME https://www.instagram.com/letty.set.go/​​


Ground Beef

Safe to say, we had a lot to get off our chest... or brains... this episode! From a crazy accident that has us dumbfounded, to the weirdest dream I've EVER had, to our drunk stories and traits... lol enjoy!


Young Drummer Boy Interview (1/100)

Drummer Boy has an album OUT NOW titled "No Comparison" -- Listen as we go over some of the fire collabs, true stories, and meanings within it. And since I had him in, I had to talk about his Mexican roots, why I love his track with Drakeo so much annnnd if us ladies are getting a love song from him anytime soon. This is Interview 1 of 100 for me this year! Feel free to comment who you'd like me to interview next! FOLLOW ME! Twitter Instagram


Death Escapes

Happy Valentine's Day! Let's talk about near death experiences!! Lol nah but for real that's the range this episode takes as our homie Joshfloe joins us 2 days after flatlining twice! And that's not even his craziest story! Listen and laugh and if you're looking for love... we got you too... I share an exercise my good friend/relationship therapist, Spicy Mari gives her single clients to find their forever boo! hint: it has to do with pizza lol FOLLOW ME! Twitter Instagram


Is It Home Or A Stepping Stone?

First episode of the new year! Starting off with a quick meditation to get you, me, us balanced for the week ahead, ahem *inauguration* ahem. This is also the first time I open up about the dreams that have been recurring in my sleep for the past 3 years and how they're affecting my life going forward. Annnnd if you're still not sure what you're new year's resolution is, I know I know the year already started but some of us are procrastinators like that, I got one for you! Plus a new...


Cole For Christmas

Excuses people give. Which one's are dumb tho!?!?! lol also... Kendrick and J Cole... you think they're dropping this last month of 2020 or nah? I give my release predictions. ALSO we give our fave BUDGET FRIENDLY gifts to give people this year. Like SUPER BUDGET FRIENDLY! But wait! There's more! We chime in on Bad Bunny Baybehhhhhh. And party planning during covid. Enjoy!


Self Block Button

Hi, this episode is just embarrassing, for me. Hopefully it can serve you for a laugh. Oh I also talk about some cool herbs to use for help with depression and sadness... while also embarrassing myself again. lol ENJOY <3


Run Your Own Program

As we await election results, lets talk about getting on our own program for maximum productivity but also for self-encouragement and balance. PLUS, my very weird anxiety symptom and how I learned to curb stress. ENJOY!


Don't U Know I'm LOCAL ft. Do Know

Premiering a new segment on my podcast centered around my beautiful LOS ANGELES!! And I brought on my homie, Do Know, to kick this LA shit off. Listen as we talk his come up, his music, acting and his haunted house. PLUS Dr Sebi and the HUGE Mexican influence in his practice as a healer and herbalist.


Practice This

I started reading about mediumship and got shocked by what I found. Listen as I share some things that I SWEAR we should all have known as well as we know our ABC's. Also gotta touch on the recent hate I've been receiving and why I have a special place in my heart for the couple that started the gender reveal fire.



a little bit of parenting, relationship shit, God stuff and rap stuff, yay!


Be Alert

Angie joins me to talk about our new coffee obsession plus the Hulu show that has brought on major fear when I'm out shopping alone, gotta talk about it as well as our own creepy shopping experiences plus crystals for protection!


Crystal Clear

OMG I have to share just how wild getting into crystals has gotten for me. LISTEN!



I found myself feeling very lost recently. For the first time in my life, I have no plan. And it's scary. So I gave it to God and WOW did He guide me to a new path and while yours will def be different than mine, the steps it took to get me there is something I'd like to give you should this yucky directionless feeling be hitting you too.


Manifest YOUR Destiny

This episode is ALL about manifesting our future. I believe this year has been so catastrophic to give us rubble to build from. It's a reset but where we go from here should be intentional. Listen for the tips I've learned and some I have in my stash of visualizing your own future.


Good Friday Message

Today I woke up with a slight push from God to write and record this quick piece. Specifically for you to listen to in this very moment. Hope it reaches your ears and moves your spirit in a way only you know you need. Happy Good Friday. Love to you.


I Knew A Lion (A Tribute To Nipsey Hussle)

I didn't have it in me to post on March 31. But here's something I wrote. For my brother, Nipsey Hussle, and all those he has and will speak to.


The Great Reset

It's been a very good day amongst so many weird days and a lot of that has to do with the information I've taken the time and effort to learn. So now I must share it and help whoever else may be confused over our current way of life, plus some awesome tips and ideas to make the best of your time in quarantine! love to you, thanks for listening! - Letty