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Here's where to find some of the best bits from the Breakfast Show, including interviews with special guests...


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Here's where to find some of the best bits from the Breakfast Show, including interviews with special guests...




World Heart Day

Jean-Luc Eiselé, the CEO of the World Heart Federation, came in to the WRS studios to talk to Mark Butcher about World Heart Day. There are events in Geneva to make sure you understand your heart - and he also talks about whats going on across the world.


Local Sports this weekend

Geoff Steineman has all the details on sport around Lake Geneva.


Irish Festival in Fribourg 6-8 Oct

Switzerland’s first festival of Irish culture and arts is taking place in Fribourg between 6 - 8 October 2023; a weekend of Irish music, dance, films, food, literature and public lectures, featuring Irish authors, artists and academics. Festival Director Clare O'Dea explains on the WRS Breakfast Show...


Emil Frey Nyon - open day offers

Marc Wenger, Head of Sales and Emil Frey Nyon, joins us to explain the 5-5-5 offer on the Landrover Defender and a select number of other vehicles. The open days are on 22- 30 September, but the offer extends until the end of November this year.


Stand-up comedy in Geneva with Afrik Rire

Festival Afrik Rire is back for its 6th edition in Geneva at the International school from 29 September to 1 October 2023, with an English-speaking gala on the 29th September at 8.30pm. Five comedians will take the stage for the gala in English; Maria Shehata, Athena Kugblenu, Eddy King, Wary Nichen and Aisha Alfa. Festival Organiser Valerie Helfer joins Katt Cullen on the WRS Breakfast Show to talk a little about these five comedians and their stand-up style, as well as the concept behind the festival overall...


Blum; the audio thriller attracting travellers to Swiss cities

This summer, the Swiss Tourism Board launched a podcast set in Swiss Cities called "Blum". Blum is an adaptation from the original version of this story in Spain in 2022 winning awards, reaching over half a million listeners, and receiving recognition from El País. The Swiss version was released in June 2023. Blum follows journalist Emma as she tries to work out what happened to her boyfriend's old flatmate, Clara Torres, who disappeared whilst working on her thesis about 20th-century avant-garde painter Ursula Blum. Five years after Clara's disappearance, Emma is heads to various art galleries, museums and concert halls across Switzerland to trace Clara's last steps... Blum's Executive Producer Marcus H joins Katt Cullen on the WRS Breakfast Show to talk about the making of the podcast and its goals.


Sally Freedman "Get Your Tits Out for the Lads"

Sally Freedman is an accomplished professional in the world of sport and author of "Get Your Tits Out for the Lads". After studying sports management at Griffith University in Australia, Sally has worked at Melbourne City Football Club, Wellington Phoenix Football Club, the 2015 Asian Cup, the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, and UEFA in Switzerland. Sally has worked in different areas including marketing, communication, fan engagement, protocol, ticketing, and spectator services. While “Get Your Tits Out for the Lads” is entertaining, it also provides a genuine insight into the realities of navigating a world traditionally dominated by men. Through her personal triumphs, setbacks, and unwavering resilience, Sally tells a brave and compelling story which shines an important light on sexism, misogyny, and gender equality. Sally’s candid storytelling starts with an anecdote from Portugal in 2004 where she describes a moment which explains the book’s title. Sally joins Katt on the Breakfast Show...


La Manivelle: Borrow it, don't buy it.

La Manivelle is a library of objects in Geneva. They have a catalogue of over 4'000 objects such as DIY tools, party equipment, sporting goods or cooking and craft tools. Object sharing libraries are an easy, obvious and necessary solution that allows the sharing of infrequently used goods and materials. Think pasta-makers, drills and tents, but also so much more! Thanks to an online inventory, users can browse and borrow in a few clicks and reserve the items they want in advance. It's easy to see what items are already out and in use, as well as when they'll be returned. Membership starts at CHF 20 for a month, or just CHF 100 for the year. It's open to people living in neighbouring France. La Manivelle are based in Charmilles with 7 pick-up points around Geneva. They're looking to open 2 new locations in Pâquis and Thônex. You can help in 3 ways, simply signing up for a membership NOW to support the expansion, donating items that they have missing from the catalogue, or simply spreading the word about the project. La Manivelle's Solen Mourlon joined us on the WRS Breakfast Show to tell us more...


Buying and selling property in Switzerland; is now a good time?

Real Estate Neho's COO Vincent Privet joins us on the Breakfast Show to discuss the timing of buying and selling property in Switzerland right now. Is it a good time to move? What are the peculiarities and pitfalls of the Swiss real estate market, and how much should you expect to pay as a commission to an agency selling your property?


You need to be more assertive

Today we’re talking to Alessandra Patti, Communication Trainer and Mental Wellbeing Consultant, about the importance of being assertive, determining your own boundaries, and how to say "NO" in the workplace as well as at home. Alessandra delves deeper in her workplace trainings on this topic. Info available on her website;


You're not sitting right

We're all sitting too much and we're doing it incorrectly. Restorative Movement Specialist Johdi Woodford explains why we need to sit better and explains why sitting on the floor more is a good solution.


Garden Festival at the Chateau de Coppet

GARDEN FESTIVAL is a gathering for all lovers of plants, gardens and green spaces at the Château de Coppet this weekend. Nurseries and producers will come together over this three day period to celebrate gardens, participate in workshops, and conferences, as well as buy and sell their plants and plant-related products. For those who attend with the plant-enthusiasts, the festival also offers live music, a bar (the ticket price includes a drink), food trucks, tree-climbing with professional pruners in a large Cedar, face-painting and puppet shows for this kids and vendors selling their projects with a garden theme - such as jewellery. WRS's green-thumbed correspondent Hester Macdonald reported back on the WRS Breakfast Show after she spoke to the festival organiser Philippe Kasparov.


GEDS perform "Marilyn, Madness & Me"

Set in the last months of Marilyn Monroe's life, Tim, her driver, recounts the fall of Marilyn which he witnessed without being able to prevent it. Acquiring Marilyn's diary, posthumously, he becomes fascinated, even obsessed, by Norma Jean Baker, the woman she was before fame. The show stars Masha Neznansky and Chuck Slovenski - who join Katt Cullen on the WRS Breakfast Show.


American International Women's Club

The American International Women's Club was formed in 1958 - and it's changed a lot in that time. This year, a significant change is that the co-presidents are not American. Newly allowed after the club's constitution was updated. Maryann Harris Australian and Candy Gibson is Scottish. Maryann joined Mark Butcher in the WRS studio to talk about the club's history and events coming up. Find out more on


Rhonda Ross wants to motivate you with music

Rhonda Ross, a testament to legendary lineage as the only child between Diana Ross and Motown founder, Berry Gordy—is more than a singer-songwriter; she's an architect of transformative experiences. Central to Rhonda's Grammy-nominated music is the Power of Thought, a force that guides her through struggles of self-discovery. Rhonda even runs courses on this very topic. Rhonda spoke to Katt Cullen on the WRS Breakfast Show about the power of positive thought, manifesting and the power that music has within that. Rhonda Ross is performing this evening - Friday 1 September - at La Rosey Concert Hall in Rolle.


Become a Scout in Geneva!

Is it all just camp fires and knot-tying? Tom and Bella join us in the WRS studio to tell us what's really involved in being a Scout! And if you're 11 - 18 y.o. and interested in becoming a Scout in Geneva, head along to the Troop 77 open day. There you'll see how the BSA Scouting programme goes above and beyond and provides activities that: encourage scouts to try new things, nurture a love for the outdoors, advocate service to others, build self-confidence, foster new friendships, emphasise teamwork, cultivate citizenship, promote leadership skills, and most importantly, are LOTS of fun! Scouts aim to follow the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout Motto and Scout Slogan in the hopes that this prepares young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetime by instilling in them these values. Troop 77 meets on Tuesdays, every other week during term time at Collège Du Léman. Troop 77 also often works with Troop 130, whose members are based mostly in Vaud (between Commugny and Nyon) and Neighbouring France. For those even younger, look into joining Geneva’s cub Scout Pack (Pack 130 Geneva).


The Power of asking Direct Questions

Today we’re looking at the power of direct questions with Alessandra Patti, Communication Trainer and Mental Wellbeing Consultant. Alessandra explains the benefits, why we sometimes struggle around being direct, and how to go about including them more in your communication with family, friends and colleagues. Want to explore this further? Contact Alessandra via


GAOS Youth presents "High School Musical"

The GAOS Youth show returns! Disney Channel's smash hit movie musical comes to life on stage! Troy, Gabriella and the students of East High must deal with issues of first love, friends and family while balancing their classes and extracurricular activities. “This is our first youth production since 2019,“ notes GAOS Chairman Jo Beveridge. “We’ve tapped a whole new pool of amazing talent, on-stage and back-stage. We know that several are aiming for careers in professional theatre, and we are pleased to help them along their way.” 25th August: 20h00 26th August: 14h00 and 19h00 27th August: 14h00


Maisie Peters performs at Montreux Jazz Festival tonight

Maisie Peters performs at Montreux Jazz Festival tonight. She’s just arrived in Montreux and had a quick chat with Katt Cullen about her latest album “The Good Witch”, touring, and what she’s listening to…


Head to Europapark on the Rustexpress

Europa-Park is a theme park in Rust in Germany with eighteen themed areas, 100 rides, 13 roller coasters, several shows, six hotels, a camp site, tepee village, and a cinema. With over 6 million visitors in 2022, it's the second most visited theme park in Europe. Now Eurobus offer pick-ups throughout Swiss Romande, including Geneva, Lausanne and Estavayer-le-Lac to transport visitors to and from Europapark on a stress-free coach, with wi-fi. Tickets for Europapark + transport with Eurobus on the Rustexpress can be purchased at Tickets can be purchased up to midnight the evening before. Daniel Dicke is the Managing Director of Travel for Eurobus Switzerland. He joins Katt Cullen on the WRS Breakfast show...