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A free weekday download of standout songs, including advance releases, exclusive live tracks recorded at KCRW, remixes, and an introduction to new artists on our radar.


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A free weekday download of standout songs, including advance releases, exclusive live tracks recorded at KCRW, remixes, and an introduction to new artists on our radar.






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Faye Webster: ‘But Not Kiss’

Faye Webster definitely has a signature sound and her ears are pretty big too, as she has enjoyed watching the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. "Going to the symphony was almost like therapy for me," she says. "I was quite literally underdressed at the symphony because I would just decide at the last moment that that's what I wanted to do." Hence the title of her new album, Underdressed at the Symphony. Recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in Texas with her longtime band, “But Not Kiss” is simply stunning in scope.


Iris Doe: ‘Tears Ignite Again’

Jeffrey Cain wears many hats: He’s a founding member of the iconic rock band Remy Zero, a writer and multi-instrumentalist for Australian psych legends The Church, and has his own debut solo project in the wings under the moniker Iris Doe. Backed by former bandmates, Cain digs into new but familiar territory and gives us a sneak preview of the work on the first song we hear from his new album,“Tears Ignite Again,” which Cain refers to as “a meditation on modern existence, its chaos and the eventual restoration of beauty.”


Mol Sullivan: ‘Goose’

Citing her debut album, Goose, singer-songwriter Mol Sullivan perceives it as a “long exposure photograph” that spotlights the different songwriting styles she’s cultivated over the past 15 years. The Cincinnati-based musician also reflects on her own sobriety and wrestles with unlearning patterns of behavior that no longer serve her, sketched out on the title track “Goose.”


Cakes Da Killa: ‘Cakewalk’ (Clean)

Inspired by their travels, the pulse of nightlife, and building a community, Cakes Da Killa’s forthcoming (March 22) new album, Black Sheep, sees the underground powerhouse reuniting with longtime collaborator Sam Katz. Their labor of love is divided by Cakes writing every bar and Katz handling beats.“Cakewalk”packs a punch in a very short time.


Smokey Robinson: ‘Gasms’

Today is an auspicious day: It marks the 84th revolution around the sun for the Motown living legend, Rock & Roll and Songwriters Hall of Fame iconic singer-songwriter, the legendary Smokey Robinson, who wrote so many enduring hits (about 4,000). Robinson is back with his first solo album in five years, and his 26th full-length to date. Let’s celebrate his 60+ year storied career with his gift to us, the title track from GASMS. Long may you wave, Smokey Robinson!


Friko: ‘Get Numb To It!’

Let’s tune in to an exciting new indie rock trio, Friko, who channel their raw energy into a frenzy on “Get Numb To It!” Garnering the distinction of being among Pitchfork’s 50 Most Anticipated Albums in 2024, their debut full-length Where we’ve been, Where we go from here is out now, they are a welcome addition to Chicago’s long lineage of innovative sound.


Sunna Margrét: ‘Come With Me’

Sunna Margrét first started making music when she collaborated with renowned composer Ólafur Arnalds, who was a guiding force on her electro-pop path. An Icelandic musician and visual artist now based in Switzerland, Margrét makes music to quench her love of dancing. “Come With Me” is drenched in synth-pop inspired by the likes of New Order and Depeche Mode.


Porij: ‘My Only Love’

It’s Valentine’s Day and we are celebrating all kinds of love with a song to swoon to from the aptly-titled four-piece Porij, who, like their namesake, share the comfort and warmth that “My Only Love” can provide. And we can’t wait to get our hands on their debut album Teething, out late April.


Karate Boogaloo: ‘The Early Bird Catches’

It’s New Music Tuesday for Karate Boogaloo, who drop their track “The Early Bird Catches” today! The Melbourne-based quartet put together pictorial instrumentals leaning toward a rainbow of moods and head-nodding grooves. The guys started out as playground buddies inspired by the sound of Booker T & The MG’s and The Meters and eventually locked in their band, leading up to their forthcoming studio album Hold Your Horses out in May.


Mindchatter: ‘Brain Pills’

Bryce Connolly, the artist known as Mindchatter, established himself with a genre-defying sound that melds his gripping lyrics to beats. An example of that is “Brain Pills,” which Connolly points to as being“about my experience being prescribed ADHD meds from a psychiatrist over an app. The whole process is extremely goofy. I was diagnosed by a woman wearing a hoodie… I’m pretty sure I was older than her, too. Anyways, it seems like this has become the new normal because a lot of people are relating to the song.”


Otyken: ‘Belief’

The Siberian Indigenous group Otyken — a word for sacred land that is used by warriors to lay down their arms and talk it out — use traditional instruments to create modern musical arrangements. The band was formed by producer, songwriter, and manager Andrey Medonos as a way to preserve their folklore and traditions before they become extinct. We came across “Belief” recently and are excited to share this unusual seductive sound with you.


Hiatus Kaiyote: 'Everything's Beautiful'

One of our favorite bands based in Melbourne, Hiatus Kaiyote returns with their first new music in two years. They recently treated fans to a livestream of their first live show of the year from The Evelyn, one of the first venues in their hometown that took a chance on a nascent group. “Everything’s Beautiful” leans into life’s possibilities through luscious guitar licks, heart-pounding bass lines, and of course, the dynamic vocals only Nai Palm can lay down.


Eric Hilton: ‘Closer’

Co-founder of the influential, genre-defying duo Thievery Corporation, Eric Hilton has spent decades piecing together divergent styles into a singular or cohesive sound both with his band and on his own. On February 23, Hilton’s new solo album Sound Vagabond will transport us like an audio postcard to places real or imagined. “This record started modestly, with some basic ideas, but after writing the first eight tracks, I knew I had a travelog” says Hilton. While not intended as GPS, you’ll be able to float to distant lands when you hear “Closer.”


Thee Heart Tones: ‘Forever & Ever’

Coming from lovely Hawthorne, Cali, Thee Heart Tones are made up of rising teenage stars just out of high school who bring their innocence and open hearts to their blend of Chicano Soul. An instant classic professing eternal love, “Forever & Ever” is fresh game if you’re thinking about a special dedication on Valentine’s Day.


Brittany Davis: ‘Sepricon’

Tonight, we are proud to feature singer Brittany Davis, who will make their debut at KCRW Presents: School Night in Hollywood. This artist pulls you in to see their world through sound. Their full-length debut, aptly titled Image Issues, is an album that blurs the boundaries between genre and job, playing every instrument and every vocal part on the album, set to drop on March 1.


José James: ‘Saturday Night (Need You Now)’

Known as the jazz singer for the hip-hop generation, José James kicked off 2024 with an MBE premiere of “Saturday Night (Need You Now).” Now up for grabs as Today’s Top Tune, dig in for this smooth jam written in tribute to some of James’ musical heroes, including Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones, and Michael Jackson. Mark your calendar, the full length 1978 drops on April 5.


Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band: ‘Grilled’

German octet Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band power their new track “Grilled” with some serious muscle provided by two(!) drummers. Whether it’s funk from Africa or America, their approach to steel pan pleasure is intoxicating. We’re excited by the premise of their self-titled LP BRSB, set for release on March 8, as the band will unveil a slew of hip hop covers alongside alluring originals.


Philip Glass: ‘Opening’

A giant in the classical minimalist movement, Philip Glass revisits some of his most loved pieces on his latest compilation, Solo. Today, on his 87th birthday, we witness the music from the very piano which helped create some of his most prominent works as he absorbed the energy of the city in his NYC apartment. ‘Opening” is a widely revered composition from the 1982 album Glassworks.


Diamante Eléctrico: 'Porcelana’

Colombian band Diamante Eléctrico debuts a shift in their sound via the new track “Porcelana,” an upbeat rendering of melancholy from the four time Latin Grammy winners.


Tolliver: ‘Booyabaze’

Taking cues from some of the great funkmeisters — Bootsy Collins, Rick James, and Sylvester (to name a few) — LA’s Tolliver pulls up a relentless track called “Booyabaze.” It’s a hearty “funk you” to “scammers and the champagne popping celebration of excess, pride, and gettin’ what’s yours.”