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NO GUITAR IS SAFE The Guitar Show where Guitar Heroes Plug In. Hosted by Jude Gold.

NO GUITAR IS SAFE The Guitar Show where Guitar Heroes Plug In. Hosted by Jude Gold.


New York, NY


NO GUITAR IS SAFE The Guitar Show where Guitar Heroes Plug In. Hosted by Jude Gold.




Gretchen Menn and Angela Petrilli share the magical tunings of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin

The secret to many a great Led Zeppelin song is knowing which tuning Jimmy Page used when writing and recording it. Today, I am thrilled be in the Bay Area, where GRETCHEN MENN and ANGELA PETRILLI are on hand with acoustic and electric guitars to demonstrate for you many of Page’s most magical tunings, including: “Kashmir” (DADGAD tuning: D, A, D, G, A, D, low to high) “Going to California” (Double-Dropped-D tuning: D, A, D, G, B, D, low to high) “The Rain Song” (D, G, C, G, C, D, low to...


139 - Jeff Tamelier

This episode presents a one-on-one IN-PERSON funk throwdown with guitarist/producer JEFF TAMELIER (Tower of Power, Lydia Pense and Cold Blood, Starship feat. Mickey Thomas). That’s right — live jams are back! Sure, during the pandemic, guests on No Guitar Is Safe played a ton of guitar for you and showed you a lot of playing approaches over Zoom, etc., but the latency and other restrictions of internet audio meant there could be no real jamming between guests and me, your humble host. But...


138 - Julian Lage

Whether he's sharing cool improvisation tactics, ways to use "illegal" tempo shifts, ways to heal from playing injuries by using the Alexander Technique, or his thoughts on playing learned riffs and phrases versus purely spontaneous ones, jazz guitar prodigy JULIAN LAGE explores much in this episode. And throughout the interview he's got his beautiful new signature model Collings guitar in his hands, which he uses to demonstrate songs from his new album SQUINT — which comes out on Blue Note...


137 - Misha Mansoor

Focusrite brings you a deep guitar hang with MISHA MANSOOR, who plugs two of his favorite signature-model Jackson guitars, deconstructs some of his great riffs for you, and shares how he created PERIPHERY, one of the most influential prog-metal bands in history. (Some would even say Mansoor is one of the chief architects of the genre known as “djent” — we’ll see if the ever-humble guitarist/producer agrees.) Misha also shares everything from his deep Allan Holdsworth influence to how he...


136 - Joe Robinson

It's not easy to establish yourself in Nashville well before you've turned 30, but guitarist/singer JOE ROBINSON — with a heap of musical talent, a ton of great songs, and a tireless work ethic — seems to have done just that. Today, the Aussie-turned-Tennesseean six-string wunderkind demonstrates many of his amazing riffs, songs, and approaches (including material from his new album, Borders). Joe also introduces you to his signature Maton guitar, teaches you how to Travis pick, and passes...


135 - Jamie Kime Bonus Lesson

Grammy-winning rock/fusion guitarist JAMIE KIME has worked with everyone from Zappa Plays Zappa to Dr. John to Jewel, and back on episode 94 of this show — which was recorded in person, well before the world ever dreamed a pesky virus would put the world in lockdown — Jamie and I played a ton of guitar and he offered up many great soloing tips. In fact, there was so much musical insight from Jamie in that interview that I couldn't fit it all into one episode. So, as promised, I have now...


134 - Jeff Berlin

From Allan Holdsworth (Bonus: This episode features a previously unreleased interview clip with Holdsworth that may save you from ever playing "mayonnaise" chords again) to Steve Howe/Yes to Eddie Van Halen, renowned bassist JEFF BERLIN has played with some truly great guitarists. On this episode, he plugs in and shows you what he loves to play, study, and teach, and write, with demonstrations spanning Bach to Jaco Pastorius to Eric Clapton. And this interview was extra special for me,...


133 - Tracii Guns

He's a founding member of the two biggest rock bands ever to have the word "Guns" in their names. He's an icon of California metal and hard rock. He's got a lethal looking new Kramer signature model guitar in his name. He's TRACII GUNS, and his main band since the early- to mid-'80s, L.A. Guns, is enjoying a resurgence — and also enjoying the return of lead singer Phil Lewis. Plugging in that new Kramer for you and sharing stories of how he built — and how he survived — his wild career,...


132 - Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal

From GUNS N’ ROSES to ASIA to SONS OF APOLLO to ART OF ANARCHY to his own BUMBLEFOOT albums, RON 'BUMBLEFOOT' THAL is not only one of the most in-demand rock guitarists of the new millennium, he’s also one of the most innovative, as you will discover when you hear him demonstrating everything from his Vigier double-neck electric (one neck is fretless) to his “portable fret” (a thimble!) to his favorite songs from Boston, Stevie Wonder, Judas Priest, and, of course, CHINESE DEMOCRACY — the...


131 - Troy Van Leeuwen

What do QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, A PERFECT CIRCLE, FAILURE, IGGY POP, and other great rock acts have in common? They've all at one time had (and, in the case of that first band, still DO have) guitarist/producer TROY VAN LEEUWEN as a member. On this episode TROY plugs in his signature-model Fender Jazzmaster and shares his guitar playing and recording approaches with host JUDE GOLD. Today's show is brought to you by NAMM's BELIEVE IN MUSIC WEEK, which starts January 18, 2021, and which you...


130 - Lee Ritenour

From demonstrating guitar parts off his new solo album, DREAMCATCHER, to reliving an incredible career that has found him collaborating with everyone from George Benson to Pink Floyd, Grammy-winning guitarist/composer LEE RITENOUR visits us for a deep guitar hang — and he's playing guitar during most of the interview! Today's show is brought to you by NAMM's BELIEVE IN MUSIC WEEK, which starts January 18, 2021, and which you don't want to miss. Attend virtually by registering at...


129 - Andy Timmons

Texas-based, internationally beloved guitar hero ANDY TIMMONS plugs in his go-to ’94 Ibanez AT100 prototype and demonstrates several songs (he even SINGS one for you!), shares many of his tasty guitar techniques, and takes you on an audio tour of the amps and pedals that make up his rig — the tools that contribute to his amazing sound. He also shares the musical inspirations that have motivated him over the decades to develop his signature voice on the guitar. This episode is presented by...


128 - Mike Dawes

British fingerstyle virtuoso MIKE DAWES demonstrates the techniques, tunings, technology, talent, and none-to-serious stage banter that have made him a rising star in the steel-string community and beyond. In addition to being a solo artist, Mike is also lead guitarist for Rock Hall-of-Famer JUSTIN HAYWARD (MOODY BLUES), who often lets Mike open his concerts with a solo set. One result of having done these solo slots is Mike's new live album, SHOWS AND DISTANCING: LIVE IN THE USA, which Mike...


127 - Eddie Van Halen Lesson and Tributes

With vivid remembrances by ROBBIE CRANE and JAY GORE, and detailed VAN HALEN playing tips from host JUDE GOLD, this special tribute episode dives deep into EDDIE VAN HALEN's legacy on and off the fretboard. Presented by BLUE MICROPHONES.


126 - Jon MacLennan

Keith Richards’ mystery tuning revealed? How to layer electric guitars and steel-string acoustics? How to remain a gainfully employed guitarist in this locked-down world? How not to be killed surfing? With guitars in hand, versatile session ace/solo artist/educator JON MACLENNAN and I dive into these topics and more, and also do some jammin’. This episode is presented by BLUE MICROPHONES For a free download of Jon MacLennan's instructional book, Melodic Expressions: The Art...


125 - Nile Rodgers

Globally respected for his incredibly funky guitar playing AND for his immense success as a Grammy-winning record producer, NILE RODGERS has been making multi-platinum albums since the late ’70s, when his dance band CHIC ruled radio with hit after hit. (One of Chic’s famous grooves, powered by NILE's guitar and BERNARD EDWARDS’ bass, “Good Times,” even became the basis of what was arguably the first breakthrough rap song, SUGARHILL GANG’s “Rapper’s Delight.) After CHIC's early success, Nile...


124 - Eric Steckel

At age 11, ERIC STECKEL recorded a live album. A year later, a legendary British blues bandleader heard Steckel and was so impressed he took the young guitar hero on a tour of Europe with him. (Which British bandleader? Let’s just say Steckel is now an official, pedigreed Bluesbreaker.) In this episode, Steckel plugs in one of his favorite Knaggs guitars, demonstrates approaches and riffs from his wide catalog of “blues metal” (as he calls it) songs, and discusses his new line of Seymour...


123 - Vernon Ice Black

He rocked a stadium playing Hendrix songs with Hendrix's former bandmates, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding. He has worked with Stevie Wonder, Steve Winwood, Whitney Houston, Busta Rhymes, Kenny Loggins, Booker T. Jones, Herbie Hancock, Jaco Pastorius, India Arie, Chaka Khan, and many other superstars. And he records his own solo music, which you're about to hear. We're talking about guitarist/singer VERNON ICE BLACK, who, on this episode, plugs in one of his favorite custom guitars,...


122 - Molly Tuttle

Even though she's just 27, MOLLY TUTTLE has for years now been mesmerizing audiences with her fast-’grass flat-picking runs, great sense of groove, and soulful singing. But, as is the case with many great artists, it’s the way her talents combine in the form of great SONGS that is most astounding. The California-raised, Nashville-based steel-string virtuoso got started in music at age 8, learning from (and soon gigging and recording with) her father, Jack Tuttle. Now, Molly — not one to...


121 - Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Plugging in his brand new signature-model Fender Kenny Wayne Shepherd Stratocaster, demonstrating all its sounds, and showing us his “secret” Albert King lick, multi-platinum guitar hero KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD comes to us live from the Demon Cave (my nickname for the garage that houses some of his guitar gear AND his Dodge Demon), where he cranks up the smallest of his many Dumble amplifiers for us. NO GUITAR IS SAFE is hosted by yours truly, Jude Gold, and is presented by BLUE MICROPHONES....