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The OGs of K-pop and Korean entertainment podcasts since 2014. This is a safe space for open and mature discussions about K-pop stuff we love, hate, or love to hate. No sugar coating here, but we hope you can relate to our views even if you disagree with some of them. Above all, we want to make Kpop fun and have fun while doing it! We are made up of netizens from all over the world and we gather weekly in our spare time. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t, and we hope that you find yourself in each of our voices.


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The OGs of K-pop and Korean entertainment podcasts since 2014. This is a safe space for open and mature discussions about K-pop stuff we love, hate, or love to hate. No sugar coating here, but we hope you can relate to our views even if you disagree with some of them. Above all, we want to make Kpop fun and have fun while doing it! We are made up of netizens from all over the world and we gather weekly in our spare time. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don’t, and we hope that you find yourself in each of our voices.





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Oppa Don't Preach

Join us for a lively episode of Not Your Average Netizens where hosts Jemin, Nat, and Ashe bring you the latest in K-pop and beyond! We kick things off with a spirited discussion on what we've been listening to lately, from 80s pop hits to the newest K-pop releases. Nat shares her thoughts on Normani's new album, Dopamine, and dives into a nostalgic love for Toni Braxton. The team also touches on the lighter side of K-pop variety shows and shares some funny and slightly controversial moments. Plus, we delve into the serious side of the industry with a discussion on the recent struggles faced by new artists like Riku from NCT Wish. And as always, we end with our shoutouts - celebrating achievements from K-pop artists to Olympic athletes, and even airing some frustrations about the weather. Don't miss out on this fun, insightful, and slightly less lengthy episode! Subscribe and share with your friends to help spread the K-pop love. 🎶✨ Timestamps: [00:02:18] What have we been listening to?[00:09:22] Poll[00:19:40] Weki Meki to disband[00:21:05] BAP to reunite[00:23:01] T-ara to reunite for 15th year anniversary in China[00:23:35] TOP will not be blowing up in space[00:25:52] BELIFT LAB shares 27 min video about plagiarism[00:29:46] SME’s new bg[00:48:22] Audition Show wants to recruit trainees between the years of 3-15[01:01:27] Asian Grammys[01:08:37] Thailand 🤝 That Gay Shit: Thailand legalizes same-sex marriage[01:13:03] Thai Tourists shunning Korea[01:19:49] Streets is saying Lisa is blackfishing[01:28:16] Renjun and SME apologize to sasaeng[01:31:40] NCT Mark and Haechan involved in sex scandal[01:48:41] Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin VS SME[01:55:28] Yong Junhyung addresses Burning Sun


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Old New Jeans

In this lively episode, we once again dive into the dynamic world of K-pop, discussing everything from fan behavior to industry controversies. We tackle some serious issues, including fan misconduct and the troubling allegations against Shinhwa's Minwoo. Updates on Kepler's future spark conversation about the challenges K-pop groups face post-debut. Also explored are broader industry concerns, such as chart manipulation and the treatment of idols like Stray Kids. Plus — are idols lazy? It's a must-listen for K-pop fans seeking an insightful blend of news, opinions, and entertainment banter! Timestamps: [00:04:43] What are we listening to?[00:10:58] OnlyOneOf’s Rie speaks out about being kissed by fans without permission while on tour[00:15:03] THE AUDACITY - Shinhwa’s Minwoo complains about being scammed but the scam was his trying to get out of being charged with sexual assault[00:18:46] Kep1er may continue with 7 members[00:21:15] Youtuber SOJANG is being criminally indicted for defaming IVE’s Wonyoung and 6 others[00:23:11] What would you do on a music show for $36[00:31:54] Bada’s Green Heart Bazaar raises money for children in Gaza[00:35:32] Takahasi Juri leaves Rocket Punch[00:38:23] NATURE disbands and has CEO involved in sajaegi scandal[00:43:44] Kang Daniel files criminal complaint against major shareholder in his company for fraud and more[00:46:54] Cao Lu buys the copyright to ‘You’re Pitiful’ and wants to re-record the song in Chinese[00:48:52] Chinese idols lead sasaengs right to JAIL![00:53:12] HYBE Corner - Government to order investigation into HYBE chart manipulation complaint involving BTS[00:55:23] MHJ vs. HYBE[00:59:52] MHJ under fire for copying Mexican girl group Jeans[01:11:34] Fromis 9 has not been paid and has been ignored[01:13:59] Stray Kidz at the MET Gala - was it racism?[01:29:52] ZB1 Taerae on changing himself for fans[01:33:41] Riize Corner - JEMIN was wrong[01:51:03] Tiffany says idol these days are lazy[02:08:41] Goo Hara Act should pass soon[02:10:46] Shout outs


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K-pop Chaos

In this overstuffed episode of "Not Your Average Netizens," join us as we delve into the latest headlines shaking up the K-pop world. We discuss the shocking saga of Shinhwa fans unleashing terror on Andy's wife, raising questions about toxic behavior in fan communities. Then, we explore the bittersweet reality of girl group disbandments, reflecting on the recent departures that left fans heartbroken and speculating about the future of the industry's beloved acts. We also turn our attention to the controversial Coachella performance by LE SSERAFIM, discussing the mixed reactions from fans and critics alike and analyzing the significance of their appearance on the global stage. Shifting gears, we dive into the brewing feud between HYBE and Min Heejin, dissecting the implications of the clash between the entertainment powerhouse and the renowned creative director, and speculating about the potential fallout. Finally, we wrap up the episode with an exploration of the buzz surrounding boy group RIIZE! Timestamps: [00:02:31] What are we listening to?[00:15:35] Poll[00:21:16] Comebacks/Debuts[00:21:18] Zico featuring Jennie - STOP![00:24:47] Kep1er - Straight Line[00:28:07] Yuqi - Freak[00:30:53] Kim Woojin - I Like The Way[00:34:05] Doyoung - Little Light[00:43:16] XG members’ diss tracks[00:43:34] [XG TAPE 4] BIG MAD (HARVEY)[00:45:08] [XG TAPE 4] Still Hot (JURIN) [00:46:31] [XG TAPE 4] Dirt Off Your Shoulder (COCONA)[00:48:09] [XG TAPE 4] Million Cash (MAYA)[00:58:09] Disbandments - Nature[00:59:13] Disbandments - Cherry Bullet[01:00:29] BB Girls leave Warner Music and lose member Yujeong[01:01:12] Singer Park Boram passed away at 30[01:01:43] KBS is unprofessional[01:03:24] APink's Bomi in 8-year relationship[01:04:42] YG petty ass had Baemon perform live[01:10:06] B1A4’s manager should be in jail[01:14:06] Age Is Nothing But A Number[01:17:51] Coachella[01:45:38] HYBE vs Min Hee Jin[02:36:57] Reason why Mark and Haechan hate each other [02:42:17] FEATURED: RIIZE[02:51:30] RIIZE - TalkSaxy MMA2023[02:56:33] RIIZE - Memories + Get A Guitar[03:02:41] RIIZE - Impossible[03:16:08] Shoutouts


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K-pop Posse

Tune in to the latest episode of Not Your Average Netizens for a whirlwind of K-pop updates! From our reactions to Cowboy Carter to the fascinating realm of K-pop relationships, we've got it all covered. Join us as we delve into discussions on new charting guidelines shaking up the industry and explore the perspectives of older idols on the challenges of dance culture. Plus, don't miss our special feature shining a spotlight on Young Posse, who make us all uneasy with their "MACARONI CHEESE." Get ready for insights, analysis, and plenty of K-pop! Timestamps: [00:00:49] The Cowboy Carter Minute+ [00:12:30] What are we listening to? [00:22:17] Comebacks [00:24:15] Military: iKon's Chanwoo and Bobby, VIXX's Hyuk and NCT Taeyong [00:31:26] K-pop Dating Corner [00:52:57] Taemin signs with BPM/Onew signs with Griffin Entertainment [01:13:37] HIGHLIGHT reach agreement with CUBE ENT for use of Beast name [01:15:00] BTOB Member’s Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Hyunsik, And Peniel Establish New Label BTOB COMPANY [01:16:55] OMEGAX have won their contract termination lawsuit [01:18:22] Super Junior D&E withdraw from music shows following controversy with title of comeback [01:23:32] How much do idols really make? [01:30:39] PLAVE's Yejun To Temporarily Minimize Activities Due To Health [01:33:25] Kingdom changes group name to The KingDom [01:35:02] Get ready or beware for a Jennie and Zico collabo [01:35:33] NCT’s Renjun stands up to sasaeng [01:40:52] New charting guidelines? [01:45:05] Older idols complain about dance challenge culture [01:56:54] Why Bobby really beefed with Rap Monster [02:01:26] FEATURED: Young Posse [02:27:05] Shoutouts


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In this episode of Not Your Average Netizens, we dive into the shocking revelation of an idol admitting to being married with a son, sparking conversations about the industry's strict dating policies. We also discuss aespa's Karina's apology to fans for dating, exploring the complexities of idol-fan relationships. But that's not all—will the recent controversies with TikTok impact the K-pop world? Finally, we ponder the future: could PLAVE (Potentially Lethal Artificial Vocal Entity) become our AI K-pop overlords? Tune in for a lively discussion on these hot topics in the K-pop universe! Timestamps: [00:01:08] What are we listening to? [00:06:03] Poll: What’s the most important skill for an idol to have? [00:20:15] Comebacks/Debuts [00:22:23] Idol abusing his gf [00:24:08] 4 staff injured in THE BLACK LABEL photoshoot after falling 20 feet in abandoned building [00:28:58] PLAVE become the first-ever virtual group to notch music show win with “WAY 4 LUV” on ‘Show Champion’ [00:30:42] FT Island former member and actor Song Seung Hyun has announced his retirement from the entertainment industry [00:33:06] Hwang Minhyun Announces Military Enlistment Date [00:33:45] VIXX’s Ken And Leo Leave Jellyfish Entertainment [00:35:53] VAV Parts Ways With Agency After Nearly 9 Years [00:36:32] UNIQ’s Sungjoo admits to being married with a son following accidental voicemail exposure [00:41:34] Chuu’s contract nullification victory against Blockberry confirmed by High Court after appeal [00:42:36] PLEDIS Confirms SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups Has Been Exempted From Military Service + Responds To April Comeback Rumors [00:51:37] aespa’s Karina apologizes to fans for … uh, dating + fandom protest trucks and merch ditching [01:10:18] Nugu snitch says a popular idol has a gf [01:14:10] Is Bang Chan too parasocial? [01:26:05] ENHYPEN’s Japanese member Ni-ki apologizes after saying he was jealous of fan getting March 1st Movement Day off [01:35:21] Will the situation with Kpop affect Tik Tok [01:55:14] FEATURED: PLAVE [02:20:10] Shoutouts


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Awards Show Emergency

In this episode, we take a deep dive into the mysterious persona of Cha Eun-woo, discuss a recent award show mishap involving an unfortunate "mishap," and examine the resurgence of J-pop and its potential impact on the K-pop scene, exploring the cultural and musical exchange between the two genres. Finally, we settle the age-old debate of ramyeon vs. ramen, discussing the nuances of these popular Korean and Japanese noodle dishes and how they reflect broader cultural trends. Join us as we unpack these fascinating topics and more in this episode of the K-pop podcast! Timestamps: [00:01:22] What have we been listening to? [00:17:15] Poll (10min): Should we cancel music award shows? [00:30:08] Comebacks/Debuts [00:35:55] Le Sserafim - Easy [00:38:54] Le Sserafim - Smart [00:42:08] Enhypen (cover) - I Need U [00:45:30] IU - Holssi [00:49:06] Ten - Nightwalker [00:52:43] Babymonster - Stuck In The Middle [00:57:04] Twice - I Got You [01:00:21] Vanner - Jackpot [01:03:56] X:IN - My Idol [01:07:00] Cha Eun-woo - Where Am I [01:11:07] Cha Eun-woo - Stay [01:14:52] (g) Idle - Revenge [01:15:02] Ikon DK - Groovin’ [01:18:52] The Wind - H! TEEN [01:23:07] Rain wants to produce another boy group [01:24:30] P1Harmony get first music show win! [01:25:17] Rookie boy groups make music that casual listeners actually like [01:29:54] Blackpink’s Lisa makes acting debut in The White Lotus [01:32:21] FNC to debut new rock group in 10 years [01:32:49] MonstaX’s Shownu had his tiddies out at NYFW [01:34:23] ZB1’s Jiwoong gets into cursing controversy [01:38:15] Hyolyn uses n-word during Black History Month [01:50:54] This is weird; fansite takes pic of UNIS member at elementary school graduation [01:55:23] Korea to hold Kpop events in key areas of Korea to attract tourists [02:16:37] TEENTOP’s Niel claims to not have gotten any hoes any in any area code [02:22:09] Le Sserafim face plagiarism controversy [02:24:57] Poop at an award show [02:29:45] What does JPOP revival mean for Kpop [02:41:20] Ramyeon vs Ramen [02:48:20] Shout outs


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Make a Wish

Dive into the latest episode of Not Your Average Netizens K-pop Podcast as we welcome a special guest to discuss the latest trends and happenings in the world of K-pop! Join us as we shine a spotlight on some nugu groups to look out for, uncovering hidden gems and rising stars in the industry. Plus, tune in to find out who the Meg and Nicki of K-pop are! And if that's not enough, get ready for some serious NCT love as Jemin spills the tea on her obsession with NCT Wish. Don't miss out on all the K-pop goodness, only on Not Your Average Netizens! Timestamps: [00:01:26] Poll (10min): Best NCT Unit? [00:10:54] Comebacks/Debuts [00:15:17] Sistar19 - No More (Ma Boy)[00:18:17] IVE feat. Saweetie - All Night [00:24:22] IU - Love Wins All [00:29:46] Seola - Without U [00:32:54] AB6IX - Grab Me [00:36:06] VCHA - Girls of the Year [00:39:50] CIX - Lovers or Enemies [00:42:44] TWS - Plot Twist [00:46:23] Evnne - Ugly [00:49:36] Hui - Hmmm Bop [01:01:03] The Nicki and Meg of kpop [01:16:10] MNET putting together a vocal bg [01:21:04] Nana and Jisoo (plus men) read through for Omniscient Reader [01:24:48] YGE brings back Ahyeon to Baby Monster and then straight up lies [01:35:30] AYO?! The VCHA slander is crazy [01:53:22] Eunwoo [01:59:58] Groups to look out for [02:19:13] FEATURED: Congrats we’re in the 5th gen: NCT Wish [02:47:23] Shoutouts


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Take You To The Candy Shop

In this episode, we delve into the topic of which past-generation K-pop groups would still be hitting the charts today. Get ready for a trip down memory lane as we reminisce about the golden age of K-pop and discuss the enduring legacy of certain groups. Plus: is Korean fried chicken really the best K-food? Timestamps: [00:01:04] What have we been listening to?[00:10:54] Poll (10min): Who is the 3rd gen it boy?[00:24:01] Comebacks/Debuts[00:28:05] Yena - Good Morning[00:32:40] NMIXX - Dash[00:37:21] Minho - Stay For The Night[00:40:42] Itzy - Untouchable[00:45:17] OnlyOneOf - dOpamine[00:48:27] B1A4 - Rewind[00:51:34] SF9 - Bibora[01:03:10] Choi Jong-hoon is (unfortunately) back[01:09:43] Chen and Xiumin sign with Baekhyun’s company, INB100[01:15:32] Brave Entertainment announces new group named: Candy Shop[01:22:44] NCT’s Haechan caught smoking indoors[01:27:41] Woman gets 6 months for stalking Rain and Kim-Tae-hee[01:30:56] Are there disbanded groups who if they debuted today, would be super famous[01:57:15] Fried Chicken voted most popular Korean food - Debate[02:18:20] Shoutouts


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The 2023 NYAN Awards

It's never too late to discuss the best of the previous year! Well, maybe if we released this in like, February. Join us as we cover our best and worst in K-pop for 2023. Expect some surprises, as well as the reemergence of old podcast grudges! Timestamps: [03:27] Best Choreography, [09:29] Worst Choreography, [15:02] Best Music Video, [20:02] Worst Music Video, [23:30] Best Soloist, [26:22] Worst Soloist, [28:58] Best Male Group, [34:41] Worst Male Group, [38:00] Best Female Group, [41:55] Worst Female Group, [48:37] Best Song, [50:20] Worst Song, [56:16] Best Album, [58:15] Best Artist, [58:38] Worst Artist, [01:07:00] Best English Release, [01:07:46] Worst English Release, [01:11:07] Songs we chose last year that fell off or should have been mentioned or awarded last year, [01:13:22] What was the best episode we did this year?, [01:17:44] Theme of 2023, [01:33:18] "Scandal" of the Year, [01:50:53] The Most Positive Thing to Come Out of K-pop in 2023, [01:58:08] Adding Our Own NYAN Awards Topic/Category Suggestions


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Taking the K Out of K-pop

In this overstuffed episode of Not Your Average Netizens K-pop podcast, shippers equal toxicity, HYBE, and Bang PD want to do the impossible, and 2nd gen is back, baby!


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F is for Robert

As the leaves change and the air grows chilly, fall into a new K-pop podcast with Not Your Average Netizens. In this episode, we discuss Spotify streams, colorist comments, and Enhyphen fans crossing the line. Plus: MAMA nominations! We’re here for the mess.


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One Flew Over the K-POP Nest

Hey hey hey! It's another episode of Not Your Average Netizens, in which we discuss: K-pop stans not understanding personal space, Hwasa loves her body a little too much, and are foreigners really satisfied living in Korea? Plus: comebacks!


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Don’t Call It A Comeback

Now that we've had our very own Hot NYAN Summer, we're back with a special episode full of all the comebacks we missed while away. Also: a concert stabbing, VMAs predictions, and K-pop Fyre Fest! Join us, why don't you?


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What's up, listeners? In this episode of NYAN, we talk about our sworn enemy Stray Kids, HYBE's trolling habits, and we have a special featured artist straight from TikTok! Timestamps are in the podcast player.


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K-pop Growing Pains

In the post-Memorial Day doldrums? Need a lengthy podcast for your daily commute? Or while you’re doing your chores? Well, does NYAN have something for you! Try the premiere K-pop podcast with all the commentary you’ll ever need about the latest news and music. It’s an extra-large episode with a couple of surprises, so check it out! Timestamps: In the podcast player.


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Barely A Scandal In Da Club

Sometimes you just need a break from the daily grind. Let NYAN be your breather as we discuss all the notable K-pop news of the past week: Pinkchella, Ravi's apology, TxT’s Taehyun looks lost in the club and more. It's lighthearted, it's fun, it's like discussing K-pop with three of your closest friends. So check it out! (FYI, timestamps are now part of the podcast player).


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The SM School of Debt and Regret

Got no plans for Easter? Why don't you curl up with our latest episode in which Ashe, Nat, and Jemin cover many topics, from Kpop's (eventual?) demise to Taemin's return. We also discuss the confusing Kwangya rollout, SME's new academy, and...pitchiness. Won't you join us?


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”T T” Shirt Drama

Aren't we all tired? We discuss TxT and New Jeans going to Lolla, more SM/HYBE shenanigans, aging out of K-pop, and — all right — Chaeyoung and the t-shirts. Plus, boy group TAN! Timestamps: Poll 4:30 Comebacks 27:30 Nine Muses COMEBACK. 40:50 TxT is headlining Lollapalooza; newjeans will also be there 42:37 Twice’s Chaeyoung in hot water 1:07:48 DKZ’s Kyoungyoon admits that family is apart of JMS cult 1:29:37 HYBE never wanted SME anyways 1:59:02 FEATURED: TAN 2:01:55 Shoutouts 2:25:03


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In the Army Now

Thank SHINEE for Timestamps cause this ep's a big boy! But be assured, our high quality of K-pop discussion remains the same as ever. Nat and Jemin deep dive into the latest tours, enlistments, and resigns, along with our super-sized HYBE corner! Timestamps: Poll: Is Hitman Bang a revolutionary, fighting for states’ rights?00:58 Comebacks/Debuts 7:17 Tour information 19:14 Kpop artists at Paris and Milan Fashion Week 24:10 Minuk leaves DKZ 27:16 Rocky leaves Astro, Fantagio...


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The Fridge Is Out

We here at Not Your Average Netizens K-pop podcast fully support letting the fridge out. Whenever he wants. Preferably where everyone can see. If you know you know #THEFRIDGEISLOOSE2023 Timestamps: Culture Poll 1:52 Comebacks/Debuts 3:24 Happy Black History Month to Han Hyun Min 7:53 LOONA update 12:16 Heechul is still shit 15:27 Seungri is out UNFORTUNATELY and other Burning Sun updates 29:39 Kpop concerts could become more expensive 39:31 AESPA v. NCT 51:42 Taecyeon as a fridge 1:16:22 HYBE has bought SME 1:33:12 FEAUTURED: XG 1:45:00 Shout Outs 2:12:04