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401 - "It Never Occurred To Me That An Ex-Christian Could Exist"

It’s the first episode hosted by Stefanie! Our featured atheist today is Daryl! He is a Patreon subscriber, a Yapper, and one of Stefanie's favorite people. You’ll hear him talk about being raised in a religious environment that was right on the edge of being a cult and how he became a pastor for 10 years! They talk about what he thinks about religion, porn, and then the whiskey takes effect! Enjoy! Remember our friend Dave, who's dying out loud?? Keep up with him by visiting:...


317 - Stupid Christian Clichés

Our featured atheist this week is Anne! Anne joins us from Michigan. She grew up Roman Catholic and has an amazing story about purity, plates, and the awkward ways that Christian parents and leaders talk about sex, life, and growing up. There was even a time where a close relative fasted and prayed for her to get engaged so she'd stop living in sin! We have another great round of "I'm Sorry But I Can't' featuring stupid Christian clichés. You know, those terrible platitudes like "let go and...


316 - “When We Debated God I Just Couldn’t Win”

Our featured atheist this week is Deborah. Deborah a Canadian atheist, eh (sorry, couldn't resist), YoutTuber and podcaster, eh (oops).. She was raised in the United Church of Canada, eh (okay last one I promise), which is probably the most liberal Christian denomination in the world. At 13, she converted to a Calvinist offshoot of the Dutch Reform Church on the urging of a school friend. She became an atheist rather abruptly after a "lightbulb" moment at the age of 17. If your family has...


315 - “You Eat Sleep and Breathe Mormonism”

Our featured atheist this week is "word_goddess" She's the first former Mormon we've ever had on the show and we had a great time talking. Luke and "word_goddess talk about her exit from Mormonism, what really got her thinking, and how she felt once she left. The conversation then turns to sexism in the broader atheist community. Luke asks her why she thinks it's harder to get women to say yes to be interviewed than men and the answer really surprised him. In Heathens, Heretics, and High...


313 - God's Kind of an Ass

Our guest this week is Valerie Wade. Valerie is the author of "Don't Make Me Choose Between You And God," a member of our yappers group, and an all around amazing person. Valerie doesn't consider herself an atheist but is questioning everything. While she was active in church she was put off by the treatment of the LGBTQ community. She also always felt terrible for not praying "right" and was confused as to why god would treat someone faithful like Job so terribly. Ultimately Valerie isn't...


312- "I Felt Like I Couldn't Do Anything Right

This may be the best episode yet! (Okay we know they're all amazing) Our featured atheist of the week is Will. Will joins us from the center of Texas to talk about his journey out of faith. He was raised in a physically and spiritually abusive household and found freedom and courage as he gave up his faith. One thing you'll notice about this man is his happiness! In the midst of the crap he's been through you can hear the smile!Plus Caila Lane joins us for her very first "Take a Knee"...


311- "I Was Southern Baptist From the Womb"

Another week, another great show. This week's featured atheist is Andrea. Andrea was a baptist from birth. She attended church regularly as a child and her family was very active in church. Jurassic park and an overall curious mind got her questioning from a young age, but she really started to question when she was 14. She was told she would never amount to anything when she told her parents she was a lesbian. The final nail in the coffin for her faith was when she watched several of her...


310 - "He's an atheist, and he's not a bad person"

Another amazing week, another amazing featured atheist! This week we bring you Jonathan. Jonathan is from Texas. He asked Jesus into his heart at a young age and grew up speaking in tongues, casting out demons, and living in fear of always losing his salvation. Due to his fear he asked Jesus into his heard a few thousand more times throughout his christian experience. Three years ago Jonathan's life changed when christianity and religion just stopped making sense. Jonathan found a freedom...


309 - "I Had Zero Self-Esteem"

We have an amazing featured atheist for you today! Brandon joins us from the motor city to talk about his life growing up in an oppressive and secretive cult. He had zero self-esteem and reached a point where death felt like the greatest relief he could find. Amazingly an atheistic thought saved his life! Brandon's candor and courage in telling his story the reason why we do this. A word of caution: the topics of suicide and suicidal ideation, molestation, and child abuse are discussed. If...


308 - "Is Someone Controlling This..."

Our featured atheist this week is Amanda! Amanda is incredible, she's an atheist, a mom, and she's battling cancer. Luke and Amanda talk about what gives her hope and how she keeps fighting without believing in a supernatural plan. Caila Lane stops by to talk to us about her NEW monthly segment! Yes! We're adding to the ranks of the show. Caila was one of our first "I saw the Light" guests and also wrote our first blog post, "Honoring Black History with A Gray Life" Caila's new segment...


307 - "I'm Such a Black Sheep in my Family"

This week's episode is one for the history books! Our featured atheist this week is William. William describes himself as "an adopted, biracial, southern, gay, vegan, atheist." William is also our most active member of the Yappers group according to Facebook analytics. Luke was excited about this interview from the moment it was scheduled! But wait, there's more! Author Craig Wells stops by to talk about his book, "The Blasphemous Bible." Craig spent two years rewriting the entire King...


306 - "I Like the Person I am Now"

Our featured atheist this week is Annalisa! Annalisa comes to us from the buckle of the Bible Belt, Texas. Luke and Annalisa talk about marriage, family, and what kind of personal freedom atheism can bring. So many religious people spend their lives trying to fix something that's not even broken. Take control of your life, love who you are. Luke and Tami go through the top answers to our Instagram question this week, "is there anything you miss about your past religious life?" Can you guess...


305 - "Aren't you Glad Dad's an Atheist?"

Our featured atheist this episode is Johnny. Johnny and Luke talk about raising kids as an atheist dad. Is it harder to talk to your daughter about sex than your son? Where do morals come from? And are we screwed or not? Plus Luke answers one of the most common questions he gets, almost every single week. WE HAVE T-SHIRTS the first printing happens this week! Click Here for 15% off your order!** For a limited time!If you're not a part of the group already consider joining the YAPPERS we...


304 - "Religion Ruined My Life"

Our featured atheist today is Precilla. Precilla is 19 years old and joins us from Mauritius. She's a former Hindu and has experienced some tragic things in her life. Religion and prayers were unable to help. After trying to find the good side of religion she arrived at the conclusion that there is no good side of religion. Ultimately she came to the conclusion that there is no god. She's been an atheist for three years and her life has never been the same. This weeks episode does contain...


303 - "Part of Being African American is Being Religious"

Welcome to Church!! We have an amazing show this week! Our featured atheist this week is Tatiyana. Tatiyana is one of the lucky ones. She has been questioning religion for as long as she can remember, but she considered herself an athiest at 8, even though she didn't know the term or community at the time. Tatiyana sheds some light on what life is like as an African American teen who also does not believe in god. She and Luke discuss the history of slavery and oppression and how it...


302 - "My Main Goal is to Get People to Think"

Our featured atheist today is Alex. Once a devout Catholic he started to be very vocal about his atheism on social media, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. He has created and contributed to multiple atheist pages, including the Godless page. He decided to put the atheist label on when he realized the arguments against the existence of God were stronger than the arguments for. Alex is an incredible human being. During his discussion with Luke Alex opens up about the challenges of being...


301 - Your Atheist Mom

Happy Mother's Day! Season 3 is here, and it's more about you and your life than ever before. Our featured atheist today is Liz. Liz is amazing, incredible, a badass mom and wife. She grew up and still lives in the Bible Belt. She was one of the lucky ones, questioning the validity of religion around age 5. Now she's a feminist raising three boys with her loving and supporting husband. Liz and Luke talk about parenting, marriage, raising children with an atheist paradigm and how to love and...


*** - A New Route is Available...

In this final episode of season 2 Pastor Luke talks about some personal failings that have been weighing heavy on his heart. He feels like he needs to do better in certain areas and he is promising to do better in season three. Join Luke and Tami as they look ahead to a more exciting and inclusive season of the "Your Atheist Pastor" show.


237 - Pastor Paulie

Luke and Tami are back from vacation, but extremely jet lagged. Jet lag is real people. The knew that though. As they peered into the future they saw how tired they would be so they wanted to introduce you to an amazing person. His name is Paul Moody. Paul and Luke were housemates in college and have maintained a friendship over the past decade. Paul is also a Lutheran Pastor. Paul's church has been working toward becoming a church that boldly opens its doors to the LGBTQ community by...


236 - I Saw the Light; Yash

Welcome to church! This week pastor Luke sits down with Yash. Yash is a former Hindu who's lived in India, Canada, and the US. Yash has a fascinating story from growing up in India, not eating meat, and seeing cows as sacred, to now living in the US and enjoying some hamburgers. Luke doesn't always do a ton of research when he interviews someone, so about 40 minutes into the interview Luke and Yash get onto a topic that would have changed the course of the whole interview, and definitely...