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CNN Tonight brings you in-depth coverage, one-on-one interviews, and analysis of the latest breaking news. Weekdays, 9 PM ET.




More Trump legal trouble, explosive FOX lawsuit, Tacopina vs. Tacopina

A federal judge believes the DOJ’s case that Trump may have used his own defense attorney to commit a crime in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents probe – what that could mean for the former president’s legal defense. Plus, new details about the inner workings of the FOX Network from a lawsuit filed by a producer that describes the toxic stew of sexism, misogyny and anti-Semitism she experienced there. And, Tacopina vs. Tacopina - Trump's lawyer is now saying something very different than he...


What happens now? Miami Beach chaos, Lasso goes to Washington

Is former President Trump about to be indicted for paying hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels? A source tells CNN his legal team does not expect an arrest before next week, and prosecutors say they have not made a final decision. Alex Fernandez is the Miami Beach City Commissioner. He joins to discuss the criminal crackdown there, after spring break turned fatally violent for the third year running this weekend. And, the cast of 'Ted Lasso' took over the White House press briefing...


Trump’s possible indictment, plus, ‘Overtime with Bill Maher’

Law enforcement agencies in NYC prepare for the possible indictment of Trump in the Stormy Daniels hush money case. It could happen as early as next week. Plus, the Ohio school district is switching to a 4-day school week to combat staff shortages. And, a man who was wrongly convicted and sentenced to 400 years, tells Laura Coates his story following his release after serving 34 years in prison. Also, ‘Overtime with Bill Maher’: the weekly segment in which Maher and guests answer topical...


$30B bank rescue, downed drone footage, massive seaweed blob

Big banks rescue First Republic in a $30 billion deal to “reflect their confidence” in it, and “banks of all sizes”. Laura Coates asks House Banking Committee member Senator Chris Van Hollen if customers are being ignored in the financial crisis. Plus, the US Military releases video of a Russian fighter jet forcing down an American drone over the Black Sea. And, a 10 million-ton, 5,000 mile-long blob of seaweed is floating around in the Gulf of Mexico, and is and heading for Florida's...


Global financial anxiety, Trump’s Georgia troubles, Mexico blames US

Anxiety intensifies over the health of the global financial system as Credit Suisse borrows more than $50 billion from the Swiss National Bank after its shares crash 30%. Plus, Fulton County investigators have yet another recording of Trump pressuring a Georgia official to overturn Biden’s 2020 win. And, the President of Mexico blames the US for the Fentanyl crisis, saying legislators haven't done anything to combat it. Also tonight: a Texas judge hears a case that could end abortion pill...


Viral panic, college trans admissions fight, home-working health

After customers withdrew $42 billion from Silicon Valley Bank in a single day following a viral panic about a bank run that spread on Twitter and private chat groups, the panel discusses the effect social media is having on finance and the importance of where we get our information from. Plus, the admissions fight going on in women’s colleges – should they admit trans men? And, why working from home long-term is less healthy than you might think. Also tonight: a school pulls a test question...


Two failed banks, facial recognition, diversity of crash test dummies

The panel examines what the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and New York’s Signature Bank means for your money and for other banks, plus reactions to President Biden’s message to Americans that the U.S. banking system remains “safe.” And, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testified before the New York grand jury investigating the former president’s alleged role in a scheme to pay hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Also, New York City Mayor Eric Adams has asked local businesses...


Before the kidnap, Santos skimming allegation, ‘Overtime with Bill Maher’

Tonight, we have footage of was happening in the car taken by one of the Americans kidnapped in Mexico, just after they crossed over the border, before a two-hour time gap. What we know about where they went before being surrounded by the cartel. Plus, Republican Rep. George Santos is accused of running a credit card skimming operation in Seattle. And, ‘Overtime with Bill Maher’: the weekly segment in which Maher and guests answer topical questions from HBO’s ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’...


Trump charges likely, drug cartel apologizes, racy comment controversy

Prosecutors signal criminal charges are likely for Trump in the Stormy Daniels hush money case. Plus, the Mexican drug cartel believed responsible for kidnapping four Americans apologizes, and hands over those directly involved. And, Tennessee’s Lieutenant Governor faces questions over his racy comments on a young gay man’s Instagram posts. Also tonight: the former head of the DHS Disinformation Governance Board tells Alisyn Camerota about resigning after attacks against her from the...


What we know, and don’t know about the origins of Covid

Where did Covid-19 come from? The former head of the CDC says he was left out of Coronavirus origin discussions between Dr. Fauci and other scientists, after he expressed support for the Wuhan lab leak theory. Plus, as CNN learns more about what happened to the four Americans attacked and kidnapped in Mexico, a border culture expert shares his research about violent drug cartels. And, the DOJ issues a scathing rebuke of Louisville police in a report following the botched raid that killed...


Mexico kidnap, Carlson conspiracy backlash, former first lady speaks

First up, an update on what happened to the four Americans who were kidnapped by a drug cartel in the Mexico border city of Matamoros on Friday. Plus, the backlash against Tucker Carlson’s false January 6 claims. And, Michelle Obama talks about the day she moved out of the White House, and why she sobbed uncontrollably. Hosted by Alisyn Camerota To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit


Four Americans kidnapped in Mexico in case of mistaken identity

Four U.S. citizens were assaulted and kidnapped by gunmen in Mexico on Friday in a case of mistaken identity. Investigators believe the Americans were mistaken for Haitian drug smugglers. We hear what U.S. law enforcement is doing to find them. And, a woman died after suffering injuries during turbulence on a flight— the panel discusses how this could happen. Plus, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson aired some of the exclusive January 6th footage given to him by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy....


Murderer Murdaugh sentenced, plus, ‘Overtime with Bill Maher’

The judge who sentenced Alex Murdaugh for murdering his wife and son calls the disgraced attorney a “Monster”. The panel debates the view of some legal observers that those three hours of jury deliberations were too fast for a six-week trial. Plus, ‘Overtime with Bill Maher’: the weekly segment in which Maher and guests answer topical questions from HBO’s ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ viewers. And, what will the future be like for the people of East Palestine, Ohio after the toxic chemical...


Murdaugh found guilty, Jewish officials threatened, midair rollercoaster

Alex Murdaugh is found guilty of murdering his wife and son, and likely faces a life sentence. Did Murdaugh's son Paul help solve his own murder from the grave? Plus, a Michigan man from the so-called ‘Sovereign Citizens Movement’ threatens to kill Jewish officials including the Michigan attorney general. And, a terrifying episode in the sky so severe that passengers on a Lufthansa flight said it felt like going over the top of a rollercoaster. But, as the skies were clear - is climate...


Airport explosives scare, attacks on drag, $25,000 to move home?

A Pennsylvania man is arrested after trying to bring explosives on a plane to Florida. Police say it’s not terrorism related, so what was it? Plus, some of the lawmakers trying to make dressing in drag illegal have themselves dressed in women's clothing, and there are photos to prove it. And, how much would it take for you to move back to your home state? How about $25,000? Alisyn explains. Also tonight: former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan is grilled for remaining on the Fox board of...


Woke in America, SCOTUS & student debt, the "real" UFO problem

The panel discusses politics and race, and, cancel culture and wokeness. Are we all having conversations at our dinner tables where we accidentally step in it? And what conversations do we now feel uncomfortable having because we're afraid to get it wrong? Plus, 26 million student loan forgiveness applications could be declined by the Supreme Court. And, a former Navy fighter pilot tells Alisyn the US has a real UFO problem, but it’s not balloons. Also tonight: Rupert Murdoch acknowledges...


FOX boss under oath, papers drop “Dilbert”, hooked on “Cocaine Bear”

New revelations from the $1.6 billion Dominion Voting Systems defamation lawsuit against FOX News - what Rupert Murdoch said under oath about multiple FOX hosts and the lies they repeatedly told on air about the 2020 election. Plus, the racist rant from the creator of “Dilbert” that’s led to hundreds of newspapers across the country dropping the comic strip. And, does a bear do cocaine in the woods? Well, this one does. Why movie audiences are hooked on the new comedy thriller, “Cocaine...


Zelensky goes country, Governors and gender, more Murdaugh lies

Country music star Brad Paisley tells Alisyn about his new charity song “Same Here", which honors Ukraine, and features President Zelensky and Paisley talking about the commonalities Ukrainians and Americans share. Plus, Alisyn sits down with parents from across the country to talk about gender issues, who should decide how they are discussed in schools, and whether they believe it should be their Governors. And, a dramatic day in the Alex Murdaugh murder trial - how will the jury respond to...


Murdaugh takes stand, DeSantis’ police pitch, school parents on “woke"

Disgraced attorney Alex Murdaugh makes the risky move to take the stand in his double murder trial defense, denying killing his wife and son, but admitting lying to investigators about his alibi. The panel discusses whether Murdaugh helped or hurt his case. Plus, Governor Ron DeSantis vows to pay a $5K bonus to police officers who move from Democrat-led cities to serve in Florida. And, as culture wars rage in public schools around the country, six Florida parents tell Alisyn Camerota what...


Angry Ohio residents grill toxic train CEO

The panel continues the conversation from CNN's Town Hall on the toxic train disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, in which angry and frustrated residents grilled the Norfolk Southern CEO, and their Governor, on concerns about air and water safety, clean-up efforts and the long-term health effects of the chemical spill. Plus, are trains safe? CNN Chief Climate Correspondent Bill Weir reports on the surprising number of train derailments that happen in the US each year. And, Transport Workers of...