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Inside Sources brings a one-of-a-kind insider perspective to Utah and national politics.


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Inside Sources brings a one-of-a-kind insider perspective to Utah and national politics.




Inside Sources Full Show May 26th, 2023: Debt Ceiling Countdown, Zelenskyy's Graduation Speech, Memorial Day

The clock ticks down on the debt ceiling negotiations. President Zelenskyy speaks at Johns Hopkins University's commencement on essence of time. Gold star widow Jennie Taylor joins Boyd for a discussion on the men and women who lost their lives during the Global War on Terrorism and how we can remember them ahead of Memorial Day. See for privacy information.


A Moment of Remembrance for Freedom's Driving Principles

On Memorial Day, Boyd invites you to pause for a moment of remembrance to think about the principles that drive the cause of freedom in our country. See for privacy information.


Remembering the War on Terrorism This Memorial Day with Jennie Taylor

As we roll into Memorial Day... we want to take a moment to focus our attention on the men and women who gave their lives for us to enjoy our freedoms. Jennie Taylor, from The Major Brent Taylor Foundation and co-host of "Relentlessly Resilient" joins Boyd to discuss what we should be thinking about this weekend and an upcoming honor flight for gold star families. See for privacy information.


Inside Look at Presidential Politics: Tim Scott and Ron DeSantis Jump into the Race

It's time for Inside Sources' inside look at 2024's presidential politics. This week, we had two big names jump into the race: Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Boyd looks at how they're making the pitch to voters and how other candidates in the race are reacting. See for privacy information.


New Toolkit for Increasing Belonging in the Workplace

The Center for Economic Opportunity and Belonging (CEOB) has released a new digital toolkit, available to all Utah employers, that aims to increase belonging in the workplace. Ze Min Xiao from CEOB and Scott Cuthbertson from EDCUtah join Boyd to discuss how we can foster a sense of belonging at work and combat isolation. See for privacy information.


Zelenskyy Delivers Grad Speech on Essence of Time at Johns Hopkins

The graduating class at Johns Hopkins University had a surprising guest deliver the commencement speech this week: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Boyd walks through President Zelenskyy's speech where he spoke to graduates about what he believes is the most valuable resource: time. See for privacy information.


Clock Ticks Down on Debt Ceiling Negotiations

We have entered the final days of negotiations before the US hits the debt ceiling deadline of June 1st. Speaker Kevin McCarthy said this morning that the final sticking point comes down to spending cuts. Boyd looks at where we are and reminds listeners that we already hit our debt limit and the government will continue to collect revenue after June 1st. See for privacy information.


Ganel-Lyn Condie on Social Media, Grief, Chronic Pain During Mental Health Awareness Month

As we round out Mental Health Awareness month, motivational speaker, author, and podcast host Ganel-Lyn Condie joins Inside Sources to discuss mental health awareness, suicide prevention, stewardship, and living our lives with more joy. See for privacy information.


Inside Sources Full Show May 25th, 2023: DeSantis Launches Bid for President and Misleading Arguments About the Debt Limit

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announces he's running for President on Twitter. Boyd says it's a missed opportunity. Democrats express frustration with the White House, worried they're making a mistake by not pushing back enough against McCarthy on the debt ceiling negotiations. The Supreme Court rules against the Environmental Protection Agency, limiting their authority under the Clean Water Act. See for privacy information.


The Importance of Remembering on Memorial Day

Ahead of Memorial Day, Boyd examines Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.'s speech given in New Hampshire in 1884 about the importance of remembering. See for privacy information.


Could Tensions be Cooling Between the US and China?

The new Chinese ambassador to the US arrived in the states today amid heated tensions. But could those tensions be cooling? Where do US-China relations currently stand? Phelim Kine from POLITICO breaks down the current flash points between our two countries and discusses the important bilateral meetings coming up. See for privacy information.


Democrats Frustrated with Biden, Want More Pushback Against McCarthy on the Debt Limit

During debt limit negotiations, Kevin McCarthy has had regular communication with the press, really shaping the talks. Meanwhile, the President has been committed to keep the process out of the public eye. But Marianna Sotomayor from the Washington Post says Democrats are starting to get frustrated with the President's approach and worry it gives Republicans the upper hand. See for privacy information.


Dismantling Misleading Arguments About the Debt Ceiling with James Wallner

The White House has been making the argument that Congress is obligated to raise the debt ceiling without spending cuts so we can pay for the bills passed by Congress in the past. But James Wallner from the R Street Institute says that argument is misleading. He tells Boyd that Democrats are wrong to claim the debt limit is not up for negotiation because the Congress changes every 2 years and isn't bound by the past. Plus he dismantles some of the other less than truthful arguments out there. See for privacy information.


Supreme Court Rules Against EPA, Limits Authority Under the Clean Water Act

The Supreme Court has issued a ruling on a long-standing case that challenged the Environmental Protection Agency's authority under the Clean Water Act. Phill Rossetti from the R Street Institute joins Boyd to discuss the couple who brought this case before the court, how this narrows the scope of the Clean Water Act, and what this means for wetlands and waterways. See for privacy information.


Governor Ron DeSantis Launches 2024 Presidential Bid

Last night Florida Governor Ron DeSantis launched his bid for president on Twitter with Elon Musk. The moderators, Elon Musk and David Sacks, called the announcement historic for being on Twitter Spaces. But Boyd says it was a missed opportunity because of the inexperienced moderators, a missing Casey DeSantis, and much more. See for privacy information.


Inside Sources Full Show May 24, 2023: White House Convenes Debt Talks, Justice Roberts Defends the Supreme Court, 140 Years of the Brooklyn Bridge

Negotiators from Speaker McCarthy's team and President Biden's team meet at the White House to discuss a debt ceiling compromise. While McCarthy urges Republicans to stay united, the White House estimates that 100 Democratic votes will be needed to pass a deal. Chief Justice John Roberts speaks out during a publicly televised speech to defend the Supreme Court. An attack is launched across the Russian border.... by Russians. And the Brooklyn Bridge turns 140 years old today. See for privacy information.


140 Years Since the Brooklyn Bridge was Built. Can America Still do Big Things?

Today marks the 140 years since the Brooklyn Bridge was built. It was a massive project, an architectural beauty, haunted by tragedy, and miraculously completed. Boyd discusses how it was built during a time of great American innovation, and asks, can America still accomplish big things in today's political climate? See for privacy information.


Want to Help the Economy? Reform Infrastructure Permitting

With the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Americans have invested billions into revamping our highways, railroads, and other infrastructure. But red tape is holding up many of those projects. Richard Geddes from the American Enterprise Institute says we need infrastructure permitting reform to get those projects rolling and help the economy. See for privacy information.


Anti-Putin Russians attack Russia

This week, there was an attack on Russia by a group of anti-Putin Russians. The attack has fostered confusion in Russia and been an embarrassing moment for Vladimir Putin. Rob Picheta from CNN Digital explains what we know about the attack so far and what it means for Putin and the war. See for privacy information.


Chief Justice Roberts Defends Supreme Court Amid Declining Trust

Trust in the Supreme Court is on the decline. A new poll by Marquette University Law School finds 41% of Americans approve of how the Supreme Court is doing its job. Now the Chief Justice himself is speaking out in his first televised speech since the pandemic. Boyd looks at what Justice Roberts had to say about the court's ethics and examines where we go from here. See for privacy information.