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A weekly primer for progressives interested in knowing where the party is headed and persuading others to join our majority. Co-hosts Jason Kander and Ravi Gupta draw on their experience winning progressive campaigns in red states to understand the other side and how to flip them from red to blue.

A weekly primer for progressives interested in knowing where the party is headed and persuading others to join our majority. Co-hosts Jason Kander and Ravi Gupta draw on their experience winning progressive campaigns in red states to understand the other side and how to flip them from red to blue.


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A weekly primer for progressives interested in knowing where the party is headed and persuading others to join our majority. Co-hosts Jason Kander and Ravi Gupta draw on their experience winning progressive campaigns in red states to understand the other side and how to flip them from red to blue.




How to talk politics with family

Learn how to support victims of the Colorado shooting here It's time for another holiday mailbag! Jason and Ravi sit down with a listener who's trying to figure out how to talk to family about DeSantis's policies, breaking down how to play the long game. Then, they respond to a mixed bag of listener emails: How do we persuade cynical nonvoters to hit the ballot? Should progressives ditch the word "socialism"? And are Alpha wolves even a thing? Save 10% off your first month of therapy at...


Victory Lap

Jason and Ravi reflect on the shockingly great results of the midterms. How can democrats maintain this momentum? Is "MAGA" a losing strategy? What might happen in a showdown between Trump and DeSantis? Plus, they talk some trash on Kari Lake and one Hooters-obsessed "Alpha male." Helix is offering up to 200 dollars off all mattress orders AND two free pillows for our listeners! Go to The gift of health has never been so easy to share than it is this holiday. For...


The Midterms with Al Franken

Jason and Ravi are joined by former Senator and comedian Al Franken to gut check the state of democracy and dive into the Trump vs. DeSantis drama unfolding in the GOP. Al names Jason's next political memoir and tells us what to watch for in a Republican controlled House. Later on, Managing Parter of Arena, Lauren Baer, discusses the gains Democrats made in state legislative races across the country. To expand your media diet and start to understand why we’re so divided on so many issues...


Red Wave, or Red Puddle?

In this special episode of the pod, Jason and Ravi go live on YouTube to give their unfiltered takes on the Election Night results as they come in. They discuss some of the key races of the night - from J.D. Vance's win in Ohio, to John Fetterman's unlikely triumph in Pennsylvania - and talk through their big picture takeaways. Overall? It's not as bad as they thought! Majority54 is a Wonder Media Network production. It's produced by Grace Lynch, Edie Allard, Adesuwa Agbonile, and Sara...


Antisemitism and the Road to the Midterms

Jason and Ravi talk about the disturbing rise of antisemitism in the United States. From Kanye's breakdown, to Kyrie promoting an antisemitic film, to a telling comment from the wife of a Republican gubernatorial candidate at a press conference. Plus, this episode features an extra long Road to the Midterms segment with two interviewees: Admiral Mike Franken, a Senate candidate in Iowa, and Eric Lynn, candidate for a competitive Florida House seat. Gear up for the elections next week with a...


Does the Senate Hinge on Oz vs. Fetterman?

What do Ron DeSantis, Tom Brady and the 1993 film "A Bronx Tale" all have in common? They're the focus of animated discussion in this week's "Talking Trash". Later on, Jason, Ravi and Grace assess the implications of the Pennsylvania Senate debate, the shaky state of the midterms and how to talk about a partisan judiciary. To close, Grace discusses Florida's recent radical approach to civics education with Majority 54 listener, Justin Vogel. Enter to win an election night giveaway by...


Is the Left a Buzzkill?

As we head towards the midterm elections, Jason and Ravi (who, this week, donned his Buffalo Bills hat) highlight some of the overlooked races across the country - and producer Sara Schleede takes us inside the reelection campaign of Kansas governor Laura Kelly. Plus, Jason and Ravi discuss Kari Lake's latest comments about election stealing, and Barack Obama's advice about the Democratic Party's messaging. If you've listened for a while, you know that Ravi and Jason would be nothing...


Kanye and Elon Walk into a Bar

V Spehar, the host of TikTok’s @underthedesknews and Lemonada Media's "V Interesting" podcast, joins the show for a tour around the country to check in on the latest with key midterm races. Will the Democrats hold the Senate? But first, in Talking Trash, Ravi, Jason, and V take a hard look at Kanye's call for "death con 3" and Elon's escapades. When you want to be a better problem solver, therapy can get you there. Visit today to get 10% off your first month. If you've...


Herschel Walker: Father of the Year

Jason and Grace struggle to talk trash and instead contemplate the self delusions and false narratives we tell ourselves before returning to the task at hand: dunking on Herschel Walker. Then, the Supreme Court is back in session and the future of democracy hangs in the balance. No biggie. Jason walks us through the ramifications of some of the legal arguments facing the court. Listen to Grace's new show: Teaching Texas. Everlywell is digital healthcare designed for you. For a special...

BONUS: Introducing Teaching Texas

Introducing Wonder Media Network's latest audio documentary, Teaching Texas. In 1961, Norma and Mel Gabler were a quiet couple living in Longview, Texas. One day, they noticed some factual errors in one of their sons’ textbooks. What began as a small complaint morphed into a multi-decade crusade to shape what children of Texas ​​— and therefore the country — read in their textbooks. In an election year with raging debates around education, this audio documentary charts how Texas dictated...


Live from Texas Tribune Fest w/ Lis Smith and Tim Miller

Ravi is joined by seasoned campaign strategists Lis Smith and Tim Miller at Texas Tribune Fest for a lively conversation about the state of America's two major parties. Tim and Lis don't hold back. They discuss the voters Democrats are unnecessarily leaving behind and the disconnect between the party's base and its elite. Plus, Tim Miller's taxonomy of complicit Republicans and an argument over whether or not DeSantis' immigration stunt is good politics. Listen to Grace's new show: Teaching...


Breaking: Civil Charges Against Trump

In this episode, Ravi takes a break from thinking about his beloved Buffalo Bills to dive into the news of the week with Jason. The boys talk trash about the assistant coach who won the Supreme Court case that gave him the right to pray at work - and then didn't return to work. Then, they discuss Ron DeSantis' political stunt of flying migrants to Martha's Vineyard, Biden's declaration that the pandemic is over, and the breaking of the civil charges filed against Trump and his family in New...


Lindsey Graham, OBGYN

This week, Jason and Ravi check in on the latest from Congress. What's up with Lindsey Graham's fumbled attempt at a nationwide abortion ban? They also break down the current state of the midterms, and why this election might just be different. Plus, some international news from Brazil illustrates the fragility of democracy around the globe, and the ongoing Mar-a-Lago debacle invites skepticism about one judge's impartiality and the meaning of executive privilege. Helix is offering up to...


The Special Master

In this episode, Jason and Ravi talk some trash about Blake Masters' incriminating college emails. Then, they discuss the latest updates on Mar-a-Lago, explaining what a special master is, and why it matters in this case. Finally, they talk about Biden's speech on democracy - what the media got wrong in their analysis, and why we should all be Team Democracy. If you've listened for a while, you know that Ravi and Jason would be nothing without their Athletic Greens. See what all the hype is...


Trump's Messy House

Jason and Ravi are joined by Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers, hosts of the hit podcast "Pantsuit Politics", to discuss the latest out of DOJ. Ravi offers insight into Republicans in Pennsylvania and the midterm landscape post-Dobbs. Later on, the crew breaks down a recent Joe Rogan interview with Mark Zuckerberg which leads us to ponder reality, Hunter Biden's laptop, and the corporate nation-state. Plus, Jason and Ravi respond to listener feedback from last week's episode. Listen to...


Friendly Debate With A Conservative

It's time for a conversation across the aisle. Jason and Ravi sit down with Mark Zinno, radio and TV talk show host and conservative political junkie. They talk Biden's student loan forgiveness plan, Anthony Fauci's legacy, and the $1.6 billion donation from a tax-dodging mogul to a conservative organization. There's some spirited discussion -- and perhaps some common ground? Plus, Top Gun references. Sign up through to make a difference in the climate crisis,...


Will Trump Go To Prison?

In this episode, Jason and Ravi learn what crudites are - then use their newfound knowledge to talk trash about Dr. Oz's crudites shopping habits. They also dive into the week's news: breaking down the significance of Trump's (many) legal issues and what it could mean for the future, examining the Republican response to the FBI raid, and discussing how to talk about all of this with your friends and family. If you need the news, but also need to feel smarter and calmer, then you need to get...


Inside Trump's Safe

The FBI raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago home and broke into a safe! Jason and Ravi discuss what could be inside and their own experiences with highly classified documents. Then, they reflect on the impressive inflation reduction act and what this victory means for the Dems. Plus, they're joined by trial attorney Kyle Farrar to talk trash about Alex Jones. If you need the news, but also need to feel smarter and calmer, then you need to get in Andy Slavitt’s bubble. Listen to In the Bubble with...


A Turning Point for Biden?

Jason and Ravi talk trash about Trump's vague, cowardly 'double endorsement.' They also discuss the inflation reduction act. Why is it so good? Could this signify a turning point in the Biden presidency? At the end of the episode they're joined by Wes Moore, the Democratic nominee for governor of Maryland. They talk about his historic campaign, his book, what he's learned, and the ideas he hopes to bring to the state. This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp, online therapy. Our...


See Hawley Run

This week, the economist Claudia Sahm joins the pod to explain inflation - what causes it, how the Fed is working to combat it, and what Congress can do to help. Plus, Jason and Ravi talk trash about Josh Hawley fleeing the Capitol on Jan 6 and Tucker Carlson's misguided advice to young men. They also discuss the new revelations that the Jan. 6 committee is asking witnesses about Trump - and what that means for the future of the Republican party. If you've listened for a while, you know...