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Great Conversations Over A Drink.






How To Create A Hit Podcast, Working In A Funeral Home, and Weed. Grant Inman Joins The Brewmance.

My Funeral Homes Stories is a huge podcast success. Hundreds of thousands of people have listened to Grant’s real-life stories working in a funeral home. Mike Russell and Rob Hunter had to talk with him about it. You won’t believe how much time Grant puts into each episode writing, producing, and editing. He’s committed. The […]


Carlos Toma is 26 and He Owns Throne Brewery. This Is An Interesting Conversation.

On The Brewmance podcast, we talk to Carlos Toma. He bought a brewery at the age of 23 and has been running Throne Brewing for the past three years. The Brewmance brings people together for well-craft conversation over a drink. What can we learn from a 26-year old entrepreneur? A ton. Carlos shows a great […]


New Zealand Nailed COVID. How? We Ask Kiwis Charlie & Scott.

Charlie and Scott Eddington join The Brewmance podcast from tomorrow in New Zealand. They are 19 hours ahead of Mike and Rob’s Phoenix time zone. Thanks to Streamyard we were able to connect on a recent Friday night/Saturday afternoon for them to talk about how their country handled COVID. They handled things much differently than […]


Are We Screwed Because Of The US National Debt? A Conversation with Congressman David Schweikert.

Congressman David Schweikert admits he’s ‘geeks out’ over numbers, including the biggest number of them all…the United States National Debt. As a nation, we owe over $28 TRILLION. How will this impact your future? How will it impact your kids future? Congressman Schweikert breaks it down for us. And it’s not as bad as you […]


Retired Navy SEAL, Author Jack Carr On Writing, The Outdoors, Fear, & Leadership.

Jack Carr is a bad ass. He’s a retired Navy SEAL turned thriller author (think Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn, and Lee Child). Carr joins Mike Russell and Rob Hunter on The Brewmance podcast. We chat about his journey from being a SEAL to being a best-selling author. Check out his website here. Carr tells us […]


Health, Wellness, Day Drinking, & Sleeping Naked. A Conversation with Two Amazing Chiropractors.

This is one of our favorite conversations yet. Meet Dr. Keiko Finnegan & Dr. Sera Shepard, owners of Kinfolk Optimal Living in Scottsdale. Chiropractors by trade. But, not the way you may think. Dr. Keiko & Dr. Sera don’t crack or pop. They specialize in meditative adjustments. Mike & Rob talk to them about what […]


Life Lessons & Advice, Cars & Golf with Brewmance, Sr. (Rob’s Dad).

Rob’s Dad, aka Brewmance Sr., stops by the podcast this week to chat with us about life, cars, and the game of golf. A little about Bob Hunter: he grew up in Massachusetts before serving four years in the US Navy during Vietnam. After his service, Bob Hunter returned to work in the Supermarket […]


COVID, China, Trump, & Chaos. A Conversation With Author Josh Rogin.

Washington Post journalist Josh Rogin has been covering the US-China relationship for the past several years. His new book, Chaos Under Heaven: Trump, Xi, and the battle for the 21st Century, is out. Josh joined Mike Russell and Rob Hunter on The Brewmance. During the conversation, Mike & Rob talk about COVID asking him if […]


Craft Beer, Neighborhoods, & Coming Together. A Chat With Chip Mulala From Huss Brewing.

Chip Mulala is the Minister of Craft Beer at Huss Brewing. The Brewmance needed to check in with him to see how things have been going at Huss Brewing during the past year. Chip fills us in and tells us about the new Huss beer, their low-calorie Hazy IPA, LowLo. Mike and Rob also talk […]


Dennis Is The Most Interesting Man Alive.

Our friend Dennis Alonso is the most interesting man alive. He’s on the board at Mother Road Brewing, he collects cars (real cars), buys and fixes bicycles amongst other fascinating hobbies. The Brewmance sat down with Dennis over a Mother Road Tower Station (or two) at The Dirty Drummer in Phoenix to talk about why […]


2021 Is The Year Of Mindset.

2020 was a year. Literally. But, almost everyone seems to be saying that meaning it was the toughest year ever. Fine. So, let’s look ahead to 2021. This year, Mike Russell & Rob Hunter are not doing New Years’ resolutions. Instead, The Brewmance is embarking on a year filled with challenges. The Brewmance podcast is […]


Mike Goes On A Hunt. Rob Wants To Know More.

Mike is back from his hunt outside Flagstaff, AZ. Rob wanted to know all about it. This week on the podcast, The Brewmance grabs a beer and we learn all about hunting for elk in the woods. Growing up hunting is not something Rob ever considered doing. But, in asking Mike questions and being open […]


Jordan Gardenhire, Founder of Baja Brewing Co.

Jordan Gardenhire wasn’t sure what to do with his life. Fresh out of college living in Colorado he wasn’t thrilled with his first job. So he decided to go to Cabo. He loved it so much he decided to stay. Then Jordan opened Baja Brewing Company there. Now, Baja Brewing is distributing their beers to […]


Catching COVID19. A first hand account.

Our friend Alex Clancy contracted COVID19 and he was willing to share his experience with the virus on The Brewmance podcast. Thankfully, he’s recovered. He missed a couple of weeks of work and tells us this virus is no joke. Alex is a sports talk show host and producer on Fox Sports 910 Phoenix. Mike […]


We Need A Re-Do On America’s 244th Birthday. Thanks COVID.

The Brewmance is back ahead of a very different July 4th. In 2020, on our nation’s 244th birthday we are being encouraged not to celebrate. Nope. There is a virus going around. So let’s grab a San Tan Brewing Vault Series Ludicrous IPA and discuss. We touch on COVID19. We touch on how we are […]


Beer With A Guitarist You Have To Hear.

Meet Kal. He’s the guitarist in The Color 8 Band. During the week, Mike Russell and Rob Hunter work with Kal. Outside of work Kal shreds with The Color 8. Visit their website above, find them on Facebook here, on Instagram here and check out their music on Spotify here. They are based in Phoenix […]


COVID Proves Conversation Is Dying. Time To Revive It.

What happened to conversation? Did social media destroy it? Did politics? COVID19? The Brewmance wanted to restore conversation over a beer and figure out why we are where we are in 2020; yelling at each other on social media in all caps. Mike Russell and Rob Hunter grab Firestone Walker’s FlyJack Hazy IPA and enjoy […]


Is Boba Fett A Good Guy…Or A Bad Guy?

We here at The Brewmance fully admit we are Star Wars nerds. One day we were discussing the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Is he a good guy or a bad guy? He’s works with the Empire. He captures Han and gives him to Jabba the Hut. But, Boba has a backstory. Mike has his opinion. […]

How To Reopen? Saddle Mountain’s Laura Hansen Talks Tough Decisions.

Arizona’s businesses are starting to open up. And this is posing some challenges for business owners. The owner of Saddle Mountain Brewery, Laura Hansen, joins The Brewmance to talk about how they are moving forward. When we say moving forward we mean trying to figure out a way forward during these unprecedented times. Laura is […]


When Will You Be Ready To Go Out in Public? (COVID19)

Let’s grab a beer and talk about when we will get back to ‘normal.’ In two months or less tour entire way of life has changed. So, what will it take for us to get back to normal. Everyone’s answers seems a little different. Times are different. Division is thriving, leaving many of us feeling […]