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Reliable Sources examines how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover in this weekly CNN program. Full video episodes available in the iTunes store.

Reliable Sources examines how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover in this weekly CNN program. Full video episodes available in the iTunes store.


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Reliable Sources examines how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover in this weekly CNN program. Full video episodes available in the iTunes store.






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August 9, 2020: Biden-bashing fuels radio shows and Trump webcasts; right-wing radio is full of Covid-19 conspiracy talk; Jeffrey Toobin: 'Repetition is not truth'

Plus... local reporters work overtime to honor the dead during the pandemic; "We Have Her Back" group will call out sexist VP coverage; were Trump's executive orders merely a media stunt? David Zurawik, Nicole Hemmer, Errin Haines, Hilary Rosen, Claire McNeill and Jeffrey Toobin join Brian Stelter.


The 19th* CEO Emily Ramshaw: 'This is serious journalism that's aimed at exposing disparities'

The 19th* is a nonprofit news startup "at the intersection of gender, politics and policy." Co-founder and CEO Emily Ramshaw talks with Brian Stelter about this month's launch and plans for the future. Ramshaw discusses the media's glaring weaknesses when it comes to gender. In the 2020 election season, "we're seeing those same conversations over and over," she says. "We are not making strides. And so that's what inspired us to say, you know what? I just want to blow it all up and start...


August 2, 2020: Stelter on why election coverage will be different this year; campaign aide explains Biden's media strategy

Plus... Many Fox viewers changed the channel during John Lewis funeral; pandemic disinformation is wasting precious time; how the AP is prepping to cover 'election week' in 2020; 'Election Meltdown' author on Trump's threat to democracy; why was Homeland Security collecting 'intel' on journalists?; James Murdoch breaks with family's media empire; how news outlets can empower voters in 2020. Susan Glasser, Erin Geiger Smith, Richard Hasen, Sally Buzbee, TJ Ducklo and Errol Louis join Brian...


Peter Kafka on the 'Netflix effect' and the newly crowded landscape of streaming services

Netflix "bent the world to the Netflix model," Peter Kafka says, and its competitors are now many laps behind. Kafka, the co-host the current season of Recode’s "Land of the Giants" podcast, talks with Brian Stelter about the streaming service’s growth and worldwide reach. He describes Netflix’s "frenemy relationship" with media companies that both supply programming and compete with the service. Kafka also comments on Netflix's "astonishing" 160 Emmy wins and the impact of challengers like...


Jason Stanley on the 'ten pillars of fascist politics' and media coverage of federal forces in Portland, Oregon

Yale University professor Jason Stanley, author of "How Fascism Works," says he sees a fascist social and political movement taking hold in America's democracy. In this conversation with Brian Stelter, Stanley says the Trump administration is "manufacturing dissent" by sending federal forces to Portland, Oregon and other cities. Stanley calls this tactic "lawlessness in the name of 'law and order,'" and says Fox News functions as a "propaganda station" for Trump. Stanley also discusses...


July 19, 2020: April Ryan and David Zurawik on Trump's Fox interview; Brian Stelter on the coronavirus testing lie; Anne Applebaum on why authoritarians try to discredit the media

Plus... Trump's reality distortion field extends to "fake polls;" Dr. Anthony Fauci returns to TV; is there growing intolerance in American newsrooms? Peter Nicholas, Ed Yong, April Ryan, David Zurawik, Amanda Carpenter, Jill Filipovic, Tim O'Brien and Anne Applebaum join Brian Stelter.


'Great Influenza' author John Barry on politicization of public health and news coverage of the Covid-19 crisis

John Barry, author of "The Great Influenza," reflects on what can be learned from history, now that his 2004 book has been thrust back onto best-seller lists. "Fortunately this virus is not nearly as virulent, as deadly as the 1918 virus, so we're not in that situation," he says. "But the trivialization of it for the first several months by the administration, the politicization of the mask issue -- it's costing lives. There is no question." Barry says the communications problem is...


July 12, 2020: Tucker Carlson faces questions after staffer resigns over racist posts; Jon Karl on White House briefing woes; Brian Stelter says 'we are in a truth emergency'

Plus... Keeping up with the 'firehose' of news about Covid-19; What Mary Trump's tell-all says about Trump's psyche; Margaret Sullivan's new book offers six partial solutions to the crisis in local news. Oliver Darcy, Nicole Hemmer, Helen Branswell, Jonathan Karl, Tony Schwartz and Margaret Sullivan join Brian Stelter.


Nina Jankowicz on Facebook, 'whack-a-troll,' and her book 'How to Lose the Information War'

Disinformation expert Nina Jankowicz talks with Brian Stelter about her new book, "How to Lose the Information War: Russia, Fake News, and the Future of Conflict." Recounting her travels throughout Ukraine and her briefings for lawmakers on Capitol Hill, Jankowicz describes the disturbing impacts of both domestic and foreign information operations. She says the U.S. is "abdicating leadership" and warns about a potential "fact-free version of Democracy-lite" in the future. She also proposes a...


July 5, 2020: Covid-19 coverage in Texas, Arizona and Florida; how Trump is speaking the language of Fox News; Ted Boutrous on Trumpworld's pattern of legal intimidation

Plus... Dr. Anthony Fauci's disappearances from national TV shows; Dr. Seema Yasmin on the press as the 'immune system of a democracy;' behind the 'Tucker Carlson 2024' chatter. Mindy Marques Gonzalez, Kathy Tulumello, Steve Riley, Dr. Seema Yasmin, Douglas Brinkley, Ted Boutrous and Alex Thompson join Brian Stelter.


James Fallows on a 'national-scale Titanic' and why reporters must keep investigating the U.S. response to the pandemic

The Atlantic's James Fallows talks with Brian Stelter about his recent article that imagines a National Transportation Safety Board probe into the U.S. pandemic response. Fallows shares his reporting about critical leadership failures that occurred in January and February. Stelter points out that the president's missteps line up with a timeline of Fox News coverage. Fallows says Fox is an "outside distorting pressure which has changed everything about decisions inside the administration, and...


June 28, 2020: Facebook exec responds to ad boycott campaign; pro-Trump outlets are downplaying Covid-19 dangers; 'what is the cost of lies?'

Plus... Susan Glasser on the view from Trump's 'Hannity bunker,' Bill Moyers on Facebook's 'garbage,' and Jake Tapper on the origins of new movie 'The Outpost.' Joan Lunden, Kristen Powers, David Zurawik, Susan Glasser, Jake Tapper, Nick Clegg, and Bill Moyers join Brian Stelter.


Kurt Andersen on 'Fantasyland' thinking about the pandemic and America's long-held taste for mistruths

"Believe-whatever-you-want fantasy is deeply embedded in our DNA," journalist Kurt Andersen wrote in his 2017 book "Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire." Brian Stelter asks him to apply the lessons of "Fantasyland" to the Covid-19 crisis. Andersen also discusses the American affinity for "ultra-individualism," Trump's disconnect from "reality-based" Americans, and the impact of the QAnon conspiracy theory.


June 21, 2020: How the 'no-show protest' of Trump's rally originated; what the rallies look like from beyond America's borders; why Stelter says Trump's ignorance proves the need for media literacy

Plus... Astead Herndon's reporters notebook from Tulsa; Carl Bernstein on Trump's mood swings; inside the mass firings at the U.S. Agency for Global Media. Mary Jo Laupp, Astead Herndon, Jasmine El-Gamal, Guy Snodgrass, Karen Kornbluh, Sarah Ellison, Anthony Scaramucci and Carl Bernstein join Brian Stelter.


Dr. Richard Besser on 'radio silence' from government experts and 'pandemic fatigue' among the public

Public health science and communication "are inextricably linked," says Dr. Richard Besser, former CDC acting director, ABC News medical expert, and president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. He and Brian Stelter discuss the "unmet need" for clear and cohesive messaging from federal officials about Covid-19. "It's practically radio silence at the federal level from political leaders as well as public health leaders in terms of where we are and what needs to be done," he says....


June 14, 2020: Brian Stelter challenges Trump attorney Jenna Ellis; Sara Sidner on her experience 'from Ferguson to Floyd;' is the Trump admin keeping medical experts off the air?

A racism reckoning for the media industry? Plus... Why the press should be careful when forecasting "waves;" an interview with journalist Linda Tirado, who was blinded at a protest and is now suing police. Dr. James Hamblin, Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal, Dan Diamond, Jenna Ellis, Sara Sidner, Linda Tirado, Tai-Heng Cheng and Farai Chideya join Brian Stelter.


Alexis Johnson, barred from protest coverage at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, tells her side of the story

"Who exactly does objectivity serve? And is there a difference between objectivity and fairness?" Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Alexis Johnson joins Brian Stelter to discuss turmoil at the paper, which stems from management’s decision to stop Johnson from covering Black Lives Matter protests because she posted a satirical tweet about riots. Executive editor Keith Burris said she showed "bias." Johnson says, "To think that no reporter has bias, and to think that no newsroom has bias... is...


June 7, 2020: Masha Gessen on 'Surviving Autocracy;' Nikole Hannah-Jones on NYT op-ed controversy; Jemele Hill on newsroom diversity failures

Plus... Brian Stelter on the president telling you not to believe your eyes; Alexi McCammond on White House coverage; Karen Attiah on the need for newsroom integration; and a message from CNN's master control operations team. Karen Attiah, Jemele Hill, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Oliver Darcy, Alexi McCammond and Masha Gessen join Brian Stelter.


Stories from the frontlines: Reflections and suggestions from journalists covering the George Floyd protests

Brian Stelter speaks with six journalists covering the anti-racism protests across America during a Society of Professional Journalists webinar titled "stories from the frontlines: journalists and protests." The panel addresses the troubling spate of attacks on journalists; offers tips to stay safe; and reflects on the "extraordinary moment" for journalists of color and the state of newsroom diversity. This week's guests: Dorothy Tucker, CBS-Chicago investigative reporter and president of...


May 31, 2020: Covering the protests and riots sweeping America; reporters arrested and assaulted in several major cities; amid the unrest, press must explain 'how we got here'

Plus... Reporters in Minneapolis describe dodging tear gas and rubber bullets; Errin Haines says news outlets should "center" the stories of peaceful protestors; is Facebook like a chemical factory polluter? Omar Jimenez, Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Jane Coaston, Errin Haines, David Zurawik, David Frum, Roger McNamee and Yael Eisenstat join Brian Stelter.