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Reliable Sources examines how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover in this weekly CNN program. Full video episodes available in the iTunes store.

Reliable Sources examines how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover in this weekly CNN program. Full video episodes available in the iTunes store.


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Reliable Sources examines how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover in this weekly CNN program. Full video episodes available in the iTunes store.






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September 27, 2020: How TV networks will make election projections in 2020; why the debates won't be fact-checked in real time; Brian Stelter on the consequences of Trump's daily lies

Plus... Maria Ressa's warning about Facebook and misinformation; Brian Karem's astonishment at his exchange with Trump. Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., Mark Lukasiewicz, Molly Jong-Fast, Brian Karem, Sam Feist and Maria Ressa join Brian Stelter. See for privacy information.


CNN's media reporters discuss 2020's changes and challenges to their beats, from digital disinformation to entertainment

Oliver Darcy, Donie O'Sullivan, Kerry Flynn, Frank Pallotta and Chloe Melas join Brian Stelter for a once-a-quarter conversation about the media industry, misinformation and more. Darcy and O'Sullivan discuss "echo chambers" that radicalize voters. Flynn and Melas analyze the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement on newsrooms and Hollywood. Pallotta looks at how the media business is faring during the pandemic. See for privacy information.


September 20, 2020: Foreign reporters warn about American authoritarianism; Nikole Hannah-Jones on Trump's attacks

Plus... Len Downie's tips for covering for the coming election chaos; David Zurawik on Supreme Court coverage; how C-SPAN helped us hear the pandemic pain. Luke Harding, Rana Ayyub, John-Allan Namu, Julie Cohen, David Zurawik, Nikole Hannah-Jones and Leonard Downie, Jr. join Brian Stelter. See for privacy information.


Megan Garber on the Fox News language, a 'celebration of incuriosity,' and the rhetoric of warfare

The Atlantic staff writer Megan Garber says "we sometimes don't have satisfying languages" for talking about Fox News. Garber talks with Brian Stelter about his new book "Hoax" and her essay titled "Do You Speak Fox?" She says the network employs the "rhetoric of warfare" and "us" versus "them" themes that have "infiltrated the way that we approach the world in a really basic level." See for privacy information.


September 13, 2020: Mary Trump on the wave of tell-all Trump books; Sam Donaldson on the revelations from Bob Woodward's reporting

Plus... Reed Hastings on Netflix's culture and competitive set; Clarissa Ward's messages for young journalists; and Jon Karl on the moment he asked Trump 'Why did you lie?' Sam Donaldson, Dr. Seema Yasmin, Bill Carter, Mary Trump, Jonathan Karl, Clarissa Ward and Reed Hastings join Brian Stelter. See for privacy information.


Slate's Will Saletan on the timeline of Trump's coronavirus response and the new revelations from Bob Woodward's book

Will Saletan compiled a comprehensive timeline of "what Trump knew and when he knew it" about the coronavirus pandemic. He says the chronology proves that Trump is responsible for many deaths. Brian Stelter asks Saletan about his conclusions. Plus: What do Bob Woodward's taped interviews with Trump add to the timeline? Saletan says Trump exposed one of the news media's vulnerabilities: "We're not really prepared as a press corps for an authoritarian. We're not prepared for someone who just...


September 6, 2020: The Atlantic's top editor answers Trump's attacks; local TV's political disinfo problem; Carl Bernstein on the use of anonymous sources in reporting

Plus... This is why political campaigns feel free to lie in TV ads; a Facebook exec explains the company's US election actions; what's next for Stars and Stripes? Jeffrey Goldberg, S.V. Date, SE Cupp, Nick Clegg, Nicole Hemmer, Carl Bernstein and Ernie Gates join Brian Stelter. See for privacy information.


Why an inflammatory headline caused Daniel Thompson to quit The Kenosha News

Daniel Thompson talks about his decision to resign from The Kenosha News in protest of a "grossly negligent and inappropriate" headline on a story about a rally in support of Jacob Blake. He says "I don't think the old ways of covering things, particularly protests, works anymore." He also tells Brian Stelter about his plan to work as an independent journalist and eventually "develop a network" of local news outlets. See for privacy information.


August 30, 2020: Expert compares Trump's politics to fascism; the GOP's 'big lie' about Covid-19; Vanity Fair editor Radhika Jones on America's racial reckoning

Plus... Kevin Roose on how algorithms are distorting American politics; Daniel Dale on his fast-paced fact-checking; Carolyn DeWitt on voter groups suing Trump over his social media executive order. Susan Glasser, Kevin Roose, Ayesha Rascoe, Jason Stanley, Daniel Dale, Radhika Jones and Carolyn DeWitt join Brian Stelter. See for privacy information.


Oliver Darcy interviews Brian Stelter about 'Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth'

Host Brian Stelter becomes the guest as CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy asks him about his new book "Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth." Stelter discusses his reasons for writing the book; how he convinced sources to cooperate; the "lie-laundering" trends he identified; and the potential for change at Fox News in the future. Stelter and Darcy debate the divide between Fox's news and opinion departments, the influence of the Murdoch family, and more....


August 23, 2020: 'Nobody talks about' this scary aspect of Covid-19; behind the scenes of the virtual Democratic convention; how to cover 'asymmetric lying' by political leaders

Plus... Why Trump's use of the word 'hoax' is poisonous; what Brian Stelter learned by writing a book about Fox News and Trump; how newsrooms should handle GOP convention disinformation. Peter Hamby, Amanda Carpenter, Sara Fischer, Alisyn Camerota, Peter Pomerantsev, Ricky Kirshner and Bill Plaschke join the discussion. See for privacy information.


Fifteen years after Hurricane Katrina, Vann Newkirk shares lessons still being learned about an American disaster

Vann Newkirk is the host of "Floodlines," The Atlantic's documentary podcast examining "mythmaking" and misinformation during and after Hurricane Katrina. Brian Stelter asks Newkirk about parallels between the U.S. response to the hurricane and the coronavirus pandemic; the role of the press; and the lessons that should be learned from both crises. He describes "the lag between the reality, the disaster dawning on us, and people actually moving to confront it," saying "we had that same kind...


August 16, 2020: Stelter on how Trump is eroding Americans' confidence in voting system; GOP congressman Adam Kinzinger takes a stand against QAnon

Plus... Carl Bernstein on covering Trump's election threats; how the pandemic has changed 2020 campaign coverage; Trump lies to reporters while Biden avoids the press; the origins of the latest bogus "birther lie"; "excess death" data shows the true toll from Covid-19; Rolling Stone reporter says Fox "escaped accountability" for Seth Rich hoax. Carl Bernstein, Asma Khalid, John Harris, Olivia Nuzzi, Oliver Darcy, Rep. Adam Kinzinger and Andy Kroll join Brian Stelter. See...


CNN’s Jim Sciutto on getting Trump insiders on the record for 'The Madman Theory'

Jim Sciutto's new book, "The Madman Theory: Trump Takes on the World," contains on-the-record interviews with an array of Trump administration foreign policy officials. The CNN anchor shares his reporting process and his observations about the Trump years with Brian Stelter. “It amazes me, the threshold for outrage or controversy” these days, Sciutto says. He points out that warnings about Trump from people previously in his inner circle are “dismissed as kind of partisan hectoring, even...


August 9, 2020: Biden-bashing fuels radio shows and Trump webcasts; right-wing radio is full of Covid-19 conspiracy talk; Jeffrey Toobin: 'Repetition is not truth'

Plus... local reporters work overtime to honor the dead during the pandemic; "We Have Her Back" group will call out sexist VP coverage; were Trump's executive orders merely a media stunt? David Zurawik, Nicole Hemmer, Errin Haines, Hilary Rosen, Claire McNeill and Jeffrey Toobin join Brian Stelter. See for privacy information.


The 19th* CEO Emily Ramshaw: 'This is serious journalism that's aimed at exposing disparities'

The 19th* is a nonprofit news startup "at the intersection of gender, politics and policy." Co-founder and CEO Emily Ramshaw talks with Brian Stelter about this month's launch and plans for the future. Ramshaw discusses the media's glaring weaknesses when it comes to gender. In the 2020 election season, "we're seeing those same conversations over and over," she says. "We are not making strides. And so that's what inspired us to say, you know what? I just want to blow it all up and start...


August 2, 2020: Stelter on why election coverage will be different this year; campaign aide explains Biden's media strategy

Plus... Many Fox viewers changed the channel during John Lewis funeral; pandemic disinformation is wasting precious time; how the AP is prepping to cover 'election week' in 2020; 'Election Meltdown' author on Trump's threat to democracy; why was Homeland Security collecting 'intel' on journalists?; James Murdoch breaks with family's media empire; how news outlets can empower voters in 2020. Susan Glasser, Erin Geiger Smith, Richard Hasen, Sally Buzbee, TJ Ducklo and Errol Louis join Brian...


Peter Kafka on the 'Netflix effect' and the newly crowded landscape of streaming services

Netflix "bent the world to the Netflix model," Peter Kafka says, and its competitors are now many laps behind. Kafka, the co-host the current season of Recode’s "Land of the Giants" podcast, talks with Brian Stelter about the streaming service’s growth and worldwide reach. He describes Netflix’s "frenemy relationship" with media companies that both supply programming and compete with the service. Kafka also comments on Netflix's "astonishing" 160 Emmy wins and the impact of challengers like...


Jason Stanley on the 'ten pillars of fascist politics' and media coverage of federal forces in Portland, Oregon

Yale University professor Jason Stanley, author of "How Fascism Works," says he sees a fascist social and political movement taking hold in America's democracy. In this conversation with Brian Stelter, Stanley says the Trump administration is "manufacturing dissent" by sending federal forces to Portland, Oregon and other cities. Stanley calls this tactic "lawlessness in the name of 'law and order,'" and says Fox News functions as a "propaganda station" for Trump. Stanley also discusses...


July 19, 2020: April Ryan and David Zurawik on Trump's Fox interview; Brian Stelter on the coronavirus testing lie; Anne Applebaum on why authoritarians try to discredit the media

Plus... Trump's reality distortion field extends to "fake polls;" Dr. Anthony Fauci returns to TV; is there growing intolerance in American newsrooms? Peter Nicholas, Ed Yong, April Ryan, David Zurawik, Amanda Carpenter, Jill Filipovic, Tim O'Brien and Anne Applebaum join Brian Stelter. See for privacy information.