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A Free and Open Exchange of Ideas and Opinions on All Things Space: Now at!

A Free and Open Exchange of Ideas and Opinions on All Things Space: Now at!


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A Free and Open Exchange of Ideas and Opinions on All Things Space: Now at!






Episode 1303: Rocket Roulette

The era of US crew transitions onboard the International Space Station has resumed with the launch of the Crew 2 mission to the orbiting facility and the return of the Crew 1 astronauts via the Commercial Crew Space X Crew Dragon Capsule. The flight is also is a moment of history in both the United States, Europe, and Japan in their space program as well, and the team brings all into perspective. Also, Sawyer Rosenstein was on hand for the Crew-2 Launch and collected some great sounds of the...


Episode 1302: Turn it Up to SN-11

This episode is full of plenty of rockets and missions going up....and one that went down explosively. On this episode, we begin with two crew launches. First the Soyuz MS-18 mission and why an American astronaut was added only a few months before launch. Plus a quick look ahead to Crew-2 aboard a Crew Dragon, and a possible new tradition started by the crew. Next it's on to Mars, where the Ingenuity helicopter is set to take off. This isn't just significant for future Mars exploration. We...


Episode 1301: Three Cheers for Mars

One week, three crafts, one planet. On this first episode of Season 13 we're aiming for Mars. We discuss three successful missions arriving at the red planet within one week of each other, the "Hope" mission from the United Arab Emirates, China's Tianwen-1 Mission, and the most discussed mission of the three, NASA's Perseverance Rover. We go into all of the amazing firsts so far, and what the mission should accomplish during its time on the red planet. Also, find out why Mark doesn't like...


Episode 1207: Farewell 2020

Better late than never, so here's an episode full of launch and landing audio! We begin with the launches Talking Space was fortunate to be at, including the first launch of the upgraded SpaceX Cargo Dragon, the much delayed Delta IV Heavy carrying NROL-44, and a launch and Return to Launch Site (RTLS) landing of a Falcon 9 booster from NROL-108. We also discuss the recent launch and landing attempt for SpaceX's Starhopper SN-8 mission, and why ending in an explosion isn't necessarily a...


Episode 1206: All For One, Crew-1 For All

From the Earth to the Space Station to the Moon, Talking Space is proud to be a part of history! On this episode of Talking Space, we discuss the successful launch of the Crew-1 mission, sending four astronauts to the International Space Station. We discuss all of the major historical achievements made during this mission. We also discuss what the atmosphere is like at the press site for a crew launch, in particular during a pandemic, and if the fan fare and unique feeling of a crew launch...


Episode 1205: "Scrubtember" Leads to "Grabtober"

On this episode of Talking Space, we go from the high-highs of space exploration to the low-lows of launch scrubs. We begin with the announcement of water being found on the light side of the moon. We talk about the unique way it was actually discovered...and what we need to know before we can mine it and use it during future missions. Then it's onto the continuing story of OSIRIS-REx, which successfully captured its sample from asteroid Bennu. We'll look at the unexpected issue it...


Episode 1204: From Liftoff to Splashdown

On this episode of Talking Space, we tackle two major stories, the launch of Mars 2020 and the landing of Crew Dragon Endeavour. We start with the launch of the Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter. We look at some of the unique items onboard, as well as listen to the launch audio we recorded from a few miles away. In addition to the mission, we talk about what it's like to cover a launch during a pandemic (with special thanks to the 45th Space Wing) and how a Mars spacecraft...


Episode 1203: 3 Missions, 1 Planet

On this episode of Talking Space, the main focus is on Mars as three countries send missions to the red planet. We discuss the United Arab Emirates first mission to the red planet and the implications it has for the country and that part of the world. We then discuss China's mission which was also launched, their first solo mission to Mars, and discuss where their space program stands right now and if they could become a major player again in space. Finally NASA is up with their Mars 2020...


Episode 1202: Suborbital, Orbital, and Interplanetary

The “band” is back together to review some breaking news on the launch date for NASA’s upcoming Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover. We talk about the activities on the International Space Station, where NASA Astronauts Chris Cassidy performed a 6-hour 7-minute spacewalk to replace a set of lithium-ion batteries on the facility’s S6 truss. Completing this work will leave the ISS in an exemplary power configuration for the remainder of its operational life. Attention turns to a Pre-spacewalk...


Episode 1201: Dragon, Arriving

On this special episode of Talking Space, we devote the entire episode to the successful launch of Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to the International Space Station. The crew successfully launched in their Crew Dragon capsule on Demo-2, marking the first time humans have launched from the US since the end of the shuttle program in 2011. We go through the differences between Space Shuttle and Crew Dragon all the way from the suit-up room to orbit. We discuss the origins behind the...


Episode 1108: The Path to #LaunchAmerica – In Flight Abort

With astronauts set to return to space from U.S. soil for the first time in almost nine years, Talking Space is going back through the archives to bring you never-before-heard episodes on what it took to get to the historic Demo-2 launch in May 2020. For this episode, we go back to January 2020 when SpaceX tested the in-flight abort capabilities of their Crew Dragon capsule. Hear what it sounded like from launch to a surprise after the intentional destruction of a Falcon 9...


Episode 1107: The Path to #LaunchAmerica - Demo-1

With astronauts set to return to space from U.S. soil for the first time in almost nine years, Talking Space is going back through the archives to bring you never-before-heard episodes on what it took to get to the historic Demo-2 launch in May 2020. For this episode, we go back to March 2019 for the Demo-1 mission. This was the uncrewed version of the Demo-2 mission, instead with a "test dummy" onboard, even if SpaceX doesn't call it that. Hear the sound of the launch, as well as hear of...


Episode 1106- On the Shores Of the Ocean of Storms: Celebrating Apollo 12

In this installment of Talking Space, on the very day fifty years ago we look back at the accomplishment that was the Apollo 12 mission by letting its crew Mission Commander Charles " Pete" Conrad, Command Module Pilot Richard Gordon, and Lunar Module Pilot Alan Bean tell their "travelers tales" to us during a post-flight press conference. Apollo 12 did a lot more than simply get hit lightning on its way to the Moon, Conrad and Bean brought on board their Lunar Module, Intrepid,...


Episode 1105: Apollo 4 - Paving the Way to the Lunar Surface

In this special edition of Talking Space, we look back into the NASA audio archives and discover a hidden gem that might get lost in United States space flight history. On November 9, 1967, months after the United States lost three intrepid explorers duing a spacecraft test, The Apollo Progam arose like the mythical phoenix and launched the most powerfull launch vehicle the world had ever seen, the 364-foot tall Apollo Saturn V Rocket. Apollo 4 set sail from a brand new port, NASA’s...


Episode 1104: Mars Done?

After examining the current launch log book and going over some significant breaking news with the Mars Exploration Rover Mission and NASA's current lunar aspirations, the team discusses the latest findings from the New Horizons mission. We then celebrate the naming of the European Space Agency's Exomars mission rover. The ExoMars set for a 2020 launch attempt will be called the Rosalind Franklin after the British chemist who helped discover the true nature of the structure of...


Episode 1103: Challenger: An American Tragedy - A Conversation With NASA's Hugh Harris

In this special edition of Talking Space, we talk to the man who was for many years was the voice of Shuttle Launch Control at the Kennedy Space Center, Mr. Hugh Harris. Born in December of 1932 he served as an information specialist with the US Army from 1952 until 1954 and graduated from Western Reserve University in Ohio in 1956. Mr. Harris worked as a reporter for a metropolitan daily newspaper, a magazine writer for Standard Oil, and a radio personality at WMTR in Morristown,...


Episode 1102: Apollo 1

In this special edition of Talking Space, we observe the anniversary of Apollo 1 allowing the crew to tell their own story and talk to us through courtesy of the NASA Internet Audio Archive. While launch preparations for Apollo 1 were underway, NASA had held a press conference with the prime crew of what was then called Apollo-Saturn 204 Command Pilot: Virgil I. Grissom Senior Pilot: Edward H. White II and Pilot: Roger B. Chaffee The newly announced back-up crew was also in...


Episode 1101: China Has Landed On the Moon, Whither America?

The Talking Space Team says hello to 2019 with a wrap up of 2018 launch activities and a very spirited discussion of what the future may bring in the area of commercial space launch here in the US with new major players coming on the field. How will they fair against the international commercial launch services companies long term for new business? We’ll travel with New Horizons spacecraft to Ultima Thule and recap the flyby that occurred New Years Day 2019 and update about the mission’s...


Episode 1011 : Apollo 8 - A Christmas Card From 1968

What would Talking Space sound like if it were able to reach across the gulf of time to 1968 fifty years ago and cover the Apollo 8 mission: humanity’s first piloted spacecraft to successful orbit the Moon and return home to Earth? That is what this episode tries to answer bringing to you some of the historic moments from the Apollo 8 mission, the first to carry humans beyond Earth’s gravity well into deep space to explore the Moon with human eyes and close up photography. This installment...


Episode 1010: Wisdom From A Legend in Heliophysics

Back in mid -August of 2018 as a phalanx of reporters and social media attendees awaited the launch of the Parker Solar Probe, we were all given a grand opportunity to listen to and glean a little wisdom from Dr. Eugene Parker, the spacecraft’s namesake. Dr. Parker’s contributions unveiled the supersonic nature of the Sun’s solar wind, an observation he was at first ridiculed for but eventually was proven correct by the Mariner 2 spacecraft. This was an unprecedented opportunity and one...