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Hosted by Bob Cesca, contributor to the Stephanie Miller Show and writer for The Banter newsletter, the Bob Cesca Show combines funny liberal political talk from podcasters knee-deep in the trenches of the American political debate. Download our free podcast wherever you get your podcasts, and be sure to support our Patreon:

Hosted by Bob Cesca, contributor to the Stephanie Miller Show and writer for The Banter newsletter, the Bob Cesca Show combines funny liberal political talk from podcasters knee-deep in the trenches of the American political debate. Download our free podcast wherever you get your podcasts, and be sure to support our Patreon:


Dumfries, VA


Hosted by Bob Cesca, contributor to the Stephanie Miller Show and writer for The Banter newsletter, the Bob Cesca Show combines funny liberal political talk from podcasters knee-deep in the trenches of the American political debate. Download our free podcast wherever you get your podcasts, and be sure to support our Patreon:






Donald Puddin' Trump

[Explicit Content] House Ways and Means has Trump's tax returns. Finally. David's crush on special prosecutor Jack Smith. Trump thinks Smith has a "soft name." Kanye West expresses his admiration for Hitler on the Alex Jones Show. Nick Fuentes might be a closet case. Who Said It? Elon Musk's destruction of Twitter continues. The EU might force Elon to do the right thing. Twitter no longer enforcing COVID disinformation policy. Ron DeSantis and Jim Jordan want Congress to investigate Apple....


Amanda Wyss

[Explicit Language] You might know the legendary Amanda Wyss from movies like Nightmare on Elm Street, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Better Off Dead, Powwow Highway, Silverado, and The Id. She's also appeared in shows like Buck Rogers, Cheers, St. Elsewhere, Murder She Wrote, CSI, Diagnosis Murder, and Dexter. You can follow Amanda on Twitter @_amandawyss and on Instagram @amandawyss. Meantime, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at Bob's...


Opening Blackgate Prison

[Explicit Language] Back from the Thanksgiving break. Normal Christmas decorations at the White House. Trump dines with Kanye West and white supremacist Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-lago. Fuentes is the worst of the worst. Trump is driving away independent voters. Trump needs the racists and transphobes on his side. Republicans slow to repudiate the dinner. Elon the Mad King continues to drive away advertisers. Blackgate Prison is about to be emptied. Major data breach. Democrats lost followers,...


Rubberbands And Squirrels

[Explicit Language] Our last show before the Thanksgiving break. Regular show schedule resumes next week. The mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs. Trump and the Red Hat entertainment complex has been inciting this attack. We ignore Matt Walsh and Tucker Carlson at our own peril. Shooter is the grandson of Republican Randy Voegel. Elon Musk reinstated Trump. Bob's meltdown Saturday night included insults in Latin. "$8chan." Elon is deliberately driving away Normals and "hall monitors"...


Florida Man Makes Announcement

[Explicit Content] Twelve Republicans vote with Democrats to break filibuster on Respect for Marriage Act. Mitch McConnell's turtley no-vote. Republicans win a narrow House majority and announce Hunter Biden investigation on day one. Thank you, Madam Speaker: Our tribute to Nancy Pelosi. Hakeem Jeffries and the new Democratic leaders. Kari Lake doing her best Trump impression. Always reinforce the brand. Mary Peltola beat Sarah Palin again. Trump sleepwalks through his 2024 campaign...


Cliff Schecter Day

[Explicit Language] It's another Cliff Schecter Day on the show. Cliff returns for his semi-regular appearance to talk about Trump's 2024 announcement, the fallout from the midterms and what that means for 2024, whether the Republicans will be able to do anything with a House majority, and more. Be sure to subscribe to Cliff's YouTube channel Meantime, please help support this show by subscribing to our bonus content at Bookmark Bob's Linktree. See...


Elon Trump

[Explicit Content] Our coverage of the 2022 midterms continues. Democrats retain control of the Senate. Katie Hobbs will be the next governor of Arizona. Kari Lake's political future. Trump plans to announce his 2024 campaign tonight. But will he? The third party possibilities and more. Election deniers lost gubernatorial races in key swing states. Andy Biggs plans to challenge Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker. Can a few Republicans change parties? Trump tried to audit his political enemies....


We've Jumped The Shart

[Explicit Content] Our coverage of the 2022 Midterms continues. The results so far. Compilation of Fox News hosts predicting a red wave. Jesse Watters vs Single Women. Republicans are attacking Trump now. Trump's team wants to delay the 11/14 announcement. Why Trump still won't run. Trump attacked DeSantis. Big state level victories. Joanna McClinton is the amazing new majority leader in the Pennsylvania House. Kari Lake attacked DeSantis. Paul Ryan attacks Trump. Anti-abortion measures...


Midterm Madness Roundtable

[Explicit Language] Mary Trump, Buzz Burbank, and Jody Hamilton are here with their reactions to the 2022 midterm election and the total absence of a "red wave." The big wins, our highlights and disappointments, the expanded Democratic bench, and the inaccurate polls. Plus, the Republican Party and Fox News is blaming Trump. Will this impact whether he runs for president? And more! You can follow Buzz on Twitter, Jody on Patreon, and the Mary Trump Show on wherever you get your podcasts....


Foul Flarn Foul

[Explicit Content] Our final thoughts on Election Day and the possible outcomes. The Republican plot regarding polls and measuring the drapes. Democracy vs gas prices vs throwing the bums out. Republican lawsuits in swing states. Daylight Savings Time and Bob's derp on Twitter. Trump didn't announce a damn thing. The will-he-won't-he game. Maggie Haberman suggests he's playing this for attention. Trump ordered DHS to arrest BLM protesters on fake charges. Rape panels and liberal apathy....


Premature Goblin Fetus

[Explicit Content] Our last Thursday show before the midterms. What to expect Tuesday night. How we're all feeling about the possible outcome. How some voters aren't taking the stakes seriously enough. The latest on Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter, and why the verification process is important. Everyone hates Elon. Plans to fire 3,700 employees. Wisconsin Republican governor candidate says the quiet part out loud -- they're taking aim at democracy itself. Kash Patel has flipped in the...


Gaby Goldstein Returns

[Explicit Language] With the midterm elections a few short days away, Gaby Goldstein from Sister District returns for a final look at state legislature races, ballot roll-off, bellwethers for Election Night, and more. State legislatures are where all the really awful Republican crapola is going down: Anti-abortion laws, voter suppression laws, Big Lie laws, anti-gay, anti-trans laws and so on. to support Gaby's organization. Meantime, please help support this show by...


Blue Ticks

[Explicit Language] The plot to assassinate Nancy Pelosi. Republicans crack jokes and tweet memes about the violent attack on Paul Pelosi. Federal charges files. Ken Dilanian downplays the severity of the attack. Red Hats convicted in Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot. Glenn Greenwald is always wrong. Elon Musk's stupid plan to monetize Twitter. Musk spread disinformation about Pelosi attack. Europe might stop Musk's plan for bluechecks. Counter.Social as an alternative? The midterms are...


Kevin Sorbo Not So Much

[Explicit Content] Mary Trump returns to the show filling in for Jody. Listen to The Mary Trump Show wherever you get your podcasts, especially her interview with Lawrence O'Donnell. Meantime, more great news for Democrats in the early vote numbers. GDP growth has exceeded expectations, but don't expect the press to cover it that way. Another woman has accused Herschel Walker of helping her get an abortion. It's a lie and not a lie. Mehmet Oz on abortion. Amy Schumer's hilarious birth...


Simon Rosenberg

If you only listen to one show before the midterms let it be this one. Simon is a political strategist and veteran of the famed 1992 Clinton War Room. He also runs the think tank New Democrat Network. And he's armed with some encouraging data on the election -- news that should make us all feel a little better about how the Democrats will fare on November 8. You can follow Simon on Twitter here, and the website for his think tank is Meantime, please help support this show by...


Baton Rouge! Baton Rouge!

[Explicit Language] Reasons for optimism this week. IMF predicts big drop in inflation soon. The Florida gubernatorial debate between Ron DeSantis and Charlie Crist. DeSantis freezes when challenged on whether he'll serve a 4-year term. DeSantis isn't ready for prime time, and more people agree with Bob. Trump threatens reporters with prison rape. Trump told Bob Woodward that he'd roll out a COVID plan after it was too late. Michael Cohen agrees with Bob that Trump will not run. Larry...


I F**ked Up

[Explicit Content] Liz Truss resigns as British prime minister after failed supply-side policies. Huge news about possible cancer vaccines. Our regrets about being Gen-X smokers. Red states have the highest crime rates according to the FBI. Trump, Kanye, and the Republican attack against Jews. Republican arrested for masturbating near a pre-school. Republicans propose national Don't Say Gay bill. DOJ prosecutors say Trump could be charged with obstruction. Returning to Mar-a-lago. Oregon's...


Nerdgasm with Travis Bone

[Explicit Language] Travis Bone from the Stephanie Miller Show returns to talk with Bob about the latest in comic book movies and television, including She-Hulk, Strange New Worlds, Rings of Power, Andor, Wakanda Forever, House of the Dragon, Black Adam, plus a little politics, and so much more. You can follow Travis on Twitter here, and the Stephanie Miller Show here. Music: "Avenger" by ALEX & Megan McDuffee. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at...


The A-Hole Tax

[Explicit Language] Finding optimism in the Midterm forecasts. Huge turnout for the first day of early voting in Georgia. Herschel Walker's badge gambit explained. Brian Kemp wants to ban IVF fertility treatments. Biden will prioritize abortion rights if Democrats hold Congress. Thursday's January 6th hearings. The myth of voting your conscience. Joe Rogan, Tulsi Gabbard, and the Litter Box Hoax. Alex Jones could have to pay even more in damages to Sandy Hook families. With Buzz Burbank,...


A Head Full Of Expired Yogurt

[Explicit Content] Jody is in-studio with Bob. Plus, we have a second celebrity guest star today here -- and David plays Guess The Secret Celebrity. The Jan. 6 hearings for people of the future. The Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Donald Trump! Connecticut jury hits Alex Jones with a near $1 billion judgment in the Sandy Hook families' latest lawsuit. Putting Alex Jones's debt into perspective. The reactions from the Red-Hat-o-sphere. Trump aide is cooperating with the DOJ. Aide tells...