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CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories that aren't found on front pages -- buried leads -- to the forefront.

CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories that aren't found on front pages -- buried leads -- to the forefront.


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CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories that aren't found on front pages -- buried leads -- to the forefront.






Sources: Trump intends to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court; Comey to publicly testify on Capitol Hill next week; Trump renews threat to disregard November vote; Coronavirus cases in U.S. reach 7 million, most in the world; Exhausted by Trump, s

Meadows attacks FBI Dir for saying there’s no massive voter fraud; Barr briefed Trump on probe of discarded ballots; Surge of ballot requests already setting records; NC Republicans accuse Dems of trying to make fraud easier; New York creates panel to review every FDA approved vaccine; Key model projects 371,000 deaths in U.S. by January 1 with 3,000 deaths daily; Virginia governor and wife test positive for COVID-19; Cases trending up in 23 states, most in West and Midwest; PAC-12 Football...


Trump won’t commit to peaceful transfer of power; Pennsylvania AG battling Trump, GOP in court over mail-in voting; NY to create independent task force to review COVID-19 vaccine; Kentucky governor calls on state AG to share grand jury transcript in Breon

Trump says he doesn’t know if election can be “honest” after refusing to commit to peaceful transfer of power; Trump, GOP claim his comments no worse than Hillary Clinton saying Biden shouldn’t concede; Pennsylvania AG battling Trump, GOP in court over mail-in voting; FBI state attorneys investigating after nine ballots cast for Trump were found discarded in Pennsylvania; Trump claims he could override FDA on stricter vaccine standards; CDC: 1 in 5 new cases this summer were young adults in...


Police & protesters clash after Breonna Taylor grand jury decision; One-on-one interview with Cindy McCain; New CNN poll: Americans split on whether Trump’s appointments made Supreme Court better or worse; Senators challenge top public health leaders on v

No officers charged directly with Breonna Taylor’s death; New Covid cases trending up in 22 states; Fauci and Sen. Paul spar over herd immunity; CDC: thousands of flights may have been exposed to Covid; Redfield grilled over controversial CDC testing guidance; Surgeon General: “the virus doesn’t care about your politics” See for privacy information.


United States surpasses 200,000 COVID-19 deaths; Trump: “Very close” to picking nominee, announcement Saturday; Washington Post: CIA assessment says Putin “probably directing” influence campaign against Joe Biden; One-on-one with Trump’s former National S

Fauci: Reaching 200,000 deaths is “stunning” & “very sobering”; NFL fines 3 coaches $100,000 for not wearing masks; World’s largest vaccine maker: Vaccinating entire world against COVID-19 won’t happen until 2024; U.S. averaging more than 800 virus deaths per day; New virus cases rising in 24 states, steady in 20, declining in 6; Fauci: Reasonable to assume virus spread by aerosol; Source: Confidant told Trump Supreme Court pick so critical that she will effectively “be your new running...


Biden: “Trump panicked; The virus was too big for him”; U.S. approaches 200,000 deaths from COVID-19; Trump speaks about Supreme Court vacancy; Dems need two more GOP senators to block Trump’s nominee

Biden: Trump “froze, he failed to act, he panicked” about COVID-19; Biden slams Trump o pandemic as U.S. approaches 200,000 deaths; Trump: will announce pick for court Friday or Saturday; choices narrowed down to five people; McConnell: Trump’s nominee “will receive a vote”; Supreme court vacancy could upend presidential, senate races; Trump claims U.S. is rounding the corner on pandemic despite 40,000+ new daily cases on average; 28 states see upward trend in new COVID cases; HHS Secy now...


Trump claims there will be enough doses of COVID-19 vaccine for every American by April 2021; Biden: This campaign is Scranton vs. Park Avenue; Mary Trump reacts to Woodward & Troye revelations;

At crowded rally, Trump mocks social distancing, says staying at home is like being in prison; Sources: Controversial CDC testing guidance not written by scientists, came from HHS without normal scientific review; WaPo: White House nixed plan to distribute 650 million face masks to U.S. households; Biden campaigning in key battleground state of Minnesota; Trump says he’s “looking at a lot of different” things when asked if he plans to replace FBI Director Wray; See...


Former official on coronavrius task force: Trump could have saved lives, but he was too concerned about re-election; Acting homeland secy. Chad Wolf defies subpoena, skips house hearing; Biontech, Pfizer to “adapt” vaccine trial to hit October deadline; A

Ex-WH official: Trump said “maybe this COVID thing is a good thing” because I don’t like shaking hands with “disgusting” people; Former top Pence staffer calls Trump presidency “terrifying”, says she will be voting for Biden ; WH Sr. official denies Trump would say COVID-19 might be a good thing so he doesn’t have to shake hands ; WH Sr. official on former aide rebuking Trump: Troye never expressed any concern about handling of pandemic; Former Trump spy chief calls for bipartisan commission...


Biden gives speech on his plan for Covid-19 vaccines; Trump promotes herd immunity, an idea that experts estimate could lead to millions of deaths in the U.S.; Internal AstraZeneca document obtained by CNN shows adverse effects of vaccine on trial partici

Biden: we can’t allow politics to interfere with a vaccine; Biden: if I have authority, I’ll sign executive order for mask mandate; President Trump again claims virus will “go away”; Pelosi defends negotiations as some Dems raise concerns; New study: minorities face higher deaths due to racism, discrimination; Sally batters Gulf Coast with record rain, extensive damage See for privacy information.


Trump celebrates foreign policy win with packed WH crowd; Biden courts Latinos in crucial swing state of Florida; Powerful hurricane Sally begins to inundate Gulf Coast, historic flooding anticipated; Wildfires in California destroy more than 4,200 struct

Trump continues optimistic tone as U.S. nears 200k virus deaths; Most people at WH event not tested for coronavirus; Trump retweets baseless smear against Joe Biden; Hundreds of guests at packed WH event, masks optional; Politico: Some Dems break with Biden, resume door-knocking; Dem Senate candidate under attack for saying he would be “hesitant” to receive coronavirus vaccine; Trump: Diplomatic agreement marks “dawn of a new Middle East”; Israel, UAE, Bahrain sign diplomatic agreement at...


Trump ignores science of pandemic, climate change & wildfires; Pfizer CEO: likely will know if vaccine works by end of Oct.; Manhunt underway after two Los Angeles deputies ambushed; Biden plans Florida visit tomorrow as polls show him behind Trump in Lat

Trump claims “I on’t think science knows” planet is warming; Trump defies coronavirus science & states restrictions, holds packed indoor rally with few masks and no social distancing; Trump in August insisted two Woodward “nothing more could have been done” to contain coronavirus; Trump heads to Arizona for indoor event in room packed with chairs tied together; Trump points to lack of forest management, not climate change, as reason behind wildfires; LA mayor: Trump’s disaster response...


Trump claims coronavirus is coming to an end, Fauci disagrees; 100 fires burning nationwide; Most in California, Washington and Oregon; Trump pays tribute to 9/11 at site of United flight 93 crash; Some voters in key swing state don’t like Trump or Biden;

Fauci: We need to “hunker down” to get through fall & winter; Fauci: We may not get back to our normal lives until end of 2021; Operation Warp Speed Chief: race for coronavirus vaccine has “nothing to do with politics”; CDC Study: Adults who test positive for virus about twice as likely to have recently dined at a restaurant; Biden, Pence meet at 9/11 memorial in New York City; Trump: “I didn’t lie” to Americans about COVID threat, after tapes reveal he intentionally downplayed the impact;...


Jake’s one-on-one with Joe Biden; Trump blames Woodward when asked why he lied to American people; Biden says Trump “waved a white flag” and “walked away” from COVID-19, calls his handling “almost criminal”; 28-year-old teacher dies 3 days after COVID dia

Trump defends telling public COVID-19 was like flu, after telling Woodward it was much deadlier; Trump tries to defect blame onto Woodward after downplaying virus; Joe Biden on Trump concealing coronavirus threat: “It’s disgusting”; Biden says Trump has no concept of what constitutes national security after Trump claimed U.S. is developing secret nuclear weapons system; Biden: Trump shouldn’t be Commander in Chief of the U.S. military; Biden: Middle class voters were “taken for granted” in...


Trump acknowledged dangers of coronavirus to Woodward even as he continued to downplay the risks publicly; Woodward book: Trump knew in early February coronavirus was dangerous, highly contagious, airborne and “deadly”; U.S. surpasses 190,000 coronavirus

Trump on downplaying Covid-19 risks: we don’t want a panic.. we don’t want people to be frightened; Trump now claims he didn’t want to create a panic after Woodward tapes reveal he intentionally downplayed Covid-19; Biden: Trump committed “life and death betrayal” of American people; See for privacy information.


Nine companies sign pledge not to rush vaccine; CNN: Trump distressed over report he disparaged military; Senate to vote Thursday on $500 billion COVID relief plan; Iowa case rate per capita among worst in U.S.; India surpasses Brazil, now 2nd behind U.S.

Fauci acknowledges skepticism around vaccine: “We’ve got to regain the trust of the community”; 16 of the largest U.S. school districts start today, 14 online; Biontech CEO: Could submit vaccine to FDA by mid-Oct.; More than 37,000 cases reported at U.S. colleges; Trump on whether he’d fund campaign: “If I have to, I would”; NYT: Trump Campaign war chest “dwindling”; Trump to expand oil drilling moratorium for Florida; Rose Garden under repair less than three weeks after renovation; Trump....


Biden, Harris, Pence make Labor Day visits to battleground states; Labor Day crowds drive fears of new virus spikes; CA breaks record for acres burned statewide in a year; U.S. performed 740,000+ COVID tests in the last week;

Trump accuses Biden, Harris of undermining science as he teases a vaccine by election day; Harris says she would not trust Trump on a vaccine, Trump says Harris should apologize for “anti-vaccine rhetoric”; Trump: will have vaccine “very soon, maybe even before a very special date… you know what I’m talking about”; Biden says se wants effective vaccine regardless of election consequences; Biden: “if I could get a vaccine tomorrow I’d do it … if it cost me the election I’d do it”; Biden:...


Key model predicts 410,000 Americans will die by January; Trump denies calling U.S. war dead “losers” & “suckers”; Biden calls on Trump to apologize, calls his comments “disgusting”; Trump has the biggest job losses of any U.S. president since World War I

FDA rejects coronavirus therapeutic pushed by Trump-supporting MyPillow CEO; Sources: Trump pressuring FDA for silver bullet by election; Limit data on Russia’s vaccine released; Model projects 3,000 Americans a day will die in December; Trump attacked McCain in 2015: “He’s not a war hero”; Trump’s long history of attacking military families; NYT: Bolton says he didn’t hear Trump insult fallen troops in France; Trump lies while denying report he disparaged service members; 1.4 million jobs...


Stocks plunge, Tech’s worst day since March; Biden says he spoke with Jacob Blake on the phone; Trump again suggests Americans may need to vote twice, which is illegal; Iowa becomes new hotspot as cases spike quickly; German Govt: Putin critic poisoned wi

Fauci warns cases are “unacceptably high” as Labor Day approaches; Pfizer CEO predicts vaccine trial may have results in October; Fauci: More data needed to prove how effective plasma is as treatment; Drugmakers: No “magic bullet” that will contain COVID; Fauci: Vaccine by October is “unlikely, not impossible”; Biden in Kenosha: Words of a president matter; Biden spoke with Jacob Blake on the phone, Blake “talked about how nothing was going to defeat him”; Biden: Trump “legitimizes” hatred,...


New CNN poll: Biden tops Trump 51% to 43%; 17 states report upticks in new cases; Pelosi on criticism over salon visit: “it was a set up”; Trump pushes “law & order” message amid unrest

CNN Poll: Biden leading on almost all major issues; CNN poll: most not worried about crime and community; Fauci calls for “full-court press” on Covid-19 ahead of flu season; Iowa leads U.S. with highest Covid-19 infection rate; 17 states report new upticks in cases; Fauci: sending infected students home from college campuses is “the worst thing you could do”; Iowa’s Joni Ernst echoes conspiracy theory on death count, but medical experts say Covid deaths are undercounted; Sources: WH resigned...


Trump knocks Fauci: “I inherited him,” Fauci says “we’re all on the same team”; Jill Biden: Trump’s America is “chaos”; Federal investigators: Police tased Jacob Blake twice before shooting, 88 witnesses interviewed; Trump denies health issues as new book

Trump on Blake shooting, says he feels “terribly for anyone who goes through that”; Trump visits Wisconsin to meet with law enforcement one week after police shooting of Jacob Blake; Giroir dismisses daily testing: “I don’t live in a utopian world”; Astrazeneca’s vaccine becomes 3rd to begin phase 3 trials in U.S.; Fauci: A vaccine should be “shown to be safe & effective”; Han says resignation is an “option” if he’s pressured to release a vaccine before it’s ready; FL Gov: Nursing home...


Biden: Trump “sows chaos” & “makes things worse”; U.S. hits more than six million COVID cases; WAPO: Trump health advisor is pushing herd immunity strategy despite warnings from Fauci, medical officials; Biden says he hopes to be able to visit Wisconsin a

Trump to visit Wisconsin as he pushes “law and order”; Trump to visit Wisconsin despite governor’s opposition; White House: Trump to visit “hurting Americans” in Wisconsin; Trump strokes chaos, threatens to intervene in “rime infested” cities; Biden: are you safe in Trump’s America?; Biden’s response to Trump’s attacks: do I look like a radical socialist?; Trump calls Biden weak on crime as his own favorability numbers fall; Trump seizes on Portland protest, ignores violence by supporters;...