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Join award-winning, international journalist, May Lee, as she sits down with the most impactful and relevant Asian and Asian Americans who are boldly enhancing and elevating Asian voices and issues around the world. The show strikes an authentic and intimate tone with honest, entertaining and, sometimes, uncomfortable conversations. Expect the unexpected on the show.

Join award-winning, international journalist, May Lee, as she sits down with the most impactful and relevant Asian and Asian Americans who are boldly enhancing and elevating Asian voices and issues around the world. The show strikes an authentic and intimate tone with honest, entertaining and, sometimes, uncomfortable conversations. Expect the unexpected on the show.


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Join award-winning, international journalist, May Lee, as she sits down with the most impactful and relevant Asian and Asian Americans who are boldly enhancing and elevating Asian voices and issues around the world. The show strikes an authentic and intimate tone with honest, entertaining and, sometimes, uncomfortable conversations. Expect the unexpected on the show.




#65 - COVID-19, It Ain't Over

At the stroke of midnight June 15, California lifted most of its COVID restrictions including no more mask mandates for most places including restaurants, gyms, stores, concerts and work places, but there is a catch. Only those who have been fully VACCINATED are permitted to go mask-less. Unvaccinated people are expected to go by the honor system, which leaves skeptics like May more than concerned, especially with the rapid spread of the Delta variant. This is the variant that has devastated...


#64 - New Asian Dating App, ALIKE

There is no shortage of dating apps that cover a range of wants and needs out there. Some are open to any and all types of people wanting to find connection. Others target more specific groups such as seniors, LGBTQ, Christians and Jews. And apps even for those who just want to hook-up or have extra-marital affairs! But, there has never been a dating app based in North America meant for Asians to meet each other, until now. Alike is a new video dating app that "celebrates the Asian...


#63 - Actor Ludi Lin of "Mortal Kombat"

He's been in some of the biggest blockbuster movies including "Power Rangers", "Aquaman" and now the reboot of "Mortal Kombat", but Chinese-born Canadian Ludi Lin isn't letting the fame get to his head. In this episode, he opens up to May about the challenges of anti-Asian hate, Asian representation in Hollywood, the need for Asians to tell our own stories, breaking stereotypes and his personal efforts to be more vulnerable. And on the lighter side, May couldn't help but ask about what he...


#62 - Anti-Asian Assault Survivor, Noel Quintana

On February 3, 2021 Filipino American Noel Quintana was on the subway in New York. He was minding his own business when suddenly he was attacked by a total stranger wielding a box cutter. Noel suffered a horrific slash across his face that required more than 100 stitches. But strangely, unlike other victims of anti-Asian hate crimes, Noel hasn’t received as much support even though he will need further medical and psychological care. Add to that a new challenge…he is required to go back to...


#61 - LAAUNCH Study on Perceptions of AAPIs

There are a number of reports and data on the state of the AAPI community when it comes to income, education, politics and, of course, racism, but there are hardly any surveys about how Asians are perceived by others. In fact, the last time a study that measured the attitudes and perceptions of AAPIs was more than 20 years ago, until now. A new non-profit group, Leading Asian Americans Unite for Change or LAAUNCH, just released its Social Tracking of Asian Americans in the U.S. report. It...


#60 - IG Live with @asiansarestrong Founders

Being brave together — it’s one of the three calls to action from @asiansarestrong founders Hudson Liao and Jeremy Jong. In light of the growing number of anti-asian hate crimes and assaults, these two friends decided to take action and produce self-defense videos online. But recently, their skills were put to the test when they stopped a robbery of an Asian family's car in San Francisco. Part of Hudson and Jeremy's quick action was caught on a security camera and when May saw that footage,...


#59 - What exactly is Restorative Justice?

Traditionally, punishment for crimes committed is often imprisonment, but it's rare when incarceration changes the convicted criminal for the better. In this time of such division, anger and violence especially related to communities of color, the concept of Restorative Justice is being talked about more often. For perpetrators, restorative justice involves education and rehabilitation rather than imprisonment. For victims, it means stronger physical, emotional and psychological support from...


#58 - Self-Hate and Internalized Racism

This is a recording of an Instagram Live that May had recently on the subject of Self-Hate and Internalized Racism. These issues, in the past, were rarely spoken about especially within the Asian community because of shame, embarrassment and lack of awareness. But when Republican congressional candidate in Texas, Sery Kim, a Korean immigrant, openly said she doesn't want Chinese immigrants here in the U.S. and blamed them for COVID-19, she triggered a fire storm of debate, not only over...


#57 - Georgia Shootings

The mass shooting in Georgia that left 8 people dead, 6 of them Asian women, has ripped open painful wounds for the AAPI community. For more than a year, anti-Asian hate has been sweeping across the US like wildfire and the massacre on March 16 was what Asians feared would happen. Three Asian spas were targeted by a 21-year old, white, male shooter who claimed to authorities that he had a "sex addiction" and this was his way of taking away temptations. The shooting has yet to be deemed as a...


#56 - What Is A Hate Crime?

Anti-Asian assaults are sky rocketing across the country so why aren't more hate crime charges being filed? Antoine Watson, the suspect in the murder of 84-year old Vichar Ratanapakdee, the elderly Thai man who died after being pushed to the ground, has only been charged with murder and elder abuse, but not a hate crime. Salman Muflihi, the man who stabbed a 36-year old man in the back in New York City was initial charged with a hate crime, but then authorities retracted it. Patrick Mateo,...



The recent slew of attacks against Asians across the U.S. has raised the level of shock and disgust, but this time it's not just amongst the AAPI community. The general public is paying attention as well. The video of 84 year old Vichar Ratanapakdee being pushed and killed or the 91 year old Asian man being shoved on the sidewalk in Oakland or an Asian woman being knocked down by a stranger in New York or armed robbers ransacking and shooting a store owner…the list of atrocities is long. Why...


#54 - 1 Year Anniversary Special!!

It's been one year since the launch of "The May Lee Show" and what a year it's been! What started off as a modest attempt at focusing on and elevating the voices of the Asian and Asian American community quickly became something relevant, relatable and reliable to viewers and listeners of the show. From the highest of highs...Parasite's sweep of the Oscars, to the lowest of lows...xenophobic attacks against Asians triggered by COVID-19, "The May Lee Show" spotlighted and tackled issues and...


#53 - Post Inauguration: The National Nightmare is Over!

The inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as U.S. President and Vice President was history in the making. Biden is now the oldest person to become President and Harris is the first woman and first Black-Asian person to be VP. After four tumultuous years of the Trump presidency, the Biden-Harris team has an Everest sized mountain to climb...COVID-19, economic recession, a nation divided and climate change, just to name a few. In this episode, May shares her thoughts on Inauguration Day,...



The start of 2021 hasn't brought much relief when it comes to COVID-19. Cases are exploding, hospitalizations are rising and deaths are climbing. The light at the end of this dark tunnel, however, is the rollout of vaccines. So far Pfizer and Moderna have received emergency approval and distributed vaccines in the U.S., but it's been slow going. There is, however, another major player that will be joining the fight with a new vaccine. Johnson and Johnson is about to release findings on its...


#51 - 2020 Year Ender!

2020 has been a year like no other! From the global pandemic that turned the world upside down to the xenophobia it triggered against Asians to the social, economic and political fallout, 2020 has pushed us all to the edge. But it also gave some of us a chance to find more purpose including May. This was the year that she and NextShark decided to launch "The May Lee Show", a program meant to focus on and celebrate all things Asian and Asian American. They took the plunge in early February...


#50 - Cookie Activist, Jasmine Cho

It’s the holiday season and there’s no better way to celebrate than to bake delicious treats! Believe it or not, May, the woman who usually uses her oven as a shoe rack, has a tradition of baking Christmas cookies every year and in this highly unusual time of such anxiety and uncertainty, she wanted to share her love of holiday baking AND talk to someone who has made it her life’s mission to use the art of cookie making to educate, inform and inspire. Jasmine Cho, baker, author and founder...


#49 - Makeup to the Stars, Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin is no stranger to the world of celebrity beauty. In fact, the Vietnamese American makeup artist has had a direct impact on the look of many A-listers including Priyanka Chopra, Gemma Chan and Jessica Alba. But perhaps his highest profile client is good friend Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. Daniel was responsible for creating a beautifully natural look for Meghan for the royal wedding, which was watched by nearly 2 billion people worldwide. But don't think for second that...


#48 - Fashion Guru Wendy Nguyen

This Thanksgiving season is, like most everything else in 2020, unusually challenging. The pandemic has intensified loss, grief and pain in so many ways. But during these difficult times, we’re are witnessing courage, survival and hope. In this episode, May sits down with someone who is the very symbol of surviving darkness with bravery and strength. Wendy Nguyen, fashion guru and creator of the phenomenally successful, tells the story of her years of sexual abuse, which...


#47 - Post Election Chaos!

After two days of feeling relieved that the election was over, the level of anxiety and conflict has shot up once again. President Donald Trump is refusing to concede to Joe Biden, who was declared the winner after surpassing the magic number of 270 electoral votes. Trump has filed lawsuits in several battleground states claiming voter fraud and irregularities. This is delaying the transition of power, a process that requires, not only time, but allocated government financial resources. In...


#46 - Election Eve with Sen. Tammy Duckworth

There is no doubt that Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois is a hero, a trailblazer and woman of many firsts. First Thai American woman elected to Congress, first person born in Thailand elected to Congress, first woman with a disability elected to Congress, first female double amputee in the Senate, and first senator to give birth while in office. Sen. Duckworth fought on the battlefield because of her love of country and she continues to fight for the country’s integrity with courage and...