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Nicole Sandler has worked in radio her entire adult life. After a successful career in music radio in NY and Los Angeles (WPLJ, KLOS, KSCA and others), she returned to talk radio to host mornings on then-progressive talk WINZ/Miami. After a flip to sports, she moved to Air America Radio for a nightly show. When AAR went off the air on Jan 21, 2010, Nicole Sandler moved online where she continues to question authority daily at


Coral Springs, FL


Nicole Sandler has worked in radio her entire adult life. After a successful career in music radio in NY and Los Angeles (WPLJ, KLOS, KSCA and others), she returned to talk radio to host mornings on then-progressive talk WINZ/Miami. After a flip to sports, she moved to Air America Radio for a nightly show. When AAR went off the air on Jan 21, 2010, Nicole Sandler moved online where she continues to question authority daily at






20230608 Nicole Sandler Show - Thursday with Howie Klein and Good Riddance to Pat Robert

It's Thursday, so Howie Klein is here! We have lots to talk about, beginning with the dysfunction in the House. The radical right flank is blocking Kevin McCarthy's every move because they're angry that he cut a deal on the debt ceiling with Joe Biden. Wow. We're also on indictment-watch. Yes, it appears that Donald Trump is going to be experiencing some things...again. Perhaps very soon. But we also have unexpected news today ... Pat Robertson has died. For years, he held the honorary position of Most Heinous Human in the world. We'll spend a few minutes paying him the tribute he deserves.


20230607 Nicole Sandler Show - Teach Truth with Jesse Hagopian

I first met Jesse Hagopian a few months ago, after I discovered the existence of the Zinn Education Project. I invited him on the show to talk about his work as an educator and activist for truth in education. Unfortunately, such activists are necessary in today's world, as elected officials like the fascist Florida Man DeSantis are pushing to whitewash history, literally. When Jesse joined us back in March, he mentioned an event called the Teach Truth Day of Action coming up on June 10, which I dutifully put in my calendar. When I noticed that day would arrive on Saturday, I invited Jesse back on the show for another conversation about the dumbing down of America and the need to teach our children the truth! So, Jesse Hagopian returns today to talk about how the attacks on our public education system have only intensified since we last spoke, and to remind us how to get involved in the Teach Truth Day of Action on Saturday. Hint: Visit That will take you to the details page for the day. Or you can go to the Zinn Education Project where the day of action originated. What are you waiting for? Go, now!


20230606 Nicole Sandler Show - Still Antifa After 79 Years

Seventy-nine years ago today - June 6, 1944, allied forces invaded five beaches at Normandy-- more than 160,000 Allied forces landed in Nazi-occupied France as part of the biggest air, land and sea invasion ever executed. Why? They were fighting fascism! Today, we celebrate the OG Antifa fighters of fascism. It was on this day in 1968 that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. And now his son, RFK, Jr, is poised to be a spoiler who can't possibly win the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2024, but he surely could help return the fascist Trump to office. Lovely. And what a day for the PGA and Saudi's to announce they've reached a deal to merge their golf tours. What could possibly go wrong? We'll delve into all that and more today.... We'll see where the day brings us.


20230605 Nicole Sandler Show - Not Another Mundane Monday with Brian Karem

Welcome to the start of a new week. It's a Monday alright. Today was the day the government would have run out of money if Biden and McCarthy hadn't come to a deal on raising the debt limit. Depending on what you're reading or to whom you're listening, the deal was either a turd sandwich, Biden getting the best of the Republicans, Biden giving in to the Republicans, or a shit sandwich (I know, not much different from a turd sandwich -- it's all at the whim of the reader, er, eater). Anyway, Brian Karem returns to the show today. I invited him because in his latest column for, he writes that it was actually that relic of DC gone by... something called "compromise" - and that, he says, sort of, is a good thing. But first, wtf is up with the American right wing? They're asleep when they should be woke (YES, they should be WOKE) and, thanks to Trump saying the quiet parts really LOUD, their flat-earth-beliefs are being exposed and they thing we're the ones imposing the beliefs of a small minority on the masses? Opposite world, indeed.


2230602 Nicole Sandler Show - Saying GAY in Florida

It's June -- Pride month. Today we celebrate our gay, lesbian, bi, trans, non-binary and all people and their rights to be whomever they are, to find their unique voices and march to their own tunes and drummers. As an older person (did I just say that?), I've lived through the changes - both attitudinal and in real life. I've learned to be quiet long enough to listen to the people around me who are going through their own self-awareness journeys, realizing that everyone should be afforded the dignity to live their lives as best suits them... Today, realizing that the hate is not only here in the US, we extend our hand across the globe to say Happy Pride... be loud, be proud, be who ever the fuck you are. I spoke with an artist called Skaly from the UK. They had sent me this video that just went live yesterday, and I thought it was appropriate to invite them on the show and help spread the word. And my old pal Spocko joined in too. We talked about our mutual friend, the late great Joel Silberman who taught us (and members of Congress, candidates, celebrities and activists) how to use stories to make a point. Find Spocko's writings at Digby's blog and find out more about Spocko on his website.


20230601 Nicole Sandler Show - Thursdays with Howie Klein

The House passed the Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling deal last night with more Democratic than Republican votes. Was it a great deal? No. But did the Dems come out ahead of the Republicans? Without a doubt. Well, that's my take. As for what Howie Klein thinks? We'll find out today. You never know with Howie. One of the things I'll ask him about today is his post at Down With Tyranny in which he basically says that the three members of Congress vying to replace Dianne Feinstein in the Senate -- Katie Porter, Barbara Lee and Adam Schiff -- are all progressives, and he actually defends Schiff as just as progressive as Lee!


20230531 Nicole Sandler Show - David Dayen and the Debt Ceiling Dance Deja Vu

The House today is voting on the Biden-McCarthy deal to raise the ridiculous debt ceiling. David Dayen of The American Prospect returns to the show today to bring us up to date on what's happening and how we got here. I call it a deja vu because we've had this conversation before -- 12 years ago, in fact. On July28, 2011, we talked on this program about President Obama's deal with a Republican-led Congress, the first time the GOP weaponized this ridiculous provision that allows the good faith and credit of the US to be threatened. Today we find out that we, as a nation (or more accurately, our "leaders") haven't learned one damn thing.


20230530 Nicole Sandler Show - A Post-Holiday Weekend Update with Will Bunch

The first day back after a long holiday weekend is always tough. But here we are. News was made while America was using the day set aside to remember those lost in battle to buy mattresses and gorge themselves on food and beer. OK, I'm over-generalizing, but we really do need to step back and assess our priorities from time to time. And this would be a good time to do that. With the debt ceiling negotiations ongoing as the holiday weekend began, I was taken aback that the so-called cable news channel MSNBC opted to run the Rudy Giuliani story on repeat Monday afternoon into evening instead of offering some semblance of news, but that would be asking too much. (I guess they all had mattresses to buy or steaks to grill or something...) Today, I was happy to receive Will Bunch's newsletter. Will Bunch is a national columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and, thankfully, in today's edition, he gave a good roundup of what transpired while America was celebrating all of our war dead... or something. So, after I start the show by lamenting that my town suffered yet another mass shooting (when will it ever end?!?) and share a few other thoughts, I'll welcome Will Bunch back to the show and let him tell you what the media missed about the laughing stock that was the fascist Florida man's ridiculous presidential campaign launch and more! At the start of the show, I mentioned an article I wrote encouraging the rest of the world to issue travel advisories against vacationing here due to danger from guns, and it's finally happening, 10 years later! Here's the original column.


20230626 Nicole Sandler Show - Unofficial Floriduh Summer Kickoff with Brit Somers

Monday is Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. So today, I'm joined by my friend Boca Britany Somers for a special Trans Summer Kick Off in honor of the fascist Florida man who had the gall to announce his candidacy for president this week... We'll have a gay old time!


20230525 Nicole Sandler Show - Tales of two Governors in Opposite World

Sometimes life just doesn't make sense. Although today's show isn't really about two governors, it does involve two (actually three) southern governors whose actions were not reflected in the paths their lives and careers have taken. But, in all fairness, one of the stories hasn't yet reached a conclusion, so the odds are pretty good that fairness will win. But we'll see. I'm talking -in the second instance- of Florida's sad excuse for a governor. Ron DeSantis, who signed the bill into law just yesterday that will allow him to run for president without resigning as governor first, made his candidacy official yesterday, launching his campaign on Twitter Spaces. Yes, the correct response to that is "Twitter what?" . The little-known audio only section of Twitter did exactly what we expected: It crashed! The headlines "Failure to Launch" wrote themselves. Meanwhile, the day before, we heard from two former Alabama governors, one of whom I know much more about that the other. The one I don't know is Robert Bentley, a Republican, who resigned from office before he could be removed. The other is Don Siegelman, a Democrat, and one of the best Democratic governors from the south who could have been (and should have been) president. If only he hadn't been targeted, set-up and prosecuted (persecuted) by the nefarious forces on the right, likely led by one Karl Rove. --Click here to hear my interview with Gov. Siegelman about his story from June 12, 2020 ---- Siegelman was accused of bribery and convicted based on lies and fabrications from the right, and he served a sentence as an actual American political prisoner. Unfortunately, the Democratic president Barack Obama did noting to right the wrongs perpetrated on him by those who sought to discredit him. He's not coming on to talk about that today, though. Instead, Gov. Siegelman joins me to talk about an op-ed he and Gov Bentley co-authored for the Washington Post earlier this week, expressing their regrets for going along with the death penalty when they each had the power to refuse.


20230524 Nicole Sandler Show - Friends Don't Let Friends Vote for Fascists

Today's the big day! The Fascist Florida Man Ronald DeSantis is officially declaring his candidacy for president in 2024 this evening. We knew it was coming; we just didn't know where, exactly when or how he'd do it, but now we do, and it's par for the ridiculous course that is this authoritarian Trump-in-training. You could almost hear the jeering and laughs accompanying the announcement that the big campaign kick-off event would take place on Twitter with one of the few people on the planet who's as big a laughingstock as is the FFM (fascist Florida man) and TFG (the former guy) -- Elmo, er, Elon Musk. I know, you're thinking "on Twitter? Huh?" But wait, it's even better... it'll be in a Twitter SPACES. Say it with me now, a Twitter WHAT? Twitter Spaces is akin to a party line! As telephones were just being introduced, many people shared the same line... so if you picked up the phone to make a call, you might have to wait until another call finished... or you could just join in. "Spaces" are audio-only group calls. I know what they are, though I've never actually participated in one, and can't understand how a serious presidential candidate would ever launch their campaign in this manner. Then again, nothing about DeSantis is serious except for his quest to be a dictator. So, DeSantis makes it official tonight, on the first anniversary of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX, so I thought I'd combine both occasions for today's show because they are absolutely related. Stay tuned and find out how...


20230523 Nicole Sandler Show - STOP HIM BEFORE HE RUNS!

The word on the street is the DeSantis will make it official tomorrow, declaring his candidacy for president on 2024 with an announcement live on Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk. Twitter Spaces? That's like a phone party line, right? Either way, I guess I'll miss it. But I continue doing my civic duty as someone who still (unfortunately) lives in Florida to warn the rest of the nation (and planet) about the sorry, sniveling, authoritarian, dictator wannabe and keep him as far away from the White House as is possible. Today on the show, I'll share more writings to show you that yes, it could happen here (and already is). And I'll be joined by Maria J. Stephan who has a new article at, "The Battle Against Fascism: Lessons on how to beat back authoritarianism from abroad". Let's get all anti-fascist together! -- ANTIFA!


20230522 Nicole Sandler Show - FloriDON'T

The news is that Ron DeSantis is going to declare his candidacy for the presidency this week, as ridiculous as that is.... So I figured we'd spend the better part of this week enlightening the rest of the world about what we've known about moRon DeathSentence since he was elected.... and no one knew anything about him before he became governor, as he was just some snivelly back bench nobody congressman. Strap in, and feel free to call in (954-889-6410) with any questions about the fascist Florida man. If I don't know the answer, I'll do what he does and make something up.


20230519 Nicole Sandler Show - Emptywheel on the Oranges of the Russia Investigation

We wrap up the week today with another visit from independent journalist Marcy Wheeler. She does a better job of covering the actual news dealing with national security and the various investigations into the former guy (and all news items related) than I see anywhere in the corporate mainstream press. You find her work at I'm honored that Marcy checks in with us every 3-4 weeks or so, and fills the hour with information. Today is no different. We mostly discuss the Durham report that was released on Monday, on the 4-year long investigation into the oranges* of the Russia investigation. (Yes, I know it was supposed to be the origins, but TFG couldn't remember the word origins. Yikes.)


20230518 Nicole Sandler Show - Thursdays with Howie Klein

Howie Klein is a fascinating man. We first met some 30+ years ago. At the time, I was doing music radio in Los Angeles and Howie was President of Reprise Records. When he saw the writing on the wall ahead of the AOL/Time Warner merger in 2000, he took the payout and got out just before everything started going to shit. Howie quickly pivoted and turned his energies toward electing progressives to office. He began blogging at, and formed the Blue America PAC with other progressive bloggers Digby and John Amato. And they're all still going strong. When I moved from music radio to progressive talk, Howie quickly became a regular guest, eventually joining me weekly. We've been at it for well over a dozen years already. You'd think we'd run out of things to talk about. But sadly, the state of politics today insures that we'll never be at a loss for topics - and politicians - about which to talk. Today, aside from wherever the conversation takes us, I'll definitely ask Howie about Dianne Feinstein. Howie lived in San Francisco back in the day and was friendly with Harvey Milk. I've heard that Harvey shared his private feelings about the former Mayor of SF, now the sickliest senator in Congress who refuses to stay home...


20230517 Nicole Sandler Show - Wise Women Wednesday with Digby

One sure-fire way to get me to return for a live show is to have Digby booked as the guest. I've been taking a few days to try to regain some sanity as I've been struggling with some demons lately. Still struggling, but happy to be here today to talk with Heather "Digby" Parton. She's the Queen... the OG progressive blogger who's been at it with Digby's Hullabaloo since the start, fighting the good fight. (Though in my current state of mind, I keep asking if anything can stop the descent into full-blown fascism, and haven't come to a decent answer yet...) Anyway, I've unplugged from most of the news in the past week or so, I've been catching up this morning and things are even worse than before. Should be a lively discussion today.


20230512 Nicole Sandler Show - Flashback Fri w Melissa Etheridge

I'm going to see Melissa Etheridge in concert tonight, so will not have a live show today. So I thought you should enjoy Melissa today too. So it's a Flashback Friday. I'll share three of the many interviews I've done with Melissa in the 35 (gasp) years since her first album was released in 1988. We start with an interview from October of 2008. It was three weeks before the Nov 4 2008 election that gave us President Obama! The second interview I'm sharing is from five years earlier. It was Christmastime 2003, and Melissa joined me on the air at WXRV/Boston 92.5 The River for an interview and performance. And we wrap it up with an appearance on my show from 2014... Enjoy! And I'll see you Monday.


20230511 Nicole Sandler Show - The Day After CNN Trumped Itself with Howie Klein

We have a euphemism in our house. Instead of announcing the need to take a shit, we merely say it's time to Trump. Well, CNN Trumped itself last night. The so-called Town Hall which was, in reality, a Trump rally hosted live on CNN, was itself a Trump of massive proportions. But now you know exactly what CNN is... and it and Trump are on the same level. Trump inducing sickness. I started out watching it, thinking that I had to for my work. But about 20 minutes in, I could take it no longer and simply left the room. I was done. Howie Klein is here today. If I had to guess, I'd say he didn't watch last night's spectacle. And I wouldn't blame him. We still have George Santos to talk about, if that is indeed his name


20230508 Nicole Sandler Show - Justice for Some with Elie Mystal

It's a Monday with Elie Mystal! Given the overwhelming number of cases where justice has not been served in recent days, weeks and months, we're past due for a visit with Elie Mystal, Justice Correspondent for The Nation and author of ALLOW ME TO RETORT: A BLACK GUY'S GUIDE TO THE CONSTITUTION. Thankfully, he joins us today for the better part of the hour. Don't be late!


20230504 Nicole Sandler Show - Free The Press-OR- We're #45!

Freedom of the Press is such an important pillar of a democracy that it's enshrined in the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Here in the so-called land of the free, we pride ourselves on our freedoms. So would it surprise you to learn that the US came in at a barely respectable 45th place in the 2023 World Press Freedom Index? This year's rankings were released yesterday. I'm joined by Clayton Weimers, director of the US bureau of Reporters Without Border,, who'll explain the findings and why a free press is such an important pillar in any democracy. Of course, we'll being with late breaking news. Today, the Proud Boys are convicted, more from the Clarence Thomas/Harlan Crow grift, and whatever else the day throws at us before showtime.