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She a Democrat, He’s a Republican hoping to meet somewhere in the Middle




Episode 52: ”Reviving Deltona: A Citizen’s Guide”

In this special episode of The Smoking Truth, Eric is off on a globetrotting adventure, but the show must go on! Dana takes the helm and sits down with a passionate local advocate, Brandy White, for an in-depth conversation about how citizens can play a pivotal role in rejuvenating the city of Deltona. Deltona has faced its share of challenges, and Brandy White has been at the forefront of community efforts to bring about positive change. During this episode, she shares her insights, strategies, and experiences on how individuals can contribute to getting Deltona back on track. Topics covered in this episode include: Join Dana and Brandy for an inspiring and informative conversation that will leave you motivated to take action and be a part of Deltona's journey toward a brighter future. Whether you're a long-time resident or new to the area, this episode offers valuable insights on how you can contribute to the revitalization of Deltona and make a positive impact on your community.


Episode 51 - Punctuality, Cuss Words, and Elvis: A Recap

In this episode of The Smoking Truth Podcast, join Eric and Dana as they delve into a variety of captivating topics. Eric kicks things off by highlighting the importance of punctuality in today's fast-paced world. They then address a pressing issue – the excessive use of cuss words on their show – and discuss their efforts to do better. Listeners can look forward to a sneak peek of what's in store for future episodes, including a preview of the Fuel Farm from last week's show and exciting news about upcoming special informative guests. Dana shares insights from a recent League of Cities meeting in South Daytona, shedding light on the significance of staying informed about local events. The duo engages in a spirited debate about government involvement in birth control issues, exploring where the line should be drawn. Of course, SB102, their favorite recurring topic, makes an appearance as they offer fresh perspectives. Dana also reveals a personal quirk – the way hearing Elvis songs makes her weak in the knees. Finally, they review last week's show events, discussing what may or may not have gone awry and diving into the nuances of First Amendment rights, discerning what's acceptable and what's not. Tune in for an episode brimming with engaging conversations, lively debates, and candid exchanges. The Smoking Truth Podcast keeps it real as they explore the facts, challenge norms, and seek the truth.


Episode 50: Navigating the Political Landscape, Civic Engagement, and More

Description: Join us for a milestone 50th episode of "The Smoking Truth Podcast," where Dana and Eric dive into a wide range of thought-provoking topics and engaging discussions. The show kicks off with a shameless plug for Cigar Hustler in Deltona, Florida, setting the tone for a candid and unfiltered conversation. In this episode: The episode takes a thought-provoking turn as Eric passionately rants about the prevalence of politicians over the age of 70 and the challenges they face while addressing the public. Dana and Eric explore the idea of implementing an annual driving test for individuals over the age of 65, raising important questions about safety and aging drivers. Dana shares a personal and revealing account of her recent expletive-filled outburst at a city council meeting, shedding light on the emotional toll it has taken. The hosts delve deeper into the deteriorating state of public decorum at City Council meetings, advocating for a more constructive approach to voicing grievances - scheduling appointments or engaging in meaningful discussions rather than resorting to brief podium rants. The episode challenges perceptions as it highlights that city council members are people too, discussing the disconnect between the time spent in their roles and the compensation they receive. Our heroes then turn their attention to the proposed Ormond Beach fuel farm issues, addressing environmental concerns, zoning challenges, and county-related considerations. Finally, they close the show by delving into an incident involving Senator Wright, leaving listeners with much food for thought. Tune in to Episode 50 of "The Smoking Truth Podcast" for an insightful, unfiltered, and thought-provoking journey through a diverse range of topics, all delivered with candor and humor by your hosts, Dana and Eric.


Episode 49: Halifax Health Unveiled

In the 49th episode of "The Smoking Truth," Eric kicks off the show with insights into their guest selection process, shedding light on how and why they choose the remarkable individuals who grace their platform. Following Eric's introduction, Dana takes center stage to promote a significant event close to her heart: "Wig out for Cancer" scheduled for September 29th at the Deltona Center. It's an event that promises not only entertainment but also support for a meaningful cause. Eric then extends a warm shout-out to Mr. Vasquez, the mayor of Deltona, and the resilient people of Florida's Big Bend region, who recently weathered the challenges posed by Hurricane Idalia. This week, the spotlight is on Halifax Health, represented by Victor Ramos, affectionately known as "Mr. 305," and Ben Eby, the Vice President and Administrator of Halifax Hospital Port Orange & Medical Center of Deltona. Ben provides a fascinating insight into the new services offered by Halifax Health, particularly their enhanced Intensive Care capabilities, which enable them to care for the most critical patients at any given time. The group delves into the intricacies of how the healthcare system determines hospital assignments for ambulance services, shedding light on the critical decisions made in moments of crisis. Victor passionately shares how he actively engages with the community to introduce the new hospital's services to the residents, emphasizing the importance of community outreach. Transitioning into a vital topic, the discussion shifts to mental health services offered by Halifax Health. Dana passionately underscores the significance of addressing mental health and substance abuse issues in Volusia County, highlighting the challenges of securing funding for these essential services. As the conversation deepens, the group humorously explores the misconception that mental health isn't as attention-grabbing as other health topics, despite its immense importance. The challenges of securing government funding for such services come to the forefront, interspersed with lighthearted banter. In an unexpected turn, the mood lightens further as they playfully attempt to persuade Eric to sign up for a colonoscopy at Halifax Health, discussing the possibility of live-streaming the procedure for their audience. The episode wraps up with the group sharing their personal experiences and insights gained from their visit to the new Halifax Health Hospital, offering a glimpse into the world of healthcare in their community.


Episode 48 Volusia Issues

The Smoking Truth episode 48 Special Substitute Host Greg Gimber from Volusia Issues, Joe Hannoush and William Sell DeBary City Commissioner. These Gentlemen take the show in a different direction going thru some important local issues.


Episode 47: ”Where Does Volusia County Want To Go”

Episode Description: "Where Does Volusia County Want To Go" In this episode of The Smoking Truth Podcast, hosts Dana and Eric dive deep into the heart of Volusia County's future with a special guest, Randy Dye, who is vying for the position of Volusia County Council Chair. The trio engages in a lively discussion on various topics, from cancer fundraising initiatives to the challenges facing commercial development and the county's overall vision. To kick things off, Dana and Eric enthusiastically promote an upcoming cancer awareness event, "Wig out for Cancer," scheduled for the end of September. They also announce the release of the "Gun and Hoses" calendar, a creative fundraising effort to support cancer research. The spotlight then shifts to Mr. Dye, who passionately shares the motivations behind his decision to run for the Volusia County Council Chair. He outlines his vision for the county and emphasizes the need for strategic leadership to address the pressing issues it faces. The hosts take a critical look at the State Government, identifying gaps and inconsistencies in its approach. Dana, in particular, voices her opinions on these shortcomings, shedding light on the challenges that stem from such limitations. Switching gears, Dana raises an essential question: What are the barriers and challenges that hinder new commercial development in Volusia County? The group engages in a thoughtful exploration of this topic, considering factors like regulations, infrastructure, and economic incentives. Eric steers the conversation toward workforce development, highlighting the importance of hands-on training and skills-based education to attract commercial investment. The trio discusses ways to align the needs of businesses with training programs to create a robust and relevant workforce. A central theme of the episode emerges as the hosts and guest ponder the future of Volusia County. With passion and concern, they explore the concept of a county lacking a clear vision for its trajectory. Together, they brainstorm ideas and potential paths to establish a strong direction for Volusia County's growth and prosperity. As the episode draws to a close, Mr. Dye shares his bold aspiration for Volusia County to become a vital supplier to Brevard County's space industry. His vision resonates with the hosts, encapsulating the forward-looking spirit that the county needs to thrive in the modern era. Listeners are in for a thought-provoking and inspiring episode that tackles vital issues facing Volusia County while showcasing the determination and optimism needed to shape its future.


The Smoking Truth Episode 46 - Unveiling County Dynamics with Special Guest Pat Northey

Title: The Smoking Truth Episode 46 - Unveiling County Dynamics with Special Guest Pat Northey Description: In this riveting episode of The Smoking Truth, join Special Guest Pat Northey, and Host Eric, and Dana as they delve deep into the intricacies of county politics and governance. Special guest Pat Northey, renowned for her insights and experience, takes center stage to shed light on recent county board meeting developments. Pat Northey opens the discussion by recounting a perplexing incident at the last county board meeting, where a topic was pulled for discussion seemingly without valid justification. As the conversation unfolds, Pat shares staggering figures that highlight the success of her programs, all while maneuvering around limited input from the county board. Amidst this backdrop, Eric raises poignant questions about the utilization of state funds - both the potential correct and incorrect applications. The group engages in a thought-provoking dialogue, examining how public money is allocated and managed, especially within the context of Pat's programs. A crucial concern raised by Eric revolves around the management of lands acquired by the county. He questions whether the county possesses adequate resources and staff to effectively maintain these lands and cater to their unique requirements. The trio dissects the delicate balance between resource allocation and land conservation. Dana, with her characteristic candor, expresses her profound admiration for the individual members of the county board. However, she delivers a candid critique of the board's collective performance, identifying discrepancies in their decision-making process. The conversation takes a turn as Dana navigates through the complexities of group dynamics versus individual contributions. Shifting gears, the episode touches on an exciting development: the Brevard Zoo's plans for an aquarium. Drawing inspiration from esteemed aquariums in Tampa and Atlanta, the zoo aims to deliver an exceptional aquatic experience to the community. The hosts and Pat delve into the potential benefits and challenges such a venture might entail. Concluding the episode on a poignant note, Dana shares her year-long endeavor involving domestic violence. She unveils a program that seeks to empower judges to delve deeper into domestic violence cases, specifically examining recurring instances where women report abuse by the same individuals. This initiative sparks a powerful discussion about supporting survivors and fostering systemic change. Join Pat Northey, Eric, and Dana as they peel back the layers of county politics, finance, conservation, and social justice in an episode that promises insights, revelations, and a drive for positive change. Tune in to The Smoking Truth Episode 46 for a thought-provoking journey through the heart of local governance.


Episode 44 Florida #1 Crop is Roof Tops

Join us for a thought-provoking episode of Smoking Truth as we delve into the intricate balance between agriculture, conservation, and legislation in the vibrant state of Florida. And on September 29, your host Dana introduces a powerful cancer fundraising event called "Let's Wig Out for Cancer," demonstrating the community's commitment to making a difference. This week, we're honored to have a special guest, Austin Spivey, a prominent figure from the Soil and Water Conservation Committee. Austin joins us to share his insights on the complex interplay between sustainable agriculture and environmental preservation in the Sunshine State. Eric, opens up about his perspective on the diligent efforts of his colleagues. He believes that their commitment to their roles is pivotal in safeguarding Florida's unique ecosystem. Diving into the discussion, Dana highlights Senate Bill SB102, an initiative aimed at promoting positive change but which encountered roadblocks in its execution. Dana examines the dichotomy between the idea's merit and its flawed implementation, sparking a critical examination of how policy-making can impact the environment. Austin, drawing from his extensive expertise, raises a vital point about the challenges of legislating "Florida Friendly" agriculture. He delves into the complexities of achieving harmony between agricultural productivity and ecological health in a region with diverse needs. Intriguingly, Austin questions whether the Volusia County Board is adequately equipped to make far-reaching agricultural decisions impacting thousands of residents. He poses a fundamental query: How much authority should be vested in such boards when determining the fate of both local economies and natural resources? With a reflective tone, Austin invites contemplation on the extent to which property owners should be regulated in their land usage. The podcast guests engage in a spirited dialogue about the balance between personal rights and collective responsibility in a world shaped by environmental challenges. Closing the episode, Austin eloquently outlines strategies for improving water usage and minimizing our environmental footprint. His insights leave Dana and Eric, as well as the listeners, inspired to take proactive steps towards a more sustainable future. Tune in to this enlightening episode of Smoking Truth to gain a deeper understanding of the intricate dynamics surrounding Florida's agriculture, conservation efforts, and the imperative to harmonize human activity with the environment. Don't miss out on this engaging conversation that promises to leave you with a newfound perspective on these crucial issues.


Episode 43 ”Woke and Mirrors”

In this episode of "The Smoking Truth" titled "Woke and Mirrors," special guests Shane Story and Mike Scudiero join the discussion. Eric passionately discusses the alarming teacher shortage in Brevard county, which has reached nearly 300. Dana explores Mike Scudiero’s public comments and connects them to current issues. The term "woke" in today's political world and its relevance to the global problem of injustice are explained by Dana. Shane sheds light on a surprising perspective, discussing how slavery remains legal in America if you are not a European White Citizen. Mike raises concerns about the current reactive approach of police work rather than a proactive one. The group delves into the complexities of transgender "woke-ism" in modern society and the challenges of men identifying as women competing in women's sports. Finally, the team touches on the new Education bill in the State of Florida, addressing its potential impact and implications for education in the state.


Episode #42 - Healthcare and Female Leadership in Volusia County

In this episode of Smoking Truth, we welcome a special guest host, Laurie Ashbury, the CEO of Family Health Source. Laurie passionately discusses her company's mission to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to everyone in Volusia County, Florida. During the conversation, Laurie shares her inspiring military background and the valuable experiences she gained while serving. Her journey highlights her determination and dedication to making a positive impact on people's lives. The discussion takes a turn towards addressing the pervasive "good old boy" rules and attitudes that have long persisted in Volusia County. Laurie and Dana candidly examine the challenges this mentality poses and advocate for a more inclusive and progressive society. The conversation becomes even more engaging as the ladies delve into their favorite female role models in Volusia County. They celebrate the achievements of remarkable women who have paved the way for others and continue to inspire and motivate the community. As the episode progresses, Dana brings up an important topic, questioning whether the West Volusia Hospital Authority has outlived its usefulness. The ladies openly discusses the organization's impact on healthcare and explores possible improvements to better serve the community. Shifting focus to leadership accountability, the ladies delve into the responsibility of CEOs and government leaders in the healthcare sector. They stress the significance of ethical and transparent leadership to ensure the best outcomes for the community. The conversation concludes on an uplifting note, highlighting the crucial role of female mentors in today's world. Laurie and the other ladies underscore the positive influence female mentors can have on young women, providing guidance, support, and inspiration to help them achieve their dreams and ambitions. Smoking Truth #42 leaves its audience informed and inspired, shedding light on the efforts to improve healthcare accessibility in Volusia County and the importance of fostering female leadership for a brighter future.


Episode 41 These Scumbags Came To The Wrong County

In this gripping episode of "The Smoking Truth," host Dana and co-host Erik are joined by Special Guest Sheriff Michael Chitwood. The Sheriff captivates the audience with an exhilarating tale from the previous week's news, recounting a high-speed chase that led to the apprehension of a fugitive. The discussion takes a thought-provoking turn as the group delves into the topic of parental responsibility and the importance of nurturing respectful children. Sheriff Chitwood shares an inspiring success story from his juvenile program, highlighting the impact of positive mentorship on young lives in Volusia County. Eager to support the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, Dana and Erik inquire about ways they can contribute to the community's safety. The Sheriff enlightens them on some new programs and safety features implemented by his office. Towards the end of the episode, Sheriff Chitwood makes a significant announcement, revealing his decision to run for re-election as the Sheriff of Volusia County. Viewers are encouraged to visit to learn more about his campaign. Join Dana, Erik, and their remarkable guest Sheriff Michael Chitwood as they shed light on pressing issues, inspiring stories, and community involvement in this riveting episode of "The Smoking Truth."


Episode 40 Poli-Dicks

Episode 40: Poli-dicks In this episode of "Smoking Truth," our Host welcomes a special guest, State Representative Chase Tramont, to discuss his plans for Volusia County. The conversation kicks off with Dana asking Mr. Tramont about his initiatives and priorities for the county. Representative Tramont highlights two pressing issues: the lack of affordable housing and the problem of overdevelopment. He delves into the challenges faced by Volusia County and the state of Florida as a whole when it comes to striking a balance between growth and preserving the environment. As the debate unfolds, both the host and the guest share their perspectives on development in Florida and its impact on local communities, infrastructure, and the environment. The discussion becomes a lively exchange of ideas and opinions, as they explore potential solutions and the role of government in regulating development. The conversation then shifts to the topic of education, particularly the quality of teachers in Florida. Representative Tramont and Dana engage in a spirited back-and-forth, discussing the current state of education and exploring ways to attract and retain top-notch educators. Towards the end of the show, Eric, the co-host, shares some exclusive inside information. He reveals plans for upcoming programs in Florida that aim to support women, including initiatives related to adoptions, foster care, and increased funding for relevant programs. Eric's insights offer a glimpse into the future of social welfare in the state. Join Dana, Eric, and their special guest, State Representative Chase Tramont, as they delve into the complex issues surrounding affordable housing, overdevelopment, education, and upcoming social welfare programs in Florida. This episode promises a thought-provoking and engaging discussion on the challenges and opportunities faced by Volusia County and the broader Sunshine State.


Episode 39 ”The Smoking Truth: Cigars, Rants, and Financial Controversies”

Episode Title: "The Smoking Truth: Cigars, Rants, and Financial Controversies" Episode Description: In this episode of "The Smoking Truth," our host dives into an exciting lineup of topics that will captivate the audience from start to finish. The episode kicks off with a special shoutout to Cigar Hustler, a renowned establishment in Deltona, Florida. Listeners are treated to an exclusive sneak peek into the upcoming new releases from Cigar Hustler, set to hit the market by the end of the year. After setting the stage with some cigar excitement, Eric takes the spotlight for a passionate rant on a hot-button issue—the West Volusia Hospital Authority. With a mix of wit, frustration, and a deep desire for change, Eric delves into the challenges and shortcomings of the authority, offering his unique perspective on how it can be improved to better serve the community. As the conversation heats up, Dana chimes in with a shocking revelation— the DeSantis Agency has reportedly directed a staggering 92 million dollars in Covid relief funds towards a project backed by influential donors. The revelation raises questions about the allocation of funds and sparks a lively debate about the ethics of such actions, ensuring a thought-provoking discussion for listeners. Taking a detour from the controversies, the hosts shift gears to discuss traffic counts based on a 2009 traffic report. They explore how these outdated figures impact the city's infrastructure and propose potential solutions for managing the current and future traffic demands. Bringing the episode to a close, our hosts touch upon Deltona's efforts to tighten up their development agreements with new construction projects. They shed light on the reasons behind this move and discuss the potential impact it could have on the city's growth and community development. "The Smoking Truth" delivers an episode packed with engaging content, covering everything from cigars and local businesses to social issues and civic matters. Join our hosts as they navigate these intriguing topics, offering their insights, opinions, and sparking conversations that leave listeners pondering the smoking truth.


Episode 38 City of Deltona

Episode 38 Special Guest Tara A Derrico In this episode of "Smoking Truth," Eric takes the mic and launches into a passionate rant about the lack of highway left lane etiquette. Frustrated with slow drivers who refuse to move over, he delves into the importance of proper lane usage and the impact it has on traffic flow. Tara joins Eric for a brief discussion on Mark Barker's weekly column, focusing on the Deltona City Council Meeting Shenanigans surrounding a property near the local movie theater. They analyze the different perspectives presented during the meeting and highlight the controversies surrounding the issue. Shifting gears, the hosts delve into the retail landscape of Deltona. Expressing their dissatisfaction with the predominance of Publix and dollar stores, they explore the need for diverse shopping options in the city. They discuss the potential benefits of attracting new businesses and the positive impact it could have on the community. The episode concludes with a thought-provoking segment on setting expectations for the city government. Eric and Tara engage in a conversation about the desired growth and development of Deltona. They encourage listeners to envision a future that goes beyond the status quo, discussing ideas for creating a thriving and vibrant city.


Episode 37 Keeping Our Kids Busy Is Important

Welcome to "Smoking Truth," where we dive deep into the pressing issues and engage in thought-provoking discussions. In this episode, we explore the importance of keeping our kids engaged and occupied. Our guest, Kim Short, the Mayor of Port Orange, joins us for an insightful conversation. However, it's worth noting that Kim Short has been labeled an extremist by the Southern Poverty Law Group, setting the stage for a lively discussion. Dana passionately shares her thoughts on State Representative Randy Fine and the Governor of Florida, while Eric vents about the competitive nature of Deltona hospitals due to their close proximity. We delve into the topic of Port Orange land development, specifically focusing on the Mayor's success story, the renowned "River Walk." Mayor Short then surprises us by announcing his plans to run for County Chair, igniting further conversation. Dana raises concerns about an all-male county board, opening up a broader dialogue on gender representation in local government. Our weekly topic, SB102, takes center stage, as we explore the Mayor's perspective and his views on the matter. Finally, we conclude the episode by discussing the Mayor's achievements and successes in leading Port Orange. Join us on "Smoking Truth" for an engaging and eye-opening conversation as we tackle important issues with candor and critical thinking.


Episode 36 - Special Guest: Volusia County Chair Jeff Brower

In this episode of The Smoking Truth, host Dana welcomes special guest Jeff Brower, the Volusia County Chair, for an engaging discussion on various topics affecting the county. The episode starts with Dana introducing a new show feature called "Headline Rant," where she passionately addresses political issues that have been bothering her. Dana raises an important question about the ethical responsibility of elected officials to attend city meetings where votes have been called. The discussion revolves around the implications of absenteeism and the impact it has on local governance. Later in the episode, County Chair Jeff Brower announces his plan to run for re-election, providing insights into his vision and priorities for the county's future. Eric, a member of the audience, seizes the opportunity to ask the County Chair about his stance on future development in Volusia County. This question opens up a conversation about the balance between growth and preserving the county's unique character and natural resources. Continuing the dialogue, Dana queries the County Chair about the plan to address teacher shortages and School Concurrency in Volusia County. The discussion explores potential solutions and strategies to improve the education system and ensure adequate resources for students and educators. Throughout the episode, the audience actively participates by submitting questions via Facebook Live. The County Chair addresses several of these live questions, providing valuable insights and engaging in a productive dialogue. Towards the end of the episode, Dana brings up SB102, which has become one of her favorite topics. The panel delves into a detailed discussion about the bill, examining its implications and potential consequences for the county and its residents. Join Dana and Eric with their special guest, Volusia County Chair Jeff Brower, as they tackle these important issues and provide their perspectives on the way forward for Volusia County in Episode 36 of The Smoking Truth.


Episode 35: ”Building DeBary’s Future: Vision, Collaboration, and Local Impact

"Smoking Truth" - Episode 35: "Building DeBary's Future: Vision, Collaboration, and Local Impact" Guest: City of Debary Mayor Karen Chasez City Manager of Debary : Carmen Rosamonda Eric passionately shares his views on the management of Volusia County Schools, highlighting the importance of effective leadership and its impact on the community. City Manager Rosamondo discusses the vision for DeBary, highlighting the collaborative efforts and strategies employed to gain community support and involvement. Mayor Chasez explains the strategies and practices implemented to ensure successful city meetings, fostering open communication, transparency, and citizen participation. [Eric and Dana engage in a discussion with the guests, exploring the effects of the SB102 Live Local Act on DeBary and its implications for local governance, economic development, and community empowerment.


Episode 34 Lets Get People Home

In this episode of "Smoking Truth," join hosts Dana, Eric, and special guest Victor Ramos for an engaging discussion centered around pressing issues affecting housing and politics. Get ready for a thought-provoking conversation that touches on the Jones Act, affordable housing campaigns, tax bills, and even the Governor's run for the presidency. Eric kicks off the episode with a passionate rant about the Jones Act and sheds light on the fact that Puerto Ricans are US citizens, dispelling misconceptions and raising awareness about this important topic. His fiery words set the stage for a lively conversation that follows. Next up, Victor shares insights into his Affordable Housing Campaign, focusing on the work done by Mid Florida Housing. He delves into the campaign's objectives, strategies, and how they aim to make a positive impact on housing accessibility for those in need. The discussion takes an interesting turn when Dana passionately discusses the new senate tax bill, Florida SB 102, which specifically targets affordable housing. She expresses her concerns and critiques, sparking a spirited debate with Eric, who defends the senate and the bill by shedding light on the intentions and the stakeholders involved in its creation. The conversation continues as Dana, Eric, and Victor dive into the Governor's run for the presidency. They exchange opinions, analyze the potential impact of the campaign, and discuss the various aspects surrounding this exciting political endeavor. Throughout the episode, each host brings their unique perspective and insights to the table, creating a dynamic and engaging discussion that explores the intersection of housing, politics, and social issues. Tune in to "Smoking Truth: Let's Get People Home" as Dana, Eric, and Victor delve into these significant topics, challenge assumptions, and provide listeners with a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. It's an episode filled with valuable insights and thought-provoking discussions that will leave you pondering the state of housing and politics in today's society.


Episode 33 Volusia County Comissioner Danny Robbins Land and Education

In this episode of "The Smoking Truth," we dive deep into Florida's educational challenges with a special guest, Volusia County District 3 Commissioner Danny Robins. Join us as we explore the pressing issues affecting the educational system in the Sunshine State and gain insights from Commissioner Robins, who sheds light on his background and experience in the field. Commissioner Robins shares his valuable expertise and perspectives on the current state of education in Florida. He addresses the key problems plaguing the system, such as underfunding, teacher shortages, and inadequate resources. Through his extensive knowledge and understanding of these issues, he highlights potential solutions and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education for the next generation. Additionally, Commissioner Robins delves into an essential aspect of land management and conservation in Volusia County. He discusses the county's approach to taking land off the market strategically, emphasizing the benefits it can bring to future generations. By examining the long-term impacts of land use decisions, he provides valuable insights into how these practices can positively shape the county's development and preserve its natural resources. Lastly, on a heartfelt note, we extend our well wishes to Pat Northey, a beloved community member and former commissioner. Commissioner Robins invites viewers to join him in sending positive thoughts and prayers for Pat's speedy recovery. Join us for an enlightening and thought-provoking episode as we unravel the truth behind Florida's educational problems and explore strategies for creating a better future for the next generation.


Episode 32 Eric is Back!

In this episode of "The Smoking Truth with Eric and Dana", the hosts start by discussing Dana's recent decision to cut her hair after being diagnosed with cancer, and the subsequent fundraising campaign that raised over $6000 for cancer research. They then move on to talk about the new Florida budget, which includes an allocation of $30 million for birthing centers in the state. Dana clarifies that she doesn't hate all Republicans, and Eric points out that it's important to avoid generalizing any group of people based on their political beliefs. The hosts then discuss the affordable housing bill and how it could potentially impact Florida's housing market. They also provide an update on the County Commission, sharing their thoughts on the latest developments in local politics. Dana expresses her frustration with Florida's education system, citing issues such as underfunding and inadequate resources. Eric and Dana then wrap up the episode by discussing Deltona’s new city manager and what this means for the city’s future plans.