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She a Democrat, He’s a Republican hoping to meet somewhere in the Middle




Episode 67 "Truth Unveiled: Protecting Rights, Tackling Challenges, and Educating Minds"

Episode Description: In Smoking Truth Episode 67, join the hosts as they welcome a special guest, Jennifer Waldo Kelly from Moms for Liberty. The episode kicks off with the usual "Who's Your Lover" segment, where the hosts share their cigar choices for the week. Additionally, listeners get a glimpse into Eric's sock preferences and Dana's rekindled love for manual labor and reconnecting with her roots. The spotlight then shifts to the main event with Jennifer, as the hosts delve into a crucial conversation about the amendment regarding the ability to search kids' backpacks in schools. This segment explores the balance between safety and privacy, offering insightful perspectives on the matter. Following this, the episode touches upon the challenges of concurrency and the prevailing teacher shortage, shedding light on the issues affecting education today. The hosts and Jennifer engage in a brief discussion, sharing thoughts and potential solutions to these pressing problems. As the episode nears its end, the hosts wrap up the show with a compelling conversation about their efforts to contribute positively to society. They discuss ongoing education programs for adults and emphasize the importance of maintaining good mental health. Join in for an episode filled with thought-provoking discussions, diverse topics, and a commitment to making a difference in the community.


Episode 66"Sunshine Policies: Navigating the Storm of Florida Property Insurance"

Episode Description: In Episode 66 of The Smoking Truth podcast, the hosts kick off with their usual banter and share what they're smoking, setting the tone for a diverse and engaging conversation. Unexpectedly, the discussion takes a turn towards the complexities of gender identity and the challenges faced in today's world. Dana playfully teases Eric with random bursts of words, adding a lighthearted touch to the serious topics at hand. The duo then dives into a peculiar Florida Man Story from Martin County, showcasing the bizarre and unpredictable tales that often emerge from the Sunshine State. Transitioning seamlessly, they explore the issues surrounding Medicaid and individuals having more children than they can financially support. The conversation shifts to EBT programs and Snap dollars, questioning what truly qualifies as "nutritional food." Live Local becomes the next focal point, examining the intricacies of community life. At the 48-minute mark, the hosts zoom in on the critical topic of property insurance in Florida, navigating the storm of policies and challenges faced by residents. The episode takes a positive turn as Eric gives a shout-out to the City of Daytona Beach for their local improvements. Wrapping up, the hosts engage in a thoughtful discussion on sustainability and growth in Volusia County, leaving listeners with a blend of humor, insight, and a deeper understanding of diverse issues. Tune in to Episode 66 for a rollercoaster of topics that mirror the


Episode 65: "Legislation, Liberty, and Local Ratings

Welcome to The Smoking Truth Episode 65! 🎙️ We kick off with a shoutout to Cigar Hustler in Deltona – the go-to spot for an amazing cigar selection. Transitioning into the legislative realm, we delve into the bills circulating through Florida legislation, with a spotlight on SB102. Dana sparks a conversation about possible cyberbullying and human trafficking accusations, raising questions about privacy for public figures in the Sunshine State. Ever wondered how legislators end up on committees in Tallahassee? Eric spills the beans. The discussion seamlessly shifts to the Department of Corrections and associated programs, exploring the necessary changes. Dana shifts gears, diving into Fourth Amendment concerns within schools, and the conversation bleeds into parenting challenges in today's society. To add a spicy twist, Dana puts Eric on the spot to rate a local politician – no holds barred! As the show wraps up, we cap off with a robust discussion on national politics. Join us for a rollercoaster of topics, laughs, and insights in this diverse episode of The Smoking Truth.


Episode 64 Big Announcement

In Episode 64 of "The Smoking Truth," Dana kicks off the discussion by addressing concerns about the overreaching control of the State in Local Home Rules. Eric, however, presents an opposing viewpoint, sparking a healthy and engaging debate. Dana brings attention to the reduction in Voca Funding by the federal government, shedding light on potential consequences for various programs and initiatives. The hosts then delve into their shared disapproval of "woke show politics," expressing their perspectives on the current political landscape. Curious about Eric's perspective on the State of Florida, Dana inquires about his biggest concern for the region. The conversation pivots as Dana follows up with Eric on the most significant bill he has come across during the week. Shifting gears, Eric delves into a report from The American Way about Deltona, exploring strategies for financial growth in the area. The hosts also discuss a heated incident in Miami, where two city commissioners engage in a physical altercation during a city meeting. As the episode concludes, the hosts share a touching moment, discussing news that holds significant implications for many people. Tune in for a thought-provoking and diverse range of topics on this episode of "The Smoking Truth."


Eppisode 63 Cheapest Isn’t Always The Best

Welcome to another insightful episode of "The Smoking Truth"! 🎙️ In this edition, our hosts kick off with heartfelt blessings, setting the tone for an engaging discussion. Before delving into the smoking truth, the team shares some housekeeping notes – don't forget to rate, follow, and subscribe on your preferred platform! Plus, an exciting announcement: our hosts proudly reveal their donation to Deltona Strong, demonstrating the positive impact of the Curse Bucket funds. Get ready for a deep dive into local developments, as the team explores the latest hotel project near Margaritaville in Daytona Beach. Then, they tackle the drama unfolding in Deltona, particularly surrounding the city attorney, providing you with the smoking truth on the city's current affairs. Politics take center stage as Dana discusses her criteria for political engagement, including the intricacies of the Form 6 public financial disclosure. Eric breaks down the essentials of filling out the new forms, while Dana unveils a detailed look into her own holdings. As the hosts reflect on a phenomenal year and express their gratitude for the journey, they share a quick recap of Florida politics and the latest from the Governor's office. The episode wraps up with a lively exchange of resolutions for 2024, leaving you with a dose of the smoking truth and anticipation for what's to come. Tune in for insights, updates, and a touch of humor!


Episode 62 Don’t Worry, I’ll Be Gentle

In Episode 62 of 'The Smoking Truth,' join Eric as he delves into the heated scuffle between the Volusia County School system and the Volusia County Council. Special guests Troy Kent, Volusia County Council Member, and Mike Scudiero join the discussion. Eric navigates the complexities, shifting gears to dissect Volusia County Schools' test scores. Troy inquires about discussions on compressions and teacher pay, prompting a candid exploration. Dana takes the spotlight, examining the county council's role in public education. The conversation evolves, switching gears to building and development, with a spotlight on Voca Funding for Domestic Violence. Tune in for an insightful exploration of local dynamics and critical issues facing Volusia County.


Episode 61 Chicken or Fish?

In this episode of The Smoking Truth, the hosts dive into a range of compelling topics with their guests, Councilman Danny Robins and Greg Gimbert. Kicking off with a recap of last week's meltdown by Eric, Greg shares his perspective on the triggering event. Dana adds a humorous touch by explaining the differences between a "Teste-bestie" and a "Breastie-breastie," sparking laughter among the guests and listeners. Soon after, Dana steers the conversation into a hot topic: the potential opening of Tiger Bay. Councilman Danny Robins draws attention to the identity crisis in Volusia County, igniting a discussion about the area's evolving dynamics and challenges. Shifting gears, Dana emphasizes the need for spaces where children can play freely, highlighting an essential aspect often overlooked in community development. As the episode progresses, the spotlight turns toward the School Board's request for additional funding to enhance security in specific schools. Eric and the guests dissect this request, delving into the nuances and implications of allocating resources for increased officer presence in educational institutions. Throughout the episode, the hosts and guests offer diverse perspectives, engaging insights, and thought-provoking discussions on pressing local issues, leaving listeners with a better understanding of the multifaceted challenges faced by their community.


Episode 60 Healthcare and Eric’s Meltdown Over a Threesome

In Episode 60 of "The Smoking Truth," we delve deep into the tangled web of healthcare with special guest Mike Chimento, an insurance professional shedding light on Florida's escalating health insurance costs. We kick off with an in-depth exploration of the Affordable Care Act, dissecting its impacts and implications. Dana fearlessly tackles the colossal issue of Big Pharma's influence on the system, sparking a fiery discussion on the profitability of healthcare. As the conversation flows, Eric takes an unexpected turn, vehemently resisting a discussion on colonoscopies, sending the team on a hilarious yet informative tangent. Amidst laughter, we explore strategies for achieving fairer, more accessible healthcare for all, utilizing the infamous "donut hole" to one's advantage. However, the title takes a surprising turn as Eric's meltdown over a threesome (or lack thereof) becomes a highlight of the episode, weaving humor into the gravity of healthcare debates. Shifting gears, we confront the overcrowding crisis in schools, dissecting a story from Wesh News about school rezoning. Dana passionately argues for data-driven solutions, highlighting the repercussions of rubber-stamping developments without considering teacher shortages, particularly prevalent in Volusia county. The episode culminates in a political uproar led by Eric, sparked by a political figure's battery charges in Florida. His impassioned rant intertwines politics and sexual behavior, igniting a spirited exchange among the hosts. For further insights or inquiries, reach out to Mike at, ensuring the discussion on healthcare continues far beyond the episode's end.


Replay of Episode 21 Where Shane Story and Dr. Christina Raimundo delve deep into the pressing issues surrounding Volusia County Schools

Tune in to a riveting replay of "The Smoking Truth" Episode 21, where Shane Story and Dr. Christina Raimundo delve deep into the pressing issues surrounding Volusia County Schools. Unveiling a treasure trove of solutions, they explore innovative strategies and practical measures aimed at revolutionizing the educational landscape. From addressing systemic challenges to fostering a culture of inclusivity, this episode is a roadmap towards enhancing the quality of education for every student. Dive into this enlightening conversation that promises insights, inspiration, and tangible pathways toward a brighter future for Volusia County Schools.


Repeat Episode 53 Fuel Farm in Ormond Beach A Conversation with Lindsey Pate and Rebecca Mangali

Our Host are taking the next two weeks off for the Holiday Break. Please enjoy one of our more popular shows as we wait for their return! In this episode of "The Smoking Truth," join us for an enlightening discussion about the intriguing Fuel Farm project in Ormond Beach, brought to life by Belvedere Terminal. Our special guests, Lindsey Pate and Rebecca Mangali, PA-C, share their insights and expertise on this remarkable venture, shedding light on its significance, impact, and potential for the community. Tune in as we explore the intricacies of this innovative project and how it's shaping the future of Ormond Beach. From environmental considerations to its role in local development, we delve deep into the details. To learn more about the Fuel Farm project and its potential benefits, visit, where you can find additional information and resources related to this exciting initiative. Don't miss out on this engaging conversation that brings you the truth behind the Fuel Farm in Ormond Beach and the efforts to create a sustainable and thriving community.


Episode 59: ”It’s a Different Kind of Animal...”

In this episode of The Smoking Truth, Eric dives into the latest political happenings before introducing a special guest, Jason Leslie, the aspiring Mayor of Ormond Beach. The show kicks off with a quick recap of Eric’s recent political ventures, setting the stage for a riveting conversation. Jason Leslie takes center stage as he shares his background and profound love for the Ormond Beach area. The hosts are eager to explore Jason's journey into the world of politics, prompting the question: What was his "Ah ha" moment that fueled his desire to run for public office? The discussion takes an informative turn as the hosts delve into the intricacies of state taxes, shedding light on who bears the financial burden. The topic then shifts to a critical issue: how to effectively control growth in Florida. Jason provides insights and perspectives on navigating this complex challenge. With a dynamic exchange, the hosts and Jason explore his aspirations for the City of Ormond Beach. The episode's title, "It's a Different Kind of Animal...," reflects the unique challenges and opportunities the city faces. Fueling the conversation, the hosts inquire about Jason's stance on the Fuel terminal for Ormond Beach, delving into the potential impact on the community and environment. Dana then poses a crucial question: What are the first three things Jason plans to tackle upon being elected mayor? To round off the episode, the hosts and Jason discuss campaign contributions, shining a light on the individuals and entities that have supported Jason's mayoral journey. Tune in for an engaging and insightful conversation that captures the essence of Jason Leslie's vision for Ormond Beach.


Episode 57 of ”The Smoking Truth” titled ”Daytona Beach Uh-Oh,”

Dana and Eric dive into a lively discussion filled with intriguing topics. The episode kicks off with an exciting announcement of "The Mad Pair Podcast," Eric's son's new show. But before delving into the main topics, the hosts have some fun as Dana showcases her stunning new blonde locks and rebrands herself as "Platinum McCool." The show begins in earnest with Dana taking charge of the "House Keeping" duties, enthusiastically listing all the different platforms where listeners can find their show. Teasing upcoming guests on future episodes adds an element of suspense to the mix. Dana candidly addresses her unique situation, sharing the fact that her cancer doctor allows her one cigar a month, emphasizing that it's all about quality, not quantity. Eric then takes the stage to discuss rumors surrounding questionable financial practices among City Council members in Daytona. Dana shares her reasons for missing this week's city council meeting, setting the stage for an intriguing conversation. The hosts shift gears and delve into the world of developers, shedding light on the controversial practice of switching lanes and deals after obtaining approvals. The City of Daytona is evidently not without its share of complexities. Eric leads the discussion into the legal landscape of Florida, where an abundance of lawsuits is raising eyebrows. The state seems to be becoming increasingly "legal happy." Dana follows up with a thought-provoking segment on special assessments, stressing the importance of public action against them, as they impact the community in various ways. The episode takes a turn towards social issues when Dana raises the topic of the 6-week abortion ban, inviting a reflective and perhaps controversial conversation. Tune in to Episode 58 of "The Smoking Truth" for a rollercoaster of topics, from local government scandals to legal complexities and social issues, all under the engaging and lively guidance of your hosts, Dana and Eric.


The Smoking Truth Episode 57 - ”We Need a Scalpel, Not a Hammer”

In Episode 57 of The Smoking Truth, the hosts kick things off by delving into their shared love for music, particularly Elvis songs. The episode is not only about cigars and conversations but a unique blend of various topics. Here's a breakdown of the discussion points covered in this episode: This episode of The Smoking Truth offers a rich mix of personal insights, community concerns, and engaging conversations, demonstrating the hosts' commitment to delivering meaningful content to their audience.


Episode 56 Doesn’t Have to Be One or the Other...

Episode 56 of "The Smoking Truth" brings you a diverse mix of topics and discussions. Eric kicks off the show by gushing about the delightful fall weather in sunny Florida. Meanwhile, Dana takes the opportunity to showcase her brand new motorcycle boots, adding a dash of style to the episode. In the spirit of civic engagement, Eric invites guests to join the conversation regarding the upcoming elections in Volusia County, emphasizing the importance of local participation in democracy. The focus then shifts to the Volusia County Bike-toberfest, a thrilling event starting today. Our hosts underscore the significance of biker safety with the mantra, "Look Twice, Save a Life." However, the conversation takes an unexpected turn as Eric shares tales of his culinary mishaps, leading to a discussion of their shared love for certain foods. "The Smoking Truth" delves into the intriguing world of political moles, examining their roles and the challenges they present in sourcing valuable information. Dana adds an element of intrigue by revealing a leaked conversation she had with a commissioner at their house, leaving listeners eager for more details. Shifting gears, Dana highlights the upcoming Domestic Violence Community Awareness Night, shedding light on the critical issue of domestic violence and the need for awareness. The episode continues with a deeper exploration of the rules governing judges and the staggering number of injunctions they issue. In a heartfelt conclusion, Eric expresses gratitude for the dedication of veterans, first responders, and all those in service roles as Veterans Day approaches. Episode Title: "Doesn't Have to Be One or the Other..." promises an engaging mix of topics, offering listeners a little something for everyone, from politics to personal stories and important community events.


Episode 55: ”Impact of Senate Bill 102 on DeBary and Central Florida”

In this enlightening episode of "Smoking Truth," we dive deep into the ramifications of Senate Bill 102 and its effects on the charming town of DeBary and the broader Central Florida region. Our special guest, the City Manager of DeBary, Carmen Rosalinda, joins us to shed light on the crucial details. Carmen begins by sharing his impressive qualifications as City Manager, setting the stage for an informative discussion. He then delves into the heart of the matter – Senate Bill 102 – and how it's poised to reshape the landscape of DeBary. The bill, which has significant implications for developers, is dissected in detail. For those unfamiliar with the term, Carmen provides a comprehensive explanation of PUDs (Planned Unit Developments) in the context of SB 102, illuminating their significance. But that's not all! Our host, Dana, adds her perspective to the conversation, bringing in her unique take on SB 102 and its implications for the community. The multifaceted nature of the bill keeps the discussion engaging and informative. Eric, another member of our dynamic panel, draws attention to the rapid growth Florida is experiencing, emphasizing that local governments, including DeBary, may have to consider tax increases to support the ever-growing demand for infrastructure. He raises the vital question of accountability in the implementation of this bill and ensuring that tax exemptions are administered correctly. Join us in this thought-provoking episode as we unravel the intricacies of Senate Bill 102 and explore how it will shape the future of DeBary and Central Florida. This discussion promises to be a valuable resource for anyone concerned about the evolving landscape of their community and the state at large.


Episode 54 - ”Chase for the Best Sugar Daddy

In this episode of "The Smoking Truth," Dana and Eric reunite after a two-week break, catching up on their lives and sharing their excitement for being back on air. The show kicks off with a lively discussion about the legendary Snoop Dogg and his undeniable coolness. Eric takes the spotlight to rave about the recently released Powstanie Box Press War Bear Cigar, sharing his thoughts on its exceptional flavor and craftsmanship. The team then dives into the highlights of Dana's recent event, "Wig Out For Cancer," and reminds listeners that the event's calendar, featuring, is still available for purchase on their website. Eric gives a shout-out to the inspiring ladies featured in the previous week's episode, "The Ormond Fuel Farm," and offers his reflections on the subject after a week of contemplation. Dana introduces a new segment titled "Sick and Tired," where she passionately vents about the things that bother her. Eric tackles the topic of AG re-zoning tricks employed by developers, shedding light on the challenges faced by communities. Dana uncovers Deltona's lack of compliance in fire safety, shedding light on a crucial issue that demands attention. The duo goes over Dana's 2024 city council wish list, discussing her vision for the future of the city. In an engaging segment, Dana shares insights about Stacy Cantou and her crusade for homeless veterans, applauding her efforts to make a difference. The episode concludes with Dana explaining a legal matter where the City of Deltona settled with a resident, offering valuable insights into local issues. Tune in to Episode 54 of "The Smoking Truth" for an entertaining and informative discussion on a wide range of topics, all infused with Dana and Eric's unique style and perspective.


Episode 53: Fuel Farm in Ormond Beach - A Conversation with Lindsey Pate and Rebecca Mangali, PA-C

In this episode of "The Smoking Truth," join us for an enlightening discussion about the intriguing Fuel Farm project in Ormond Beach, brought to life by Belvedere Terminal. Our special guests, Lindsey Pate and Rebecca Mangali, PA-C, share their insights and expertise on this remarkable venture, shedding light on its significance, impact, and potential for the community. Tune in as we explore the intricacies of this innovative project and how it's shaping the future of Ormond Beach. From environmental considerations to its role in local development, we delve deep into the details. To learn more about the Fuel Farm project and its potential benefits, visit, where you can find additional information and resources related to this exciting initiative. Don't miss out on this engaging conversation that brings you the truth behind the Fuel Farm in Ormond Beach and the efforts to create a sustainable and thriving community.


Episode 52: ”Reviving Deltona: A Citizen’s Guide”

In this special episode of The Smoking Truth, Eric is off on a globetrotting adventure, but the show must go on! Dana takes the helm and sits down with a passionate local advocate, Brandy White, for an in-depth conversation about how citizens can play a pivotal role in rejuvenating the city of Deltona. Deltona has faced its share of challenges, and Brandy White has been at the forefront of community efforts to bring about positive change. During this episode, she shares her insights, strategies, and experiences on how individuals can contribute to getting Deltona back on track. Topics covered in this episode include: Join Dana and Brandy for an inspiring and informative conversation that will leave you motivated to take action and be a part of Deltona's journey toward a brighter future. Whether you're a long-time resident or new to the area, this episode offers valuable insights on how you can contribute to the revitalization of Deltona and make a positive impact on your community.


Episode 51 - Punctuality, Cuss Words, and Elvis: A Recap

In this episode of The Smoking Truth Podcast, join Eric and Dana as they delve into a variety of captivating topics. Eric kicks things off by highlighting the importance of punctuality in today's fast-paced world. They then address a pressing issue – the excessive use of cuss words on their show – and discuss their efforts to do better. Listeners can look forward to a sneak peek of what's in store for future episodes, including a preview of the Fuel Farm from last week's show and exciting news about upcoming special informative guests. Dana shares insights from a recent League of Cities meeting in South Daytona, shedding light on the significance of staying informed about local events. The duo engages in a spirited debate about government involvement in birth control issues, exploring where the line should be drawn. Of course, SB102, their favorite recurring topic, makes an appearance as they offer fresh perspectives. Dana also reveals a personal quirk – the way hearing Elvis songs makes her weak in the knees. Finally, they review last week's show events, discussing what may or may not have gone awry and diving into the nuances of First Amendment rights, discerning what's acceptable and what's not. Tune in for an episode brimming with engaging conversations, lively debates, and candid exchanges. The Smoking Truth Podcast keeps it real as they explore the facts, challenge norms, and seek the truth.


Episode 50: Navigating the Political Landscape, Civic Engagement, and More

Description: Join us for a milestone 50th episode of "The Smoking Truth Podcast," where Dana and Eric dive into a wide range of thought-provoking topics and engaging discussions. The show kicks off with a shameless plug for Cigar Hustler in Deltona, Florida, setting the tone for a candid and unfiltered conversation. In this episode: The episode takes a thought-provoking turn as Eric passionately rants about the prevalence of politicians over the age of 70 and the challenges they face while addressing the public. Dana and Eric explore the idea of implementing an annual driving test for individuals over the age of 65, raising important questions about safety and aging drivers. Dana shares a personal and revealing account of her recent expletive-filled outburst at a city council meeting, shedding light on the emotional toll it has taken. The hosts delve deeper into the deteriorating state of public decorum at City Council meetings, advocating for a more constructive approach to voicing grievances - scheduling appointments or engaging in meaningful discussions rather than resorting to brief podium rants. The episode challenges perceptions as it highlights that city council members are people too, discussing the disconnect between the time spent in their roles and the compensation they receive. Our heroes then turn their attention to the proposed Ormond Beach fuel farm issues, addressing environmental concerns, zoning challenges, and county-related considerations. Finally, they close the show by delving into an incident involving Senator Wright, leaving listeners with much food for thought. Tune in to Episode 50 of "The Smoking Truth Podcast" for an insightful, unfiltered, and thought-provoking journey through a diverse range of topics, all delivered with candor and humor by your hosts, Dana and Eric.