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Host Marco Werman and his team of producers bring you the world's most interesting stories that remind us just how small our planet really is.

Host Marco Werman and his team of producers bring you the world's most interesting stories that remind us just how small our planet really is.


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Host Marco Werman and his team of producers bring you the world's most interesting stories that remind us just how small our planet really is.








Millions of Ukrainians without heat and power after more airstrikes

As evidence of atrocities continue to surface in Ukraine, calls for war crimes tribunals are growing. Putting a leader on trial isn't easy though. Today, The World looks back at the trial of Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic, who oversaw the ethnic cleansing and bloodshed that enveloped the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. A pivotal witness against Milosovic was someone on the inside. Also, millions of Ukrainians are without heat and power after another round of brutal Russian air strikes....


A Thanksgiving food special

We bring you a special Thanksgiving Day show today that’s all about food. Find out where modern-day wheat comes from. And, how a British chef became a Mexican cooking legend. Also, more on electric chopsticks that make food taste saltier. Plus, tips on how to eat your Christmas tree after the holidays instead of kicking it to the curb. We can’t thank you enough for listening to and supporting The World. If you haven’t given yet, there is still time! If you donate $100 during our fall...


Protests in China at the world’s largest Apple iPhone factory

Protests have erupted at the world's largest Apple iPhone factory in China over strict COVID-19 lockdowns, lack of pay and poor working conditions. And, when the Soviet Union ended, Western culture rushed in — including “Sesame Street.” But adapting the American “Muppets” to 1990s Russia meant culture clashes and encounters with darker forces in post-Soviet media. Also, many municipalities in France are not showing World Cup games in big public places. That's in protest for the way Qatar has...


Stunning upset at World Cup

There was a stunning upset at the World Cup on Tuesday as Saudi Arabia beat heavily favored Argentina 2-1. At center stage, Argentina's Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest player in the world. At age 35, this may be Messi's last chance to win the World Cup. Also, US state laws have put limits on abortion options for many women. That's increased the sales of mail-order abortion pills from the Netherlands. And, a 5.6-magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia on Monday, leaving more than 200 dead....


At UN conference, countries agree to pay for climate change damages

The UN climate conference wrapped up this weekend. And for the first time, wealthier nations have agreed to pay for damage caused by climate change in developing countries. Though the devil is in the details, nations feeling the environmental impacts say just agreeing to find a framework for "loss and damage" funding is still a big step forward. Also, Russian forces buried around 400 Ukrainians in a mass grave in a forest near the city of Izium in northeastern Ukraine. Authorities are trying...


Youth activists take part in UN climate summit

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said it’s now "crunch time" for negotiators at the COP27 climate summit. We hear from a young climate activist from Pakistan who's spent the last two weeks taking part in the climate conference in Egypt. And, internal chaos at Twitter headquarters has international implications. Recent layoffs and resignations at the social media giant have left it potentially understaffed. Also, Qatar has reversed its decision to sell beer at World Cup...


Dutch court issues verdicts in MH17 trial

A court in the Netherlands issued a ruling today in the long-running case of flight MH17, which was shot down over Ukraine in 2014. Three men were convicted of murder for their role in shooting down the Malaysia Airlines passenger jet, killing all 298 people onboard. And, Cambodia's second-highest-ranking wildlife official is in US custody, charged with helping run an international monkey-smuggling crime ring. The official, Masphal Kry, was arrested while transiting through JFK International...


Poland, NATO say missile strike wasn't a Russian attack

For the first time since the start of Russia’s war on Ukraine, a missile has landed on NATO territory. But NATO says it believes the blast was likely caused, not by Russia, but by a stray missile fired by Ukraine's air defenses. And on Nov. 15, a federal judge ordered the Biden administration to lift some Trump-era restrictions set in place during the COVID-19 pandemic that have allowed US authorities to expel more than 1 million migrants who have crossed the US-Mexico border. The order will...


Liberated Izium rebuilds after Russian occupation

The city of Izium in northeastern Ukraine was under Russian occupation for about six months. In September, Ukrainian forces managed to liberate the city, but the hard work of bringing it back to normal has only begun. And Chinese President Xi Jinping is reentering the international stage at the G-20 summit. It's his first trip abroad in three years and comes after he secured a historic third term as China's president. Also, at the UN climate summit in Egypt this week, developing countries...


Tensions cool between US and China at G-20 summit

The presidents of the US and China have met on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Indonesia. President Joe Biden said that Beijing is not on the brink of invading Taiwan, nor will there be a new cold war. And, Ukraine’s president visits the newly liberated southern Ukrainian city of Kherson. Also, the beloved “full English breakfast” is a one-plate cornucopia of meats and more. But it’s taking an inflation hit, and some restaurants are finding it harder to keep on the menu. Plus, Mehran...


UK public divided on Just Stop Oil protest tactics

The British public is divided over the protest tactics of the environmental group Just Stop Oil. Members of the group brought Britain’s busiest motorway to a standstill for hours this week, and they’ve been splashing cans of soup onto famous paintings to draw attention to their cause. And, a new proposed bill in Finland's parliament that would recognize the rights of the Indigenous Sámi people is proving to be controversial. Also, Qatar is about to become the first Arab and Middle Eastern...


China accused of operating illegal overseas security network

Beijing has been accused of setting up a global network of overseas police stations to help pursue government targets, including in Spain. And, a rescue ship carrying about 230 migrants had been stuck off Italy’s coast in recent days, after a new far-right government in Rome barred it from docking. France is now permitting the boat to anchor in Toulon. Also, Victoria Obidina was among a group of women who were taken as prisoners by the Russian military and held captive for six months. She...


Russian troops to withdraw from Kherson

In a major shift in the war in Ukraine today, Sergei Surovikin, the Russian general in charge of Russia’s war effort in Ukraine, recommended that Russia shift its defenses to the east bank of the Dnipro River. This means that Russia is withdrawing its troops from the key southern Ukrainian city of Kherson. And, ships carrying liquified natural gas are sitting off the coast of Europe, holding onto their cargo. Analysts say an economic condition called contango is the cause. Also, as...


Rainforest nations consider creating their own 'OPEC'

Brazil, Indonesia and Democratic Republic of Congo are among several nations that are considering banding together to preserve their rainforests. And, Russia's new isolation from the global economy has led to layoffs and business closures. It's affecting both Russians and migrant laborers from Central Asia, who are the backbone of Russia's labor force. Now, some of these workers are packing up and going home. Also, since 1995, when the Dayton Accords ended fighting in what is now Bosnia,...


Climate negotiators talk funding for climate damages at COP27

For the first time at COP27, funding for climate losses and damages is on the agenda. Pakistan’s historic floods demonstrate what developing countries are pushing for at the climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh. And, rescue boats filled with stranded migrants are being ordered to vacate a Sicilian port. Advocates argue Italy's far-right government is breaking international law. A court may soon determine whether some asylum-seekers will have to stay adrift at sea. Also, the prominent Egyptian...


Pakistan on front lines of climate change as COP27 kicks off

For months, the flooding in Pakistan has been held up by global leaders as a prime example of why funding for so-called "losses and damages" is essential. As COP27 kicks off on Sunday, the stakes are higher for countries like Pakistan. And, the Russian invasion in Ukraine has called for a reckoning from other former members of the Soviet Union. Kazakhstan is experiencing a surge in nationalism — and a push away from Russia. Also, Nov. 4 marks the 100th year since the discovery of the tomb of...


Pakistan’s ex-PM Imran Khan wounded in shooting at protest

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was shot in the leg while leading a protest march today. Gunfire rained onto his convoy and he was en route to Islamabad in a demonstration aimed at pushing for new elections. Thursday's shooting is inflaming an already heated political situation in Pakistan. And, a new British study out on Thursday shows that psilocybin — a substance found in “magic” mushrooms — can help people suffering from depression. For years, scientists have been taking a...


Ethiopia's warring sides agree to peace deal

After nearly two years of fighting, there's a new dawn in Ethiopia. On Wednesday, following 10 days of tense talks, representatives from Ethiopia's federal government and the Tigray People's Liberation Front signed a peace deal, agreeing to end hostilities. And Israel's former prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is close to being declared the winner in Israel's parliamentary election. Exit polls show Netanyahu and his right-wing allies winning the 61 seats necessary to form a government....


New Russian airstrikes damage power grids in Kyiv

A day after Russia carried out new airstrikes in Ukraine, which damaged power grids and water systems in the capital, we hear a story about a mother and her children returning home, and a crew of electrical maintenance workers trying to bring power back to Kyiv. And, Belgium is embroiled in a huge controversy after it recently emerged that a 23-year-old survivor of the 2016 Brussels airport bombing had chosen to end her life this May under the country's euthanasia law. Also, a number of...


Lula wins Brazilian presidential election

Lula is back. The leftist former president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has won reelection in Brazil. Plus, more than 150 people died in a crowd crush during a Halloween celebration in South Korea’s capital over the weekend. Also, this week will mark two years since a civil war broke out in Ethiopia. Despite peace talks, the fighting hasn’t let up. And, hear about haunted hill stations of the Himalayas.