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Host Marco Werman and his team of producers bring you the world's most interesting stories that remind us just how small our planet really is.


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Host Marco Werman and his team of producers bring you the world's most interesting stories that remind us just how small our planet really is.








IMF economic forecast is positive — except for UK, Russia

The International Monetary Fund says that economic growth worldwide will exceed their previous expectations. The IMF did have some bad news for the UK: Their economic outlook looks worse than Russia, which has been heavily targeted with economic sanctions. And, Tunisians voted in a runoff parliamentary election over the weekend. Only 11% of eligible voters actually came out to vote — the same level of participation in the first round of voting. Also, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken...


Pakistan suicide bombing targets mosque

On Monday, a suicide bombing targeted a mosque in Peshawar, Pakistan, killing over 30 people and injuring more than 150. The head of a group known as the Pakistani Taliban claimed on social media to have carried out the attack. And, a British Iranian consultant-turned-fixer for bribes has been sentenced to five years in prison in the United States. His work on bribes has tainted an estimated billions of dollars in deals across the Middle East and Africa. Also, Niger has one of the youngest,...


Blinken heads to Middle East amid spike in Israeli-Palestinian tension

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will head to Egypt and onward to visit Palestinian and Israeli officials. He will arrive on the heels of an Israeli counterinsurgency raid that killed at least two civilians and ratcheted up tensions on either side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen visited South Africa this week. South Africa is planning on holding joint military drills with China and Russia on the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine. Also, 23...


Contaminated cough syrup kills 300 children in Asia, Africa

The World Health Organization is calling for "immediate action" to protect children from contaminated cough syrup that has killed more than 300 children in Asia and Africa. The syrup has been linked to pharmaceutical manufacturers in India. And, Israeli soldiers conducted a raid on suspected militants in Jenin Camp, a Palestinian refugee camp. Their targets were members of Islamic Jihad, but civilians were also killed. Also, for the first time ever, China's military sent an aircraft carrier...


Germany to send tanks to Ukraine

Germany announced on Wednesday that it will send tanks to Ukraine to aid in its fight against Russian invaders. German support for the war in Ukraine marks a big shift in its defense policy. And in Canada, grocery store theft is at an all-time high. Some Canadians blame big grocery store chains for profiteering from inflation. Also, more than 50 people have been killed in Peru in protests that started a month ago, after President Pedro Castillo tried to dissolve the nation's Congress, got...


Ukraine corruption scandal ousts top officials

Ukraine’s government has fired more than a dozen officials, including a top adviser to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, amid allegations of corruption. And, despite Turkey's promise to enroll Syrian refugee children in school, 1 in 3 are not attending classes. In Gaziantep, families say they've been barred from enrollment. Also, Amsterdam's hash cafés are legal but weed is not — across the EU. The Netherlands and Germany are now trying to phase in legalized cannabis. Plus, the lost Chinese...


Somali govt struggles to push out al-Shabab

Somalia's government has stumbled in its all-out campaign to push the insurgent group al-Shabab out of cities and villages. On Sunday, militants laid siege to the Mogadishu mayor's office. And, climate-vulnerable nations around the world have turned to the courts to try to force faster action. The island of Vanuatu recently asked the United Nation's highest court to weigh in on climate obligations. Also, amid Lunar New Year celebrations in Taiwan, people are bracing for an increase in...


Defense chiefs fail to reach deal on tanks for Ukraine

European defense ministers met on Friday with US and Ukrainian officials to discuss aid for Ukraine. The focus was on battle tanks for Ukraine, and the verdict is still out. And, ahead of the Lunar New Year this weekend in China, many people are gearing up for their first holiday trip since tight pandemic restrictions were lifted. Also, an Iranian Canadian musician known as "King Raam" fears he's being targeted by the Iranian government for his frank and emotional podcast. Plus, what do...


Ukraine calls for more heavy tanks

Ukraine says it needs heavy tanks. US Adm. James Stavridis discusses how a tank delivery would make a difference in the war with Russia. And, a Canadian agency that sets national standards for alcohol consumption is recommending Canadians dramatically reduce their alcohol intake. Also, President Emmanuel Macron wants to raise France's retirement age by two years to 64. The government claims it's key to financing the public pension system. In response, trade unions launched a general strike....


Why are so many Cubans leaving?

Over the last year, nearly a quarter million Cubans have migrated to the United States. We hear about why people are making what is often a dangerous journey. And, a helicopter crash in a Kyiv suburb on Wednesday took the life of Ukraine's Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky, leaving a gaping hole in the president's team. Also, many are looking to Brazil's new government, led by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, to help save the Amazon jungle. For the Karipuna people, ending deforestation and...


Alleged Wagner Group commander defects

A man who claims to be a commander from the Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary group fighting in Ukraine, has fled to Norway. He says he is prepared to testify against the Wagner Group's founder and leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, about extrajudicial executions committed by members of the group. And, Mursal Nabizada could have fled Afghanistan with a humanitarian visa. But the former lawmaker remained in Kabul after the Taliban seized power in 2021. On Jan. 15, gunmen killed Nabizada in her home....


Concerns about COVID surge ahead of Lunar New Year

There are concerns of a potential surge in COVID-19 cases in China as people prepare to travel for the Lunar New Year. And, Ukrainska Pravda, Ukraine’s first online newspaper, continues to operate despite frequent air raids and intermittent electricity amid war. Also, around 70 people have died in a plane crash in the mountains of Nepal. Plus, we bring you a new version of a song written in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Lula consolidates support in Brazil

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva appears to be consolidating support, almost a week after a mob of supporters of the previous president, Jair Bolsonaro, rampaged the seat of power in Brasília. And, human rights groups are raising alarms about the high number of recent death sentences and imprisonment of protesters in Iran. The United Nations has accused Tehran of “weaponizing” the criminal justice system. Also, Kenya's LGBTQ community is seeking answers about the death of gay...


Is the 1.5 degree Celsius climate target still within reach?

Scientists have confirmed that 2022 was among the hottest years on record. The world is closing in on the limit of keeping warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. Is it still within reach? And, violence continues in southern Peru this week, spreading to the tourist city of Cusco on Wednesday, and prompting curfews in some parts of the country. At least 48 people have died during clashes between police and protesters. Also, Ukrainian Cpl. Andrii Shadrin, 27, serves in a...


Brazil protesters may face charges under anti-terrorism laws

Brazilian authorities detained more than 1,000 demonstrators after they invaded and vandalized Brazil’s Congress, Presidential Palace and Supreme Court on Sunday. Many may be charged under the country’s anti-terrorism legislation with attempting to carry out a coup. And, in Haiti, there are no longer any democratically elected representatives working in the federal government. The last 10 senators in Haiti's parliament left office on Monday night. Also, fresh on the heels of the North...


Biden seeks allies on US-Mexico border issue

US President Joe Biden is in Mexico City for the last day of the North American Leaders Summit. While trade and environmental issues are part of the agenda, the big issue for Biden at this summit is what’s happening at the southern border. And, at a UN meeting in Geneva on Monday, Pakistan received more than $9 billion in pledges from international donors to help it recover and rebuild from last year's devastating floods. Also, the trial of 24 aid workers accused of espionage and fraud...


Brazil president vows to punish rioters who stormed parliament

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva had harsh words for those who stormed his country’s parliament, its Supreme Court and presidential palace this past weekend. We hear about the role Brazilian authorities and security services may have played in the rioting. And Sweden's prime minister said Sunday that Turkey has made demands on Sweden that his country "cannot — and does not — want to meet" to gain Ankara's approval for a bid to join NATO. Demands include Sweden and Finland...


Violence erupts after son of ‘El Chapo’ arrested in Mexico

Mexican authorities in the city of Culiacan arrested Ovidio Guzman, the son of the notorious drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, on Thursday. In response, gunmen rampaged in the city streets, killing at least 29 people. And, rats are especially plentiful in the hills of Laos where they can eat 20% of the harvest. But rice farmers there take part in rat-killing tournaments that reward amateur hunters with cold, hard cash. Also, Belarusian opposition spymaster Aleksander Azarov discusses...


The legacy of Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI, who died at age 95, was laid to rest on Thursday following his funeral at the Vatican. We hear about Pope Benedict's legacy and where the Catholic Church goes from here. And Ukrainian officials say they have struck several barracks housing Russian soldiers in recent days. Russia now says it will impose a temporary ceasefire over Orthodox Christmas, beginning Jan. 6. Also, the Biden administration is expanding its use of Title 42 to begin rapidly expelling migrants from...


China faces surge in COVID cases

A top Chinese epidemiologist says that China is now experiencing the first of three expected waves of COVID-19 cases in the coming months. International health experts predict there will be at least 1 million deaths from COVID-19 in China this year. And, the Philippine government is urging hundreds of top police officials to resign after a probe found a handful of officers were involved in the narcotics trade. Also, the Kremlin has long denied that many of its soldiers are dying in its war...