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The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




Trump expected to turn himself in following 30-count indictment

Guests: Jen Psaki, Elie Mystal, Katie Phang, Harry Sandick, Rev. Al Sharpton, Dr. Yusef Salaam New details on Donald Trump's surrender to justice, the processing and fingerprinting upon his arrival in New York, as the ex-president and his allies rage. Tonight: what we're learning about the actual charges Trump is facing, why his pending arrest means a return to normalcy—and not a departure. Then, an interview with a member of the exonerated Central Park Five on Donald Trump's date with...


Prosecuting Donald Trump: The First Indictment

A Manhattan grand jury has voted to indict Donald Trump – setting a new precedent for holding American leaders accountable. But how does a prosecutor like Alvin Bragg actually convince a jury to convict a former president? MSNBC legal analysts Andrew Weissmann and Mary McCord tell us how prosecutors think about building a case against a former president. Listen to the first two episodes now and follow the series:


Trump to be arrested after criminal indictment in New York

A New York grand jury has voted to charge Donald Trump in the Stormy Daniels hush money scheme. Chris Hayes has the breaking news.


New Fox emails: CEO says Trump fact-checks are ‘bad for business’

Guests: Rebecca Traister, David Jolly, Sherry Boston, Sen. Bernie Sanders Tonight: Rebecca Traister on the shock and awe of state by state legislation criminalizing reproductive rights. Then, just when you thought it couldn't get worse for Fox News, devastating new filings in the Dominion Lawsuit against Fox News. Plus, Senator Bernie Sanders unloads on Starbucks in the Senate.


Pence ordered to testify in Trump Jan. 6 probe

Guests: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Harry Litman, Barb McQuade, Rep. Elissa Slotkin, Jeff Sharlet The former vice president is compelled to give sworn testimony about his boss's coup. Tonight: What this means for criminal case against Trump—and what this means for the rule of law. Then, how do you stop gun violence from killing kids in schools? Tonight: the maddening reality of a government that has given up, the awful truth of the cult of the AR-15, and author Jeff Sharlet on his new book...


Ex-National Enquirer publisher testifies as Trump grand jury wraps up

Guests: Jonathan Dienst, Tim O'Brien, Karen Friedman Agnifilo, Andrew Weissmann, Manuel Oliver, Charles Blow The unnamed witness for the Trump grand jury is revealed, and the man who ran The National Enquirer goes under oath. Tonight: inquiring minds want to know, what does David Pecker's testimony mean for the timing of a possible Trump indictment? Then, Charles Blow on his time in Waco where the disgraced ex-president's campaign rally turned darker than ever. Then, the desperately sad,...


Why Trump's Waco rally is a dog whistle for extremists

Guests: Rick Tyler, Mona Charen, Ben Collins, Rep. Robert Garcia, Cornell Belcher, Maya Wiley, Cynthia Alksne As Marjorie Taylor Greene's party tries to turn Trump's mob into martyrs, one of the Democrats who joined the Republicans on their field trip to a jail today joins live. Plus, after Trump warns of violence, the Manhattan district attorney receives a frightening threat. And new reporting that Trump's old chief of staff will have to testify in the Jan. 6 investigation.


Trump reportedly fixated on idea of a perp walk

Guests: Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Ryan Reilly, Tara Setmayer, George Conway, Glenn Kirschner, Karen Friedman Agnifilo, Alexandra Levine, Jonathan Capehart, Tim Miller In the face of a pending criminal indictment, Donald trump does what he does best: posts about it on social media. Plus, as a New York indictment looms, the other investigations into Trump’s misconduct continue to pick up steam. Then, the congressional clock is going "Tik Tok" for the Chinese social media app. But is the party about...


'Thunderous': Federal judge rules Trump likely misled lawyers on documents

Guests: Harry Litman, Barbara McQuade, Jeremey Saland, Rep. Ruben Gallego, Jen Psaki, Michael Beschloss The Trump grand jury will reconvene in Manhattan tomorrow as the special counsel enters the chat. What today's extraordinary ruling from a federal appeals court could mean for charges in the documents probe. Then, what we know about the grand jury delay in Manhattan with a former prosecutor from that office. Plus, Rep. Ruben Gallego on the desperate Republican attempt to get their boss...


McCarthy downplays Trump hush money probe as ‘personal money’ case

Guests: Jennifer Rubin, Paul Butler, Brendan Buck, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Jamelle Bouie, David Jolly, Donna Edwards Republican officials miss another chance to do the right thing. What does the possible indictment of Donald Trump reveal about the Republican Party? Then, the party of small government tries to investigate elected state officials for doing their jobs. And a swing and a miss for Florida governor Ron DeSantis—Why Donald Trump's potential indictment hasn't loosened his hold on the...


Trump braces for possible arrest as grand jury wraps up

Guests: Jonathan Dienst, George Conway, Danya Perry, Ben Collins, Rep. Adam Schiff, Michael Steele, Mona Charen and John Meacham The disgraced former president predicts his own indictment as the grand jury convenes and Team Trump makes a final push to persuade jurors. Tonight: as protective barricades go up in New York and in Washington, what we know about what's coming and when, the other major developments in Georgia and DC, the posturing of Trump allies in high office, and the ones...


Fulton County jurors hear new leaked Trump call

Guests: Tamar Hallerman, Paul Butler, David Plouffe, Sarah Longwell, Mehdi Hasan Indictment watch underway in Manhattan as new details emerge in Georgia. Tonight: What the grand jury heard in Fulton County in multiple calls between Trump and election officials. Then: the Pentagon footage of the moment Russian jets attacked a U.S. drone. Plus: with 2024 in full swing in Iowa, new concerns about the social skills of Ron DeSantis. And a fresh reminder of the days when a scandal like Stormy...


How the abortion pill case landed in a 'tiny MAGA jurisdiction' in Texas

Guests: Sarah McCammon, Michele Goodwin, Rep. Maxine Waters, Hugo Lowell, Jose Pagliery The Trump-appointed judge in Texas now deciding abortion pill access for the entire country. We'll have the latest from today's hearing in Amarillo. Then, Congresswoman Maxine Waters on the failure of Silicon Valley Bank—and new fears of a global banking crisis. Plus, the possible indictment of Donald Trump in the Stormy Daniels investigation. And the arrest of the Chinese billionaire who bankrolled...


"Folks, we've got an outbreak of woke banks."

Guests: Rep. Ro Khanna, Claire McCaskill, Stuart Stevens, Rebecca Roiphe The desperate right-wing attempt to pass the buck on bank failure after Trump signed the bill that made it possible. Then, the 2024 hopefuls who agree on Ukraine backing Putin's position against other Republicans. And Team Trump on the defensive as he faces the possibility of an indictment this week.


Michael Cohen testifies as Trump grand jury reaches final stages

Guests: Rep. Katie Porter, Stephanie Ruhle, Dean Baker, Harry Litman, Jill Wine-Banks, Jelani Cobb, Tim O’Brien, Katie Benner Banks closing, stocks falling, and the government rushing to shore up the system. Tonight: What happened with the banks this weekend and how to stop it happening again. Then, all eyes on the grand jury as Michael Cohen testifies against his former boss. Just how close are prosecutors to indicting the ex-president? Plus: how a hand-picked conservative judge tried to...


Tennessee Lt. Gov. caught praising LGBTQ Instagram nudes amid barrage of anti-gay bills

Guests: Tim Miller, Andrew Weismann, Karine Jean-Pierre, Tara Setmayer, Fernand Amandi Donald Trump meets with his lawyers following new reporting that he could be indicted for a hush money payment from 2016—but is now the right time for this prosecution? Plus, President Biden blasts a Republican proposal to gut spending as Democrats call it "extreme on steroids." Then, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis prepares to challenge Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, but does the man people...


NYT: Manhattan DA signals "likely" charges for Trump

Guests: Rebecca Roiphe, Joyce Vance, Rep. Colin Allred, Jane Mayer, Bart Gellman Brand new indications of an imminent Trump indictment in Manhattan. Then, the big new era of Republican oversight—a big old dud. Tonight: the latest fool's errand from the government weaponization committee. And the disappointment of its biggest supporters. Plus, as Lachlan Murdoch tries to defend Fox News, Jane Mayer looks at the fallout from the defamation suit. And a fresh warning about democracy in 2024,...


Chris Hayes: The Tucker Carlson villain origin story

Guests: Mona Charen, Adam Serwer, Josh Marshall, Hamed Aleaziz Tonight: New fallout for Fox. What the biggest supporters of Trump were really saying about him behind his back. Plus: the reality of right-wing media now revealed in the Dominion filings. Then: the grotesque possibility that Biden could revive family detention. And the donnybrook that broke out in the Senate today.


New bombshell texts, testimony, emails released in Fox lawsuit

Guests: David Folkenflik, Katie Fallow, Jen Psaki, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Amanda Zurawski, Molly Duane Explosive new revelations about what was actually happening behind the scenes at Fox while they peddled election lies on air. Tonight: We're combing through hundreds of pages of brand new filings. Then, condemnation from all sides. As Fox tries to launder the insurrection with the explicit help of Republican House leadership. And as abortion bans threaten the lives of countless women in Texas,...


Trump promises he'll stay in 2024 race if indicted

Guests: Sen. Chris Murphy, Angelo Carusone, Jason Stanley, Mayor Tishaura Jones, Alexi McCammond, Douglas Brinkley, Carlos Curbelo, Fernand Amandi New details show how Fox reacted internally when their viewers didn't like the election results. The MAGA iron fist on full display as Trump's rivals flounder with his base. Plus, it may not be official, but it sure looks like Joe Biden is running. And as Republicans advance another state takeover in St. Louis, the city’s mayor joins live.