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The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




Trump's Hail Mary plan to delay his federal Jan. 6 trial

Guests: Lisa Rubin, Shan Wu, Rep. Jasmine Crockett, Jelani Cobb, Amanda Carpenter Tonight: A brief history of solved problems in the era of Joe Biden. Then, Donald Trump launches the one Hail Mary pass that could push his insurrection trial past the election. And the surreal story of a woman in Texas who sued her state to obtain emergency abortion.


GOP speaker says he's blurring Jan. 6 tapes so rioters don't get charged

Guests: Tim Alberta, Sarah Longwell, Bart Gellman, Ana Ceballos, Jeremy Konyndyk Tonight: The GOP Speaker of the House announces plans to help January 6th rioters escape justice. Then, Trump's stated plans to use the powers of the presidency to evade justice and punish enemies. Plus, the emergency meeting in Florida to potentially replace the Republican Party chairman amid disturbing rape allegations. And how one Senator's crusade against aircraft carrier poetry just come to a bizarre end.


‘Withering rejection’: Trump loses presidential immunity fight—twice in one day

Guests: Scott Bolden, Kristy Parker, Mark Chiusano, Rep. Dan Goldman, Ronen Bergman, David Jolly The Republican frontrunner's Nixon defense goes poof. Tonight: why two major rulings against Donald Trump could be Jack Smith's biggest victory to date. Then, the tragic culmination of the George Santos saga. And just when you thought Ron DeSantis couldn't get cringier…


George Santos refuses to resign ahead of expulsion vote

Guests: Rep. Robert Garcia, Temidayo Aganga-Williams, Nancy Gertner, Ben Rhodes, Tim Miller What does it take to get kicked out of Congress? Tonight: on the eve of an expulsion vote, the Santos mess gets messier. And what we just learned about the FBI seizure of another Congressman's phone. Then, hours after his latest attack, Donald Trump is gagged again in New York.


'Best shot:' Big money donors bet on Nikki Haley to take down Trump

Guests: McKay Coppins, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Brian Stelter, Ayelet Shaked Did the Republican primary just become an actual race? Tonight: Big money's big bet that Nikki Haley could defeat Donald Trump. Then, the latest fascist threat from the Republican frontrunner against his critics at MSNBC. Plus, the return of the House Republican circus and how Hunter Biden called James Comer's bluff. And what we're learning about negotiations for an extension of the truce as 16 more hostages are released by Hamas.


New reporting on what Pence told Jack Smith about Jan. 6

Guests: Andrew Weissmann, Lisa Rubin, Michael Steele, Eric Levitz, Rich Price Just how close did Mike Pence come to ending democracy? Tonight: new reporting on the plans Mike Pence abandoned—and the Senator who knew all about it. Then, no plea deals for Trump or Rudy in Georgia as the Republican frontrunner returns to an unpopular campaign promise. And as hostages continue to be reunited with loved ones in Israel, what we're learning about the shooting of three Palestinian students in Vermont.


Why Democrats want voters to start paying more attention to Trump

Guests: David Noriega, Rick Stengel, Peter Beinart, Lisa Rubin, Catherine Christian, Claire McCaskill, David Plouffe, Shawn Fain A landmark deal between Israel and Hamas: Tonight: the latest details on when some of the hostages might be released—and who might finally come home. Then: as the ex-president flirts with the legal line on his gag orders, new details on the threats against a New York judge and his staff. Plus: why Democrats want voters to start paying more attention to Donald Trump this election. And the big victory for autoworkers this holiday season.


Hostage deal approved by Israeli government

Guests: Noga Tarnopolsky, David Remnick, Ayman Mohyeldin, David Roberts, Nancy Gertner, Betsey Stevenson Tonight: the delicate negotiations still ongoing in Israel—and what it will take to get some of the Hamas hostages home. Then: the latest on the gag order against the ex-president as authoritarianism keeps spreading beyond Trump. Plus, why inflation just ain't what it used to be.


George Santos drops re-election bid after damning ethics probe

Guests: Yair Rosenberg, Harry Litman, Rep. Veronica Escobar, John Kirby As antisemitism and hate grow around the country, the dangerous implications of the world's richest man suggesting Jews stoke hatred of white people. Then, will George Santos get bounced from Congress in the wake of today's devastating ethics report? Plus, how the judge in the stolen documents case is once again delaying justice. And Biden National Security spokesman John Kirby on what we know about the Israeli raid on Shifa hospital.


Biden says he’s ‘mildly hopeful’ about hostage release deal

President Biden holds a press conference after meeting with China’s President Xi. Chris Hayes is joined by former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and former CIA director John Brennan to discuss.


'Bully': McCarthy accused of ‘kidney punching’ GOP colleague

Guests: Rep. Jared Moskowitz, Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Lisa Rubin Chaos and violence on the Hill as the MAGA congress keeps brawling and the Republican frontrunner keeps advertising fascism. Tonight: what on earth is going on here? Then, an emergency hearing for a protective order in Georgia as witness videos keep leaking. And the incredible scenes from the March in Washington as the calls to rescue hostages grows and the destruction in Gaza continues.


Sen. Joe Manchin won't seek re-election in 2024

Guests: Kyle Cheney, Temidayo Aganga-Williams, Ryan Reilly, Jamelle Bouie, Rebecca Traister, Graeme Wood Jack Smith tips his hand on how he plans to prosecute Trump. Tonight: the new evidence that the Republican frontrunner will be treated like the people he sent to the Capitol. Then, Rebecca Traister on the ongoing rejection of abortion restrictions across the country. Plus, what Joe Manchin's announcement means for the effort to defeat Trump. And as Israel announces intermittent pauses in their strikes, The Atlantic's Graeme Wood on what we know about what's happening in Gaza.


Democrats win big in key races across several states

Guests: Sen. Sherrod Brown, Michael Cohen, Eric Holder, Rep. Rashida Tlaib Another big night for Democrats as the Republican Party struggles for answers. Then, former Attorney General Eric Holder on the Republican frontrunner's campaign to gut democracy. Plus, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen on Ivanka Trump's day on the witness stand. And a day after her censure in the House, am exclusive interview with Congressman Rashida Tlaib.


Election Night 2023: Abortion rights take center stage in key races

Guests: Steve Kornacki, Claire McCaskill, David Pepper, Lisa Rubin, Dr. Barbara Zind Chris Hayes checks in with on latest results throughout this election night. Plus, the performance of the Republican presidential front-runner in court—and what it portends for his criminal trials next year. And the latest plan to get hostages out of Gaza one month after the terror attacks in Israel.


‘Craven’: Leaked staff handbook reveals GOP rep’s thirst for attention

Guests: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Lisa Rubin, Jake Lahut, Noah Bookbinder America's top diplomat delivers a message in Israel. Tonight: the calls for a humanitarian pause as the bombardment continues. Then, Day Two for son Number Two as the gag order expands in New York. Meanwhile out west, the case to throw Trump off the ballot wraps up in Colorado. And an unbelievable case study in how to succeed in Congress without really trying.


‘Sam Bankman-Fraud’: Fallen crypto king found guilty on all counts

Guests: Sen. Chris Murphy, Susanne Craig, Stephanie Ruhle, Gili Roman, Sarah Yager From a collapsed House to a national security nightmare in the Senate. Tonight: dysfunction in the age of the MAGA minority. Then, as a massive new air assault on Gaza unfolds, Senator Chris Murphy on his call for Israel to change course. And why it was a particularly bad day for the Republican frontrunner as his other adult son snaps on the witness stand. Plus, breaking news on the conviction of fallen crypto king Sam Bankman-Fried.


George Santos 'easily' survives vote to expel him from Congress

Guests: Ali Vitali, Philip Bump, Rep. Jasmine Crockett, Jamelle Bouie, Tim Miller, Lisa Rubin, Charles Coleman, Ellison Barber Expulsion vote for a backbench congressman as the Republican 2024 frontrunner's fraud trial continues. Tonight: two-tiered ethics and the Republican Party. Then, what happened when the adult son of the disgraced ex-president took the witness stand. And as the bombardment continues and evacuations of foreign nationals begin, what we know about the untold devastation in Gaza.


New GOP speaker uses Israel aid to pick fight with Biden

Guests: Neera Tanden, Josh Marshall, Kavita Menon, David Remnick, A. Scott Bolden, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Waleed Shahid, Rep. Dan Goldman, Barbara McQuade, Chris O’Leary, Former Rep. Charlie Dent Tonight: The Republican plan to make billionaire tax cheats great again through the Israel aid package. Plus - what's happening with hostages and the humanitarian collapse inside Gaza as the Israeli invasion continues. Then, a day before his adult sons testify, is the indicted ex-president already violating his gag order? And Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on subpoenas for Republican mega donors over lavish spending on Supreme Court justices.


Ex-hostage negotiator explains ‘most dangerous part’ of process

Guests: Ellison Barber, Dr. Mads Gilbert, Scott Walker, Jonathan Dienst, Hala Gorani, Andrew Exum Tonight: The Israeli military say they are increasing ground forces in Gaza. New reporting on the potential new phase of war as Gaza faces a near-total internet blackout. Plus, the latest on the manhunt for the man suspected of killing 18 people in Lewiston, Maine.


Shelter in place order extended in Maine amid manhunt for mass shooting suspect

Guests: Rehema Ellis, Jonathan Dienst, Rep. Chellie Pingree, Jonathan Metzl, Brandy Zadrozny, McKay Coppins, Ellison Barber Tonight: The latest on the manhunt for the suspect in the Maine shootings that left at least 18 dead. Plus, what can be done about the epidemic of gun violence in America. Then, Mitt Romney’s biographer on the juiciest revelations in his new book. And we go live to the border where Israeli forces have been conducting raids into Gaza.