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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting off talking points and spin. The Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and explore the politically right way to think about the issues .


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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting off talking points and spin. The Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and explore the politically right way to think about the issues .




Green Energy Has Negative Efficacy Just Like the COVID Shots | 6/8/23

Today, we cover numerous hot-button issues. Green energy is not only ineffective, but there are new stories showing how it is actually detrimental to the environment. Not only do wind turbines, solar panels, carbon-capture facilities, and the production of electric vehicles require large amounts of fossil fuel use, but the end results of all will destroy America’s landscape. The amount of land that is needed to sustain this scam is untenable, which is why a repeal of the green new deal must be the number-one priority in the budget bill. We also need red state Republicans to stop promoting this nonsense. I also offer my opinions on why a president cannot constitutionally be liable for taking government documents, how interest on the debt is about to crush our economy, and how forest regulations create more wildfires that cause the sort of haze we are experiencing in the northeast. Finally, I discuss some polling data that shows citizens, particularly Republicans, are reversing the social liberal trend, which gives us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make red states redder. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Top Issues over Which Republicans Must Be Willing to Shut Down the Gov’t | 6/7/23

Just because McCarthy sold us out on the debt ceiling doesn’t mean we should allow the agreement to stand for the appropriations bills. Today, I go through a number of demands that Republicans should make in the budget bills and refuse to abandon as we head toward the Sept. 30 funding deadline. I explain why we cannot wait until 2025 to deal with political targeting, the green-energy sabotage of our lives, the transgender jihad, the border invasion, or the biomedical security state. In particular, we delve into how the green new deal will permanently destroy our way of life if we don’t immediately repeal it. This is the new Obamacare of our time, and unlike during the past decade, Republicans must honor their commitment to repeal it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


From the Greatest Generation to the Sickest Generation | 6/6/23

Today, we commemorate the 79th anniversary of D-day by noting that those brave boys could have never imagined they’d be fighting for a country like the one we live in today. We are the sickest generation in body, mind, and soul. I explain how we are at a crossroads in the Rainbow Jihad and have the ability to push the Overton window back, but reluctant Republicans are harming us. Moreover, those running the courts, including a Trump appointee, are trying to enshrine drag shows into the First Amendment. We also delve into this generation's physical sickness created by Big Pharma. Despite everything we know about the death toll of these vaccines, Republicans continue to fund them. I also note how those on the Left are gloating about how they gave Republicans all the talking points in the debt ceiling deal while maintaining the victories on substance. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Why Iowa Is So Important This Election Cycle l Guest: Steve Deace | 6/5/23

I begin today’s show by noting we will never change politics without a change in political leadership. The debt ceiling fight certainly showed us that. But are conservative voters even interested in substance? Possibly not, but as my colleague Steve Deace says on today’s show, we are lucky that the first state to vote is one that takes the process more seriously. Steve explains how the Iowa caucuses are a parochial process that are skewed not just toward committed church-goers but also toward higher-information voters. This works against Trump’s winning formula, which all too often has protected him from the harm his ideological flaws would otherwise cause with conservative voters in other states. Steve lays out the path for DeSantis and uses historical precedent to show how Iowa bucks the political paradigm, including even unanimous polling data in the closing stretch of the campaign. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Biden Might Have Fallen, but He Is Owning the GOP on Policy Outcomes | Guest: Rep. Chip Roy | 6/2/23

All my colleagues are laughing about Biden stumbling and wandering in public. But the laugh is on us. He is killing us on policy because we have fake leaders in the GOP. And yes, that includes McCarthy and Trump. I explain how Trump is responsible for undermining our leverage against McCarthy, then remained silent on the debt limit fight, allowing Biden to clean his clock. Trump also disqualified himself from the nomination by refusing to recognize even the problems with the COVID shots, much less the biomedical security state, this late in the game. Later on, we’re joined by Rep. Chip Roy, who gives us the inside scoop as to how GOP leaders betrayed their agreement. He is hopeful that the original list of 20 freedom fighters has grown and that there will be a reckoning against this betrayal. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Pandemic of Mental Contagion, Autism, Mass Hyper-Vaccination, and the Rise of Transgenderism | 6/1/23

Today, we cover some of the most vexing issues of our time with Dr. Peter McCullough. Based on his research, he has developed a theory that in addition to the cultural grooming, gender dysphoria has been turbocharged by the rise of autism, and the bad actors in culture and medicine preying upon vulnerability. He posits that the autistic are already more susceptible to this sort of mental illness, and when they are pumped up with excess testosterone, it also leads to more violence. There is a growing trend ignored by the media of those who have gone through gender mutilation committing mass shootings. But what is causing all of this autism? While there might be multiple factors, Dr. McCullough believes it is inescapable that mass hyper-vaccination with so many inflammatory shots at once raises one’s risk for autism. As always, he brings the receipts on the academic literature he cites. We discuss the need to audit all the vaccines, stop the new ones, abolish the concept of a childhood schedule, and certainly end mandates and liability waivers for shots. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


McCarthy Purposely Screwed Over Conservatives | 5/31/23

Kevin McCarthy didn’t get outmaneuvered by Joe Biden. I review the provisions of the debt ceiling betrayal bill to show how each one was deviously crafted to give the impression of a conservative victory, but actually makes us worse off than we’d be under a clean, short-term debt limit increase. We’re joined by Rep. Dan Bishop, who is calling for a motion to vacate the chair. He warns that McCarthy’s behavior demonstrates he will get worse from here and screw us on other fights as well. He also says that McCarthy purposely extended the debt limit increase an extra year when Democrats weren’t even asking for it. Why? He fears the debt limit deadline even more than Biden and wanted to make sure he was never put into a position where he’d have to fight for conservatives again. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Debt Ceiling Deal Was Worse than Malpractice, It Was Malfeasance | 5/30/23

McCarthy’s debt ceiling bill was not just a sellout; it was an act of political adultery. Today, I break down the details and the background of the deal in a way you will not hear elsewhere. I explain what went wrong with the messaging and how McCarthy turned the debt ceiling brinksmanship into a plague to be avoided rather than an opportunity. It is literally better to pass a short-term increase than this bill. It will make it impossible to fight Biden for the remainder of his presidency. I prove how the bill was a lot worse than what we would expect, even with a small minority. Let’s not forget that McCarthy supported Democrat budget bills throughout Trump’s presidency. Let’s also not forget that Trump pressured conservatives during the fight against McCarthy and severely degraded our leverage to remove him from office. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Why Trump’s Horrendous Budget Bills Still Matter Today | 5/25/23

Today, I offer you the history of Trump’s presidency like nobody else has done. Every single budget bill he signed had almost unanimous Democrat support but was opposed by DeSantis and the Freedom Caucus. They were acts of political adultery that we are still languishing from to this very day. We are where we are today on debt, inflation, and the border because of Trump’s failure. We continue to fail because we don’t focus on a mission. The Left doesn’t have that problem. I read a list of dozens of crazy accomplishments Democrats have achieved in Minnesota. Finally, I end with my annual Memorial Day message. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


D-Day: What DeSantis’ Announcement Means | Guest: Dave Reaboi | 5/24/23

First, we’re at a crossroads in the fight for civilization with gender sanity. We’re actually turning the corner on a cultural issue for once – with the successful pushback against Target and Bud Light. But will that victory endure? How does the presidential election factor into this calculus? I’m joined by Dave Reaboi, a Claremont Institute fellow and DeSantis supporter, who makes the case for why Ron DeSantis will help serve as a rising tide for our agenda. He explains why, even though he’s given up on the federal government and advocates for national divorce, he still believes it is helpful to have a national voice giving tailwinds to our agenda. Even though many of us believe the federal government is irremediably broken, Reaboi observes that the actual presidential election provides us with the greatest educational platform to shift cultural, political, and legal paradigms. He believes that DeSantis is the greatest chance for us to harness state power to protect our prerogatives and execute our agenda. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Voiceless: Why We Need a National Advocate for Our Ideas | 5/23/23

Continuing our discussion from yesterday, the biggest thing we lack is a national advocate who properly messages our policies and strategies. I offer an update on the debt ceiling, how Republicans are failing to properly message our position, and how they are accentuating the false talking point of default on the debt. We need to focus primarily on the quality of spending, such as the green new deal, illegal aliens, and Ukraine, not on random across-the-board cuts or welfare programs. Focus on the issues of the time. Next, I discuss how the green energy agenda is going to be used for the next lockdown and how GOP governors are facilitating it. Finally, we delve into Tim Scott’s run for president and how he is the worst mix of the establishment and a Trump facilitator who has no soul. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


In What Ways the Presidential Primary Matters and Doesn’t | 5/22/23

Today, I offer my initial thoughts on why it’s important that DeSantis win the nomination. I don’t think the presidential election matters much in terms of our ability to fix the federal government. I don’t think anyone can, and I think we instead need to focus on red-state interposition. But where it does matter is in terms of setting the tone for the sort of candidates, policies, strategies, and messages we need for our other endeavors. Trump gives us headwinds, while DeSantis offers us tailwinds. I also delve into the DeSantis family dynamic and how the importance of a strong, vibrant family as the symbol of our movement is an underrated feature of this race. It’s actually more important that we have someone like DeSantis as leader of the party and movement than the actual office of the presidency itself. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Man Who Found DNA Toxins in Pfizer & Moderna Vials | Guest: Kevin McKernan | 5/19/23

It’s not just the spike protein and the mRNA that are a problem. Microbiologist Kevin McKernan pioneered research on testing some of the COVID vaccine vials and discovered unacceptable levels of double-stranded DNA plasmids floating around. He joins us today to warn that there is no quality control in the manufacturing process of these vaccines. If his findings turn out to be widespread, it could portend an even greater risk for anaphylaxis, blood clotting, developing resistance to antibiotics, gene integration risk, and long-term production of spike protein within the body. Yet rather than slowing down this research, the FDA’s advisory committee just approved Pfizer’s RSV shots for pregnant women, despite a plethora of known concerns. This is going to continue to happen until we get rid of liability waivers. Also, the conservative media seems to have political amnesia not just on COVID, but every important issue, including the border, the debt ceiling, and the trans fight with Disney — in which Trump has now thrown in with the enemy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


How to Use the Debt Ceiling as a Tool for the Reckoning Against Abusive Government | Guest: Rep. Chip Roy | 5/18/23

Hearings and media interviews are all talk. The success of the GOP Congress boils down to just a few leverage points, such as the debt ceiling and appropriation bills. Today, I do a deep dive into the mechanics of the debt ceiling fight, what we hope to get from it, and how the important thing is to break the precedent of GOP cowardice so we can use whatever gains we secure to expand upon it during the budget fight. We’re joined by Rep. Chip Roy, who explains the priorities he is fighting for and how he is trying to keep House Republicans from folding. He believes the border and the green new deal are the most important provisions of the GOP bill to fight for. Later on, I delve into the HUD war on suburban neighborhoods and how we can use this as a sledgehammer against the Left. Finally, I discuss the danger of conservative media shadow-banning DeSantis’ policy successes in that it will embolden the RINO governors to continue in their bad ways. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


We Have an Industry Focused on Fame, not a Movement Focused on Outcomes | 5/17/23

Why has the conservative industry failed to deliver on almost any issue in decades? Why do things get worse even in red states? Why do we continue to nominate more Mitch McConnell-style Republicans in primaries? Today’s show is not for the faint of heart, but I serve up the truth 100 proof. We have an industry that is incentivized to focus on brand-building rather than on policy and political outcomes, even in states where Democrats have little influence. The conservative industry has no interest in doing the hard work it takes to win on issues because it is too profitable to simply virtue-signal on social media with no policy direction. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Origins of the Border Invasion Strategically Flowing Through Panama | Guest: Michael Yon | 5/16/23

What you see at the border is not chaos. It is a methodically planned invasion that is perpetrated by global NGOs with the support of our own government. We’re joined by famed war correspondent and former Green Beret Michael Yon, who briefs us on his conversation with migrants at all stages of the migration trail all over Central and South America. The Darien Gap in Panama is the linchpin to all migration from around the world and can easily be shut off. Yon reports on finding well-educated Chinese migrants who look a lot more like spies than desperate migrants fleeing persecution. He also warns of a growing epidemic in Panama of scabies, lice, drug-resistant tuberculosis, malaria, and dengue fever. Suddenly, the CDC is no longer concerned with public health and is not calling for a “lockdown” of this invasion. Why? Yon believes that the migration is an orchestrated tactic not just to dilute our country, but to aggravate shortages in food and other critical supplies. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Not a Single COVID Crime Has Been Rectified | 5/15/23

Today, I review all of the COVID crimes and show how each one is actually continuing without any reforms in place. Gain-of-function research is still continuing, hospital incentives for killer protocols are funded with billions of dollars, and now officials are on to the next version of Operation Warp Speed with the RSV shots. We have new information on how more people died from ventilators than from COVID itself, how the clot shots are harming pregnant women, and how the RSV shots are dangerous beyond belief. We need to stop this incessant push to vaccinate pregnant women with untested shots. Also, I explain how Trump is moving to the left on many other issues, not just COVID. Why won’t conservative influencers call him out on it and work to push him to the right? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Weapons of Mass Migration Subverting Our Birthright | 5/12/23

You don’t have hundreds of thousands of people organically pile up at our border without methodical orchestration. Today, we’re joined by Joseph Humire, executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society and one of the foremost experts on Latin American affairs. He explains how the Venezuelan and Chinese governments work with NGOs to orchestrate this invasion as part of a weaponized strategy of asymmetric warfare. The objective is to subvert us from within and advance the idea of disintegrating all international borders. Biden has allied with the very Venezuelan government planning this invasion and is also allowing China to strangle us in our own hemisphere. They understand that illegal migration conquers so that Marxism can occupy us. You will come away from this interview both informed and furious about how our own government is actively allowing America to become a failed state like Colombia. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


What Do We Do About the Uniparty Problem? | 5/11/23

Everyone is focused on the presidential election and the CNN town hall, but we are getting crushed on every major issue, including the border invasion, right now. We can’t wait until 2025. I go through several examples of red-state Republicans screwing us on major issues with no hope for better Republicans rising up in the primaries. This has been going on for years. Trump promised to break the uniparty, but he is now the most indispensable component to keeping the base back from challenging the uniparty. I also offer my overall philosophy on the presidential race – in what way it matters a lot and in what way it doesn’t. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Stop Talking About the Border While Doing Nothing About It | Guest: Ken Cuccinelli | 5/10/23

Everyone on the Right laments the border, but nobody is demanding the states do what it takes to stop it. The perfect example is Governor Greg Abbott. We’re joined today by former Deputy DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli, who accuses Abbott of looking busy and doing nothing while refusing to actually repel the invasion. He explains why Operation Lone Star has been a failure and a waste. Later on, Ken gives a unique critique of the Trump administration and how it was full of swamp creatures who made it hard for people like him to push consistent policies on immigration. The lack of preparation, follow-through, and unified personnel killed Trump's presidency. He explains this is why he is now pushing DeSantis to run for president. He believes DeSantis appoints people who are 100% dedicated to the mission rather than random people whose only loyalty is to Trump first, not America first. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit