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An early look at the stories that will drive tomorrow's conversation.




An early look at the stories that will drive tomorrow's conversation.




DAY 766: Monday Nightcap: State of the Union preview

President Biden will deliver his first State of the Union address before a divided Congress on Tuesday. Our special Monday Nightcap State of the Union preview digs into what to expect from the address. Jen Psaki, Symone Sanders-Townsend, Michael Steele, Hayes Brown, Tim Miller, Max Rose, Kara Swisher, Scott Galloway, and Josh Tyrangiel join.


DAY 763: Unexpectedly strong January jobs report

The January jobs report says the U.S. economy added more than half a million jobs in January, bringing the unemployment rate down to its lowest point since 1969. Meantime, a new book coming out details the Manhattan DA's investigation into former President Trump. Plus, the Friday Nightcap discusses the Florida culture wars and the outrage over possible password sharing changes at Netflix. Amna Nawaz, Jon Allen, Harry Litman, Jeremy Bash, Jelani Cobb, Judy Gold, Sami Sage, and John Hope...


DAY 762: Republicans oust Rep. Omar from key House committee

The House GOP passes a resolution to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee. Meantime, the Congressional Black Caucus meets with President Biden to find a path forward on police reform. Plus, the first federal gun crime report in two decades shows America heading in a dangerous direction. Ryan Nobles, Juanita Tolliver, Matthew Dowd, Neal Katyal, Ryan Busse, and Nayyera Haq join.


DAY 761: Biden, McCarthy hold first debt ceiling talks

President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy hold their first one-on-one meeting over the impending debt crisis. Meantime, no classified documents were found during a search at Biden’s Delaware beach house. Plus, the FBI is investigating George Santos’ alleged role in a service dog charity scheme. Yamiche Alcindor, Jackie Alemany, Chuck Rosenberg, Antonia Hylton, Charlie Sykes, Nick Troiano, and Allison Slater Tate join.


DAY 760: Video released of Trump deposition in NY fraud case

Newly released video shows former President Trump pleading the Fifth Amendment more than 400 times in the New York Attorney General’s civil probe into the Trump Organization. Meantime, President Biden and House Speaker McCarthy clash ahead of their first big meeting on the debt ceiling. Plus, we’ve learned the FBI searched Biden’s think tank back in mid-November after classified documents were found. Leigh Ann Caldwell, Joyce Vance, Carlos Curbelo, John Burris, Max Rose, Kurt Bardella, and...


DAY 759: Grand jury convened in Trump hush money probe

As Trump ramps up a third presidential bid, the Manhattan DA begins presenting evidence to a grand jury about Trump’s role in paying hush money to Stormy Daniels. Meantime, President Biden highlights his legislative wins ahead of the State of the Union address. Plus, the special counsel in Biden’s classified documents case is expected to officially take over the probe this week. Mike Memoli, Luke Broadwater, Barbara McQuade, J.B. Smiley, David Henderson, Moriah Balingit, and David Folkenflik...


DAY 758: Videos released in fatal beating of Tyre Nichols

Memphis Police release videos showing the brutal beating of Tyre Nichols, sparking protests around the country. It comes as two more deputies at the scene are relieved of duty pending an investigation. Antonia Hylton, Martavius Jones, Laura Jarrett, Charles Coleman, Carmen Best, Tracie Kesee, Joanna Schwartz, and Jon Allen join.


DAY 757: U.S. economy grows amid recession fears

President Biden takes a victory lap during a Virginia speech after the latest data shows the U.S. economy is still growing despite fears of recession. It comes as the White House and House Republicans are at odds over the debt ceiling and budget cuts. Plus, five former Memphis police officers are facing second degree murder charges for the death of Tyre Nichols. Tara Palmieri, Reed Galen, Jen Psaki, Marq Claxton, Charles Coleman, Stephen Gruber-Miller, Cara Fitzpatrick, Meg Tirrell join.


DAY 756: U.S. to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine

In a reversal, the White House announces plans to send 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. It comes as Germany also pledges tanks for Ukraine ahead of Russia’s anticipated spring offensive. Plus, after a two-year ban, Meta is lifting former President Trump’s suspension from Facebook and Instagram. Richard Engel, Michael McFaul, Gen. Barry McCaffrey, Jake Ward, Kara Swisher, Fmr. Sen. Al Franken, and Andy Campbell join.


DAY 755: DA Willis hints at next moves in Trump probe

As a judge considers whether to release the grand jury report on the Trump election probe in Georgia, the DA suggests indictment decisions are “imminent.” Meantime, classified documents were found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home. And with 40 mass shootings so far in 2023, some have become numb to America’s gun violence problem, we discuss about the dangers of doing so and why it’s important to politicize gun violence. Peter Baker, Chuck Rosenberg, Greg Bluestein, Juanita...


DAY 744: 18 people dead in separate California shootings

One person is in custody after a mass shooting in Half Moon Bay, California left at least seven people dead. It comes just two days after a gunman killed 11 and injured 9 at a dance hall in Monterey Park, California. And, a retired top FBI agent Charles McGonigal was arrested for alleged money laundering and violating Russian sanctions. Steve Patterson, Thomas Wong, Clint Watts, Barbara McQuade, Frank Figliuzzi, Stuart Stevens, Jason Johnson, and Avery Wilks joins.


DAY 741: First “March for Life” since Roe overturned

Anti-abortion activists held the first “March for Life” since Roe v. Wade was overturned. It comes days before the 50th anniversary of the landmark decision. Plus, President Biden reflected on the challenges and accomplishments during his first two years in office. In the second half of his term, he’ll face a different set of issues but with a new Republican-controlled House. Amna Nawaz, Irin Carmon, Michelle Goodwin, Zach Montague, Barbara McQuade, Carlos Curbelo, Donna Edwards, and Michael...


DAY 740: U.S. hits debt limit, sets stage for political battle

The U.S. hits its borrowing limit and sets up a debt ceiling fight on Capitol Hill. Meantime, President Biden makes his first public remarks on his handling of classified material since the special counsel was named. Plus, a Supreme Court investigation fails to find who leaked the abortion ruling draft. Peter Baker, Yasmeen Abutaleb, Joyce Vance, Jim Rutenberg, Mark McKinnon, Symone Sanders-Townsend, and Jake Ward join.


DAY 739: U.S. to hit debt ceiling tomorrow

The U.S. is expected to hit its debt limit on Thursday, setting up a major political fight in Washington. Meantime, a failed GOP candidate arrested in connection to attacks on New Mexico Democrats appears in court.. Plus, the White House says President Biden’s documents probe won’t impact his election plans. Yamiche Alcindor, Ryan Nobles, Tom Nichols, Rep. Brendan Boyle, Michael Steele, Amy McGrath, and Kara Swisher join.


DAY 738: McCarthy defectors get top committee assignments

After a rough battle for House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy assigns extreme GOP representatives to powerful committees. It comes as a Solomon Peña, an ex-GOP candidate, was arrested in a string of shootings targeting Democrats in New Mexico. Plus, the U.S. prepares to hit the debt ceiling on Thursday. Luke Broadwater, Tara Palmeri, Frank Figliuzzi, Tim Miller, Juanita Tolliver, Michael Schmidt, and Kerry Sanders join.


DAY 737: New push for voting rights protections

President Biden is renewing his call to protect federal voting rights as the nation honors the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. However, House Republicans are more focused on investigating the President after more classified material was found at his Delaware home. Plus, the US will hit the debt ceiling this Thursday and Kevin McCarthy said he wants spending caps in exchange for raising the debt limit. Cornell Belcher, Carol Lee, Neal Katyal, Jason Beardsley, David Plouffe, Tara Setmayer,...


DAY 734: Yellen warns U.S. to hit debt limit next week

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sounds the alarm telling Congress the U.S. is set to reach its debt limit on Thursday. Meantime, the Trump Organization is hit with a $1.6 million fine in a years-long tax fraud scheme. And our Friday Nightcap talks Republican’s new power in the House, the embattled George Santos and a Golden Globes comeback. Jon Allen, Melissa Murray, Brendan Buck, David Cay Johnston, Rehema Ellis, Tim O’Brien, Toure and Kurt Andersen join.


DAY 733: Special counsel to investigate Biden documents case

Attorney General Merrick Garland named Robert Hur to review President Biden’s handling of classified documents after leaving the Obama administration. It comes as NBC News learns one of the documents found in Biden’s former office was marked with top secret classification. Plus, from Damar Hamlin’s recovery to the lack of diversity in the NFL, Stephen A. Smith sits down one-on-one with Stephanie Ruhle to talk about it all. Garrett Haake, Yasmeen Abutaleb, Tali Farhadian Weinstein, Rep....


DAY 722: House GOP makes abortion bills priority in week one

After campaigning on kitchen table issues, House Republicans started off their first days in power focused on passing abortion-related bills. Meantime, the GOP-led Oversight committee is now looking into the Biden family’s financial records and a second batch of classified documents found. Plus, A corrupted file is to blame for the delays and cancellations of thousands of flights across the U.S. on Wednesday. Peter Baker, Joyce Vance, Shelby Talcott, Captain C.B. "Sully" Sullenberger,...


DAY 721: Biden makes first public comments after discovery of classified docs

President Biden said he’s “surprised” by the classified documents found in an office he used after his vice presidency. Meantime, House Republicans approve a new subcommittee to investigate the “weaponization” of the federal government. Plus, former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg is sentenced to five months at Rikers Island. Leigh Ann Caldwell, Susanne Craig, Glenn Kirschner, James Carville, Carlos Curbelo, Mary Beth Sheridan, and Darsha Philips join.