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An early look at the stories that will drive tomorrow's conversation.




An early look at the stories that will drive tomorrow's conversation.




Ron DeSantis launches 2024 campaign on Twitter despite glitches

The long-anticipated announcement faced several technical difficulties on Twitter Spaces. Former President Donald Trump responded by calling DeSantis “disloyal.” Sam Stein, Matthew Dowd, Will Oremus, Dr. Harold Koplewicz, Jen Golbeck, and Dr. Jenny Radesky join.


Trial date set in Trump hush-money case

Lawyers for the former president demanded a meeting with Attorney General Merrick Garland over Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation. Meanwhile, new reporting says Smith is nearing the end of his investigation into Trump’s handling of classified documents. Katie Benner, Melissa Murray, Tim O'Brien, Shermichael Singleton, Basil Smikle, Frank Figliuzzi and Michael McFaul join.


Biden-McCarthy meeting “productive” as default looms

President Biden and Speaker McCarthy left a meeting at the White House Monday still short of a deal on the debt limit. Meanwhile, the field of Republicans running for president now includes South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. Peter Baker, Mark McKinnon, Neal Katyal, Lana Bellamy, and Jake Ward join.


Friday Nightcap: Debt, DeSantis & Disney

From America’s looming debt crisis to Gov. DeSantis’ feud with Disney, our Friday Nightcap weighs in on some of the biggest stories of the week. Alicia Menendez, Steve Liesman, Basil Smikle, Aasif Mandvi, Kalhan Rosenblatt, and Rainn Wilson join.


Appeals court appears likely to limit access to abortion pill

The three judge panel seemed skeptical of the Biden Administration’s argument. Meanwhile, abortion is banned or restricted in almost half of all states. Katie Benner, Kavita Patel, Barbara McQuade, Amy McGrath, Reed Galen, Peter Spiegel, and Cynthia McFadden join.


Biden and congressional leaders meet again on debt limit

As default looms, the president also announced that he will cut his G7 trip to Asia short to return for more negotiations. Luke Broadwater, Dan Nathan Claire McCaskill, Leigh McGowan, Michael Steele, Kara Swisher, and Kenny Smith join.


OpenAI CEO to testify at Senate hearing

Sam Altman will appear before a panel looking into potential regulations for artificial intelligence. Peter Baker, Glenn Kirschner, Leigh Ann Caldwell, Tim Miller, Max Rose, Jake Ward, and Chasten Buttigieg join.


Friday Nightcap: The future of the GOP

The Friday Nightcap roundtable discusses Trump, Santos, the future of the Republican Party, and share their MVP picks of the week. Secy. Julian Castro, Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Jon Allen, Charles Coleman, Gillian Tett, John Norris, Roxanne Gay, and Roy Wood Jr. join.


Southern border braces for migrant influx

José Díaz-Balart and El Paso City Manager Tommy Gonzalez bring us the latest from the southern border, and Geoff Bennett breaks down the Biden Administration response. And later Rep. Jim Himes, Jay Rosen, Luke Broadwater and Melissa Murray join.


Rep. George Santos charged with federal crimes

The congressman pleaded not guilty in court, before holding a defiant press conference where he called the indictment a “witch hunt.” Meanwhile, former President Trump repeated a myriad of false claims during a CNN townhall – in an early test for news outlets covering his 2024 re-election bid. Yamiche Alcindor, Leigh Ann Caldwell, Andrew Weissman, Rep. Jeff Jackson, Former Senator Al Franken, and Mark McKinnon join.


Trump found liable for sexual abuse and defamation

The jury in E. Jean Carroll’s civil suit against the former president rejected the rape allegation. Meanwhile, Republican Congressman George Santos has reportedly been charged with federal offenses. Tim O’Brien, Cynthia Alksne and Charles Coleman break down the day’s legal bombshells. Tim O'Brien, Cynthia Alksne, Charles Coleman, Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Sam Stein, Bill Cohan, and Ben Rhodes join.


Gunman in Texas mall shooting “deeply ingrained into white supremacist culture”

A suburb north of Dallas is reeling after a gunman opened fire at a busy mall on Saturday, killing 8. Ben Collins, Matthew Watkins and Texas State Senator Roland Gutierrez join to discuss the latest mass shooting in America. Matthew Watkins, State Senator Roland Gutierrez, Ben Collins, Peter Baker, Carol Lee, Will Hurd, Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, and Joyce Vance join.


One-on-one with President Biden

The president sat down to discuss his 2024 re-election campaign and the ongoing fight to raise the debt limit. Ali Vitali, Mike Memoli, Jonathan Capehart, Carol Leonnig, Matthew Dowd and James Carville break down his opening bid.


Four Proud Boys found guilty of seditious conspiracy

Four members of the Proud Boys, including the group’s leader Enrique Tarrio, were convicted of seditious conspiracy related to the January 6th Capitol Riot. A fifth member, Dominic Pezzola, was convicted on other felony charges. Meantime, new reporting says that Special Counsel Jack Smith is ramping up efforts to find out if former President Trump hid classified documents. Michael Schmidt, Ryan Reilly, Barbara McQuade, Ian Millhiser, Juanita Tolliver, Tim Miller, and Charles Coleman join.


Suspected gunman in Atlanta shooting arrested

Police say the man opened fire in an Atlanta doctors office killing one woman and injuring four others. Meanwhile in Texas, the wife of the man suspected of shooting five neighbors was also arrested. Yamiche Alcindor, Ryan Nobles, Clint Watts, Joyce Vance, Mark McKinnon, Basil Smikle and Michael McFaul join.


Alleged Texas gunman arrested

The suspect is accused of killing five neighbors with an AR-15 rifle. Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, the Senate Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on ethics rules for Supreme Court justices. Katie Benner, Peter Baker, Glenn Kirschner, Jason Johnson, Matthew Dowd, Lucas Shaw, Patrick Svitek, and Jason Rosenbaum join.


U.S. could hit debt limit in a month

Treasury secretary Janet Yellen sent a letter to Congress warning that they needed to act as soon as possible to avoid a default. In response President Biden invited the top four Congressional leaders to the White House next week – despite his standoff with Speaker Kevin McCarthy. David Gura, Luke Broadwater, Renato Mariotti, Fred Guttenberg, Mike Murphy, Conor Lamb, Mia Armstrong, Cara Armstrong, and Lisa McKnight join.


Trump embraces woman convicted in Jan. 6 case

At a campaign event in New Hampshire, the former president embraced a woman who served prison time for her actions during the Capitol riot and called her a “terrific woman.” Meanwhile, there’s still no verdict in the Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy trial of five members of the Proud Boys. Jon Allen, Amna Nawaz, Barbara McQuade, Mini Timmaraju, David Jolly, and Amb. William Taylor join.


Pence testifies before grand jury investigating Trump and January 6

Special Counsel Jack Smith is reportedly interested in the conversations the former vice president had with former President Trump in the days leading up to the attack on the U.S. Capitol. Trump reacted to the news, telling NBC News that he had “a lot of confidence” in Pence. Peter Baker, Ryan Reilly, Glenn Kirschner, Symone Sanders Townsend, Reed Galen, Rep. David Cicilline, and Teddy Schleifer join.


House passes Speaker McCarthy’s debt limit bill

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has already declared the plan “dead on arrival.” The president said he was open to meeting with McCarthy, but raising the debt limit was “not negotiable.” Meanwhile, E. Jean Carroll testified in her civil suit against former President Trump, describing the allegations in shocking detail. Leigh Ann Caldwell, Lisa Rubin, Stuart Stevens, Sen. Chris Murphy, Amb. Deborah Lipstadt, Bill Cohan, and Dan Nathan join.