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An early look at the stories that will drive tomorrow's conversation.




An early look at the stories that will drive tomorrow's conversation.




All eyes on the South Carolina primary with Trump & Haley

With three days to go the South Carolina Republican primary, Nikki Haley is rejecting calls to drop out of the race for the 2024 nomination. Haley vows to stay in the race "until the last person votes." Meanwhile, Joe Biden threatens new U.S. sanctions against Russia in response to the death of opposition leader, Alexei Navalny. Plus White House national security spokesman John Kirby says sanctions will work to hold Russia accountable for invading Ukraine. And, how the ultra-rich convert their wealth into power. Vaughn Hillyard, Tristan Snell, Matthew Dowd, William Taylor, Juanita Tolliver, Natasha Korecki, and Bill Cohan break it all down.


Navalny's widow prepares to lead fight against Putin

The widow of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny accuses Putin of killing her husband as she vows to continue Navalny’s work. Meanwhile, Donald Trump spends part of his weekend hawking $400 gold high-tops after being hit with a multi-million dollar penalty for fraud. And the stunning court decision in Alabama that could impact the fight for reproductive rights – as well as couples trying to start a family. Susan Glasser, Eugene Scott, Michael McFaul, Glenn Kirschner, Jennifer Palmieri, and Mark McKinnon join Symone Sanders-Townsend to break it down.


DA Fani Willis takes the witness stand & fights to stay on Trump's criminal case

Fulton County (GA) District Attorney Fani Willis testifies in a fiery hearing related to Trump's election interference case. Willis blasted efforts to disqualify her from prosecuting the case as "contrary to democracy." Meanwhile, House Speaker Mike Johnson blocks the Senate aid package to Ukraine amid growing questions about his leadership. And the humanitarian crisis in Gaza worsens as a major hospital comes under siege. Annie Linskey, Joyce Vance, Ankush Khardori, Reed Galen, Donna Edwards, Clint Watts, and Hala Gorani join.


Special preview of Into America presents: Uncounted Millions

On Into America presents: Uncounted Millions: The Power of Reparations, award-winning MSNBC correspondent Trymaine Lee dives into one of today’s most pressing debates: reparations. Months ago, Trymaine discovered the little-known story of Gabriel Coakley and it blew his mind. In the midst of the Civil War, Coakley was among a handful of Black people who found a way to get compensated for slavery by the US government. On Uncounted Millions, Trymaine talks to Coakley’s descendants about how reparations forever changed their family’s trajectory. And as more cities and states consider the issue at a policy level, he imagines how reparations might shape the whole of Black America. Listen to this special preview now. And follow the show:


Special counsel Jack Smith urges SCOTUS to reject Trump bid to delay election trial

The latest on a deadly shooting at the Kansas City Super Bowl celebration. And the White House is preparing to brief lawmakers on a ‘serious national security threat,' involving a Russian nuclear weapon in space. Plus, special counsel Jack Smith has asked the Supreme Court to reject Trump’s efforts to delay his criminal trial. Frank Figliuzzi, Brittany Packnett Cunningham, Mike Memoli, Gen. Barry McCaffrey, Barbara McQuade, Molly Jong-Fast, Michael Steele, and Ron Filipkowski join.


“This is something Biden can replicate.” Suozzi wins high-stakes special election, shrinking House GOP majority

Democrats are celebrating an early election year win, after Tom Suozzi won Tuesday’s special election for the House. What can each party learn from a race where immigration was a central theme? But there are still headwinds for Democrats, especially with some lingering warning signs about the economy. Steve Kornacki, Max Rose, Mark Chiusano, Sahil Kapur, Guy Adami, Ben White, Carlos Curbelo, Steve Israel, Symone Sanders-Townsend, Mark Murray, David Weigel, and Harry Siegel join.


“Here we are talking about a circus”: Trump trials dominate the 2024 race

Donald Trump asks the Supreme Court to pause his January 6th criminal trial and block a lower court ruling rejecting his claim of total immunity. Meanwhile, a new report details his plan to deport millions of people if he is re-elected. And House Republicans scramble to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas before a special election that could shrink their razor-thin majority even further. Charles Coleman, Susan Glasser, Luke Broadwater, Juanita Tolliver, Stuart Stevens, Kat Tenbarge, and Zoë Schiffer break it down.


‘Supreme Court justices must have their track suits on’: arguments in Trump ballot eligibility begins

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in a consequential case that will determine Donald Trump’s eligibility to remain on the ballot. Meanwhile, Senate Republicans kill the bipartisan border bill after Trump opposes it. Self-inflicted GOP defeats fuel dysfunction on Capitol Hill. Ankush Khardori, Carol Leonnig, Jon Allen, Sen. Jeff Merkley, Mike Zamore, Maria T Kumar, Reed Galen, and Neil Irwin join.


‘An airtight ruling’: Federal appeals court denies Trump’s immunity claims

A federal appeals court rejected Donald Trump’s claim of absolute immunity from prosecution. The former president is expected to appeal to the Supreme Court, which could quickly make the decision on whether to hear the case. Then, a Michigan jury found Jennifer Crumbly guilty of involuntary manslaughter for her son’s deadly school shooting. Jon Ralson, Glenn Kirschner, George Conway, Katie Benner, Fred Gutenberg, Robert Gibbs, Michael Steele, Rachel Bitcofer


‘The power of Trump and his allies’: Border battle dominates Capitol Hill

Immigration is a top issue in the 2024 election. But instead of addressing it, House Republicans are focused on impeaching the U.S. Homeland Secretary. Meanwhile, the economy is off to a strong start under President Biden, but a new poll shows voters think Donald Trump would do a better job on the economy. Then, Nevada’s GOP primary will be held tomorrow, while the state’s GOP caucus will be held on Thursday. Trump and Nikki Haley will not be on the same ballot, and it’s causing some confusion. Dave Aronberg, Yamiche Alcindor, Luke Broadwater, Cornell Belcher, Mark McKinnon, Amy Tarkanian, Fmr. Nevada State GOP Franciso Aguilar, and Steve Waldman join.


‘A very effective response’: U.S. launches retaliatory strikes in Iraq and Syria

U.S. forces struck more than 85 targets against Iran-backed militias in Iraq and Syria. This is the first of a series of retaliatory strikes the U.S. has vowed to take in response to the deaths of American soldiers in Jordan. Then, a look at a blockbuster jobs report. And Judge Chutkan postpones Trump’s federal election interference case indefinitely as the federal appeals court has yet to rule on the former president’s immunity claims. Peter Baker, Barry McCaffrey, Nayyerra Haq, David Rohde, Matt Bradley, Ron Insana, Charles Coleman, and Keir Simmons join.


"Trump doesn't know how to run against Biden": Biden visits Michigan as Trump’s legal fees rise

President Biden visits Michigan, one of the biggest battleground states on the path to reelection. New reporting shows Trump’s legal bills are skyrocketing, and he is using political fundraising and PACs to pay them. Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said there will be consequences for the deaths of three U-S soldiers in Jordan, involving military strikes and cyber operations that could last weeks. Then, Michigan prosecutors are trying Jennifer Crumbley for involuntary manslaughter after her son’s deadly school shooting rampage. Peter Baker, Symone Sanders-Townsend, Amanda Carpenter, Ben Rhodes, Danny Cevallos, Geoffrey Canada, and Alec Macgillis join.


Optics were endlessly bad’: Big Tech CEOs grilled on Capitol Hill

The wait for the appeals court’s decision on Trump’s immunity claims continues, while President Biden heads to Detroit for an event with United Auto Workers. Meanwhile, Big Tech CEOs faced tough questions about child safety on Capitol Hill. Then, a border bill is hanging in the balance as Speaker Johnson introduces a bill that would bring back the child tax credit on top of business tax breaks.


‘A political stunt’: GOP moves to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas

As the fight over the Senate border bill continues, House Republicans are moving forward with efforts to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is attacking the financial monitor overseeing the Trump Organization in the New York civil fraud trial after she reported errors in his company’s financial filings. Susan Glasser, Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, Matthew Dowd, Katie Benner, Harry Litman, Clint Watts, and Claire Atkins join.


'[Trump] can be knocked down’: E. Jean Carroll reacts after $83M verdict

E Jean. Carroll speaks out after a New York jury orders Donald Trump to pay her more than $83M for defaming her. Meanwhile, President Biden vows to respond after an attack by Iran-backed militants kills 3 U.S. troops in Jordan. Then, the text of a bipartisan border bill in the Senate is expected to be released next week, but Speaker Mike Johnson says it will be ‘dead on arrival’ while Trump brags about his efforts to kill the deal. Toluse Olorunnipa, Catherine Christian, Charles Coleman Jr, Kevin Baron, General Barry McCaffrey, Stuart Stevens, Basil Smikle, and Uché Blackstock join.


'Voters are remembering who Trump is' Donald Trump ordered to pay $83.3M to E. Jean Carroll

The latest on how a New York jury order Trump to pay #83.3 million in damages to E. Jean Carroll. Then, our Nightcap roundtable joins to discuss this week’s biggest political headlines including the future of newspapers. Then our panel ends the night with their MVPs of the week. Jason Johnson, Eugene Scott, Molly Jong-Fast, Dave Aronberg, Chris Jansing, Hayes Brown, Philip Bump, and Tim O’Brien join.


Tale of two frontrunners

The nation gets a stark split screen of the 2024 frontrunners in the presidential race as Biden hits the campaign trail in Wisconsin, while Trump takes the witness stand in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case. Meanwhile, Donald Trump officially files to dismiss his Georgia election interference case amid allegations of an improper relationship between Fulton County DA Fanis Willis and special prosecutor Nathan Wade. Then, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell reportedly casts doubt on the potential deal for border and Ukraine funding as Trump pressures republicans to oppose the pact. Peter Baker, Susan Glasser, Barabara McQuade, Mark McKinnon, Robert Gibbs, and Texas State Rep. Eddie Morales join.


'The Biden campaign couldn’t be happier': Trump’s attacks on Nikki Haley attack independent voters

After the New Hampshire primary, President Biden and former President Trump start pivoting their campaigns to the general election while Nikki Haley focuses on the South Carolina primary. Meanwhile, Wall Street prepares for a Trump-Biden rematch and a wealthy Haley donor heads for the exit after her loss to Trump in NH. Then, we sit down with author of new book that uncovers the story of the Crownsville Asylum, one of the last segregated psychiatric hospitals in the U.S. Mike Memoli, Matthew Dowd, Jonathan Capehart, Joyce White Vance, Katie Benner, Brian Schwartz & Bill Cohan, and Antonia Hylton join


Countdown to New Hampshire Primary

The GOP nomination is now down to two candidates after DeSantis dropped out from the race Sunday. Meanwhile, a fake robocall impersonating Biden encourages voters to stay home on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Trump continues to defame E. Jean Carroll’s despite being found liable for sexual assault. Trump’s defamation trial has been postponed and his former lawyer Jow Tacopina talks about why he left the legal team. Then, the first votes of the New Hampshire GOP primary will be cast in Dixville Notch, home to six registered voters. 64 years go Dixville Notch began a tradition of holding elections at midnight. Now the town is famous for going first in the state’s first-in-the-nation primary. Emma Barnett, Ali Vitali, Vaughn Hillyard, James Pindell, Dave Weigel, Kristy Greenberg, Symone Sanders, Stuart Stevens, Jennifer Horn, Ray Buckley, and Andrew Smith join.


The Nightcap: this week’s latest political headlines

Our Nightcap panel joins to tackle this week’s biggest political headlines. Plus, we break down why the right has chosen international superstar Taylor Swift as their most recent target. Then, a look at the Baltimore Sun’s new conservative owner. Finally, our roundtable shares their MVPs of the week. Tom Rogers, Nancy Giles, Charles Coleman, and Max Rose join.